Repeated Lines

Jonesy: Welcome to Chucklewood. My name is Ranger Jones. Most people call me Jonesy.

Buttons and/or Rusty: Chucklewood Critters to the rescue! - [Sometimes this phrase is said with someone accompanying them.]

Sarah: It's my lucky belly! [after she is given a stomach rub]


Locked In The Library

[7:00 p.m., the girls fall asleep. Robin wakes up and looks at the clock.]

Robin: Hello?

[She looks around and sees the girl clubs waking up]

Girl cubs: Hello?

[The three head to the doors and tries to push them but they are locked.]

Robin: Oh no!

Frisky: We're locked!

Bearbette: I guess he forgot to wake us up that the library is closed!

Robin: Let's call him!

[She reaches into her pocket to look for her cell phone but to no avail]

Robin: Oh no! I left my phone at home!


Rusty's Cousin Catastrophe

[In the girl cubs' cave, Frisky shows Sarah her collection.]

Sarah: What are those?

Frisky: This is my collection I have saved over the years. [shows a whistle] My poppa made this for me. [blows whistle and Sarah giggles]

Sarah: All aboard!

Frisky: [giggles and shows Sarah a toy with cymbals] And our very good friend, Lester, gave me this down in Crystal Bayou.

Sarah: Lester?

Frisky: He is an alligator. Watch this.

[She winds up the toy which bangs the cymbals. Sarah then screams, covers her ears and runs away.]

Rusty: Sarah? Where the heck is she?

Frisky: She ran away when I was demonstrating this toy.

Rusty: We better go back to our cave.

[Meanwhile, in the boy cubs' cave. Sarah runs to her mother and puts her head on her mother's stomach and taking deep breaths]

Stacy: Sarah? Are you all right?

[Sarah continues to be frightened. Meanwhile, while the boy cubs returned....]

Rusty: Aunt Stacy, is Sarah all right?

Stacy: Rusty, there is something you didn't know about Sarah.

Rusty: Well, is she shy or has a fear of loud noises?

Stacy: Yes, it's both of them.

Rusty: Some younger critters do that sometimes.

Stacy: Well, with Sarah, it's not just that. She has autism.

Rusty: Aut-ysim?

Stacy: Au-tism.

Buttons: Gee, I've never heard of that word before.

Rusty: C'mon, Buttons. Maybe Franklin knows a thing or two about it.

[They both leave]

George: Put her on the couch and lay down, Stacy. She can cool down for a few minutes.

[Franklin's Cave]

Franklin: Autism? You mean Sarah has autism?

Rusty: Yes.

Franklin: Well, young critters who have autism might have trouble making new friends, talking and learning the meaning of words, dealing with changes, or even loud noises or bright lights.

Frisky: Yeah, I was showing Sarah a toy with cymbals on it and when I showed it to her, she ran away and screamed a lot.

Franklin: That's an evidence of a critter with autism. Sometimes, critters move in an unusual way such as flapping their hands or even playing the drums on his/her belly.

Rusty: Sarah loves to have her belly rubbed and pressing it. She is very ticklish.

Bearbette: She pressed my belly earlier. She also loves to press bellies on other critters.

Franklin: How fun it could be. Most critters can do the same thing over and over.


[Meanwhile, at Lord Morlock's castle...]

Saving the Adventure Machine

[While Sarah walks down the street, she is approached by Zuzu in a blind beggar disguise]

Zuzu: Hey, little girl.

[Sarah approaches her]

Sarah: Yes!?

Zuzu: Would you like to go for ice cream? And make some money?

[She extracts her body controlling ray and zaps Sarah and puts the frozen critter in her car and drives off]

Hamilton: OH NO! That beggar kidnapped her! [picks up her radio] Hamilton to SVD.


[SVD Office]

Monday: What is Sarah's description?

Rusty: She's my cousin and has brown hair. She loves her belly rubbed. She's ticklish.

Hamilton: [chuckles] Dogs love belly rubs.

Tuesday: Where was the woman last seen?

Hamilton: We last saw her when she kidnapped Sarah.

Tuesday: We'll come up with a search warrant to find the critter napper.


Zuzu: What holiday occurs on December 25?

Puppet: Christmas?

Zuzu: Nope! It's Halloween and Goldilocks comes.

Bearbette: Christmas is December 25! Halloween is October 31!

Hamilton: This lady does not know her holidays. Giving false info can lead to arrest.

[Tobey grabs a key and looks for the cage which Sarah is in]

Sarah: Psst! Psst!

Tobey: Sarah! [runs to her] Oh my gosh!

Sarah: Who are you?

Tobey: I'm Tobey, an old friend of Abner and your Uncle George. We got to get you out of here!

Zuzu: All right, maestro. What is the name for a female deer?

[She grabs her sock puppet]

Puppet: A female deer. Hmm. I know, it's a dixen.

Zuzu: Wrong! It's a deeress.

Frisky: Does are female deers!

Rusty: I learned that from "The Sound of Music."

Lester: Does she need to go back to kindergarten?

Zuzu: What is the capital of Pennsylvania?

Puppet: Pittsburgh?

Zuzu: WRONG! It's Philadelphia.

Johnny: Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. Not Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Sam: Why the heck would she give incorrect information to kids?

Zuzu: Time for a little math lesson. [writes a math problem on the board] What is 0 + 8?

Puppet: 0 + 8? Hmm. I don't know. 0 + 8.

Zuzu: It's zero! Everybody knows that, nerdnose!

Robin: 0 + 8 is 8. Any number plus or minus zero is the same! Why would this idiotic lady give wrong answers?

Bearbette: Beats me.

Buttons: We better cut off the air.

Monday: Look!

[Zuzu takes off the puppet from her hand]

Zuzu: Time to split, kiddies. Remember to watch only Mr. Dario's Wonderland.

[The gang cuts off the air, runs up to Zuzu and interrupts her]

Zuzu: Hey! Hey! What the bell are you doing? I'm in the middle of a show!

Tuesday: We've already cut off the air!

Monday: You telling kids wrong answers? Abusing entertainment.

[Tobey quickly unlocks the cage. Monday turns on the camera.]

Monday: Look, kids! Halloween is October 31. Christmas is December 25. Does are female deers. Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. And when you add or subtract any number by zero, the answer is the same!

[After Sarah is freed from the cage, Delilah and Dario run up to the gang]

Delilah: Hey, what's all the commotion?

Dario: Look! That vixen escaped from her cage.


[She screams at Zuzu, Delilah, and Dario. She then runs to Zuzu and bites her hand.]


Tuesday: YES, YOU ARE!!!

[The police frisk her]

Hamilton: You're responsible for capturing critters and stealing a vehicle!

Buttons: And what you're responsible for, Delilah, is capturing animals from anywhere in the world for your awful line of fashion.

[Sarah pulls down Delilah's dress (revealing her undergarments) and bites her rear end and Delilah screams. She then lifts up Dario's shirt and pokes his stomach hard with a stick, pulls down his pants, and bites his rear end. The police then slap the cuffs on Zuzu.]

Monday: Well, what you got to say for yourself?

Zuzu: I'll get my lawyer!

Tuesday: Take her away, guys!

[The police take her away.]

Delilah: What!? This can't be.

Frisky: Look at your butt, Delilah.

[Delilah looks at her rear end and sees bite marks on her underwear. She screams and runs away with Dario.]

Delilah: I'll get you for this, even if it means avenging my own henchman's friend!

Viva Mas Regas

Gourmad: [disguised] Have a drink of my fabulous beer.

[He lays the beer next to Philbert]

Philbert: Mmmmmm!

[He drinks the beer and wanders around the resort staring at females (most in bikinis, others in crop tops). He hums a snippet of Justin Timberlake's Lovestoned. As he approaches the jacuzzi, he stares at Rosie's stomach. Just as Philbert pokes the middle.]

Rosie: Hey! Get away from me!

[Philbert gets out of the jacuzzi and walks to the pool area.]

George: What the heck is going on with Philbert?

Abner: I don't know, Georgie.

[Darwin (swimming trunks) and Bearnadine (bikini) get out of the locker room. Philbert then stares at Bearnadine's middle and falls into the pool]

Bearnadine: Philbert? Why the heck would he stare at my belly?

Bridgette: My! I think he's drunk.

Darwin: That poor guy...

[George and Darwin both jump to the pool and rescue him. They carry him to the pool steps. The two then see a rip on his swimming trunks and turn them over. Philbert then pokes George's stomach.]

George: OUCH! Don't poke at my belly, Philbert!

[Philbert pulls Rosie's tail and drags her into the pool]

Bridgette: Don't do that!

[Just as Philbert presses Bridgette's middle, Bridgette slaps his arm.]

Bridgette: Stop that!

[Philbert pokes Bearnadine's stomach hard into the pool]

Abner: We got to take him to the hospital.

[Philbert pulls down Darwin's swimming trunks and scratches his rear end and goes into the jacuzzi]

Darwin: Hey, Philbert! Get out of the tub!

[No answer]

Darwin: Philbert!

[Suddenly, he floats down to the bottom]

Abner: The medics are on the way!

George: Look at him!

[The rest look at him]

Bearnadine: He is turning red!

[As the medics arrive, they pull him out of the tub. They check his Blood Alcohol Level.]

Medic 1: What have you got?

Medic 2: .35%

George: My gosh. He's drunk. What did he drink?

[The disguised Gourmad appears and shows the group cans of beer]

Gourmad: Looking for your raccoon friend?

[Gourmad removes his disguise and laughs]

Bearnadine: Galton Gourmad!

Abner: So it's you! You made Philbert drunk!

Gourmad: My beer made from lots of chemicals. [walks to Rosie] Here try one.

Rosie: [slaps the beer out of Gourmad's hand] No way, fat chef!

[She lifts up Gourmad's shirt and pokes his stomach hard. Bearnadine does a flying ninja kick on Gourmad's face, sending him flying.]

Gourmad: It's not just me you Chucklewood Critter croutons need to worry about, for Zak and Delilah are here as well!

[The mothers gasp]

Bridgette: Oh no!


[Darwin presses several buttons on the control box]

Darwin: That oughta reverse Zak's cheating!

Bearnadine: Take that, Zak-a-roni!

[Suddenly, all the things get back to normal (e.g., the roulette's blue space now has WIN on it in white letters)]

Leader Cat: Just like he promised! It's raining money!

[Sure enough, dollars rain down from the ceiling. The cats catch armfuls of it, then walk away.]


[Delilah and Dario walk up to a Bridgette (disguised as a slot machine barker)]

Bridgette: Have some fun and take some pressure off with the biggest slot machine!

Delilah: [chuckles, Inserts ten $100 bills] Here we go!

[Dario spins the machine and sees Bar...Lemon....7]

Delilah: [shocked] WHAT?!

[Then, a laser is zapped on Delilah and Dario's rear ends. Bridgette removes her disguise.]

Bridgette: Bank-Rut! You are sentenced to poverty!

Delilah: [to Bridgette] OH YEAH!? [to Dario] Dario, get her!

[Dario runs to Bridgette. Bridgette growls at him and karate punches his stomach.]

Bridgette: Take that, Da-Rio!

[Delilah runs to Bridgette, who grabs her by the collar]

Delilah: I want my money back!

Bridgette: You are in poverty, Miss De-Nala!

[She pokes Delilah's stomach and throws her out of the casino]


[Black Jack]

[The hand shows 11. The dealer's hand has only an Ace.]

Bridgette: Oh my gosh! We have an 11.

Dealer: Would you like to buy the insurance?

Abner: Unm. Nope.

Dealer: [peeks at the hole card] Don't have it.

Rosie: Whew!

George: Double down.

[Bridgette puts chips on the bet to Double Down]

Dealer: Good luck.

Bridgette: Please be 10. Please be 10.

[The dealer draws a King]

George: OH MY GOSH!!! 21!!!!

[Cheers and applause]


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Meanest of Them All

[Abner draws a target on his chest.]

Abner: Over here! Over here!

Lead Cheerleader: Fire!

[The cheerleaders fire t-shirts at Abner]

Abner: Hey, a dollar!

[He kneels down and the t-shirts hit Mrs. Gator (food in her hand), causing her to hit the guardrail and scream as she falls to the ground several stories]

Lester: Mom? [looks down]

[Dr. Macquarie and her crew examine Mrs. Gator. Lester quickly runs to the scene.]

Lester: What's going on with mom, Dr. Macquarie?

Dr. Macquarie: Oh my gosh, she's dead.

[Lester gasps]


Chucklewood Vacation


[Unknown to Zak, the kids and critters are ducked below him, preparing to sabotage his speech. Robin is wearing headphones and holding a control panel in her left hand, pressing buttons on it with her right index finger. The control panel beeps, and Bearbette holds up her right arm, with three fingers, then two, then one. She then looks at the clock outside, which has the small hand on the "12" and the big hand on the "3".]

Bearbette: Ready on phase one, Robin!


Zak: And then, we shall overcome....

[Robin presses a button on the control panel with her right index finger, and a picture of Zak's head with a steer's snout on a steer's body appears on the monitor. The beach-goers all laugh at the picture.]

Zak: Eh? Eh, uh, yes. Ha ha. Well, I suppose my life was amusing. Ha ha ha ha. Now,...

[The monitor switches to display a picture of Zak naked in the shower, holding a brush in his left hand, and covering his body. The beach-goers all laugh at the picture.]

Zak: Hey! What the heck is the meaning of this?

[The beach-goers all point to the monitor with their right index fingers. Zak looks up at the monitor and stares in shock. ]

Zak: What the heck!?

[Zak sees the picture of him naked in the shower. Gourmad, Delilah, Dario and Zeke are standing near the podium, laughing hysterically.]

Gourmad, Delilah, Dario and Zeke: Hahahahahaha!

Female beach-goer [heard off-screen]: You're a clown, Zak!

Zak: ZakRobos, pull the plug the monitors!

[The ZakRobos pull the plug. The beach-goers continue laughing as the monitor shuts off. The beach-goers stop laughing and make frowns as Zak gets back up to the podium.]

Zak: Oh, uh, just a little technical problem. Now, as I was saying about myself...

[Skipper now points to the same clock outside]

Skipper: Okay, proceed to phase two!

Turner: I'll do that!

[He presses the red button on the control panel with his right index finger. Zak is now holding a piece of paper in his right hand, which he reads over.]

Zak: And that's why, today, I'm a...

Rusty [heard over the intercom]: Frog-faced, fat-bellied slime-bucket of an inventor!

[Zak stares in shock and drops the piece of paper. The beach-goers all laugh again.]

Zak: Oh! I know those voices. It's those Chucklewood Litters!

Johnny, Buttons, Rusty, Freddie, Turner, Skeeter, Robin, Bearbette, Frisky, Skipper, Bluebell, Abner, George, Darwin, Philbert, Quacker, Franklin, Bridgette, Rosie and Bearnadine [heard over the intercom]: THAT'S CHUCKLEWOOD CRITTERS!

Philbert [heard over the intercom]: You messed with our break from Chucklewood!

Franklin [heard over the intercom]: And that's the only fatal mistake you, Delilah and Gourmad have made!

Darwin [heard over the intercom]: You are going to regret that! You made the storm!

Abner [heard over the intercom]: You stole the fauna!

George [heard over the intercom]: You tried to drive our hotel out of business!

Girl Critters [heard over the intercom]: YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!!!

Zak: Why don't you shut up, Bearbutt!

Bearbette [heard over the intercom]: It's Bearbette!

[Suddenly, a hand pulls Zak down, It's Freddie]

Freddie: [springs up] Listen, beach-goers! Zak Vaderman, Delilah Denara and Galton Gourmad have been causing trouble in Fort Caulderdale!

[The beach-goers boo and throw food Zak with their right hands. One of the banana peels lands on Zak's nose.]

Zak: OH, YEAH!?

[Freddie kicks Zak’s rear end]


[Bluebell tackles Gourmad and pulls down his pants exposing only his underwear.]

Bluebell: [giggles] Nice underwear, Gourmad!

[Dario then grabs Bluebell by the ears]

Dario: Rabbit fashions!

Skipper: Leave her alone!

[He punches Dario in the face and releases Bluebell.]


[Quacker (using his bill) hardly taps Delilah's head like a woodpecker]

Delilah: Stop that! Are you some kind of woodpecker?


[He pecks Delilah's rear end hard]

Delilah: [screams] OW! MEDIC! MEDIC!

[She retreats]


Zak: I'll get you next time, Chucklewood Litters!

[?]: That's Chucklewood Critters!


Franklin: Remember, you can play the Chucklewood Vacation online game at

Buttons: Rated Everyone Ten and Older.

Girls Day Out

Robin: I've just checked out this magazine in the mall just for girls. It's called Popular Girls.

Bearbette and Frisky: Popular Girls?

Robin: I've heard about this magazine from a friend at school. It features monthly personality quizzes, tips for a good date, and even has a selection of dresses you can choose.


[Personality Quiz]

Robin: If your boy is a sandwich, he would be: A) Potato Chips, B) Diet Soda or C) Pretzels.

Bearbette: Hmmm. C?

Frisky: I think A.

Freddie: A!

Robin: Is there an echo in the house?

Bearbette: I don't know.


Robin: If you wear a bikini (which we are right now) to date with a boy, you should always take him to A) The Beach or B) The Swimming Pool?

Frisky: A.

Bearbette: A.

Freddie: A! [stares at the girls, then whispers to himself] Bearbette and Frisky look cute in their bikini. Aren't they?


Robin: If you pierce your belly button, your boy would be: A) Scared, B) Angry, C) Happy.

Frisky: As long as Freddie doesn't stare at mine and calls me that word, B.

Bearbette: A.

Freddie: [stares at Frisky's stomach] Look at that fox chick. [softly wolf whistles then stares at Bearbette's stomach and does another wolf whistle] Chicken!

[Bearbette looks around, sees Freddie on the fence posts, and throws a rock on his face.]

Bearbette: Shut up, grey butt or I will spank you!


Robin: Fifth and final question: If you take a boy out to ice cream? His flavor would be A) Chocolate, B) Vanilla or C) Strawberry?

Bearbette: Hmmmm.... I think C.

Frisky: A. Rusty loves chocolate.

Freddie: B!

Frisky: Who called out an answer?

Bearbette: I think it's Ol' grey butt. Making jokes about girls' stomachs.


[While the girls sunbathe, Freddie sneaks in staring at their stomachs]

Freddie: Look at that. Two girl cubs and that female chick wearing bikinis roasting in the sun. I can stare at their bellies all day. What would happen if I covered them up with a spread?

[He and spreads peanut butter and jelly on the girls' stomachs. He then grabs a peanut and goes toward Robin.]

Freddie: I think this chick's bellybutton deserves a peanut in on it.

[He puts the peanut on Robin's middle]

Freddie: [snickers] Pretty soon, I can see a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on those chicks instead of bread. And that human chick will never know I pierced her stomach.

