Buttons & Rusty Meet the Danger Rangers: The Landmark Thief is the first direct-to-video film starring Buttons & Rusty and the Danger Rangers. It is the first of the Buttons & Rusty and the Chucklewood Critters direct-to-video series.

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Taking place after the events of Season 1 of Welcome to Chucklewood, the Danger Rangers visit Chucklewood, where they ask Buttons and Rusty to help track a landmark thief, which stole Mount Rushmore and most of the world's most famous human-made landmarks and which happens to be someone the boy cubs know.


After the opening credits in space, where Buttons and Rusty along the Danger Rangers sing the Danger Rangers theme song, the film begins with Ranger Jones' introduction line, we then go to Buttons and Rusty's bedroom, where the two of them are playing with their AbaRed, Bouken Yellow, Ookami Blue, NinjaBlack and OhGreen action figures and a stuffed monster. Then, their folks come in, telling them that the forecast is for warm weather and telling them to go outside and do something. In China, a group of tourists visits the Great Wall. While a family takes a picture, the landmark deflated, thanks to a boy flying his toy airplane. It is discovered that it is stolen. This was detected by SAVO, and the Danger Rangers are informed. The Danger Rangers then evacuate Mount Rushmore, place a SAVO safety pod in front of the landmark to detect the thief, and prepare to pick up the Junior Danger Rangers from around the world.

While the boy cubs play hide-and-seek, Rusty trips over a giant log and ends up getting hurt. Luckily, he sees Johnny. He tells Rusty to watch where he is going and bandages him. Rusty then manages to find Buttons and suggests that they do something else. Meanwhile, after calling out the names of the Junior Danger Rangers (Bradley and Beth the Wolves, Alro the Armadillo, Phillip the Koala, Kevin Masker, Angela the Elephant, Matt the Donkey, Talya Mendoza, Derek the Fox, Nora the Chipmunk, Mateo the Gazelle, Lucky Curl, Ben and Sam the Tigers, Sarah the Rabbit, Ricky Masker, Harry Hopper, George Whiskers, Annie Barker, KC the Chimp, Noah the Beagle, Chase Smith, Haiden Blomendale, Starr Briscoe, Myron Moore, Cole Smith, Lisa Quinn, Parker Blomendale, Jaden Briscoe, Ellen Margonis, Kelly Peters, Dylan Briscoe, Madeline Ouzts, Trevor Smith, Chloe Verhallen, Riley Briscoe, Bucky Header, Anna Motton, Feed Plinistone, Rosy O'Grady Zoot, etc.), everyone is alerted by SAVO that his safety pod has spotted the landmark thief as he steals Mount Rushmore using a shrink ray gun and saying "I'll make sure that bear cub, Buttons and that fox cub, Rusty don't foil my plan!" All of them were briefed by Chief Danger Ranger Sully, who recommends that they all pay the boy cubs a visit. Back in Chucklewood, the boy cubs fly kites with Freddie but one of the tails got loose. Buttons attempts to pull Freddie's tail, but Freddie told him a cloth tail. Meanwhile, back at the cave, while the folks are cleaning the cave, the Danger Rangers walk up to them and Sully tells them that they're looking for the boy cubs and asks where to find them. Bridgette tells him that they're somewhere in the forest. The Danger Rangers keep walking until they hear someone ask "Are you looking for our boyfriends?" It was the girl cubs, who saw them ask the boy cubs' folks while they were sunbathing. Frisky tells Kitty that they haven't seen them yet. Then, Franklin arrives and tells Burble that the boy cubs were seen on the edge of Chucklewood Lake. As the Danger Rangers went there, the boy cubs skip stones with Turner. As Buttons skips a stone, he sees bubbles coming out of the water. Sully (in his swimming trunks) appears from the lake and the rest of the Danger Rangers appear, doing the same. They introduce themselves, what they do, and their motto ("Safety Rules!"). Buttons remarks that they seem very familiar and Rusty asks what they are doing in Chucklewood. The Danger Rangers then tell them about stolen landmarks and ask them if they know the landmark thief, showing them the thief with Sully's SAVO watch. The boy cubs recognize the thief as Drakson Badenov, who is a former FBI agent and college friend of Zak Vaderman, who they caught robbing a bank on their 9th birthday and stopped from getting away with it. Sully then talks to them about how SAVO can detect a Danger Alert. Understanding that something must be done, Buttons and Rusty decide to introduce the Danger Rangers to Jonesy.

