CSI:Los Angeles (also known as Crime Scene Investigation:Los Angeles) is the fourth installment of the CSI series.It aired on February 21, 2014 on CBC.


A spinoff to CSI:NY,the show depicts a new team of CSIs in the city of angels,Los Angeles led by Will Jarred,a widowed father of one and former undercover cop.

Supporting Characters

  • Nikki Hale (Jennifer Lawrence) - An au pair working for Will and being there for his daughter,Violet whenever Will cannot.
  • Violet Jarred (Willow Shields) - Will's 14-year-old daughter.She is close with her father but does not get to see him as much because of his job,leaving her at home with Nikki most of the time.
  • Olivia Jarred (Rachel Weisz) - Will's younger sister who lives and works in New Orleans as a detective.She and Will lost their parents as children and were adopted by a close friend and business parter of their father's.Much like Nikki,she is irritated by how little time Will spends with Violet and does what she can to be there for her family.
  • District Attorney Kathleen Coleman (Carrie-Anne Moss) - A prosecutor who works closely with the CSIs,often being assigned to present their cases in court.
  • Medical Examiner:Dr.Clara Lee (Kelly Hu) - Assistant medical examiner for Rose.
  • Mark Yorker (Jensen Ackles) - A fingerprint scientist at the crime lab.

Main Charatcers

Actor Character Position
Carlo Rota William "Will" Jarred CSI Nightshift Supervisor
Shane West Christopher "Chris" Zeta CSI Asst. Nightwhift Supervisor
Roselyn Sanchez Maria Gonzalez CSI Level 3
Henry Cavill Lukas "Luke" Dane CSI Level 3
Ryan Reynolds Zachary "Zach" McDonough CSI Level 2
Scarlett Johansson Anna "Ann" Vazov CSI Level 2
Sienna Guillory Aphrodite "AC" Campbell Homicide Detective
Saffron Burrows Melody Parson Homicide Detective
Kate Beckinsale Rose Drake Coroner
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