[An hour later, the girls wake up and see their stomachs covered up with peanut butter and jelly. They scream in horror]

Frisky: Who made a peanut butter and jelly snack on our stomachs?

Robin: And who put a peanut on my belly? [flings the peanut off of her middle]

[All three girls look around and see Freddie who laughs. Bearbette growls at him. Frisky and Robin rip Freddie's shirt. Robin duct tapes his mouth. Frisky clonks him in the head. Bearbette lifts his tail up and all three kick him in the rear end out of the house.]

All three girls: Serves you right for invading girls' privacy!

Robin: Let's get ourselves cleaned up and go to the mall.

Bearbette: That troublemaker would never find us here.


[At the movie theater, Freddie sneaks in and pours syrup on the girls' popcorn]

Freddie: Just wait their popcorn becomes a breakfast.

[An usher approaches him]

Usher: Hey, you! You can't bring outside food in the theater!


[As the girls see that their popcorn is covered up with syrup, they gasp]

Robin: Did somebody turn our popcorn into breakfast!?

Frisky: I didn't.

[Freddie snickers, the usher then throws Freddie out of the theater]


[While the girls swim in Robin's pool...]

Freddie: [snickers] Okay, Shark. Go!

[He and his shark puppet jump into the pool. He finds Frisky's tail and his puppet chews on it]

Frisky: YEEEEEEEEEEEOW!!! [gets out of the pool and looks at her tangled tail] My beautiful tail!

Freddie: [snickers] Look at your tail, chicken!

Frisky: DON'T CALL ME THAT!!! [clonks Freddie with a broom]

[A shadow approaches him]

Freddie: Uh-oh.

[He gets sucked up into the giant vacuum and then notices Gourmad]

Freddie: [gasps] Gourmad! [he sees sad sharks around him] He's got endangered sharks!

Chicken Pox

[Upon arrival at the boy cubs' cave by Franklin...]

Sarah: Hi, Rusty.

[She looks at polka dots on Rusty's face and starts to laugh]

Rosie: What's so funny, Sarah?

Sarah: [continues laughing] He has polka dots!

Rusty: Sarah!

George: You're making Rusty feel angry, Sarah.

Franklin: Should I take her to the girl cubs' cave?

Rosie: Yes! That girl is laughing uncontrollably.

[When Sarah reaches the girl cubs' cave, she sees the girl cubs in polka dots as well and are not feeling well. Sarah continues laughing.]

Sarah: Look at you, Bearbette and Frisky! Polka dots!

[The girl cubs look at her, not amused]

Franklin: [grabs Sarah's paw] Come on!

[Franklin's Cave]

Franklin: You see the reason why they have dots on their faces?

[Sarah continues laughing]

Franklin: Sarah!

[He slaps Sarah's arm and Sarah stops laughing]

Sarah: Yes, Franklin?

Franklin: When a critter has polks dots on his or her faces, it's a childhood illness called "chicken pox."

Sarah: Chicken pox. [bawks like a chicken and flaps her arms like wings, pretending to be a chicken]

Franklin: No, no, Sarah!


[In Skipper and Bluebell's garden, after Sarah puts the seeds into the dirt]

Skipper: Now, here comes the fun part. We are going to water the plants. Bluebell, why don't you grab the hose.

[Bluebell grabs the hose and gives it to Skipper who then turns the hose on.]

Skipper: Now, when I pull the trigger off of this hose, water will be sprayed in the garden. [demonstrates] Now, you try it.

[He hands the hose to Sarah. She first aims it at the garden and then aims it at Bluebell's stomach]

Skipper: Umm, Sarah?

Sarah: Yes?

[She sprays at Bluebell's stomach]

Bluebell: Skipper, turn it off!

[Skipper turns the hose off, Bluebell deep breathes and then confronts Sarah]

Bluebell: Sarah, why do you squirt my belly?

Sarah: [giggles] It can make you grow.

Bluebell: Do I look like a plant!? [points to her middle] Does this look like a plant? I am not a plant! I am a rabbit! You're supposed to water the plants! Not me. Try it again.

Sarah: Okay. [puts the hose on her stomach]

Bluebell: On the plants!

[Sarah doesn't move the hose from it]

Bluebell: Sarah! [snatches the hose from it positions it on the plants and gives it back to Sarah] Okay, Skip. Turn 'er on.

[Skipper turns the hose on]

Bluebell: Now remain steady. Ready?

Sarah: Ready?

Bluebell: Spray!

[Sarah pulls the trigger and sprays the garden]

Bluebell: Yeah! That's a girl!

[After a few seconds of spraying Sarah positions the hose on top and sprays herself then sprays her middle]

Bluebell: [laughs] Guess your belly needs a drink.


[Skipper and Bluebell attempt to wake Sarah up]

Bluebell: Sarah? Wake up. Sarah?

Skipper: Wake up, Sarah!

[Nothing happened]

Bluebell: Sarah!

Skipper: Try pressing her belly. [points to her middle] That's the button to wake her up.

[Bluebell presses Sarah's middle then rubs her stomach.]

Bluebell: Oh no! She's asleep!

Skipper: Oh no! Let me try it. [press Sarah's stomach but nothing happened. He then checks her pulse.] She has a pulse but she's asleep.

Bluebell: Did somebody sneak in the burrow and put Sarah into a deep sleep?

Skipper: I believe so.

Bluebell: C'mon. We got to get some help!


Lonesy Jonesy

[Turner, Skeeter, Freddie, and the boy and girl cubs continue their walk through the woods]

Skeeter: I don't know how long we can walk.

[They stop when they hear a wild cat's growl]

Turner: What was that?

Frisky: [points to her stomach] Was that my stomach? I thought I already ate.

Freddie: I'm afraid it's not your stomach, Frisky, it was those wild cats up there!

Bearbette: Freddie, enough of your tricks!

Buttons: I'm afraid Freddie's not kidding, Bearbette! Look up there!

[He shows Bearbette where Freddie's pointing, she gasps, and our view goes to up to the silhouetted Wildcatt Brothers]

Bearbette: You were right, Freddie!

Bearbette and Frisky: [jumping into their boyfriends' arms] Buttons! Rusty! Get us out of here!

Rusty: The girls are right, let's run for it!

[The young critters run from the Wildcatt Brothers but they go after them]

Freddie: [while running] I don't understand how come I'm right at times!

[They continue running until the young critters hide behind a big rock]

Turner: [sighs, then whispering] We should be safe now.

Chris: Since when did bears, foxes, turtles, mice, and raccoons start migrating?

Bearbette: [whispering] Freddie, this is no time for jokes!

Freddie: [whispering] I didn't say anything!

Martin: Hey! We're talking to you!

[The young critters are shown with shocked looks then they look up to see the now non-silhouetted Wildcatt Brothers (Chris wears a green shirt, Martin wears a blue shirt)]

Bearbette: Whoa! Excuse us, sirs.

Buttons: Yeah, we didn't know you wanted to introduce yourselves and say "Hi." Well, I'm Buttons.

Rusty: And I'm Rusty.

Buttons: This female bear and fox duo are our loved ones, Bearbette and Frisky.

Rusty: That turtle's name is Turner. The mouse's name is Skeeter. And this raccoon's name is Freddie. And they're our pals. Who are you guys?

Chris: We're the Wildcatt Brothers. I'm Chris.

Martin: And I'm Martin.

Bearbette: Chris and Martin. Nice to meet you.

Frisky: You know, you guys seem really familiar.


[In a Japanese fruit forest, the boy cubs and Wildcatt Brothers pick loquats, suddenly, Crush, a mean coyote cub who looks like a younger version of Claude approaches them]

Crush: Hey, you!

[The boy cubs and Wildcatt Brothers look at Crush]

Crush: You bear and fox duo!

Buttons and Rusty: Us?

Crush: Yeah, you must be Buttons and Rusty, I've heard about, yeah?

Buttons: Yes, I'm Buttons.

Rusty: And I'm Rusty.

Buttons: And these are the Wildcatt Brothers, Chris and Martin.

Rusty: And who are you? You look very familiar!

Crush: My name is Crush, as in "crush a pill with two spoons!" And we'll get to the "familiar" thing later.

[He pokes their stomachs and walks off cackling]

Chris: Well, there's something you don't see every day.

Martin: No kidding, bro.

Buttons: Come on, bros, we better get back to the gang.

[Back at the campfire, the girl cubs, Turner, Skeeter, Freddie, Franklin, Quacker, Skipper, Bluebell, the boy and girl cubs' parents, Philbert and the kids sit in confusion]

Abner: [sighs] What's taking those youngins and bros so long?

Buttons​​​: [off-screen] We're coming, Pop! And we've got the loquats!

[The boy cubs and Wildcatt Brothers arrive back to the campfire]

Bridgette: What took you youngins and the bros so long?

Martin: Uh, too much to explain.

Buttons: However, all we can explain is that while Rusty, the bros and I were picking out loquats, a strange coyote cub approached us from behind. He has a scar shaped like a "C" on his stomach.

George: Well, what was the coyote cub's name?

Rusty: His name was Crush, as in "crush a pill with two spoons" and--

Freddie: Crush?!

Chris: Wait, you know Crush?

[A picture of Crush is shown on-screen]

Philbert: [in real life] Yeah, he is a mean coyote cub.

Freddie: [in real life] Sadly, Crush wasn't always mean as he is today. [A picture of a younger Crush, with a scared look on his face, wearing a party hat and holding a pillow in front of him, replaces the other picture] I remember when he came to my second birthday, he was terrified of the titular character of the TV show called MacGiggles the Frog.

[In Freddie's flashback, at his second birthday party, Crush, along with Freddie and a bunch of other young critters, watches MacGiggles the Frog on TV]

MacGiggles: [singing on TV] MacGiggles is me name

And this is my lovely bog.

It's time to come and play

With your favorite Scottish frog.

Crush: [crying] I don't like MacGiggles!

Freddie's mother: He's not real, Crush. He's just a TV character.

[MacGiggles suddenly arrives in the room from the kitchen in person]

MacGiggles: [with a different voice than on TV] Hey there, kids, is there a wee laddie having his birthday today?

[Crush notices MacGiggles in person]

Crush: [screaming] MacGiggles! He's gonna eat me!

The other young critters at Freddie's second birthday party: [singing] Scaredy-cat, scaredy-cat.

[MacGiggles reveals himself to be Philbert]

Philbert: Crush, it's me, Philbert.

Crush: [screaming] MacGiggles ate Freddie's pop! Aah!

[The flashback ends]

Philbert: Dramatic, isn't it?

Bearbette: Even if he's mean, is he still scared of MacGiggles?

Freddie: Sadly, yes. Not to mention, he usually chews on my tail when I see him.

The Critter Mermaids

[Bluebell teaches Sarah the rope swing dive]

Sarah: What's that string on that tree?

Bluebell: That's a rope. Ropes can be used to swing and jump into the lake.

[She and Sarah walk behind the rope swing]

Bluebell: It's easy! Just run to grab the rope, take a little swing, and let go of the rope and you're in the water. Let me show you.

[She follows the steps to land in the water. Sarah giggles.]

Bluebell: Now, you can do it.

Sarah: [rubbing her middle] Here I go!

[She runs to the rope. As she grabs it, she performs a Tarzan yell and drops into the lake]

Bluebell: [laughs] You jumped in like Tarzan!


[Bluebell teaches Sarah how to do a cannonball dive]

Bluebell: This is another fun way to jump into the lake. It's a cannonball.

Sarah: You mean you have to shoot cannonballs from cannons?

Bluebell: [chuckles] Nope. To do a cannonball. You must walk very far away from the edge of the lake. [walks very far away from the edge of the lake. Sarah follows her.] Then when you're ready to jump in the lake, you run until you are near the edge of the lake, jump as high as possible, grab your knees and your splash will be a cannonball. Don't forget to scream "CANNONBALL!"


Bluebell: Yep. But let me show you. CANNONBALL!!! [runs to the edge of the lake and does a cannonball dive]

Sarah: Hey, Bluebell! CANNONBALL!!! [performs the cannonball dive which ultimately splashes Bluebell]

Bluebell: [giggles] Good girl! Can we do it together?

Sarah: [giggles] Why not!

[They leap out of the lake, walk far away and then...]

Sarah and Bluebell: CANNONBALL!!!

[They both cannonballed into the lake and splash at each other]


[While Sarah and Bluebell sunbathe on the edge of the lake, they look at each other.]

Sarah: [looks at Bluebell's bikini] Gee, Bluebell. Your bathing suit is very beautiful. [softly rubs Bluebell's stomach]

Bluebell: [giggles] Awwww, thank you. [while looking at Sarah's bikini] Gee, Sarah, your bathing suit is very beautiful. [softly rubs Sarah's stomach who giggles and looks at her middle] It reminds me of... a mermaid.


[As Sarah and Bluebell jump into the lake via tree branch, Skipper approaches them]

Skipper: Bluebell? Sarah?

[Bluebell and Sarah splash and dunk at each other, giggling]

Skipper: BLUEBELL!

[As Bluebell attempts to rub Sarah's stomach]

Bluebell: Oh! Sarah and I are having too much fun.

Skipper: Emergency! Rocky Ridge's fishes are slowly disappearing.

[Sarah starts to splash Bluebell but is stopped]

Bluebell: Sarah! I'm afraid we are going to have to get out of the lake.

Sarah: What!? [groans]

Bluebell: I have an important mission with Skipper.

Skipper: Take Sarah home first.

Sarah: Do I have to?

Bluebell: [puts her shirt on, gives Sarah her towel] Yes. But we'll go swimming again another day.

Sarah: Darn!


[Sarah (bikini) lays down on her back sunbathing dreaming of a mermaid. She briefly rubs her middle. Suddenly, Bluebell arrives and presses Sarah's middle and rubs her stomach.]

Sarah: [giggles] Bluebell!

Bluebell: [takes off her shirt to reveal her bikini] Hi, Sarah. Let's go for a swim!

[Sarah rubs Bluebell's stomach who giggles and they ran up to the rope swing. Sarah grabs the rope, performs a Tarzan yell, and drops into the lake. Bluebell follows the same procedure and they both splash each other at the lake.]

Play It Again, Sarah

[After beating Rusty in a tug of war]

Sarah: Yeah, mama! [does a cartwheel] The lucky belly wins! Sarah one, Rusty zip!

[Rusty comes out of a hole with porcupine quills on his face]

Rusty: Ouch!


[After beating Rusty in chess]

Sarah: Checkmate! Girl cousins always beat boy cousins. [blows a raspberry on Rusty] Girls rule and boys drool!


[After beating Rusty in bowling, Sarah grabs Rusty's tail, using it as a jump rope]

Sarah: WHOO-HOO! Sarah is the winner! Rusty is a LOOOOOOSER!


[Rusty grabs his tail. Sarah then kicks his rear end]

Sarah: That's what you get for being a loser!

Rusty: Why me?


[After beating Rusty in skipping stones]

Sarah: Ten! [puts a rock on her middle] Okay, lucky belly, spell "loser" [takes the rock off and on pretending on being a puppet] Loser. Y-O-U LOSER!!! [jumps into the lake and does a victory swim]

Rusty: When will I ever beat my cousin?


[While playing Go Fish]

Sarah: Hey, big cousin. Do you have any 10s?

Rusty: Fish.

[Sarah draws a card revealing an Ace. She then looks at her deck, has a total of four aces. She takes a marker from the table.]

Rusty: Hey, Sarah do you have any—[falls off the table cause Sarah pulled his tail]

Sarah: Can you read my belly?

[Her stomach reads "LOSER"]

Rusty: [sighs] Yes, Sarah. [to himself] Is all of her crazy antics gonna stop?


[Sarah sings to the tune of Todd Rudgen's Bang The Drum All Day after beating Rusty in Tic-Tac-Toe while playing the drums on her stomach]

Sarah: I don't want to work.

I want to bang on the belly all day.

I don't want to lose.

I just want to bang on the belly all day!

[Rusty sighs]

Morty and Me

[In a montage set to John Fogerty's Centerfield, Freddie practices baseball with Morty. In one pitch, as he throws the ball, Morty was hit by the pitch on his stomach.]

Morty: OW!

[Freddie laughs]

Morty: It's illegal in baseball to hit a batter by the pitch.

Freddie: [realizing his mistake] Oops.

Morty: I get a free base.


[In another pitch, Morty pitches to Freddie, who swings the ball, which ends up out of the park]

Morty: You hit it 350 feet. Home run!


[Morty introduces Freddie to a sandwich]

Morty: This is a Kittsburgh tradition, a Kamanti Bros. Sandwich.

Freddie: Why are fries are on the sandwich? I thought fries are a separate side order.

Morty: Freddie, Kamanti's famous for a sandwich on any meat you like, plus tomatoes, fries, provolone cheese, and slaw.

Freddie: Oooh.


[Morty takes Freddie to the ballpark for a baseball game. Along the way, they see water steps.]

Freddie: Whoa! Is that a waterfall?

Morty: Not just a waterfall, Freddie. These are water steps. On his days off, pop would take me to the steps and we splashed at each other. [takes off his baseball uniform to reveal his black and gold swimming trunks. He then walks up and down the steps, splashing Freddie]

Freddie: [laughs] It's fun, isn't it?

Morty: [chuckles] Come on, Freddie! Let's play!

[Freddie takes off his shirt to reveal his swimming trunks and he runs on the steps with Morty. As they reached the bottom of the pool, Morty lays down flat on his back and makes snowflake angels, splashing Freddie. Freddie does the same thing as they both make angel wings. Freddie puts a baseball on Morty's middle.]

Morty: T-ball on my belly?

[Freddie hits the ball with his foot and Morty and Freddie then splash at each other, laughing]

The Chucklewood Spelling Bee

Rusty: I hope there's somebody else going to take part in the Spelling Bee.

[Buttons and Rusty get kicked in the rear ends by Crush]

Buttons and Rusty: YEOW!

Crush: Hey, Butt! Rutt!

[Buttons and Rusty look at Crush]

Buttons and Rusty: CRUSH!

Crush: [pokes their stomachs hard] I will be taking part in the Spelling Bee!

Buttons: OH, YEAH!? [pokes Crush's stomach, Rusty pulls up Crush's tail and kicks his rear end]

Crush: OUCH!!!

Buttons and Rusty: DON'T EVER CALL US THAT!!!


[Exhibition Bee]

Sarah: Hi, Rusty.

Rusty: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: What are you doing?

Rusty: Practicing for the Chucklewood Spelling Bee.

Sarah: Can I participate?

Rusty: No, Sarah. You're too young. Wait a few more years.

Rosie: Why don't you sit with Uncle George?

[Sarah sits next to George. She presses his stomach.]

George: [chuckle] You can rub my belly later, Sarah. Let's watch the bee.


Rosie: The word is "parallelogram."

Frisky: Parallelogram. P-A-R-E-L-L-E-L-O-G-R-A-M.

Rosie: Yes!