At the Ranger Station, Jonesy and Roddy are playing Chutes and Ladders. After Jonesy beats Roddy, Roddy grabs lunch from the refrigerator but he trips and falls down. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, Jonesy sees the boy cubs introducing the Danger Rangers and explains to him about the landmark thief. Gabriela then sees Roddy on the floor and being tripped over a broom and bandages him. Jonesy realizes that he doesn't have a first aid kit. The Danger Rangers sing a bit of Be Prepared. The boy cubs were impressed that the Danger Rangers can sing. Roddy suggests that they gather every critter in Chucklewood for a staff meeting. Buttons and Rusty hold the meeting near Franklin's cave that afternoon. Meanwhile, in an ice cream parlor called "Manderbill's," the Danger Rangers' villains (Quentin V. Manderbill, his henchmen, Henri Ennui, the Frinjas, Buck Huckster, Knuckles, Jake the Dog, Commander Octodon, Lobster Theodore, Joey Clams, Wally the Walrus, Tip, Pip and Company, Rusty Ringtail, Snarf, Chilli Dog, Lonnie and Jenkins, Chancy McSpill, Duncan, Harry the Hippo, Worley the Weasel and his gang (all who happen to be Zak, Delilah, and Gourmad's rivals)) hold their own meeting there, where they see a news anchor on TV saying that whoever retrieves the landmarks and catches the thief will be given the award of $1,000,000. As Worley and his gang plan to use some of the money as the grand prize of an ice cream eating contest to children along with a trip to see the Statue of Liberty, they see a group of kids talking about the Danger Rangers teaming up with the boy cubs as they enter the line. Worley approaches them and takes the picture of the boy cubs from them. He walks back inside and mentions about the boy cubs to the rest and that they teamed up with the Danger Rangers. Octodon worries that if the Danger Rangers and the boy cubs find the thief, they'll get the reward money before they do and Lobster Theodore worries that they'll be in a heap of trouble too but Jake reassures Octodon and Lobster Theodore, telling them that the Danger Rangers and the boy cubs will never find the thief. Quentin replies to Jake's comment "That is if we work together and stop them."

Back in Chucklewood, Burble trains the boy cubs how to act like Danger Rangers. Franklin manages to pick up Drakson's voice with a sound-o-gram (a gadget used to track voices). On the sound-o-gram, Drakson plans his next stop in New York City to steal the Brooklyn Bridge. Suddenly, a Danger Alert message arrives, telling the Danger Rangers that their villains are on their tail. The Danger Rangers decide to show Buttons and Rusty their villains as they board the hovercraft and take off to New York City. Later that night, in the suburb, Johnny and Robin (who unexpectedly shows up behind him) meet the Danger Rangers' human friend, Leroy, at a restaurant. He asks them if they are familiar with the Danger Rangers. He shows them pictures of them with his SAVO watch and tells them the story of the landmarks that are missing. Leroy tells them that he's looking for the Danger Rangers since he got a call from them about the incident happening around the world. He then calls the Danger Rangers to ask that if he, Johnny, and Robin can go to New York. Johnny suggests that they take Jonesy with them to New York. Little did they know, that the Danger Rangers' villains are spying on them and they decide to take a train there.

