Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam is an upcoming American Science-Fiction film that uses robots and aliens as characters. The film will be distributed by Columbia Pictures and produced by Magenta Software, Cohort Studios, and Village Roadshow Pictures. The film will be released on May 20, 2018.


The film takes place at Robot Boot Camp, where Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow set sail for on their robotic pirate ship.


Opening Scene

On Robot Island, 4 robots named Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow are training hard to get into shape. As they train hard, they become good robots training hard. Blue uses an hourglass to prepare for Robot Boot Camp and tells Orange, Green, and Yellow, "We're right on time. Excellent!" Then, they pack up all of their things for 1 hour. After they pack up their things by the last second, Green says, "We're all packed up!" And then, Blue says, "Set sail for Robot Boot Camp!" Green then fires his crossbow at the beach, resulting in Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow sailing on their robotic pirate ship to Robot Boot camp.

Sailing The Robotic Seas To Robot Boot Camp

The 4 robots look back, and they realize they sail out to sea to set sail for Robot Boot Camp. Meanwhile, Blue is shown steering the ship, and Green is the lookout on the crow's-nest. Orange and Yellow are shown playing Table Tennis while sailing for Robot Boot Camp. Then, right in the below deck, the robots make a combo platter of steak and shrimp with soda to drink.

The robots enjoy their meal and their stomachs get full of steak and shrimp. Then, they keep on sailing through the seas. When he goes back onto the crow's-nest, Green looks through the telescope and spots Robot Boot Camp and says, "Eureka!"

Reaching Robot Boot Camp

The next sequence shows the 4 robots reaching Robot Boot Camp in their robotic pirate ship. When they land safely, Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow bring their things with them and walk down the escalator and onto the entrance to Robot Boot Camp. They hear Sarge rushing to them and they become surprised. Sarge asks the robots how they got to Robot Boot Camp, and Green says that they saw Robot Boot Camp across the sea and then they wondered what the other robots are up to. Sarge says, "That's what you robots saw, so tell me how you got here." Then, Blue says, "Orange, Green, Yellow, and I have sailed everywhere. One brave soul across the sea. We got here by sailing on our robotic pirate ship." Sarge then says, "So that's how you got to Robot Boot Camp." The robots then, say the right answer, and Sarge brings the robots into the Camp building to get signed up by the Sign-Up-Bot.

Marathon Game Preparation

The next sequence takes place at the Marathon Game preparation. Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow are shown making preparations for the Marathon Game.


  • Philip Maurice Hayes as Sarge - the golden robot and sergeant who lives at Robot Boot Camp.
  • Nathan O'Brien as Blue - the main protagonist of the film, and the fastest, strongest, smartest, and bravest robot to win the Marathon Game.
  • Ashleigh Ball as Orange - an robot who is crazy and loony while going for the Marathon Game.
  • Josh Gad as Green - a robot who wants to be "Robot of the Year", similar to Blue.
  • Ian James Corlett as Yellow - a robot who is hilariously making bizarre statements in the Odd Bot Out scene.
  • Liz Barker as the Nut-N-Bolt Queen - an Antagonist in the Plummeting Platforms scene, she wants to eat the robots.
  • Bill Hader as the Thrower - a robot who throws Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow a far distance.
  • Kristen Wiig as the Sign-Up robot - a robot who can sign robots up.
  • Will Arnett as the Snake Alien - an alien that will attack a robot back if a robot hits him.
  • Jonah Hill, Charlie Day, and Seth Rogen as the Aliens - space creatures in the Bug Blast scene.
  • Will Ferrell as the Docbot - a robot who can rebuild a robot in the Piston Peril scene.


The film is rated PG for action and some rude humor by the Motion Picture Association of America, making the film the first one from Magenta Software, Cohort Studios, Village Roadshow Pictures and Columbia Pictures to be rated PG.


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Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam 2 is coming to theaters June 14, 2019.


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