Sarah: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Rosie: Bearbette, the word is "pierce."

Bearbette: Pierce. P-I-E-R-C-E.

[Syco sneaks into the cave and slithers under the tails of Claude, George and Sarah. He then goes underneath Sarah's rear end. Sarah begins to stammer.]

Rosie: The word is "Turquoise."

Rusty: Turquoise. T-U-R-K...

Sarah: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Rosie: Sarah, no yelling!

George: You all right, Sarah?

Sarah: I don't know.

George: You can't yell out answers. If you do, Rusty will be disqualified.

[Syco's tail appears and only presses Sarah's middle]

Rosie: The word is "arpeggio."

Frisky: Arpeggy—what?

Rosie: Arpeggio is a section of music where chords are combined.

[Sarah giggles loudly]

Frisky: A-R-P-E-G-I-O?

Rosie: Close. You forgot to add an extra G. [looks at Sarah giggling] Sarah! QUIET!!!

[Syco quickly removes the tail off of Sarah's stomach]

Rosie: George, if Sarah acts like this again, she is going home.

George: I don't know what's going on with her, Rose.

[Claude laughs]

George: [slapping Claude then tugs his tail] Shut the bell up, Claude!


Rosie: The word is "abdomen."

[Sarah stammers. Syco chews on Sarah's tail, licks her stomach and wraps his body around her waist]

Skeeter: Abdomen? I've never heard of that word before.

Rosie: The abdomen is a part of the body between the chest and pelvis.

Sarah: Ooooh. Ooooh. Ooooh.

Rosie: Sarah, stop it!

[George looks at Sarah and sees Syco wrapped her body around it]

George: Oh no! Syco! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

[He puts a pair of gloves on picks up the snake freeing Sarah, he carries Sarah out of the cave just as Syco starts to chase him out of the cave via his serpentine dance. At the bridge, Syco goes near Sarah's face. Just as he is about to bite her, Sarah screams at him dropping into the creek. Claude runs to the scene.]

George: Sarah, are you all right?

Sarah: I don't know.

Claude: Oh my! Now, Crush will never win the spelling bee.

George: Well, Claude. [hits Claude in the snout] There are a few words your nephew has never heard before. They're are mainly about Sarah.


George: Come on. We will take you [looks at Sarah poisoned] Oh my! Syco!

[He rushes Sarah to Skipper and Bluebell]

George: Skipper! Bluebell!

Skipper: Hi—[looks at Sarah's stomach] Oh my!

Bluebell: What happened to Sarah!?

George: Syco poisoned her while the youngins are training for the spelling bee. See that mark right there?


Franklin: The word is "dodecahedron."

[Crush stutters]

Crush: Dodecahedron. D-O-D-E-K-A-H-E-D-R-O-N.

Franklin: Nope. That's not right. You're out.

George: [tugging Claude's tail, gloating at him] Told ya, Claude. [brushes his face with it]

Claude: OH YEAH!? [snatches the tail back]


The Great Theme Park Rescue Part 1: The School Picnic

[Philbert walks around the boy cubs' cave and sees the parents and their siblings sunbathing. He stares at Francine's stomach]

Philbert: [softly wolf whistles] Cute belly ring.

[He then stares close at Stacy]

Philbert: Roasting in the sun.

[He then notices Bridgette and Rosie are wearing maillots]

Philbert: Hey, Bridgette and Rosie, why are your bellies covered up?

Rosie: Shh! It's a surprise.

Bridgette: We folks know. Everyone else, including the cubs, does not.

George: You'll find out later. Right now, let us folks and their siblings get some private time.

Stacy: Yeah, we need some private time!

[Suddenly, the phone starts ringing and George puts it on speaker phone]

George: Hello?

Rusty: Pop! It's me, Rusty!

George: Hi, Rusty. What's going on?

Rusty: Today's the school picnic at the theme park. The theme park is completely raided!

Dennis: [while rubbing Stacy's stomach] WHAT!?

Rusty: Zak, Gourmad, Delilah and Patty are turning it into a sour wonderland.

Dennis: Oh no! The school picnic!

George: The fathers and your uncle are on their way!

Rusty: Thanks, Pop. [hangs up]

George: Come on, boys! We got some work to do!

Woodrow: What about the girls?

George: This is a men's only trip. [rubs Abner's stomach]

Abner: What's going on, George?

George: Trouble at the theme park!

Rosie: What about me?

George: Stay with the ladies. Buttons and Rusty will not know the surprise until later!

[The men hang up their beach chairs]

George: Chucklewood Critters to the rescue!


[In the gym, Sarah (bikini) comes out of the locker room as Jonah and Jester start to taker her to the pool]

Jester: Today, Sarah, we are going to teach you how to play Water Polo.

Sarah: Marco Polo?

Jonah: Water Polo. It's a sport where you have to throw a ball to other swimmers and shoot at a goal net. It's kind of like soccer in a pool.

Jester: If you like soccer, then this sport is for you.

[As the three arrive at the pool, they see the water has turned green. Sarah screams.]

Jester: OH NO! Look at the water!

Jonah: It is green. Sour green.

Jester: [groans] I assume it's the work of Gourmad.

[Bruce arrives]

Bruce: Jester, Jonah! I've seen the security cameras. It's not just Gourmad but the entire Villains Club.

Jonah: Come on, Bruce. Let's go shut the pump off.

Sarah: What about me?

Jester: Stay right here, we'll be right back.

[Pool Mechanic Room]

Jonah: Guess the Fat Chef turned the water green.

Bruce: He must have sneaked into the gym while we were picking up Sarah.

Jester: Let's shut the pump off.

Jonah: Good idea.

[They shut the pump off and drain the pool water]

Jonah: There! Let's go get Sarah.

[Returning the pool, they search around for Sarah]

Jonah: Sarah?

Bruce: Sarah?

Jester: Sarah, where are you?

[Bruce then see Gourmad's chef hat]

Bruce: Look! Gourmad! I think he took Sarah away!

Jester and Jonah: Oh no!

Jonah: We gotta call Hamilton.


[At the amusement park, the gang sees Gourmad at the oven]

Gourmad: In you go and you will become a critter cake!

[Muffled screams are heard from the bagged critter]

Dennis: That sounded like Sarah to me.

[Hamilton points her gun at Gourmad]

Hamilton: FREEZE!

Gourmad: Y-e-e-e-s?

Hamilton: Gourmad, drop that bag!

[Nothing happened]

Hamilton: DROP IT, I SAY!

[Still, nothing happened]

Hamilton: I MEAN NOW!

[Tobey growls and hisses at Gourmad, causing the bag to drop and out comes Sarah]

Dennis: [gasps] Sarah!


[She jumps to Gourmad and screams at his left ear.]

Gourmad: OWWWWWW!

[Sarah then bites Gourmad's leg. He then kicks her off his leg.]

Gourmad: [picks up his walkie-talkie] I can't believe that little fox girl bit my leg! If the rest of you guys get defeated, meet me at the main entrance!

Zak: Thank you.


[Hamilton and Jonah follow Gourmad into the park]

Hamilton: [points her gun at Gourmad] Well, Mr. Gourmad, what do you got to say for yourself?

[Jonah shows the pictures of the damage]

Gourmad: The park is so darn sour.

Hamilton: [slaps the cuffs on him] Not for you, fat chef. You have deserved a one-way trip to prison. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be held in a court of law. You have the right--

[Gourmad removes the cuffs]

Hamilton: [grabs Gourmad's fake arm] What the heck is this?

Gourmad: It's my anti-handcuff glove. A glove which is handcuff proof! I am outta here!

[He then makes his retreat]

Hamilton: I can't believe it! He fooled me!

Jonah: We'll get him next time.


[Sarah screams at Delilah's ear, hurting her hearing, bites her arm, making her drop the remote, causing it to break. The animals are freed from the hypnosis.]

Delilah: OH MY! The animals!

Dario: Let's get outta here!

Delilah: Retreat!

[She and Dario exit the park]


Hamilton: [pointing her gun at Patty and Reg] FREEZE!

Patty and Reg: Yes!

Hamilton: I demand you stop the elephants from dumping water!

Patty: OH YEAH!? [points a cement cannon at the gang]

[Reg does the same with his cement cannon]

Skeeter: I've got an idea! Squirt them, elephants!

[The elephants squirt Patty and Reg as they scream]

Patty: Oh my gosh! My beautiful dress! I just had this........BOUGHT!!!!

[She releases the elephants and runs away with Reg]

Reg: Let's get out of here!

Patty: The next time I see you, Chucklewood pests, I will get you!


[The park manager escorts Zak out of the theme park]

Zak: Those Chucklewood Litters will soon be done for even when my associate is in prison!

All critters: That's "Chucklewood Critters!"

Park manager: You and your gang have sabotaged the theme park!

Zak: Heck, yeah.

[The park manager pulls up Zak by his pants]

Park manager: And are....the weakest link! Goodbye! [kicks Zak's rear end, sending him into the parking lot]

Zak: I'll get my revenge, you litters! [pulls his pants back up and runs away]


[Vaderman World Inc.]

[Patty receives a bank statement in the mail. She screams in horror.]

Patty: OH MY! $9,999 in the hole!?

Gourmad: [screaming] NEGATIVE $99,999.99!!!? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!?

[He and Patty read through the statement]

Patty: Moving violations!? Damages!? Dress replaced?

Gourmad: Hospital bill from my bitten leg from that little fox girl!?


[Zak yells in extreme fury and slams both fists on the table extremely hard, making everything in the room shake]

Zak: THOSE CHUCKLEWOOD LITTERS REALLY FOOLED US THIS TIME! It's gonna take a year before we can defeat them! But I'll tell you what we're gonna do, together or individually, one way or another and regardless of what the bank said, we're gonna get revenge on that bear and that fox!


[After returning home from the theme park, the boy cubs are about to enter the cave. Just then, they are stopped by their fathers]

Abner: Buttons.

George: Rusty?

Buttons and Rusty: Yes, pop.

Abner: We got a surprise for you.

Buttons: Are we moving to a new cave?

Rusty: Are we getting a new A.M.?

Buttons: A swimming pool?

Rusty: Going on a luxury vacation?

Buttons and Rusty: WHAT IS IT!?

[The fathers slowly split up to reveal the mothers in maillots]

Buttons and Rusty: Mom!?

Rosie: Boys, one of you is going to have...

Bridgette: A baby sibling?

Buttons and Rusty: A BABY SIBLING!? [both faint]

[The scene freezes]

Tobey: Will Buttons be a big brother? Will Rusty be a big brother? Or will both of them be brothers? Find time!

A Good Day at the Badlands

[While Buttons and Rusty sunbathe on the edge of Chucklewood Lake after a long swim. Bridgette and Rosie [wearing nothing but a large towel] approach them. They touch their son's stomachs which they react and look at their moms.]

Buttons: [laughs] Oh. It's only you, Mom.

Rosie: Sorry that we interrupt your swim, boys.

Rusty: What are you doing, Mom?

Bridgette: Remember this past summer we told you one of you boys is going to have a baby.

Rosie: And this is the reason why our bellies are covered up.

Rusty: Is it gonna be for me!?

Buttons: Is it for me!?


[Bridgette touches the back of the towel]

Bridgette and Rosie: The baby is going to be for.....!

[They slowly unwrap themselves to reveal Bridgette in her bikini and Rosie in her maillot]

Rosie: RUSTY!

Rusty: [jumps up and down] YES! YES! YES! I am going to be a brother!

Buttons: [hugs Rusty] I am very happy for you, Rusty.

Rosie: It will be about seven months before the baby comes. You have lots of time to get ready, Rusty.

Buttons: We'll spread the news throughout the park.

Rusty: So that's the reason why your belly is covered up, Mom.

Rosie: Yes.

Buttons: Haven't seen you in your bikini in a long time, Mom.

[He softly rubs Bridgette's stomach and presses the middle. Bridgette giggles.]

Rusty: Buttons, who do you think you are? Sarah!?


Bridgette: It's okay, Rusty. My belly needs a nice rub. Care to join you and Buttons for a swim?

Buttons and Rusty: Of course!

[Buttons presses Bridgette's stomach to send her into the lake. Rosie then jumps into the lake and the four splash at each other.]


[After the first Star Badge is found...]

Buttons: All right, we've got the Star Badge! Ah-ha-ha!

Rusty: That's one. One Star Badge! I wonder how many there are?

Five Nights With Freddie

[Philbert falls through the waterfall and into the creek]

Philbert: HELP! HELP! H-E-E-E-E-E-L-L-L-L-L-P!!!

[Suddenly a female raccoon (in a rainbow bikini) dives into the creek and rescues Philbert and drags him back to shore. The female presses Philbert's stomach. Then, she kisses him. Philbert wakes up.]

Philbert: saved my life?

Female Raccoon: [giggles] I thought you are gonna drown for good.

[Philbert looks at her bikini]

Philbert: [whispers] You are so beautiful.

[The female laughs again and the two make love]

Female: I live in Fort Caulderdale. Would you like to spend some time with me?

Philbert: Ahh...ahhh...[rubs the female's stomach] Yeah.

[The female rubs Philbert's stomach]


[At the boy cubs' cave, the doctor attempts to bandage Freddie's arm. The doctor takes off Freddie's shirt and bandages his stomach]

Freddie: [giggles] That's not my arm. That's my belly. Bandage my arm!

[The doctor bandages his leg]

Freddie: That's my leg! Bandage my arm! The arm!

Buttons: What the heck is going on?

Rusty: Does he know anything about injuries?

[The doctor puts ointment on Freddie's middle followed by the rear end. Freddie stammers. The boy cubs then look at the doctor's rear end and see a coyote's tail]

Rusty: Buttons, I think that looks like Crush's tail.

Buttons: I guess so.

[They also see the First-Aid kit with a Star Badge on it]


[As the boy cubs remove the bandages on the incorrect positions]

Freddie: OW! [stammers]

Buttons: Freddie!

Rusty: Was that Freddie's butt you removed the bandage of?

Buttons: Yes.

Freddie: OW! Buttons, Rusty!

Rusty: Oh my gosh! Scars all over the place. His belly, his legs, his back, his butt, everywhere!

Freddie: [looks at the bandage] It's plain masking tape!

Buttons and Rusty: It must have been Crush!

Rusty: Let's go find him!


[Buttons and Rusty slap Crush's rear end. Rusty chews on Crush's tail.]

Crush: Hey! What the heck are you doing here?

Buttons: Did you make fake bandages!?

Crush: Umm....Maybe.

[Rusty opens the first-aid kit and takes out a fake bandage]

Rusty: This is a fake band-aid! You used it to bandage Freddie's butt, middle, everywhere!

Crush: And now I am bandaging your butt, Rutt!

Rusty: [squeezes Crush's neck] DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT, CRUSH-FACE!

[He punches Crush's snout. Buttons then squirts ointment on his rear end followed by forming an "X" with the fake bandages on it.]

Crush: Hey, Butt, I am fine! I don't need bandages!

Buttons: DON'T CALL ME THAT!!! Look what Rusty has done to your wacky butt, Crush!

[Rusty then removes the bandages on Crush's rear end and he then turns around and sees scars on it. He then screams and runs away.]


[The gang catapults Patty and Reg into a pool of mud. Patty emerges first followed by Reg]

Patty: Those Chucklewood pests!

Reg: They fooled us!

Patty: [To Reg] Yes, they did! [To the gang] THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU CHUCKLEWOOD PESTS---!

[Suddenly, the two get swept away by the river]


[The Star Badge Reveal]

Abner: Hmm...I wonder what this is?

[The Star Badge reveals to be Pisces]

Buttons: Yes! The Star Badges of Pieces!

Philbert: Pieces? You mean Pisces.

Freddie: Look at me, Buttons. [shows his middle and turns to his rear end] I'm all scratched up.

Rusty: Well, do you want to remove the scars off of your body?

Freddie: Yes. I wish that the scars are removed.

[Star Badge Counting]

Rusty: [points to the badges] One, two!

[He lifts up Freddie's shirt and draws a "2" on his stomach. As Buttons prepares to draw a "2" on Philbert's stomach]

Philbert: Careful, Buttons. Did you see my belly ring? I had my stomach pierced recently.

Buttons: Well. [draws a "2" on Philbert's back] There we go. Two.

Rusty: Eleven more to go and the stars will be up in the sky again!


Dino Land

[Johnny looks through his report and sees a score of "100". He then writes "3" on his report.]

Johnny: Three down. Ten more to go!

The Last Straw

Roddy: You two cubs are banned from the Ranger Station!

Jonesy: [angrily] WHAT!?

Johnny: Banning Buttons and Rusty from the Ranger Station!?

Jonesy: For heaven's sake, why did you do that!?

Roddy: Because of their antic behavior.

Jonesy: Come see me in my office, Rod.

[At Jonesy's office, he and Johnny see Roddy's injuries]

Jonesy: I've seen you twisted your ankle. You're gonna be laid up there for a while.

Roddy: Well, they have annoyed me with their antics, Mr. Jones.

Johnny: Well, the boy cubs didn't mean to do that.

Jonesy: This was a grandfathered rule to allow Buttons and Rusty to come into my office.

Roddy: And I have banned them from going into the Ranger Station.

Jonesy: As Chief Ranger, I am placing you on a month-long probation.

Roddy: Probation!?


[Rusty counts the Star Badges, he traces four fingers on his paw and shows it to Roddy]

Rusty: Four. Four Star Badges. We need thirteen all together to send the constellations back.

Roddy: So, 13 - 4 = ?

[Rusty draws a "9" on Roddy's undershirt]

Roddy: Does my undershirt look like a whiteboard?

[He and Rusty laugh]

Dog or No Dog

[While sunbathing, Robin hears a splash in her swimming pool]

Robin: [reacts] What the heck is this!?

[She sees the dog swimming in her pool]

Robin: Hey, pooch! Get out of my pool! It is not a dog house!

[The dog doesn't get out of the pool]

Robin: POOCH! Get out of here before I call the animal control!

[She calls Johnny]

[At Johnny's house]

Johnny: Hi, Robin.

Robin: Johnny, is this white dog husky yours!?

Johnny: Yes?

Robin: He's swimming in my pool while I was sunbathing and I tried everything to get him out of her but to no avail.

Johnny: I've been looking for him. He chewed on my new uniform.

Robin: Oh, now he's gone.


[At Bearbette and Frisky's garden, they water their dandelions and roses]

Bearbette: Those flowers are very beautiful.

Frisky: Rusty would really love one for a valentine.

[The husky runs over the garden, creating a mess]

Bearbette: LOOK OUT!

[Frisky shrieks and growls. Just then, the boy cubs walk past them]

Bearbette: [gasps] BUTTONS!

Frisky: RUSTY!

Bearbette: Why don't you look where you're going!

Buttons: It wasn't me.

Bearbette: Look at our flowers.

[The boy cubs look at the damaged garden]

Rusty: I think it was a husky.