By the time the Danger Rangers, Junior Danger Rangers, and good critters get to New York, the Danger Rangers alert everyone to get off the Brooklyn Bridge, telling them a landmark thief is upon them. Sully suggests that now, all they have to do is wait for Drakson to show up. Just then, Worley, his gang, Chancy, Duncan, Rusty Ringtail, Chilli Dog, Snarf, Lonnie and Jenkins, Buck, Knuckles, Octodon, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams appear. They want to find the thief for themselves and win the dough. Kitty tries to tell the villains that because of their misdeeds in the past, they don't deserve the dough. The villains refuse to listen and they draw their guns (the same kind of gun Quentin used to capture the Danger Rangers). Rusty suggests that they all run and they all manage to do so. Junior Danger Ranger Derek calls 9-1-1 using his SAVO watch. As the Danger Rangers, Junior Danger Rangers, and good critters keep running, they run into Lester. Sully asks Lester if he lives in Chucklewood. Frisky tells him that Lester lives in Crystal Bayou. Burt tells Lester that the villains are chasing them for the reward money for catching the thief. Squeeky tells them that they are hot on the tail. The Danger Rangers, Junior Danger Rangers, and good critters duck into Manhattan Mall. As the villains enter the mall, Rusty Ringtail orders them to split up and surround the Danger Rangers, Junior Danger Rangers, and good critters. Jonesy, Johnny, Robin, and Leroy arrive and Buttons and Rusty tell them what is going on. Worley and his gang appear and the former says "Let's see if you, your fellow Bucklewood Critters and those Junior Danger Rangers can outrun us without wheels." A chase begins to run throughout the mall. Knowing that Worley didn't say "no backup," Freddie lowers a mall banner in front of Worley and the gang causing them to run into it and send them flying into a fountain. Elsewhere in the mall, the Ringtail Gang (Rusty Ringtail, Chilli Dog, and Snarf) is waiting on top of a shelf. Rusty, holding a lasso, mentions that he was wanting to go after his vulpine namesake for sure. Burble sees the Ringtail Gang and calls Rusty's vulpine namesake, Skeeter, Kitty, and Junior Danger Rangers Lucky, Derek, Noah, and KC for help. Rusty throws the lasso to Burble but Burble catches the lasso and pulls Rusty, Snarf, and Chilli Dog (with the latter two trying to pull the former back) off the shelf and into a mixed fruit cart. Burble and Sully then apprehend the gang. Meanwhile, Drakson appears from the main entrance to the mall to spy on the boy cubs and the Danger Rangers. He finds them fighting the Danger Rangers' villains beneficial enough for him to be able to steal the Brooklyn Bridge without any interference. He then exits unnoticed. Elsewhere in the mall, Commander Octodon, Lobster Theodore, and Joey Clams spy on Kitty, with Lobster Theodore snatching her tail. Kitty turns to Theodore demanding her to let go of her. Theodore releases her tail and pinches her ears. Fallbot, Derek, Bradley, Beth, and Leroy come to her rescue by pulling Theodore off Kitty and throwing him, Joey and Octodon into the fountain. Leroy asks Kitty if she's okay and Kitty says she's okay but she decided to get some rest. Meanwhile, Squeeky squares off against Lonnie and Jenkins. They grab Squeeky by his arms but he bonks their heads together and takes off to a restaurant's kitchen with them chasing him. Lonnie and Jenkins attempt to put Squeeky in a washing machine. Gabriela then flies into the machine and quickly rescues Squeeky. Then, Lonnie grabs Gabriela in the throat and puts her in the oven. Just as Jenkins is about to turn the oven on, Sully storms in and saves Gabriela and put Lonnie and Jenkins in handcuffs. Then, Sully decides to go after Buck Huckster and Knuckles. Meanwhile, Buck and Knuckles are determined to get their revenge on Sully for making fools out of and busting them. They set out a trap for him. Sully then falls into the trap but Buttons, Rusty, Lucky, and Mateo come to his rescue and save him and push Buck and Knuckles into a ball display, making it collapse and balls fall everywhere. Chancy McSpill and Duncan are the last villains left for the Danger Rangers, Junior Danger Rangers, and good critters to take out. They enter a toy store, where Turner, Burt and Talya are at. Turner finds an RC car and Talya finds it useful to trap Chancy and Duncan. She tells the turtles to go and have Chancy and Duncan try to chase them. Talya uses the remote on the RC car to control it. She drives the car around the shop. Burt and Turner then follow the car to finish the plan to trap Chancy and Duncan. As the turtles approaches the Chancy and Duncan, the latter two chase the former two until the RC car gets under Chancy and Duncan's feet which trips them. The team then grabs Chancy and Duncan. With the villains that were chasing them captured and arrested, the Danger Rangers, Junior Danger Rangers, and good critters decide that it's time to go back to the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Just then, SAVO Alerts the Rangers that Drakson has already stolen the Brooklyn Bridge. Fortunately, Freddie reveals that he has taken the sound-o-gram... On the sound-o-gram, Drakson plans his next stop in Chicago to steal Wrigley Field's hand turned scoreboard. The gang decides to follow him. Upon hearing this, the rest of the Danger Rangers' villains decide to follow them there. Arriving there, Harry, Jake, Wally, Tip, Pip and the rest of Wally's mouse accomplices guard the landmark. Abner suggests that Turner, Skeeter and Freddie take the Danger Rangers' villains' place after the former distracts them. Abner taunts the villains by spitting raspberry in their faces. Burble (with the help of Junior Danger Rangers Annie Barker, George Whiskers and Lucky) grabs Wally, Tip, Pip and company and handcuffs them. The gang then gets ready to take out Harry who turns off all the stadium lights. Harry then squirts silly string on the gang. George then squirts gallons of water on him and Abner (with the help of Junior Danger Ranger Nora) grabs him. Sully then lassos him and puts him on cuffs. Jake is the last villain left to take out. Unaware, the gang turns around to find Ben and Sam gone! They search all around the ballpark until they hear chattering. Burt recognizes Jake's voice. They went inside the press box and sees Jake talking to Ben and Sam about baseball. Rusty pulls the chair, knocking Jake down. Burt then gets into a fight with Jake and arrests him. Meanwhile, as Freddie, Turner and Skeeter keep guarding the scoreboard, Drakson arrives and steals the landmark. Luckily, as the landmark gets the stolen, Freddie, Turner and Skeeter grab onto it, unnoticed by Drakson. While, hanging onto the scoreboard, they notice that Drakson's hideout is on Liberty Island...