Frisky: A husky?

[They look at husky tracks]

Rusty: Let's go get Jonesy!

[At the ranger station, Jonesy returns with lunch in his hand and sees his office chair papers had been chewed as well as an accident from the husky]

Jonesy: Oh no! My office! I forgot to lock it up. [he sees husky prints] That does it!

[The boy cubs enter the office]

Rusty: Jonesy!

Buttons: Oh my gosh! What a mess!

Jonesy: Buttons! Rusty! Have you ever seen a husky?

Rusty: The husky was last seen at Bearbette and Frisky's garden.

Buttons: He devoured the garden.

Jonesy: I know that husky. Johnny wanted to adopt a ranger dog and we got him and this dog caused mischief. You see that sign on the door?

[The sign on the door reads "NO DOGS ALLOWED"]

Rusty: Wow!

Jonesy: He can't even read. I am gonna find that dog and give him away!


[While Hamilton calls Hunter Portia...]

Voicemail: Hello. You have reached Vaderman's Dog School. We are not available to take your call. Please leave a message after the beep until we get back to you as soon as possible.

Hamilton: [gasps] Zak Vaderman!

Jonesy: It was Zak! This is so like him! Come on!


[Buttons and Rusty grab the whistle from Zak's hands]

Buttons: Take that, Zak-A-Roni!

[Rusty blows the whistle and all the dogs bite him]

Zak: No! No! It can't be!

[He reacts to the bites and dogs chase him out of the school]




[Johnny's house, Johnny checks the Star Badge]

Johnny: All right. Our Survey says...

[The Star Badge reveals to be Cancer]

Johnny: CANCER! The Star Badge of Cancer.

Lisa: Cancer? You mean you have cancer.

Johnny: No, silly. The Star Badge of Cancer.

Lisa: Oh!

[Johnny grabs his chewed up ranger uniform]

Johnny: [sighs] My uniform. All chewed up. I could get a new one but I wish the Star Badge can help me fix my uniform.

[Suddenly, the power of the badge causes the uniform to be good as new]

Johnny: Wow! It's as good as new!


Johnny: Uncle Jonesy. Dog or No Dog?

Jonesy: Well, wait till he passes the final exam first.


Hunter: Congratulations, Johnny. You've passed the test!

Jonesy: All I can say's a dog!

[Johnny and the husky celebrate]

Jonesy: What are you gonna name him?

Johnny: I'll name him Shadow.

[Shadow barks then licks Johnny's face]

Jonesy: He will be Chucklewood's first ranger dog in so many years.

Johnny: Okay, Shadow. Shadow! [gets up] Oh! I gotta count the Star Badges. [goes into his pouch and puts the fifth Star Badge in it] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Hunter: Johnny, on a scale of one to ten, how many Star Badges do you need before the constellations are put back to the sky?

Johnny: Way over ten! 13!

Jonesy: You have five. Only eight more to go.

Watch The Birdie

[As the birdie falls inside Bluebell's shirt]

Bluebell: Where is it!? Where is it!? [shakes her shirt]

Skipper: I don't know?

[Bluebell shakes her shirt which reveals the birdie placed on her stomach]

Sarah: Look! It's on your belly, Bluebell.

[Bluebell looks at the birdie]

Bluebell: It is? [tries to pull the birdie off] Ooooh. It won't go off.

Skipper: Let me try to pull it off. [tries to pull the birdie, but it won't go off.]

Bluebell: Darn.

Skipper: Sarah, while I go get tongs, try rubbing her belly.

[Bluebell lies down, Sarah lifts up Bluebell's shirt, rubs her stomach then plays the drums on her. But still, the birdie won't go off]

Bluebell: Oh!

Sarah: Oh no!

Skipper: All right. Here are the tongs.

[He pulls the birdie but it still won't go off]

Bluebell: [sighs] Guess, I may have to go for a dip in the ol' swimming hole.

[She changes into her bikini and jumps into the swimming hole. Sarah looks at Bluebell's stomach, the birdie still won't go off. Suddenly, Sarah squirts Bluebell with the hose.]

Bluebell: When will it ever come off?


[After the birdie comes off of Bluebell's stomach]

Sarah: YEAH!

Bluebell: It's off! All right!

[Sarah rubs Bluebell's stomach and then takes the Star Badge and attempts to put it on her middle]

Rusty: Don't put the Star Badge there, Sarah. We have to check it if it's a real one.

Jester: Star Badges are not belly rings.

Sarah: Oops.

[The Star Badge reveals to be Libra]

Rusty: Yes! It's Libra!

Sarah: Libera?

Rusty: Lib-ra.

Buttons: It's a real one! Yeah.

Jester: Now, Sarah, you have to make a wish.

Bluebell: [looks at her birdie] Look at my birdie! It's ruined! It was my favorite birdie! I had it when I was very young!

Sarah: Well, I wish that your birdie is back to normal.


Skipper: 1, 2, 3.

Bluebell: 4, 5, 6.

[Sarah draws a picture of a die showing the boxcar side]

Jonah: Oh, halfway there! Oh! Oh! Livin' on a Star Badge.

[Sarah lifts up Jonah's shirt and draws five dots on his stomach, leaving the middle as the sixth one.]

Jester: Yes, Jonah. Seven more to go and those constellations will be back in the sky!

Bluebell: [looking at her middle] You know, I think one day, I would never see a ball being stuck on my belly.

Skipper: Unless you want it pierced someday.

[Sarah pushes Bluebell in the stomach, sending her in the pool.]


Jester: Press the belly to send someone in the pool?

[Sarah walks to the edge of the pool. Bluebell grabs Sarah by the waist, uses her thumb to press her middle and dunks her into the pool]

Bluebell: Dunk tank!


[Sarah pushes Bluebell to the edge of the pool and rubs her stomach]

Getting Ready For The Baby

Rosie: Can you feel it, Rusty?

Rusty: I sure can. Pretty soon our family will be bigger.

Rosie: You bet.

Rusty: But when?

Rosie: In a few months or so. No rushing.

[Sarah enters the cave]

Sarah: Hi, Rusty! Hi, Aunt Rosie! [rubs Rusty's stomach]

Rusty: [laughs] Sarah! You and your tummy rubs! [rubs Sarah's stomach who giggles]

[Sarah gets up and looks at her Aunt Rosie's stomach]

Sarah: Gee, Aunt Rosie. Why is your belly so big? Did you eat a lot of food?

Rosie: No, Sarah. You see why my belly is big? I am pregnant. Which means I will be having a baby soon.

Sarah: A baby?

Rosie: Yes. The family is growing. You will have a new cousin.

Sarah: Wow! This is going to be great. Is that your pair of pajamas you are wearing?

Rosie: This is one of my maternity clothes. The reason why I am wearing those clothes is that my body will change from time to time when I am pregnant. I used to wear those clothes when I was pregnant with Rusty. I'll have your Aunt Jeanette tell you a story about my time at the maternity clinic.

[Jeanette sits down next to Rosie]

Jeanette: Have you kids ever heard of a maternity clinic?

Rusty: No. What is it?

Jeanette: A maternity clinic is part of a hospital where all pregnant female critters visit the doctor to check on them.

[A flashback sequence is shown where Jeanette taking Rosie to the maternity clinic]

Jeanette: [narrates] One day, I took Aunt Rosie to the critter hospital's maternity clinic. We've waited in the waiting room for approximately 45 minutes. We read magazines about pregnancy and parenting. Then, Dr. Kio Canami who is a doctor who specializes in pregnant women took us to a room like you see at a regular check-up. Dr. Canami then looks at Aunt Rosie's folder and asks her a few questions about her health. Then, Dr. Canami checks Aunt Rosie's blood pressure and her weight. She then tells her that she is very healthy. Afterwards, Dr. Canami gives Aunt Rosie a special microphone called a Fetal Doppler. What she does is that she places a microphone on Aunt Rosie's belly so that she can listen to the heartbeat of the baby inside the womb. Dr. Canami then prescribes her medicine to manage her pregnancy. She then tells her to come back each month to see how she's doing.

[Back to the present, Jeanette puts the Fetal Doppler on Rosie's stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] It sounds like you're blowing bubbles.

Jeanette: [giggles] Yep. You can hear the baby's heartbeat. After we left the clinic, I took Aunt Rosie to the mall to shop for maternity clothes.

Sarah: Are you gonna wear your bathing suit when you are going swimming?

Rosie: A different bathing suit. [shows Sarah her maillot] This is a maillot which is a one-piece bathing suit. Unlike bikinis, like I, Bridgette, or Aunt Jeanette usually wear.

[Bridgette enters wearing her bikini]

Rosie: Maillots cover up my belly. So you, Rusty, or the other critters won't be seeing it during this time.

[Sarah softly rubs Bridgette's stomach]

Sarah: Bridgette, can we go swimming?

Bridgette: Maybe later. Right now, I got to work in the garden. [leaves]

Sarah: Hmm. How about you, Aunt Jeanette?

Jeanette: Oh, Sarah. I didn't bring my bikini with me. Maybe next time. Right now, I am going to need some time with us two aunts alone.

[Sarah lifts up Jeanette's shirt and presses her stomach]

Jeanette: [giggles] Oh, Sarah, you and your belly presses.

Rosie: That's her favorite body part to press, rub, or kiss. She kissed my belly when I use to take her and Rusty to the beach. [points to Sarah's middle] This is the very spot where she kissed it.

Sarah: That's the Sarah spot.

[She and Jeanette rub Sarah's stomach who giggles excitedly. Then, Jeanette blows a raspberry on Sarah's middle which she giggles hysterically. Sarah then rubs Jeanette's stomach and kisses the middle.]

Jeanette: [giggles] Oh, Sarah, you are very ticklish.

[She kisses Sarah's middle]

Rosie: If you kiss the Sarah spot, she will giggle hysterically. She has the luckiest belly in Chucklewood.


[Coming out of Act 1]

Jonesy: Folks, you might want to get a piece of paper and a pen ready. 'Cause coming up at the end of the show, Bob Badget, Dave Coonier and Arleen Skunkin will be providing a contest which we're giving away $15,000 worth of prizes. And this contest involves Rusty's new baby sibling.


[The next morning, Abner and George discuss where should they put the baby room in]

Abner: If we put the baby in the boys' bedroom, the boys will be awakened by the screaming of the baby.

George: Hmm. [looks at the toy chest] Hmmm. What's inside the toy chest? [opens the chest to the secret shortcut] Come on, Abner.

[He and Abner go to the secret shortcut]

Abner: It looks kind of empty in here. I remember when the boys used it to go on wonderful adventures.

[Clips of past episodes of Buttons and Rusty going through the secret shortcut]

[Back to the present]

George: This should be the back door of the cave.

Abner: I think we can make the shortcut into the baby room.

George: Good idea. I guess the boys are getting too old to play in their shortcut.

Abner: They're teenage critters now.


[While the boy cubs, their girlfriends and cousins begin to use the secret shortcut]

Rusty: All right. One last time.

Buttons: [cries] Goodbye, secret shortcut. We are gonna miss you.

[The shortcut leads to Vaderman World, Inc.]


[While the cubs and Bruce look at the drinks]

Rusty: Mmmmm! I wonder what those are?


[Sarah sees the cubs and Bruce turn into babies.]

Gourmad: Heh! Heh! Heh! This little fox girl is gonna be baby too!

[Sarah runs away and races back to the cave]


Sarah: There's not much time! My big cousin and Bruce have turned into babies by a potion!

Posty: I know that potion. It's in one of Randal's potion book. [show Sarah said book] Come on! Let's get the book back.


Randal: Hi, Sarah.

Posty: Randal, it's me, Posty. Sarah must've found this in the palm of the hand of someone named Gourmad!

[He hands Randal the potion book on the poster]

Randal: Yes! It's my potion book! I bet Mr. Fat Chef himself, Gourmad, sneaked into my cabin while I was at the school of wizards and stole my potion book.

Sarah: He did!?

Randal: Yes.

Sarah: He turned my cousin into a baby using it.

Randal: I got to make an counterpotion for this!

Sarah: Okay. But right now, we got to tell Daddy and Uncle George!

[Arriving at the boy cubs' cave, the fathers work on the secret shortcut]


[No answer. Sarah then pulls George's tail and screams in his ear.]


George: OW! SARAH! You interrupted our project!

Sarah: I'm sorry. BUT RUSTY'S IN TROUBLE!

Fathers: Trouble!?

Randal: Vaderman World, Inc.

Posty: The fat chef turned the cubs into babies!

Randal: He made a potion that does that.

Abner: Oh no!

Woodrow: Potion that turns anyone into babies?

Dennis: Come on, boys! We got to stop Gourmad!

Fathers: Chucklewood Critters to the rescue!


[While attempting to squirt Sarah]

Gourmad: Look what we have here? That little fox girl! You fooled me last time when I was attempting to bake you.

[Sarah's mouth starts to quiver]

Gourmad: But now, I'm sending you to baby land!


[She screams as runs under Gourmad, pulls down his pants, squeezes his stomach hard and chews on his rear end]

Gourmad: OW!

[Randal quickly retrieves his spellbook and quickly creates a counterpotion. He loads the potion into his water gun and squirts it on the boy and girl cubs restoring it to their actual ages. Gourmad picks up the water gun but Sarah bites his arm and steals the gun]

Sarah: You're off to baby land, Baldy!

[She squirts the potion off on Gourmad stomach, turning him into a baby. He screams and runs away.]

Sarah: Happy growing, fat chef!

[Suddenly, Reg captures Sarah]

Sarah: Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!

Dennis: Leave my girl alone, Reggie!

Reg: Don't call me that!

[Dennis slaps Reg in the rear end, causing him to release Sarah. Patty enters the scene.]

Patty: What the heck is this?

Woodrow: Patty! What are you doing here?

Patty: I am building this nursery and you have interferred with it!

Woodrow: Oh, yeah!?

[The gang then gets into a brawl with Patty]


[Once Sarah grabs the water gun with the potion, she runs to Patty]

Patty: What the heck is that girl doing?

Sarah: You're fired, Patty!

[She tugs Patty's dress and squirts her turning her into a baby]

Reg: Oh no! She turned Patty into a baby!

[Sarah squirts on Reg and turns him into a baby]


[Randal puts the Star Badge on the building]

Randal: Explosa Implosa!

[The nursery implodes through the power of the badge. The scene is watched by Patty, Reg and Gourmad (now back to normal)]

Gourmad: I can't believe this!

Patty: How the heck did this happened?

Reg: I don't know!

Construction Worker: There goes our pay.

Construction Workers: Let's get out of here!

Patty: The next time I see you Babywood Critters, I'll----I'll-----! Figure out what I was going to say!

[They retreat]

Bearbette: Well, that's that.

Rusty: Alright, where's the Star Badge?

Randal: Here it is!

Buttons: Let's check it.

[The Star Badge turns fake]

Sarah: It's a zonk.

George: Zonk? What's a zonk?

Randal: It's another name for a fake. I happen to learn that word from a friend of mine, named Wayne Crabby.

Buttons: Well, we know it's a fake. There's always another Star Badge in our future.

Rusty: So the number of Badges we have left is seven.

Sarah: Seven more to go and Gourmad will get poked in the fat belly and thrown in the garbage along with Patty, Delilah, and Zak.


[Suddenly, two paws press Sarah's waist, it was Bridgette (wearing her bikini).]

Bridgette: Hey, Sarah. Wanna go for a swim with me?

Sarah: [looks around and sees Bridgette] YES!

[She giggles and rubs Bridgette’s stomach and presses the middle]

Bridgette: [giggles] You always love rubbing critters' tummies.

[She rubs Sarah's stomach who also giggles]

Sarah: [giggles] It's my lucky belly!

[They ran to the logging chute laughing]

Rusty: I thought Aunt Jeanette was gonna take her swimming.

Buttons: At least she knows how to press Mom's belly.

[As Bridgette and Sarah approach the chute, Sarah kisses Bridgette's middle.]

Bridgette: [giggles] That tickles!

[She grabs Sarah, presses her middle and places her on her stomach]

Bridgette and Sarah: GERONIMO!

[They slide down the chute and into the lake. They then splash each other. Bridgette then swims around Sarah and dunks her. Sarah dunks her back.]


George: You boys can continue your secret shortcut. But it is no longer being secret.

Buttons and Rusty: We can? That's a relief.

Abner: We've put the shortcut to lead in the back door of the cave

[He looks around to see Sarah and Bridgette laughing and chasing each other on the lake. Sarah climbs on Bridgette's back who then grabs Sarah, blows a raspberry on her middle then dunks her into the lake. Sarah appears and kisses Bridgette's middle. She then presses it, dunking her.]

Abner: Why don't you join Sarah on the lake?

[As the boy cubs see the events...]

Buttons and Rusty: WAIT FOR US!


[Name The Baby Contest Rules. Original broadcast version.]

Bob: Hi, everybody. I'm Bob Badget.

Arleen: And I'm Arleen Skunkin.

Bob: You may have heard that Rusty is going to be a brother. And we are going to need your help.

Arleen: We want you to submit a name for Rusty's new sibling.

Bob: We will be giving away $15,000 in scholarships. The grand prize is a $10,000 scholarship and a one week, yes, I mean one week, all expenses paid trip to New York City to be a guest critter in our next season.

Arleen: One first runner up will receive $3,000, the other two runners up will receive $1,000.

Bob: And that is not bad at all. Here how it works: Go online at, click on Name The Baby hyperlink and follow the simple directions. It's that easy! And here are some more pertinent information.

Brittany: All online entries must be received by July 6th at 11:59 p.m. ET. Late submissions would not be accepted. Send as many entries as you like. The four baby names will be chosen by our producers and will be announced on July 13th. The people who submit those names will be certified by an independent checking organization and will be announced on the show on August 24th.

Layla: To be eligible, you must be a resident of the United States or Canada and 13 years of age or older. You and your family must not be associated with Chucklewood Productions, PBS, it's member stations, or any other persons or organizations involved with the contest. Other reasonable rules also apply. The four finalists must establish eligibility to the satisfaction of the judges in a sufficient time. The judges' decision on all matters is final.

Sora: This contest is void where prohibited by law. If two or more people have the same name, a drawing will determine the finalists. For full contest rules visit our website.

Bob: And later in the season, we will choose two boy names and two girl names for you to vote for. Well, I can say that's our show for today.


[On the edge of Chucklewood Lake, Freddie relaxes. Just then, he hears a splash and sees a female raccoon in a bikini swimming. Moments later, she emerges from the lake. This Girl starts playing.]

Freddie: WHOA! [blushing] Isn't she beautiful?

[The female walks closer to Freddie and then softly rubs his stomach.]

Female: Hello.

[She blows a raspberry on Freddie's middle and kisses him. Freddie blushes as he spins around and almost falls into the lake with the female saving him. He knocks the female down and blows a raspberry on her middle. The two raccoons then make love.]

Female: Want to visit my neighborhood with me?

Freddie: [stammers] Yeah.

[The female giggles and blows another raspberry on Freddie's stomach]


[Skeeter walks around the forest. Above a tree, a female mouse (wearing a t-shirt and shorts) looks at him. She grabs a full of nuts and drops them down hitting Skeeter.]

Skeeter: Hey! This is no time for nuts!

[He hears a giggle from above. Skeeter looks up to see the female smiling at him.]

Skeeter: Well, I'll be.

[The female (now in a bikini) throws more nuts at him. Skeeter looks at the female again who giggles. The riff of This Girl loops through.]

Skeeter: [to himself whispering] Isn't her bikini beautiful? [stammers] Hi.

Female mouse: Hello.

[She jumps down to Skeeter and the two make love. They then climb to the logging chute. Skeeter sits on the female's stomach, puts a small nut on her middle, and they slide down the chute.]


[Skipper and Bluebell's burrow, Sarah swims in the swimming hole. Just then, she sees a fox family moving in.]

Father Fox: Here we are, Cody. Welcome to your new home.

[Cody acts bored]

Father Fox: Cody?

Cody: I don't feel like going inside.

Father Fox: Well, if you need anything. I am inside. [leaves]

[Sarah sees Cody sitting down. She swims out of the hole and walks to him.]

Sarah: Hi.

Cody: Uhh. Hi.

Sarah: Are you new to the neighborhood?

Cody: Yes.

Sarah: What's your name?

Cody: Cody.

Sarah: My name is Sarah.

Cody: Sarah, that's a nice name.

Sarah: Have you made any friends?

Cody: I recently moved from my old cave 'cause it is deemed unsafe. A very good friend of mine lives here. My mother was killed three weeks ago by a hunter and my life changed dramatically. The neighborhood I lived was too dangerous for me. So I decided to move here.

Sarah: That's okay. I bet we can play hide-and-seek.

Cody: Yeah!

Sarah: Now, close your eyes and count.

Cody: 1, 2, 3 [turns around and sees Sarah]

Sarah: No, Cody! You can't peek! Start again.

Cody: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ready or not, here I come!

[Cody runs around the forest looking for Sarah. He finds Sarah's stomach and rubs her.]

Sarah: [giggles] You found me! Now it’s my turn!

[A montage of Sarah playing with Cody is shown. Meanwhile, Skipper and Bluebell walk outside of their burrow only to find Sarah gone.]

Skipper: Sarah?

[He looks across the way to see Sarah playing with Cody]

Bluebell: I guess Sarah has made a boyfriend.

[Sarah rubs Cody's stomach while Cody rubs Sarah's. They both giggle at each other.]

Sarah: Cody, [points to her middle] do you think you can blow a raspberry or kiss right here? That's my favorite part of the body.

Cody: Well, I'll try.

[He blows a raspberry on Sarah's middle]

Sarah: [giggles] Blowing a raspberry on my spot tickles me!

Cody: [giggles] Now, see if you can blow mine.

[Sarah blows a raspberry on Cody's middle]

Cody: [giggles] My belly is very ticklish. Is there a place where we can swim?

Sarah: Yes! Give me a head start and I can beat ya.

[The two race to Skipper and Bluebell's swimming hole and Sarah jumps in first followed by Cody. They then splash and dunk at each other laughing.]


[Star Badge counting scene. Johnny and Robin count them]

Johnny: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Robin: 5, 6, 7, 8.

[Lester draws a figure eight on the quicksand.]

Lester: That's eight Star Badges. Ocho. Cinco more to go and Gourmad, Zak and Delilah, will end up in the clink.

[Johnny and Robin hug]

Johnny: Let's go, Robin.

Lester: Wait! Aren't you going to grab some jambalaya? Take some home with you two.

Robin: Ummm...maybe a jar will do. Me and Johnny will share.

[Lester hands Johnny a jar of jambalayla]

Lester: Have a safe trip home!

Johnny: Thanks, Lester. [to Robin] Hey, Robin. How about the movies?

Robin: Oh, Johnny. That's a splendid idea!


[That night, the boy cubs relax watching the stars.]

Buttons: I'm happy that the lemurs are back at the zoo.

Rusty: Yep. I would never see android versions of them nor any other animals anywhere.

[Suddenly, the girl cubs [wearing bathrobes] approach them]

Bearbette: Hey, Buttons.

Frisky: Hey, Rusty.

Bearbette: Want to go for a late-night stroll in the Bayou?

[The girl cubs take off their bathrobes to reveal their bikinis. The boy cubs accept by grabbing their paws. Groovin' by The Rascals is heard as a montage of the boy and girl cubs (now known by the name as the "cub couples") make love around Crystal Bayou: The couples laying down on the grass watching the stars at each other, eating a romantic dinner, swimming in the bayou lake, sitting on two separate log rafts ending with falling down the waterfall, etc. The montage ends with the couples carving their names on the trees.]

Bearbette: Oh, Buttons. What a night.

Buttons: Isn't it romantic?

[He lays down on Bearbette's shoulder]

Frisky: Rusty, beautiful night isn't it?

Rusty: Beautiful.

[He lays down on Frisky's shoulder]

From Philbert With Love


[In the Theme Park, Philbert shows the boy cubs a picture of Medora]

Philbert: This is Medora.

Buttons: Wow! Look at her bikini.

Rusty: She is really a 10!

Philbert: Yep. That's gonna be for me. I first met her when she rescued me from the river. I looked at herself on her bikini. Isn't she beautiful? She took me on a date to her neighborhood in Fort Caulderdale.


[On the beach, the two raccoons make love. Minutes later, as Philbert attempts to touch Medora's middle]

Medora: OW!

[Philbert looks at his body and notices sunburn]

Philbert: WHAT THE HECK?

Medora: [looks at the bottle] Suntan Lotion? [puts a bit of it on it] There's nothing but plain coca butter!

Philbert: We got scammed! C'mon! We got to find that seller!

[Meanwhile; protesters march on the beach]

Beach Goer: This suntan lotion is a heluva joke!

Beach Goer 2: Nothing but plain butter! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!


[Health Spa, Syco witnesses the raccoon couple starting to get a massage]

Syco: Look at those two raccoons. Just wait till I make the massaging even better.

[He slithers and forms a double team and wraps himself around the couple.]

Medora: [stammering] Ph-ph-ph-Philbert!

Philbert: [looks at himself] Oh my! SYCO!!!

Medora: Who's Syco?

Philbert: No time for that! Let's get the well out of here!

[The raccoons break free from the snakes. Just then the snakes begin to chase them.]

Medora: Who on earth is running the spa!?

Philbert: Probably Claude.

[Suddenly, Medora finds a Star Badge]

Medora: What's this!?

Philbert: A badge.

Medora: What should I do? The snake is approaching me!

Philbert: Put it on your belly.

[Medora puts the badge on her middle. Just then, Syco appears and slithers into Medora's stomach. He licks the covered up middle.]

Medora: Let me go, Snake eye!

[She punches Syco in the head being released from Medora]

Syco: OW! I've been tricked! She covered her middle!

[He slithers away]

Philbert: After him!

[He and Medora chase Syco down the stairway and jump into a hot tub. Just then, Syco appears and as he attempts to slither into Medora, Philbert grabs Syco by the throat.]

Philbert: Leave my girl alone, snakey!

[He puts Syco into a empty glass bottle and throws it out the window and into the ocean]

Syco: [coughing] I'! Chuckle...wood...Critt...ers!


[As Philbert and Medora leave the spa, the seller approaches them]

Seller: How did you like your suntan lotion?

[The seller looks at the Star Badge on Medora's stomach]

Seller: Would you like to buy another one?

Philbert: [whispers in Medora's ear] Throw the badge at him.

Medora: [removing the Star Badge and throws it at the seller] NO!

[The seller reveals to be a naked Claude. The beach-goers laugh and jeer at him]

Beach Goer 1: Nice butt, coyote face! [kicks Claude's rear end]

Philbert: Claude? I should've known!

[He pins Claude down and lifts his tail up and spanks his rear end repeatedly until it turns red. Medora clonks him in the head and Philbert punches him in the stomach and his face. He then picks him up, spins him around and takes him inside to the resort and heads to the top level.]

Claude: LET ME GO, YOU RACCOON FACE! UNHAND ME! [pulls down Philbert's swimming trunks]

Philbert: We'll see what the fishes can do for you, Claude!

[He squeezes his neck and throws him out the balcony and into the pool. The scene is watched by Tuesday and the police.]

Tuesday: Well, lifeguards. [gives the cuffs to the lifeguards] Arrest him.

[The lifeguards swim to Claude who then takes him out of the water and slaps the cuffs on him]

Tuesday: Making fake suntan lotions, taking over a spa, adding snakes to it. Making a shortage rumor in Chucklewood.

Claude: Uhhh,... yeah.

Tuesday: We'll see what the judge has to say about this. You have the right to remain silent. Any word from you can be held in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be provided to you.

[Back at the resort...]

Medora: Philbert!

Philbert: Medora!

[They both hug]

Medora: You're alive!

Philbert: Thank you.

[He looks at Medora's stomach who has the Star Badge, which ends up turning fake]

Medora: What happened to the badge?

Philbert: It's a dud. A dud badge.


[At Mollywood Beach, after seeing Leappinwolf...]

Philbert: Ummm..., Medora?

Medora: Yes?

[Philbert stammers and takes out an engagement ring from his swimming trunks]

Philbert: Would you? [softly presses Medora's middle and shows her the ring]

Medora: Why...why....why....YES! [takes the ring and puts it on her finger]

[The crowd cheers and applauds]

Medora: How would Freddie know?

Philbert: He will never know. Let's make this our secret in a few years.


[Philbert shows the boy cubs said engagement ring]

Philbert: Freddie will soon have a stepmother. [shows his stomach] And you see that little ring with a stone on my belly. I had it pierced as a symbol of Medora before I headed back home.

Buttons: Wow. Nice ring.

Philbert: Thank you.

Rusty: So if the Star Badge is a dud, the badge count stays eight.


[Interatrial segment...]

Philbert: Do you know that some adult critters can put a ring on their belly. [shows his belly ring] This is called a belly piercing. You pierce this right in the middle of it called your bellybutton. Some critters do this as a symbol of their mates, like mine.


[Last week of contest rules]

Bob: The deadline for naming Rusty's baby is fast approaching!

Dave: If you have not submitted a name yet, this is the week to do it. The deadline is this coming Saturday (July 6).

Bob: Remember: We're giving away $15,000 worth of prizes including a free trip to New York City.

Dave: Go to and enter right now.

[Before the credits roll, a disclaimer appears on screen:




School Daze II: The Tale of Two Zaks

[Stacy wakes Sarah up via stomach rub who giggles. Sarah wakes up, stretches, and yawns.]

Sarah: [giggles] Good morning, mommy! [lifts up her mother's pajamas and rubs her stomach]

Stacy: [giggles] Oh, Sarah. You love to rub my belly too!

Sarah: What are we doing today?

Stacy: Today, you will be learning about the facts of life. You will be going to school today.

Sarah: School? What's school?

Stacy: School is a place where you get smart.

All young critters go to learn new things.


Stacy: Miss Love is your teacher. She is a beaver you know.

Sarah: Beaver? Like Jester.

Stacy: Yes. She is a brown beaver. And she has a gentle voice and smile.

Sarah: Ooooh.

Stacy: It's time for a bath. [presses Sarah's middle, grabs her by the waist and takes her to the tub]

Sarah: [giggles] I'm not that dirty!


Dennis: Hello, Miss Love.

Miss Love: Hello, Dennis. This must be your daughter, Sarah.

Sarah: Hi, Miss Love. I got all of my information where I live.

Miss Love: That's important to know, Sarah. You should feel proud.

Dennis: Indeed. [looks at his watch] Well, I got to go to work at the archery club. I'll see you tonight, Sarah.

Sarah: Goodbye, Daddy. [lifts up Dennis' suit and presses his stomach]

Dennis: [chuckles] Oh, Sarah. A nice press on the belly. [leaves]


[After recess, Miss Love looks at the class]

Miss Love: That's strange. There are only eight. Where are Anne and Marie?

[The class looks around and nod their heads]

Miss Love: Let me check outside.

[She walks outside and rings her school bell]

Miss Love: Anne and Marie!


Miss Love: Anne! Marie!

[She walks to the playground nothing is there. She then walks to the sandbox.]

Miss Love: Hmm. Where on earth are Anne and Marie!? [walks back into the school and goes into her bedroom to grab her critter phone] I better call Ranger Jones.

[At the Ranger Station...]

Jonesy: [answers the phone] Jonesy.

Miss Love: Ranger Jones, this is Charlotte Love at the Little Critter School. Have you by chance seen two students of mine answers to the names of Anne and Marie? They're platypuses.

Jonesy: Ummm,... No, I haven't seen them.

Miss Love: I think they wandered away from the school or something. They are not in the classroom. I tried ringing my school bell when recess is over but to no avail.

Jonesy: I'll stop by the school to investigate. You may continue your lesson.

Miss Love: Thank you, Jonesy. Bye, now. [hangs up and walks back to the living room] Well, class. Guess we will have to move on without the platypuses.


Jonesy: Kids, are you familiar with two platypuses?

Buttons: The only platypuses we know of are Plyto and Coach Penny.

Jonesy: No, not either of them. Two young platypus twins answers to the name of Anne and Marie. They just had their first day of school.

Rusty: Sarah's classmates?

Jonesy: Yes. Come with me. I'm going to need your help.

David: Chucklewood Critters to the rescue!


[At the Little Critter School playground, they see a hole.]

David: Who the heck dug a hole at the end of the playground?

Lisa: I don't know.

Robin: Let's go look.


Zachary: Okay, Buttons. Count 'em up.

Buttons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Sarah: Numba Numba Numba Nine!

Rusty: Nine down, four more to go!

Robin: And the constellations will be back up in the sky.

Johnny: Vaderman World, Inc. will bid 'Adieu'!

Frisky: And Zak and his club will spend the rest of the time with his associate in prison!

A New Burrow And A Child

[As Sarah enters Skipper and Bluebell's burrow, she notices that it is empty.]

Sarah: Skipper? Bluebell?

[Bluebell approaches Sarah]

Bluebell: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: Hi, Bluebell. Why is the burrow empty? Are you cleaning it? [starts to lift up Bluebell's shirt to expose her stomach but Bluebell stops her]

Bluebell: Nope. Let me tell you something. Tomorrow, Skipper and I are going to become adoptive parents. We will be moving to a bigger burrow and adopting a child. So, we are not going to be babysitting you anymore.

Sarah: WHAT!? You're not babysitting me anymore? [starts to break into tears]

Skipper: Yep.

[Sarah breaks into tears and screams as she ran around the empty burrow. Then she leaps out of the burrow and ran to Franklin's cave.]

Franklin: What's the matter, Sarah?

Sarah: [cries] Skipper and Bluebell are moving away tomorrow and they are not babysitting me anymore!

Franklin: Why?

Sarah: They are moving to a new burrow and adopting a child.

Franklin: That's what happens to critters now grown up. When they get married and wanted to become parents, the mother either gives birth to a critter or adopts one. They must stop babysitting other critters so that they can take care of their daughter or son.


[Arriving at their new burrow, Skipper and Bluebell look at rabbits]

Skipper: Look!

Bluebell: So many rabbits to choose from.

[They walk to one rabbit, which appears to not be moving]

Skipper: Oh my! Why is this rabbit not moving?


Sarah: Now here's my plan.

[She whispers into Tobey's ear]

Tobey: You want me to disguise you as a rabbit!?

Sarah: [giggles] Yeah. My cousin and Buttons did that a long time ago.

Tobey: Well, as long as I don't mess up.

Sarah: First, pull my ears.

[Tobey pulls Sarah's ears to make it look like rabbit ears]

Sarah: Now, rub my whiskers.

[Tobey rubs Sarah's stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] No! No! My whiskers.

[Tobey rubs Sarah's whiskers. Sarah is now disguised as a rabbit]

Sarah: How do I look?

Tobey: You look swell.


[Sarah walks to Patty]

Sarah: Nice day for a rabbits.

Patty: Good.

Sarah: It's closing time and it's time for you to free the rabbits.

Reg: Freeing the rabbits? Okay.

[Patty walks around Sarah and surveys her. Instead of a rabbits tail, Patty saw Sarah's tail.]

Patty: Wait a minute! This is not a rabbit's tail. Reg, grab that rabbit-impostor!

[Reg grabs Sarah by the waist and removes her disguise]

Reg: It's that little vixen girl!

Rusty: [gasps] SARAH!



[Buttons and Rusty slap Reg in the arm with a whip, freeing Sarah]


[She screams at Reg, hurting his hearing, then bites Patty's arm]

Patty: OW!

[Sarah then pokes Patty's stomach and pulls down Reg's pants and bites his rear end hard]


[While removing the Star Badge, Sarah examines it]

Sarah: Zonk.


[The boy cubs destroy the BCR XL, electrocuting Patty and Reg. They scream.]

Patty: I',...Chucklewood wimps!


Rusty: Well, we know that the Star Badge is a zonk. The Star Badge count stays nueve. We still have four more to go.

Buttons: Once we get them, Patty's days of illegal construction will be over.

[They notice Sarah starting to head home crying]

Rusty: [running towards Sarah] What's the matter, Sarah?

Sarah: Please leave me alone, Rusty!


[The next morning, Sarah, still worrying about the loss of her babysitters, looks at her breakfast]

Stacy: What's the matter, Sarah?

Sarah: I don't feel like eating breakfast.

Stacy: Come on. You need the fuel.

[Sarah leaves the cave]

Dennis: What's going on with her?

[At Chucklewood Lake, Sarah walks to the edge of the lake looking at the reflection of the water with a montage of clips of her babysitting days including swimming with Bluebell from The Critter Mermaids, playing badminton with Skipper, and both of them massaging Sarah's back. The girl cubs (who are sunbathing) witness this.]

Bearbette: I wonder what's wrong with Sarah?

Frisky: I don't know. Let's ask her.

[They walk up to Sarah and touch her shoulders]

Bearbette: Sarah?

Sarah: [cries] Yes?

Frisky: Is something wrong?

Sarah: Skipper and Bluebell moved and they are no longer babysitting me.

Frisky: Rusty told me that yesterday.

Sarah: And now, I have no babysitter! [continues crying]

[Bearbette and Frisky are worried]

Frisky: Wait a minute! [whispers in Bearbette's ear] Sarah?

Sarah: Yes?

Frisky: Bearbette and I can be your new babysitters.

Sarah: [stops crying and wipes her eyes] REALLY? [excitedly] YES!!!

[She rubs Bearbette and Frisky's stomachs who both laugh]

Frisky: Ooooh, Sarah. Let us rub your belly too!

Sarah: [giggles] It's my lucky belly!