Chucklewood Critters

  • Buttons (voiced by Christian J. Simon) - A brown bear cub.
  • Rusty (voiced by Nicolas Cantu) - A red/orange fox cub.
  • Abner (voiced by Chris Hardwick) - A brown bear. Buttons' father.
  • Bridgette (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A light brown bear. Buttons' mother.
  • George (voiced by Tom Kenny) - A red/orange fox. Rusty's father.
  • Rosie (voiced by Veronica Taylor) - An orange cream vixen. Rusty's mother.
  • Johnny Boyett (voiced by )
  • Chief Ranger Jones a.k.a. "Jonesy" (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Bearbette (voiced by ) - A red/brown bear cub. Buttons' girlfriend.
  • Frisky (voiced by ) - A orange cream vixen cub. Rusty's girlfriend.
  • Darwin (voiced by ) - A brown bear. Bearbette's father.
  • Bearnadine the Bear (voiced by )
  • Robin McCobb (voiced by )
  • Harold McCobb (voiced by )
  • Skipper and Bluebell (voiced by ) - Two blue/grey rabbits.
  • Turner (voiced by ) - A turtle.
  • Skeeter (voiced by ) - A brown mouse.
  • Freddie (voiced by ) - A raccoon.
  • Philbert (voiced by ) - Freddie's father.
  • Lester Eli Gator (voiced by )
  • Quacker (voiced by Dana Snyder) - A duck.
  • Franklin (voiced by ) - A brown barn owl.
  • Ranger Rodrigo a.k.a. "Roddy" (voiced by )
  • Zak Vaderman (mentioned)
  • Delilah Denara (mentioned)
  • Chef Galton Gourmad (mentioned)
  • Chief Sue Hamilton (mentioned)
  • Scott Hamilton (mentioned)
  • Nora - Franklin's aunt, (mentioned)