[Bearbette and Frisky rub Sarah's stomach. The three then jump into the lake and splash at each other]

Girls Day Out...In The Bayou

[Chucklewood Creek]

[The girl cubs await for Sarah on a raft]

Bearbette: Come on, Sarah!

Frisky: We're waiting for you!

[Sarah runs to the raft]

Sarah: Hi, Bearbette! Hi, Frisky!

Frisky: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: Are we going on a boat trip today?

Bearbette: Yes. We're going to spend the weekend in Crystal Bayou.

Sarah: Crystal Bayou?

Bearbette: Mmm-hmm. See if you can remember the name of the alligator who lives down there.

Sarah: Ummm...Sam?

Frisky: Nope. Try again.

Sarah: Jester?

Bearbette: Close.

Sarah: Lester!

Frisky: Yes! You missed it by one letter. Are we all ready to go?

[She rubs Sarah's stomach and Sarah giggles]

Bearbette: A pre-trip belly rub. Are we ready, girls?

Sarah and Frisky: Yes!

[Sarah rubs Frisky's stomach]

Frisky: [giggles] Sarah! Rub my belly when we get to Crystal Bayou.

[Bearbette pushes the boat into the creek and quickly jumps in]


[Introduction of First Game: Creeper Leaper]

Lester: This game is called the "Creeper Leaper." See how many creepers you can swing to one to another before hitting the swamp. Show 'er, Frisk.

Frisky: Yes, Lester.

[She grabs a leaper runs forward and starts to swing.]

Lester: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

[Frisky falls into the water]

Lester: Not bad for six. Now, it's Bearbette's turn.

Sarah and Frisky: Go Bearbette!

[Bearbette follows the same procedure]

Lester: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

[Bearbette falls into the water]

Bearbette: Wow! Haven't done that in ages.

Lester: Now we can get little Sarah a turn.

Sarah: [jumps up and down] Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bearbette and Frisky: Go Sarah!

[Sarah performs the Creeper Leaper]

Lester: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, WHOA!!! 10!

[Sarah then falls into the lake]

Lester: Man! She did better than Rusty years ago.

[Meanwhile, a montage the girls performing events are shown: Fishing, Relay Races, Skipping Stones and Grease Pull Gold Medal Showdown [Tug of War])

[Somewhere in the Bayou, Freddie sleeps near a tree]

Patty: This is a good spot for a honey restaurant.

Reg: Honey cakes, honey buns, honey anything!

Patty: What have we here? Oh, it's Freddie. He's not supposed to sleep here.

Reg: Let's hypnotize him.

Patty: Good idea, my intern. [Using her watch, she swishes it back and forth] You will obey my every command.


[As Lester and Porcupine Sam teach Sarah how to do The Bayou Critters Romp]

Sam: This is an old dance that your cousin used to do one night.

Lester: It's a dance that you can really stomp and romp at the same time.

Sam: It's called The Bayou Critters Romp.

Sarah: Bayou Critters Roll?

Lester: Romp! Here's how to do it. Sam?

[Bearbette and Frisky (wearing their pajamas) enters as they demonstrate with Sam]

Sam: Okay, Sarah, the first thing you do is to step up.

[Sarah steps up]

Sam: Next you turn around.

[Sarah turns around]

Sam: And you do a little jump.

[Sarah does a big jump]

Sam: A tiny jump. Not a big one.

[Sarah does a small jump]

Sam: Good. Next, step forward.

[Sarah steps forward]

Sam: Step back.

[Sarah steps back]

Sam: And give a little bump.

[Sarah bumps the table]

Frisky: Careful, Sarah. We don't want you to get splinters.

Sam: And then here comes the fun part. You put your arms in the air like your swimmin' in a swamp.

[Sarah puts her arms in the air]

Sam: Then you side left.

[Sarah slides left]

Sam: Slide right.

[Sarah slides right]

Sam: Then stomp-stomp-stomp!

[Sarah stomps three times]

Sam: And that's how you do The Bayou Critters Romp. Let's put it all together.

[As Sarah does so...]

Sam: Step up, turn around, and give a little jump.

Step forward, step back, and give a little bump.

Move your arms in the air like your swimming in a swamp.

Slide left, slide right, then stomp-stomp-stomp.

Bearbette: Man! That Sarah really aced it!

Sam: Good girl, Sarah. Let's do it again. Step up, turn around, and give a little jump.

Step forward, step back, and give a little bump.

Move your arms in the air like your swimming in a swamp.

Slide left, slide right then stomp-stomp-stomp.

Sarah: Hey! I am getting used to this.

[As Lester and Porcupine Sam get their lute and accordion respectively]

Lester: Think she can try it with the music?

Frisky: Yes, Lester.

[An audio clip of Smile Please Lester plays while the girls perform the dance]


[While tucking Sarah into the hammocks...]

Bearbette: Sarah, have you ever heard about heroes?

Sarah: Heroes?

Frisky: A hero is someone who is brave and strong and saves someone he knows from a trap or defeats a villain.

Sarah: Like when we defeated Baldy Gourmad and Doctor Zak Vaderman.

Bearbette: Yep. Sometimes a hero on a quest can defeat a dragon.

Frisky: Real heroes don't take unnecessary risks.

Bearbette: Real heroes are really responsible.

Frisky: They use their heads and have good hearts.

Bearbette: Just like we are and all the critters in Chucklewood.

[The scene segues into an imaginative scene accompanied by the audio clip of The Treasure of Chucklewood as the girl cubs sing to Sarah the story on Heroes and Dragons]

Bearbette: In days of old they were heroes brave and bold.

In dragons, they have to be beaten.

If the heroes didn't slave those dragons

Everyone would be beaten.

Bearbette and Frisky: Do do, do-do-do, do do.

The dragons of today are different.

You can see them anywhere.

They take the form of lies of meanness

disguised as "I don't care."

But there just as harmful.

They destroy in great dismay.

It takes a hero with courage and kindness.

to keep these dragons away.

Frisky: In the days gone past

they were heroes wise and fast.

The dragons were needed some smackins.

If the heroes didn't stop those dragons

Folks would be dragon smackins'

[with Bearbette] Folks would be dragon smackins'.

[Back to the present...]

Sarah: I imagined myself as a princess being saved by a prince.

Frisky: You and your imaginations.

Bearbette: Think about more imaginations while you sleep.

[They lift up Sarah's pajamas, Bearbette rubs her stomach who Sarah giggles.]

Frisky: That's what I call a goodnight belly rub.

[She kisses Sarah's middle]

Sarah: [giggles] My mommy does that to me before I go to sleep. [points to her middle] That's the Sarah spot.

[Bearbette kisses Sarah's middle. Sarah then lifts up Bearbette's pajamas and kisses her middle.]

Bearbette: [giggles] That tickles.

[Sarah then repeats the process for Frisky]

Frisky: [giggles] Oh, Sarah. You kissed my belly spot. [to Bearbette] Rusty told me Sarah likes to kiss bellies. Should we take her swimming tomorrow?

Bearbette: Of course.


[Freddie walks around the bayou in the middle of the night.]

Freddie: Walking around in the middle of the night.

[He approaches the girls' hammocks and he looks around them. He then stares at Sarah's stomach.]

Freddie: Three little chickens sleeping on the hammocks. Including that chick of Rusty's whose belly is very lucky. Just wait till they wake up tomorrow when their bellies get sticky.

[He pours bayou honey on them and crawls underneath the hammocks. He then ties Frisky and Sarah's tails into a knot.]

Freddie: Pretty soon, those two fox chicks will be conjoined together.

[He snickers and sneaks out of the bayou. He finds a Star Badge and lifts up his shirt and puts the badge on his middle.]

Freddie: You're wish has been granted, master.

[The next morning, Freddie wanders near the purposed honey restaurant. The A.M. approaches it.]

Buttons: "Honey Restaurant coming soon!?"

Rusty: I don't know who on earth put that up?

Bruce: Probably Patty Parker and her crazy intern, Reg.

[They see Freddie sleepwalking]

Rusty: Look! Freddie!

Buttons: He's sleepwalking.

Bruce: Look at his belly. What's that on him? A belly ring?

Rusty: Probably a Star Badge.

[Suddenly Patty appears, hypnotizing him more]

Rusty: [gasps] It's Patty! She's hypnotizing Freddie!

[Freddie continues to sleepwalk and form tracks in the border of the bayou]

Rusty: We got to report this to Lester!

[Back at the girls' hammocks, the three girls wake up, they look at their stomachs.]

Sarah: [screams] My lucky belly is covered up in honey!

Frisky: Who covered up my stomach?

Bearbette: I don't know. Who on earth did that to mine? [picks honey on her covered up middle]

[Just as Sarah gets up, Frisky is attached to Sarah]

Frisky: Oh no!

Sarah: What the—?

[They look at the mirror and see their tails get attached together with honey on their rear end]

Frisky: Somebody attached our tails together.

Bearbette: WHAT!?

Frisky: And whoever did this is gonna get beat up good! Come on!

[While walking, the girls see Freddie's footprints]

Bearbette: Wait a minute! I know those footprints. It's Freddie!

Frisky: That raccoon is nothing but a goldarn troublemaker.

Bearbette: Let's follow them!

[They follow the footprints to the border of the bayou where they see Freddie and confront him]

Freddie: Ah! Look at you chickens with honey on your bellies.

Bearbette: So it was you! You covered our bellies with honey!

Frisky: And you tied me and Sarah's tails into a knot.

Freddie: Well...

[Sarah and Frisky growl at him. Sarah then rips Freddie's shirt, presses his stomach hard to fling the Star Badge from the middle]

Bearbette: I can see a bare red butt coming up.

[She uses a stick to clonk Freddie, pulls up his tail, and kicks his rear end repeatedly until it turns red. Freddie gets up fainting. The three girls then kick him in the quick sand]

Sarah, Bearbette, and Frisky: Serves you right, grey butt for invading girls' privacy!

[The Star Badge flies onto a nearby big rock]

Bearbette: Was that a Star Badge I saw?

Sarah: I think so.

[Lester appears]

Lester: Oh my! What happened, girls?

Bearbette: Freddie sneaked into the bayou while we were sleeping.

Frisky: He poured honey on our bellies.

Sarah: And he tied me and Frisky's tails into a knot.

Frisky: Tails are not ropes.

[Lester unties Sarah and Frisky's tails. Suddenly, bees are approaching.]

Bearbette: [gasps] Bees!

Frisky: RUN!!!

[The girls run after the bees and quickly jumped into the bayou lake. Moments later, the girls emerge from the lake and see their stomachs now honey-free]

Sarah: Look! [looks at her middle] My belly is cleaned!


Rusty: Sarah!? Are you all right?

Sarah: I am all right.

Bruce: Gee, Freddie caused you girls some mischief.

Frisky: Yep. He sure did.

Lester: We know why this happened. It was because of Patty Parker.

Girls: Patty Parker!?

Lester: She wants to build a honey restaurant.

Buttons: Yeah, she hypnotized Freddie with a watch to ruin your weekend.


[While checking the Star Badge...]

Freddie: Oh, but we have, Patty. Do you mind looking at your watch?

Patty: [notices the broken watch] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! My beautiful watch! It's broken!

Reg: Let's get out of here! [retreats with Patty]

Patty: [shakes her fist while retreating] The next time I see you, Chucklewood pests, I'll get you for this!

Rusty: Now, let's see what the Star Badge is.

[The Star Badge reveals to be a fake. Sarah intimidates the zonk cue on Let's Make A Deal]

Frisky: It's a zonk Star Badge.

Rusty: There's always another Star Badge in our future.

Freddie: Well, gals, I'm sorry I've spread honey on your bellies and tied up your tails into a knot, Frisky and Sarah. From now on, I'll put my pranks into good use only.

Bearbette: That's all right, Freddie. You fell under Patty's hypnosis.

Freddie: Looks like I got a Boys Day Out with Buttons, Rusty, Turner, and Skeeter in the Enchanted Valley.

Bearbette: Freddie, enough with the Cop Outs!

Buttons: No, Bearbette! Please, calm down! Freddie's right!

Rusty: He's right. A day out with the boys. [shows a calendar to the girls]

Bearbette: [looks at one of the calendar's days that reads "Boys Day Out"] Oh, we see.

Freddie: C'mon, boys. Let's go! [leaves with the boy cubs]

Bearbette: Well, that settles it.

Frisky: On the bright side, Freddie's been rescued from Patty's hypnosis.

Sarah: We still have cuatro more Star Badges until she ends up in the rockpile. Get it? Rockpile? Since she and Reg got covered with pebbles?

[Bearbette and Frisky laugh and rub Sarah's stomach]

The Pony Derby

[While walking through the forest, Sarah hears a whinnying. She then turns around and sees a pony being stuck in a big bush.]

Sarah: [to the pony] Hi.

[The pony stands back of her]

Sarah: Don't be afraid. Where are your folks?

[The pony whinnies and captions read "I don't know."]

Sarah: Well, I can take you to two girls I know.

[She gives the pony grass and the pony eats it. Sarah then pets him. Then, the pony lifts up Sarah and puts her on his back.]

Sarah: WHOA! [giggles] Looks like you want to take me for a ride.

[The pony takes Sarah to a waterfall. He drops Sarah into the pond.]

Sarah: [giggles] Oh my! Wait till Bearbette and Frisky sees about this!

[Bearbette and Frisky's cave. The girls water plants.]

Bearbette: Look, Frisky. It's so beautiful.

Frisky: These are so rare to garden.

[Suddenly, they hear whinnying sounds and look at Sarah and the pony.]

Sarah: Hi, Bearbette and Frisky!

Bearbette: Oh, Sarah! He is so adorable!

Frisky: It's a pony!

Sarah: I found him lying on the bushes. He took me to the waterfall and I became friends with him.

Bearbette: Is he lost?

Sarah: Yes.

Bearbette: I remember a long time ago, I befriended a pony named Stormy.

[Clips from The Lone Pony are shown]


[Suddenly, a flyer flies by the cave. Bearbette catches it.]

Bearbette: What's this? [reading flyer] Lost Pony: Bella. If found or questions, please call 412-555-9424. [not reading] I know that number, it's Robin's!

[Robin and Barbara look for Bella]

Barbara: I don't know where Bella is?

Robin: He's not at Johnny's nor David's.

[Suddenly Robin's phone ring, Robin answers it.]

Robin: Hello?

Bearbette: Robin, it's Bearbette and Frisky.

Robin: Hi, girl cubs. What's up?

Frisky: Are you looking for a pony?

Robin: My friend, Barbara is.

Bearbette: Answers to the name of Bella?

Robin: Yes!

Frisky: We found him! He's at our cave.

Barbara: Great! Can you bring him over to my stable?

Bearbette: [to Barbara] Yes! [to Robin] Robin, can you give us directions?

[Barbara's farm. The girl critters bring Bella to her.]

Barbara: [gasps] Bella! [runs to him] Oh, I missed you!

[Bella whinnies and runs to Barbara]

Robin: Hi, girls.

Bearbette, Frisky and Sarah: Hi, Robin!

Robin: [to Barbara] These are my two best friends. This is Bearbette, Frisky, and this they're babysitting is Rusty's cousin Sarah. [to the girl critters] Girls, this is Barbara.

Barbara: Please to meet you.

Bearbette: We've found your pony!

Frisky: He was lost in the forest.

Sarah: Luckily, I befriended him.

Barbara: Good thing you knew what to do whenever you find a lost pet. Look at this!

[They look at Bella's stable and sees that the rope is broken off]

Barbara: Bella broke his rope when I tied him up the other day after training for the Pony Derby.

Girl Critters: Pony Derby?

Barbara: Yes, a pony derby is the fastest two and half minutes in sports. It's a sporting event in which ponies from around the country race against each other for win roses. The derby is tomorrow.

Robin: Good thing they found your pony.

Barbara: Yes. Anyway, after coming home from school, Bella is gone. I went all around the farm, looking for him. After a day of searching, I wrote up lost pony signs. The next day, Robin and I spent after school looking for him until you three girls called Robin. I wanted to get a fence for Bella but I can't afford one.


Commentator: Dana drew ahead of the field. Dana wins the Pony Derby!

Barbara: Hey! I saw interference with Bella! Dana interfered with him! I am filing an objection!

[She calls the stewardness and files one. Suddenly, the scoreboard reads "OBJECTION"]

Delilah: Wait a minute! Dana won fair and square! She didn't make any contact with the ponies!

[An instant replay is shown with Dana making contact with the ponies and Bella]

Robin: [to Delilah] You're wrong, Delilah! She did made contact with the ponies! [to everyone else] Give Bella the win!

[Moments later, after reviewing the videotape, the Stewardess enters the stage]

Steward: After review, Dana caused interference with the ponies. Therefore, it is determined that Dana is disqualified. The winner of the Derby is Bella!

Deliah: WHAT?! [to the stewards] I THOUGHT THERE WAS NO CONTACT! [to Dario] Come on, Dario, let's get outta here!

[Dario whips Dana and Dana pulls the two away in the cart]

[Meanwhile, the stewards and chairman put a wrath of roses on Bella and the girl cubs ride on Bella's back]

Barbara: I never thought Bella would win this race. Despite he was lost for a few days due to a broken rope, I was able to train him perfectly. 

Chairman: Oh, I guess you dropped this!

[He hands Robin the Star Badge]

Robin: The Star Badge! Come on, let's head back!

[Barbara's farm]

[Revealing the Star Badge]

Frisky: Let's see if we got a real Star Badge.

[The Star Badge reveals to be Scorpio]

Robin: Scorpio! Its the Star Badge of Scorpio!

[The girls cheer]

Robin: Now, Barbara, since the Star Badge is a real one, the next thing you need to do is to make a wish. What do you wish for?

Barbara: Well, I wish that Bella would never run away from his stable again.

[A tall fence grows on top of Bella's stable. Bella gallops around his stable, whinnying excitedly.]

Barbara: No more broken ropes. You'll be safe here!

[Bella whinnies again]

[Robin's House]

[Robin and the girl cubs count the Star Badges]

Robin: ...7, 8, 9, 10.

[Sarah draws a number "10" on Bearbette and Frisky's stomachs]

Frisky: Three more to go and the constellations are back in the sky.

Bearbette: Then, Vaderman World, Inc. will join the list of 'Things That Aren't There Anymore!'

Robin: And Delilah and Dario will end up...

Robin, Bearbette, Frisky, and Sarah: [singing] In jail!

[Robin sees the 10's Sarah drew on Bearbette and Frisky's stomachs.]

Robin: Sarah, did you draw a doughnut on the girl cubs?

[Sarah lifts up Robin's shirt and draws a "1" on her stomach. Robin then rubs Sarah's stomach and Sarah giggles.]

Frisky: She loves that.

Bearbette: [points to Sarah's middle] See that little round spot? That's her favorite part of the body. That's the Sarah spot.

[Sarah rubs Robin's stomach for a few seconds]

Robin: [giggles] I've never got a belly rub by a critter before.

[Sarah kisses Robin's middle]

Robin: [giggles] She kissed my bellybutton. That tickles me!

Sarah: That's why my belly is so lucky. [points to her middle] Can you kiss right there?

Robin: I'll try.

[She slowly goes towards Sarah's middle and kisses it, making her giggle]


Cousin Bruce's Strange Illness

Hamilton: Well, fat chef. What do you have to say for yourself?

Gourmad: Please don't give me those rights yet!

Hamilton: Very well.

[Gourmad releases the animals and retreats]

[Revealing the Star Badge]

Buttons: Capricorn!

Bruce: Oh, Buttons! Please let me out if this bubble!

Buttons: I wish Bruce is better and freed from the bubble!


[Jester's Gym Party; Buttons, Rusty, Jester and Jonah form "11"]

Rusty: 11! Two more to go and Gourmad and his club leader will be brought to J-U-S-T-I-C-E. What's that spell!?


Jonah: And that bad company of Zak's will be G-O-N-E F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Buttons: And those constellations will be back up in the sky to be viewed for years to come.


Boys Day Out


[While the boys read a magazine on girls in bikinis]

Freddie: Those girls in bikinis are very cute!

[The boys all laugh and do wolf whistles]

Freddie: [lifts up his shirt to expose his stomach] If I dated a girl in a bikini, she would kiss my belly. [points to his middle] I call the bellybuttons "zeroes."

Rusty: Zeroes!? [laughs]

Freddie: [stares at a picture of another girl in bikini] Look at this one! She's chicken!


Jester: When the ball is at the green, you have a chance to putt the ball into this hole.

Freddie: A hole?

Jester: A hole. Your score will be based on the strokes you have used. For example, in par-5 golf course, a hole on the first stroke represents an albatross. The score will be three under par.

Rusty: Albatross.

Jester: Right. A hole in the second stroke is an eagle, two under. A hole on the third is birdie, one under. If you used up all four strokes and when you putt the ball in the hole, this is called a par.

Buttons: Par.

Jester: The score for that is even or "E". If you used up all your strokes, the par becomes a bogey.

Skeeter: Bogey?

Jester: Bo-gey. One over par is considered bogey. Two over par is double bogey. Three over is triple bogey. Four is quadruple bogey, and so on. At the end of the final hole, the golfer who has the highest score possible wins. ... I've set up a golf course in the Enchanted Valley. Let's all play real golf.

[Enchanted Valley]

Jester: [hands Buttons a golf club] Okay, Buttons. You start.

[Buttons swings the ball the tee]

Ronald: Jackbutt!

[The golf ball goes far away into the creek]

Buttons: Who the heck is this guy?

Jester: I don't know.

Ronald: [laughs] The name's Ronald!

Jester: That's a water hazard. It means if you shoot the ball and it lands in the water, you lose a stroke.

Buttons: Oh.

[Rusty's turn. Ronald stares at Rusty's backside as he starts to swing the club]

Ronald: Foxbutt!

[Rusty swings the club but instead of hitting the ball, it swings away]

Rusty: What's the matter with this tiger?

Jester: Beats me. [growls at Ronald] What's the matter with you?

[Ronald laughs at him and sees part of his shorts torn (exposing part of his rear end)]


Ronald: [staring at Freddie's tail] That's a nice tail...

[Freddie swings the golf club]

Ronald: Jackbutt!

[The ball lands on the dam, nearly damaging it]

Jester: Careful, Freddie. That dam is very special to me.

Freddie: It wasn't me, Jester.

[Ronald laughs]

Freddie: What the heck are you doing with our practice?

Ronald: [poking Freddie's nose with the golf club] You do-good critters are never gonna make it to the hockey league!

[He pulls Freddie's tail]

Freddie: Hey! Let go of my tail!


[Skeeter's turn in the bunker]

Jester: All right, Skeeter, nice and easy.

Ronald: [popping in from below staring at Skeeter] You will never get out of the sand, mouse butt!

[Skeeter then swings but the golf club goes into the creek and the ball is attached to Jester's middle]

Skeeter: Where the heck is the ball?

Ronald: It's on the belly of that jackbutt!

[Jester removes the ball from his middle]

Jester: Skeeter! [points to his middle] That is not a hole!

[Ronald laughs]

Turner: Can we call Hamilton?


[At the green, Turner attempts to make a putt]

Ronald: You will not make this putt, you jackbutt!

[Turner makes the putt but the ball goes far away from the hole. Ronald laughs]

Skeeter: Can we get this idiotic tiger out of here!?


Jester: I don't know where the ball is. Maybe it's one of these holes.

[He walks to the green and looks inside the hole. Ronald puts the ball on Jester's rear end. He then hits the ball and Jester's rear end turns red]

Jester: OUCH! Did someone hit my butt with a golf club?

[He turns around and sees Ronald, who realizes his mistake and laughs]

Ronald: Oops. Nice butt-tee, jackbutt!

[Jester turns purple, growling at him]


Ronald: Very well, beaves!

[He runs towards Jester and punches him in the face. Jester then pokes Ronald's stomach with his golf club and hits his rear end hard. Ronald then rips Jester's clothes, pokes his stomach hard, scratches his middle and kicks him in the rear end a countless number of times until he picks him up and throws him into the creek]

Ronald: The price is wrong, beaves!

[Jester then leaps out of the creek and Ronald notices this in shock]

Jester: You're gonna regret that, tigey!

[Ronald then grabs all the flagsticks in the holes and tries to throw them at Jester but they hit the dam, damaging it]

Jester: [turning even dark purple] NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID! YOU BROKE THE DAM!

[Ronald charges one last flagstick poking his middle]


[Ronald bites Jester's rear end which ends up turning reddish-purple. Jester head-butts Ronald, knocking him down. He then picks him up, spins him around, bites his tail and tosses him down the waterfall. A ZakRobo picks him up.]

Ronald: [shakes his fist while in the arms of the retreating ZakRobo] I'll still be at the golf tournament, beaves!

Jester: Whatever, tigey! Ow! [notices his injuries] Oh, now look what that tiger did! All because he ruined our practice, damaged my dam, scratched my belly, poked me in the middle, bit my butt, and started that brawl.

Tobey: [runs to the badly bruised Jester] Oh my gosh, Jester!

Jester: Tobey!

Tobey: I've witnessed the event. [looks at Jester's middle] Oh my! That tiger really scratched you good.

[Jester moans]

Tobey: Come on, we'll take you to the hospital.

[Jester's colors returns to normal]

[Critter Hospital, Dr. Macquarie examines the injuries]

Dr. Macquarie: Oh my! [looks at Jester's rear end] Looks like your he damaged your butt real good.

Jester: Yes.

Dr. Macquarie: Oh! [looks at Jester's stomach and looks closely at the middle] Looks like you're gonna be in the hospital for at least a day or two.

Jester: Well, boys, I guess we can finish our practice tomorrow. If I can make it.


[At Hamilton's office]

Tobey: Here's the situation. If any of the good critters win the tournament, Ronald will get arrested.


[At the final hole of the golf tournament, Ronald attempts to putt. But then his putter glows brightly.]

Ronald: Hey! What's going on!?

[He putts the ball and the ball leaves the green]

Ronald: Drat!

Jonah: Now he has to go for a bogey.

Jester: It's a long way to the hole!

[Ronald chips the ball and the ball missed the green. He growls.]

Jester: Double bogey. If he makes this shot, we will have to wait till tomorrow to do a tiebreaker. Otherwise, the good critters win.

[Ronald then takes his next shot finally making it to the green]

Jester: I am sorry, Ronald. You are going for a triple bogey. It's mathematically impossible to win. The good critters win.

[The good critters celebrate as Jester hands them the trophy]

Ronald: NO! NO! It can't be!

[He pulls down Jonah's shorts, kicks his rear end and snatches the trophy]

Jonah: Hey, you tiger! [puts his shorts back up] That is the good critters' trophy!

[The gang chases him down the golf course. Jonah grabs him by the tail. Tobey appears and scratches Ronald's backside and Hamilton arrests him.]

[After the good critters retrieve the Star Badge...]

Tobey: Now that the tiger is arrested, let's check the Star Badge.

[The Star Badge reveals to be Leo]

Buttons: LEO! The Star Badge of Leo.

[He then looks at Freddie, Rusty, Skeeter, and Jonah who have snake bites on them. He then looks at the snake bites on his body.]

Freddie: Can you wish that the snake bites are healed?

Buttons: I wish that all the snake bites on us good critters are healed.

[The injuries finally healed. Jester turns around and sees his rear end is healed.]

Jester: My butt is healed. My belly is healed. I'm back to normal! And best of all, no more seeing that tigey again.


[After counting the Star Badges...]

Johnny: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12!

[He writes "12" on Freddie's tail]

Buttons and Rusty: One more Star Badge to go!

Rusty: And the term, "Chucklewood Litters" will be heard of no more. Cause we are...!

All critters: Chucklewood Critters!

Tobey: You bet! If we get that final one, Vaderman World, Inc. will be history and that crime king, Zak and all of his other partners; including Gourmad, Delilah and her henchman, Dario and Patty and her intern, Reg will go to the Maximum Security Prison, where his associate is. Their next adventure with us will be their last.

The Villains Club's Last Stand Part 1: The Final Star Badge

[Cold Open]


[The camera pans to Zeke's cell]

Warden: Ezekiel!

Zeke: What!?

Warden: Your lawyer is here to see you.

[She opens Zeke's jailcell and escorts Zeke to the visitation area which he sees Zak [disguised as an attorney].]

Warden: Two minutes!

Zeke: Hello, sir.

Zak: Greetings, the name is Mr. Snyder. I'm your attorney, that's the only way they'd let me in here.

Zeke: What brings you here?

Zak: I just want you to know that tonight, we are going to get you out of here. The Villians Club has a mission: they are going to get rid of the Chucklewood Litters once and for all.

Zeke: Really?

Zak: Including the brown bear and orange foxy duo: Buttons and Rusty!

Zeke: Oh, good!


[At the boy cubs' cave, Rosie's stomach rapidly kicks]

Bridgette: Girls?

[Francine and Stacy touch their stomachs]

Stacy: I've just eaten.

[Suddenly, Rosie touches her stomach]

Rosie: Oh my gosh! George, it's time to go to the hospital!

George: Oooh. That's right. We better vacate as quickly as possible!

Francine: Come on, Abner and Bridgette, let's go over to our cave.

Woodrow: After you, girls.

Dennis: Stacy, let's go to the archery club.

George: Get on the Adventure Machine Mark XVII, Rose! I'm gonna write up a letter to Rusty. He'll never know where we're at. [grabs a paper and pen and writes down a letter and places it on the table] There. Chucklewood Critters to the rescue!


[The boy cubs return home from Freddie's only to see their cave is raided]

Buttons: What happened here!?

Rusty: Somebody hit this place hard.

[They look around the said damage]

Rusty: Oh my!

[He then sees the letter]

Rusty: [reads note] "Rusty, Mom and I are someplace special. We will see you soon. - Pop" [not reading] They are not going to be surprised when they see this.


Bearbette: BUTTONS!

Frisky: RUSTY!

Rusty: Hi, girls. What---? [looks at their shaven heads] What happened to your hair?

Bearbette: We just got back from Crystal Bayou. Look at our heads!

Sarah: Our hairs are gone!

Frisky: You got that right, Sarah. While we were sleeping in the hammocks, Delilah used her hair removal gun to remove the hairs off of us!

Bearbette: We are bald!

Frisky: And it's not the worst of it. Come on!

[They take the boy cubs to their cave and see it is also raided]

Buttons and Rusty: Oh SNAP!

Frisky: "Oh snap" is right, Rusty. Everything is a mess!

Sarah: A rotten mess!

Buttons: Our cave is raided too!



Jester: Oh my gosh!

Jonah: The gym floor is covered up in milk!

Bruce: MILK!?


Jester: [touches the cows] These cows are robotic ones. My gym is not a dairy farm!

Tobey: [sniffing the milk] I believe this is the work of Mr. Fat Chef himself, Gourmad!


Darwin: Bearnadine?

[Nothing happened]

Darwin: [to himself] What the heck is going on? [feels her] Oh no. [puts a thermometer over her head] 109.5. Oh no! I gotta call Macquarie.


Rusty: I cannot believe all our misfortunes, both our cave and the girl cubs' cave have been raided!

Buttons: Jester's gym floor is completely covered with foul odor-smelling milk.

Frisky: All three of us girls' hairs were shaven!

Bearbette: And worst of all, Mama has pneumonia!

Buttons: She—what!?


[While watching the videotape Zak releasing Zeke]

[Zak enters the Warden's office and looks for the keys to Zeke's cell]

Hamilton: Oh, boy!

[Zak finds the keys and goes to Zeke's cell]

Zak: Those Chucklewood Litters will be mine forever.

Buttons: That's "Chucklewood Critters!"

[Zak opens the cell]

Zeke: [laughs] Thank you!

Zak: [laughs] Time to get our revenge on those Chucklewood Litters.

Frisky: [to TV] That's "Chucklewood Critters!"

Tobey: We hate being called "Litters!"


Buttons: [walks over to the remains of the Ultismasher 3000 to take the Star Badge] I'll take that. [he walks back up to the gang] Alright, let's see what Star Badge this is. [the Star Badge reveals itself to be Ophiuchus] This is it! This is the final Star Badge! The Star Badge of Ophiuchus!

Johnny: What are you gonna wish, Buttons?

Buttons: I wish everything was back to normal. [the Star Badge then puts Buttons' wish into action]

Jonesy: [narrates] Now, I know you're thinking that the wish has to be literal for it to come true. Well, fortunately, the Star Badges understand what the wish means. And this one is in four parts: [the parts of the wish scatter] Sarah and the girl cubs' hairs restored,...

[Sarah, Bearbette and Frisky's hair grow back]

Sarah: [excitedly] Our hair's grown back!

Jonesy: [narrates] ...the foul odored milk cleaned up from Jester's gym,...

[The milk evaporates]

Jester: Alright! The milk's been cleaned up!

Jonesy: [narrating] ...the cub couples' caves returned to normal...

[The cub couples' caves get put back the way they were before]

Jonesy: ...and Bearnadine recovered from pneumonia.

[Dr. Macquarie puts the thermometer on Bearnadine's head, showing it to 96.5]

Bearnadine: [sighs] Oh, what a relief it is!

Jonesy: [narrating] Meanwhile, back inside the hospital.

[Meanwhile, in the hospital waiting area, Dr. Macquarie enters and approaches George]

Dr. Macquarie: George?

George: Yes?

Dr. Macquarie: Congratulations! You have gained a member of your family.

George: YEAH!!! [jumps up and down and he and the doctor write a telegram to Rusty about the baby]

[Meanwhile, back with the gang...]

Quacker: Quack! Quack! Special delivery for Rusty! [hands telegram to Rusty]

Rusty: [reads telegram] Rusty, please come to the hospital to meet your newest sibling. - Pop.

Johnny: Alright, we've got all the Star Badges!

Star Badge of Ophiuchus: Hey, Rusty...

[The gang gets surprised looks on their faces]

Robin: Oh, my goodness, they talked!

Star Badge of Ophiuchus: Yes, but that was me, the Star Badge of Ophiuchus. Hey, Rusty, before we head back into the sky, I just want you to know that you are a great big brother.

[The gang smiles, especially Rusty]

Wescott: [heard off-screen; laughing manically] You're not going anywhere!

[The gang gets shocked expressions on their faces]

Bearbette: [nervously] W-W-W-What was that?

Buttons: [nervously] I d-d-don't know!

[Wescott literally appears in front of the gang and the gang exclaims in shock]

Everyone: Who are you?!

Star Badge of Aquarius: [gasps along with the rest of the Star Badges] That's him!

Frisky: What's him?

Star Badge of Pisces: That's the mad magician!

Star Badge of Aries: Who made us fall from the sky!

Star Badge of Taurus: And turned us into Star Badges!

Buttons: So, it was YOU, sir, who turned the constellations into Star Badges and made them fall from the sky!

Wescott: That's right! And I have a name! The name's Wescott, Harry Wescott! And I'm taking the Star Badges from you!

Star Badge of Cancer: Oh no!

Star Badge of Libra: Uh-oh!

Star Badge of Virgo: Oh, gee!

Star Badge of Sagittarius: This can't be good!

[Wescott uses his scepter to take the Star Badges out of the gang's paws and hands]

Buttons: Oh no!

Rusty: Uh-oh.

[The Star Badges get connected into a globe]

Wescott: At last, the Star Badges are mine!

[Behind Wescott, the Villains Club emerges from the remains of the Ultismasher 3000]

Gourmad: Ugh, well it's a good thing none of us got killed in the Ultismasher 3000's destruction.

Delilah: [angrily] But my hair is ruined!

Patty: And my glasses are broken! I've paid too much for them!

Zak: Don't celebrate too soon, you Chucklewood Litters!

Buttons and Rusty: That's "Chucklewood Critters!" [they along with the gang then gasp]

Wescott: [confused] Uh, what's going on?

Buttons: I guess destroying the Ultismasher 3000 didn't put Zak, Gourmad, Delilah, and Patty in their places after all!

Wescott: Zak? [looks behind him]

Zak: [notices Wescott] Huh? Uncle Harry? Is that you?

[The gang gets shocked expressions]

Johnny: Uncle?! Zak's got an uncle too?!

Wescott: [looks back at the gang while chuckling] That's right, sonny boy! [Zak, Gourmad, Delilah, Patty, Dario, Reg, and Zeke walk up by Wescott's side] I, Harry Wescott, am the maternal uncle of your arch-enemy, Zak Vaderman, and the REAL founder of the Villains Club! I just made my nephew as the club's leader a long time ago! I've turned the constellations into Star Badges so that my nephew and his Villains Club can get rid of you once and for all. But you kept interfering with my plan, so I had to ambush you to take the Star Badges as a backup plan!

Buttons and Rusty: Oh, we see.

Wescott: You, Buttons and Rusty, may have ruined my nephew and his Villains Club's plans in the past. But today, things are going to be different!

Hamilton: [arrives in her police car and points her gun at Wescott] Not so fast!

[The scene freezes...]

Jonesy: [narrates] Oh, this is just dreadful, after all that hard work of getting the Star Badges, Harry Wescott has appeared and taken all of them out of our heroes' paws!

Sora: [narrates] But luckily, the telegram that Rusty got says it all. Is it a boy...?

Brittany: [narrates] Or is it...a girl?

Layla: [narrates] And what'll our heroes do about this situation?

All 4: Find time!


The Villains Club's Last Stand Part 2: The Battle


Hamilton: [still having her gun pointed at Wescott] Harry Wescott, maternal uncle of Zak Vaderman and true founder of the Villains Club, raise both of your hands up!

Wescott: Okay, you're asking for it! [raises both his hands up with his scepter still in one of them and uses the scepter to take Hamilton's gun out of her hand]

Hamilton: Hey, no fair!