Danger Rangers

  • Sully (voiced by David DeLuise) - A blue sea lion and leader of the Danger Rangers.
  • Kitty (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A pink cat.
  • Burble (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A polar bear.
  • Squeeky (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - A blue mouse.
  • Burt (voiced by Mark Hamill) - A turtle
  • Gabriela (voiced by Tasia Valenza) - A red hummingbird.
  • Fallbot (voiced by John Kassir)
  • SAVO (voiced by Charlie Adler)
  • Leroy McCoy (voiced by Gustavo Escobar (Gustavo Quiroz))
  • Bradley and Beth the Wolves (voiced by )
  • Alro the Armadillo (voiced by )
  • Phillip the Koala (voiced by )
  • Kevin Masker (voiced by )
  • Angela the Elephant (voiced by )
  • Matt the Donkey (voiced by )
  • Talya Mendoza (voiced by )
  • Derek the Fox (voiced by )
  • Nora the Chipmunk (voiced by )
  • Mateo the Gazelle (voiced by )
  • Lucky Curl (voiced by )
  • Ben and Sam the Tigers (voiced by )
  • Sarah the Rabbit (voiced by )
  • Ricky Masker (voiced by )
  • Harry Hopper (voiced by )
  • George Whiskers (voiced by )
  • Annie Barker (voiced by )
  • KC the Chimp (voiced by )
  • Noah the Beagle (voiced by )
  • Chase Smith (voiced by )
  • Haiden Blomendale (voiced by )
  • Starr Briscoe (voiced by )
  • Myron Moore (voiced by )
  • Cole Smith (voiced by )
  • Lisa Quinn (voiced by )
  • Parker Blomendale (voiced by )
  • Jaden Briscoe (voiced by )
  • Ellen Margonis (voiced by )
  • Kelly Peters (voiced by )
  • Dylan Briscoe (voiced by )
  • Madeline Ouzts (voiced by )
  • Trevor Smith (voiced by )
  • Chloe Verhallen (voiced by )
  • Riley Briscoe (voiced by )
  • Bucky Header (voiced by )
  • Anna Motton (voiced by )
  • Feed Plinistone (voiced by )
  • Rosy O'Grady Zoot (voiced by )
  • Jeff the Lawnmower Guy (voiced by Hugh Jackman) (appears in Leroy's flashbacks)
  • Mr. Manderbill (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Quentin V. Manderbill (voiced by )
  • Quentin's henchmen (voiced by )
  • Henri Ennui (voiced by )
  • Frinjas (voiced by )
  • Worley the Weasel (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz)
  • Beaver from Worley's Gang (voiced by )
  • Badger from Worley's Gang (voiced by )
  • Brutus (voiced by )
  • Joey (voiced by )
  • Billy (voiced by )
  • Eddie (voiced by )
  • Chancy McSpill (voiced by )
  • Duncan (voiced by )
  • Rusty Ringtail (voiced by )
  • Snarf (voiced by )
  • Chilli Dog (voiced by )
  • Lonnie and Jenkins (voiced by )
  • Buck Huckster (voiced by )
  • Knuckles (voiced by )
  • Commander Octodon (voiced by )
  • Lobster Theodore (voiced by )
  • Joey Clams (voiced by )
  • Harry the Hippo (voiced by )
  • Jake the Dog (voiced by )
  • Wally the Walrus (voiced by )
  • Tip, Pip & Company (voiced by )
  • Scott the Bear (mentioned)
  • Turner Houser (mentioned)

Original Characters

  • Drakson Badenov (voiced by ) -
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