Johnny: The chief's right, it isn't fair to take a police officer's weaponry!

Wescott: [chuckles] It doesn't matter, boy!

Zak: Because it's all over for you and those Chucklewood Litters!

Buttons and Rusty: Again, that's Chucklewood Critters!

[Rusty's critter phone rings and Johnny picks it up]

Johnny: Oh, Rusty, it's for you!

Wescott: [surprised] Well, that's surprising for someone to call at the worst time.

Rusty: [calling] Hello?

George: Rusty, it's pop! please come to the hospital.

Rusty: [calling] Um, I'd love to, Pop. Unfortunately, we have a major crisis! Harry Wescott, Zak's maternal uncle and true founder of the Villains Club has appeared and taken all the Star Badges out of our paws! So, can you find shelter in the hospital for Mom and my new baby sibling?

George: Oh, okay, I'll find shelter for your mother and your new baby sibling and I'll be on my way.

Rusty: Okay, thanks! [hangs up]

Wescott: [snickers] I hope your mother and your new baby sibling find some stupid shelter fast, Fox Boy!

[He zaps Rusty on his rear end, using his scepter]

Rusty: Oh, yeah!?

Wescott: Yeah!

[He uses his scepter to bring all the villains (and bad critters) that the good critters encountered in the past]

Wescott: Because I've just summoned every villain you've encountered in the past!

Buttons: There's Syco the Snake!

Rusty: And Lord Morlock!

Bearbette: And Claude!

Frisky: And Lenny Stapp and Lulu!

Johnny and Robin: And a bunch of other villains that we can't keep track of!

Wescott: That's right! This is gonna be a heck of a wave! Now, let the crime wave begin!

[The villains start the crime wave, raiding the suburb and the citizens and suburban critters begin to panic]

Bystander: [while running] Hey, I've had a weird dream like this once!

Lenny: [holding a chair] And that dream was pretty scary, wasn't it? [throws it at the window, breaking it]

[In the supermarket, Mr. Boyett picks up a can of soup, suddenly, Ronald approaches him and punches him in the chest, prompting him to groan and drop the can of soup.]

[The gang witnesses this in disappointment]

Johnny: Oh, this is terrible! All the villains we've encountered in the past are running rampant!

Rusty: [sniffs] I hope my mom and my new baby sibling find shelter.

Skipper: [off-screen] Buttons! Rusty!

[The gang sees Skipper and Bluebell with their adopted son Thippy coming their way]

Rusty: Skipper! Bluebell! You've returned! Are you here to see my new baby sibling?

Bluebell: Yes, in fact, Quacker has given every critter you know and care about invitations to see your new baby sibling.

[Every other good critter comes the gang's way]

Johnny: Perfect timing! [facing Wescott, Zak, Gourmad, Delilah, Patty, Dario, Reg, and Zeke] You didn't think this was over, did you, Zak? Because we will defeat you, Gourmad, Delilah, Patty, and your uncle! Because, who we have assisting us are Skipper and Bluebell with Thippy, Lester, Porcupine Sam, the Coyote Tribe, Marty and Priscilla, Eugene, Willard and Arnie, Milo, Spike and Furbrain, Christina, Joker, Buttons' Uncle Elmer, Cousin Bruce, Uncle Woodrow, Aunt Francine, and Grandma Bear, Rusty's Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Theodore, Cousin Sarah, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Stacy, and Grandpa Rufus, Franklin's Aunt Nora, Charlotte Love. The list of good critters goes on.

Buttons: [announcing] Everyone, are you all ready to take out the villains?

Good Critters: Yes, we are!

Johnny: Fortunately, there's plenty of room for the battle behind the high school. [announcing] Let's do it!!

[At the critter hospital...]

George: Dr. Macquarie, can you stay and watch over my mate and my new baby? Because I've got a score to settle!

Dr. Macquarie: Sure thing, George.

George: Don't worry, Buttons and Rusty, help is on the way! [runs out of the hospital]


Johnny: Give me a B!

Crowd: B!

Johnny: Give me a U!

Crowd: U!

Johnny: Give me a T!

Crowd: T!

Johnny: Give me another T!

Crowd: T!

Johnny: Give me an O!

Crowd: O!

Johnny: Give me an N!

Crowd: N!

Johnny: Give me an S!

Crowd: S!

Johnny: What's that spell!?


Johnny: Give me an R!

Crowd: R!

Johnny: Give me a U!

Crowd: U!

Johnny: Give me an S!

Crowd: S!

Johnny: Give me a T!

Crowd: T!

Johnny: Give me a Y!

Crowd: Y!

Johnny: What's that spell!?

Crowd: RUSTY!


Crowd: Go, Buttons and Rusty!


[Lulu runs after Freddie. She pulls Freddie's tail.]

Lulu: What have we here? A raccoon.

[Philbert and Morty clonk Lulu and tug her fur coat]

Lulu: AAAAAAAAAH! Lenny, my fur coat is being tugged!

Lenny: Being tugged!?

[Morty then pulls it off]

Lulu: [screams] Now it's been pulled!

[Suddenly, Skeeter and the elephants approach Lenny and Lulu]

Skeeter: Hit it, Elton!

[Elton blows his trunk as a trumpet is heard, Lenny stops the sound and ties his trunk. Nelly grabs him with her trunk.]

Lenny: Hey! What the heck are you doing? Let me go, you crazy elephant!

[Nelly throws him into a dumpster.]

Nelly: Hope you know how it feels to be in the dumps!

[Lulu then tugs Morty's tail and stamping it with her foot when Elton picks her up with her trunk and throws her into a tree.]


[Crush kicks Bridgette and Francine's rear ends]

Crush: Hey, Mama Butt!

Bridgette: CRUSH!

Crush: You got some nice pearls on you!

[He pokes both Bridgette and Francine's stomachs and removes Francine's necklace]

Francine: HEY! Give me that back!

Buttons: [pulls Crush's tail] Hey, Crush! That's my aunt's!

[He then kicks Crush's rear end, pins him down and snatches the necklace from him and gives it back to his aunt. He then spanks Crush's rear end repeatedly until it turns red. He turns him over and pokes his stomach hard.]


[Milo, Spike and Furbrain surround Zuzu]

Zuzu: Your clothes will be a good fit for an upcoming fashioned project of my friend's mistress!

[She rips all the wolves clothes but Furbrain bites Zuzu's legs and she then screams.]

Zuzu: [looks at her bitten legs] MY LEGS!

Spike: Let's get her! 

[Spike and Milo finish biting Zuzu's legs. Furbrain then rips Zuzu's pants, showing only her underwear. The three wolves then laugh at her.]

Zuzu: JEEZ! [covers up her underwear from her ripped pants] Those wolves bit my pants!


Ronald: Gotcha!

[He captures Marty and Priscilla by the necks]

Marty: OH MY!

Priscilla: He captured us! I wish Buttons or Rusty can free us!

[Suddenly, Rusty appears]

Rusty: Oh no, Ronald got Marty and Priscilla!

Ronald: I'll get that foxbutt, if it's the last thing I do!

Rusty: Peck his fingers, Marty and Priscilla, peck his fingers!

[Just as Marty and Priscilla peck Ronald's fingers, freeing themselves, Marty pecks Ronald's tail]

Rusty: Finish him off, Buttons!

[Buttons kicks Ronald's rear end repeatedly, turning it red]

Bluebell: Nice red butt, Tigey!

Rusty: Marty, spare me one of your tail feathers. I'll tickle him!

[Rusty plucks a tail feather off of Marty and tickles Ronald's middle with it. He then pokes it hard.]


[The Coyote Tribe chases Syco]

Syco: You can't catch me!

Yano: Smash da snake, makasas!

[The chief coyote captures the snake with his rake but as attempts to slither away. He picks up the snake and carries him to a trap door]

Syco: Unhand me you!

[Yano opens the trap door and Syco gets dropped into a vat of molasses]

Yano: How does it feel to be a covered up snake?


[Claude looks at Miss Love]

Claude: Look what we have here! That teacher of that school for very young critters. I'm gonna her dressed ripped by the end of the day.

[He hums a snippet of Won't You Be My Neighbor? as he whips Miss Love with a rope, knocking her down. He then attempts to rip Miss Love's dress. Suddenly, Sarah chews on his tail.]

Claude: Hey!

Sarah: Leave my teacher alone, you big meanie!

[She chews on Claude's tail hard]

Claude: OW!!!

Miss Love: Whew!


[The good critters get captured by the bad critters]

Sarah: RUSTY!

[She screams at maximum power causing all the villains to hurt their hearing releasing all the good critters]

Layla: Man, that girl can scream at maximum power.

Rusty: Thanks, Sarah!

[Inside the core of the Hydra-Bot 3000, Abner and George sneak past the ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins]

Abner: [whispering] There they are, George!

[They see the Star Badges inside the machine's central core]

George: [whispering] Alright, let's get them. [grabs the Star Badges] Gotcha.

Zak: [appearing on the screen] What?! Abner? George? It's impossible!

Abner and George: We're afraid not, Zak! You're gonna lose, like always!

Zak: ZakRobos!

Delilah: Delilah Mannequins!

Zak and Delilah: [in unison] Get them!

[Abner and George run with the Star Badges]

George: [noticing some of the ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins] Here they come, Abner.

Abner: [curls himself into a ball] Launch me like a bowling ball, George!

George: Got it!

[George launches Abner, sending him rolling]

Abner: Woohoo!

[The ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins scream and Abner crashes them]

George: Buttons! Rusty! Here are the Star Badges!

[Buttons and Rusty put the Star Badges in a bag]

Buttons: Let's power up the Adventure Machine with the Star Badges!

Rusty: Got it!

[They put the Star Badges in the engine. The Adventure Machine turns into the Adventure Machine 2000 getting equipped with a powerful cannon]

Buttons and Rusty: [in unison] Ready, aim, fire! [They fire at the Hydra-Bot 3000]

[The villains scream and gasp in horror, the Hydra-Bot 3000 explodes, destroying the remaining ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins inside. The remains of the Hydra-Bot 3000 fall to the ground, Wescott and the Villains Club fall to the ground as well.]

Bystander: Let's get 'em!

[The citizens begin to chase Wescott and the Villains Club, while some of the citizens easily get the rest of the villains.]

Patty: Uh-oh, I have a feeling this may be our last stand!

[Wescott and the Villains Club try to escape, however, Abner and George are holding a triprope]

Abner and George: [in unison] Oh no, you don't!

[They trip Wescott and the Villains Club, giving the citizens the chance to beat them up]

Gourmad: [about to get beaten up] Uh-oh!

[The citizens beat up Wescott and the Villains Club, and Wescott and the Villains Club exclaim in pain]

Spiders Riders: Archana Power!

Cosmo Cats: Five-Star Finish: Libra! [fire beams from the gems on their chests at The Villains Club]

Alvin: Charizard, flamethrower now!

[Charizard fires a flamethrower at the Villains Club]

Simon: Blastoise, water gun now!

[Blastoise fires the water-gun attack at the Villians Club]

Theodore: Venasaur, vine whip now!

[Venasaur whips the Villians club with said attack]

Jackie Chan: [stops beating them up] Wǒ de tiān a! (English translation: My goodness!) [referring to Patty] This little lady is fun to hit! [starts beating them up again]

Ash: Pikachu, thunderbolt now!


Hamilton: [in her megaphone] Okay, you can stop now!

[The citizens stop beating them up, Wescott and the Villains Club are bruised pretty badly]

Bystander: [takes Hamilton's gun from Wescott and gives it to her] Here's your gun back, chief.

Hamilton: Thanks. [slaps the cuffs on the villains] Now, Zak Vaderman, Zazzy Zeke, Harry Wescott, Patty Parker, Reg, Delilah Denara, Dario, Galton Gourmad, Morlock, Lenny Stapp, Lulu, Zuzu Tomahawk, Ronald, and every other villain and bad critter. You are all under arrest for the major crime spree in Chucklewood and the suburb!

Cub Couples: You have the right to remain silent.

Skeeter, Turner, and Freddie: If you give up that right...

Coyote Tribe: Anything you say...

Lester and Porcupine Sam: Can be held...

Marty and Priscilla: In a court of law!

Eugene, Willard, and Arnie: You have the right...

Milo, Spike, and Furbrain: an attorney.

Christina and Joker: If you cannot afford one...

The rest of the good critters: One will be appointed to you!

[Sarah bites Ronald's tail and pokes Gourmad's stomach hard with a stick.]

Sarah: Take that, Baldy Gourmad!

[All of the good critters get showered with Gatorade, Charizard fires a victory flamethrower, Pikachu does a victory thunderbolt.]


[The Final Tribunal]

Judge Marion: Take a look at this, Villains Club.

[She hands Wescott the bank statement and reads it]

Wescott: OH MY GOSH! [slams the podium down real hard] NEGATIVE $500,000,000!!!!


Gourmad: Hospital bills, thanks to that little fox girl who bit me. Clothes need replaced.

Claude: My tail needs fixed from her who bit on it!

Judge Marion: YES! And unfortunately, it's gonna take forever to pay off the debt. Jurors!?

Jurors: GUILTY!!!!

[In Chucklewood, all of the critters' stomachs have the word "GUILTY":

Buttons - G

Rusty - U

Bearbette - I

Frisky - L

Sarah - T

Freddie - Y]

Judge Marion: The court finds the Villains Club.....GUILTY! [bangs gavel] You are hereby sentenced to 1,000 years in prison! [bangs gavel again]

[Chucklewood. The good critters celebrate.]

Rusty: YEAH! No more hearing Chucklewood Litters!

Buttons: We are, Chucklewood...!

Critters: CRITTERS!

Rusty: Chucklewood....!

Critters: CRITTERS!


Newscast Reporter: Vaderman World Inc. is history! Today, with the help of the entire community, Chucklewood's favorite critters, Buttons, a bear, and Rusty a fox, successfully defeated Vaderman World Inc. in a historic battle after a major crime wave. Zak Vaderman and his gang of villains have been sentenced to 1,000 years in a maximum-security prison called Attica. Not only that, but the critters also found thirteen constellations that have been finally put back into the sky. It took an entire school year to do it. [runs over to Rusty] Rusty, are you very happy that Vaderman World is history!?

Rusty: Yes!

Buttons: Yes!

Reporter: You've been tracking the Villains Club for how many years?

Rusty: Five years!

Reporter: I heard that Zak called you "Chucklewood Litters."

Rusty: Yes. We won't be hearing that name anymore!

Buttons: No more illegal construction! No more unusual species dishes! No more false clothing! And best of all, no more awful inventions!

Rusty: Chucklewood will be normal for generations to come!


Bob: All right, we are ready to announce our winners for our contest we've talked about.

Dave: Remember, our two runners-up will receive $1,000 each.

Arleen: Our second-place winner will receive $3,000. And the person who selected their name Vixey will win a $10,000 scholarship and an all-expense-paid trip to New York City.

Dave: We are happy to report we have received over ten million votes online and we want to thank you to all of you who participated in this contest.

Bob: And now the results.

[A hand gives Bob the envelope]

Bob: Thank you. I'm excited. Our fourth-place winner is the name of Todd which was sent in by Hunter Robertson of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dave: Our third place winner is Regina which is sent in by Brandi Sevetzski from Blue Ridge, Texas.

Arleen: Congratulations Hunter and Brandi, both of you have won $1,000. The check is in the mail for you. And now, our second-place winner. This second-place winner will receive $3,000. And the winner is Charlie which was sent in by Jonathan Wayna from Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.

Dave: The check is on its way to each of you. And also, all of our winners will receive a T-Shirt with the main cast of the show. One size fits all!

Bob: And now to place that all-important call is the winner of Vixey. [open the envelope and dials the number from his critter phone] The winner of the $10,000 and an all-expense-paid trip to New York City to be a guest critter in our next season.

[The phone rings]

Winner: Hello?

Bob: Is this Charles Cato from Macon, Georgia?

Charles: Yes it is.

Bob: This is Bob Badget, Dave Coonier, and Arleen Skunken of Buttons & Rusty.

Charles: Oh, Hi, Bob! Hi, Dave! Hi, Arleen!

Bob: We are happy to announce that you are the winner of our Name The Baby contest!


Charles: OH MY GOD! WOW!

Arleen: Charles, how old are you?

Charles: I'm 14 years old. I am starting High School next week.

Dave: That's great! Do you remember what name you've submitted?

Charles: Vixey.

Bob: That's right. And your name has the most votes that our home viewer audience selected the name of Rusty's new sister.

Charles: That's great! Wow!

Arleen: How did you come up with Vixey?

Charles: I watched The Fox and The Hound dozens of times with my mother and since Tod might be a good name for a brother, I figured Vixey should be the name of Rusty's sister.

Dave: That's beautiful. And here's Bob to tell you what you've won.

Bob: Charles, congratulations, you have won a $10,000 scholarship. And more importantly, you have won a one-week all-expenses-paid trip for you and up to four members of your family to New York City.

Charles: Thank you, Bob!

Bob: The trip includes round trip airfare, hotel, meals, $1,000 in spending money, 7-Day MetroCard for each of you which can help you get around New York. And you will visit the Chucklewood Productions studios to be a guest critter in our next season which Miss Love will talk about in a moment.

Charles: That is wonderful!

Arleen: Who are you gonna take on your trip?

Charles: I am taking my mother, my brother, and my sister with me.

Arleen: What about the father?

Charles: He works overnight overtime.

Dave: Ooooh. Have you done any acting yet?

Charles: No, I haven't.

Dave: Are you ready for an acting career?

Charles: Yes. I am taking an acting class at school with my music teacher.

Bob: Really? Have you decided what are you gonna be for your guest critter?

Charles: Not sure yet.

Bob: We will get you more details on that when you come to New York. Thank you and congratulations to Charles Cato of Macon, Georgia!


Bob: Enjoy that money and your trip.

[Charles hangs up]

Dave: And now for a preview of our next season. Here's Miss Charlotte Love, the teacher at the Little Critter School.


[Last lines of the series, as the credits roll.]

Good Critters: [singing it to the constellations as they perform a light show] When you wish upon a star, makes you wish who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you. Faith your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star, as dreamers do.

[As the credits end, a final newspaper headline reads "CONSTELLATIONS BACK INTO THE SKY"]

Director: Congratulations, Chucklewood Critters for defeating Vaderman World, Inc! And Rusty you're a big brother now! What are you and Buttons going to do now?

Buttons: Maybe a direct-to-video series that takes place during the TV series.

Rusty: And a couple of spin-offs.

Both: [as they hop on The Adventure Machine] UNTIL THEN, WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE WORLD!

[Their mothers hug them and the Adventure Machine takes off. The constellations then turn orange and brown and form the Chucklewood Productions logo]

Good Critters: When you wish upon a star. Your dreams...come true!

Jonesy: All's well that ends well. This has been a Chucklewood Production!

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