Buttons & Rusty: Welcome to Chucklewood is an animated television series and a reboot of the original Chucklewood Critters series. The series is produced in a manner reminiscent of the Hanna-Barbera shows of the 1960s to the 1980s, from the animation style down to a few sound effects.


The adventures of a bear cub named Buttons and a fox cub named Rusty, along with their mentor, Chief Ranger Jones of Chucklewood Park, his nephew and the boy cubs' human friend, Johnny, their families, Abner and Bridgette, Buttons' parents and George and Rosie, Rusty's parents, their friends, Bearbette and Frisky, the boy cubs' girlfriends, Robin, a human girl, the girl cubs' human friend and Johnny's girlfriend and classmate, Skipper and Bluebell, a duo of rabbits, Turner, a turtle, Skeeter, a small mouse, Freddie, a mischievous, funny but lovable raccoon, Quacker, a messenger duck and Lester Eli Gator, a Cajun alligator and the girl cub's old friend who lives in Crystal Bayou and visits Chucklewood Park, their friends' families, Darwin and Bearnadine, Bearbette's parents and Philbert, Freddie's father and their owl teacher, Franklin in Chucklewood Park and in the suburb, learning about important lessons and having fun with friends and family.

As well as outsmarting villains, including the seven "core" villains, Zak Vaderman and his associate Zazzy Zeke being the most prominent of the seven, Delilah Denara and her henchman Dario being the second most recurring villains, Chef Galton Gourmad appearing in some episodes and Patty Parker and her intern Reg, the newest of the seven.


Main characters

  • Buttons (voiced by Christian J. Simon): A brown bear cub who lives in the forested area of Chucklewood Park. He's the only child of Abner and Bridgette, and lives in a cave with his parents along with his best friend, a fox cub named Rusty, along with his folks. His swimwear is a pair of blue swimming trunks. Like in The Chucklewood Critters Movie, Buttons is depicted with sclera, in contrast to the original series, which portrayed him with black bead eyes.
    • Abner (voiced by Chris Hardwick): A male dark brown bear and Buttons' father who wears blue overalls. He wears cyan pajamas when sleeping. He wears a gold hard hat when building. His swimwear is a pair of gray swimming trunks.
    • Bridgette (voiced by Grey DeLisle): A female light brown bear and Buttons' mother. She wears pink pajamas when sleeping. She wears a blue apron when cooking or doing dishes. Her swimwear is an indigo bikini.
  • Rusty (voiced by Nicolas Cantu): An energetic red/orange fox cub and the best friend of Buttons. He lives in the same cave in Chucklewood Park with him and his parents George and Rosie. His swimwear is a pair of green swimming trunks.
    • George (voiced by Tom Kenny): A red/orange fox and Rusty's father. He wears a yellow apron when gardening or doing dishes. His swimwear is a pair of brown swimming trunks.
    • Rosie (voiced by Veronica Taylor): A red/orange vixen and Rusty's mother. She wears a purple apron when gardening, cooking or doing dishes. Her normal swimwear is a jade bikini. In Season 4, she wears a jade maillot due to her pregnancy. After the events of this series, her swimwear rotates between a bikini and a maillot.
  • Johnny Boyett (voiced by Pierce Gagnon): A human boy and Chief Ranger Jones' nephew who gets along with all the critters in Chucklewood. He is the closest human friend of Buttons and Rusty and goes on an adventure with them and teaches them what goes on outside of Chucklewood Park. He is also Junior Ranger of Chucklewood Park. His normal attire varies each time. His swimwear is a pair of dark orange swimming trunks.
    • Chief Ranger Jones a.k.a. "Jonesy" (voiced by Jeff Bennett): The chief park ranger of Chucklewood Park and Johnny's uncle. Chief Ranger Jones is a mentor to Buttons and Rusty.
    • Lisa Boyett (voiced by ): Johnny's younger twin sister. Her normal attire varies each time.
  • Bearbette and Frisky (voiced by Skai Jackson and Mckenna Grace): The boy cubs' girlfriends. Bearbette is a female red-brown bear cub with her hair, stomach and muzzle honey-blonde. Her swimwear is a gold bikini. Frisky is an orange vixen cub with auburn hair with a purple bowtie on her head. Her swimwear is a purple (matching the color of her bowtie) bikini.
    • Darwin (voiced by Phil LaMarr): A male dark brown bear and Bearbette's father who wears a red vest. His swimwear is a pair of sepia swimming trunks.
    • Bearnadine (voiced by Gabrielle Union): A female red-brown bear and Bearbette's mother who wears a green scarf. Her swimwear is an aquamarine bikini.
  • Robin McCobb (voiced by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons): An exchange student from Crystal Grove, a town near Crystal Bayou, and Johnny's friend (girlfriend) and classmate from school. She's also good friends with Bearbette and Frisky. Her normal attire varies each time. Her swimwear is a tan bikini.
    • Harold McCobb (voiced by Bruce Campbell): Robin's father and owner of Harold and Daughter's outdoor store. He is a former cheapskate.
  • Skipper and Bluebell (voiced by Harland Williams and Kristen Schaal): Two blue-grey rabbits. Skipper wears either a blue and white or blue and red striped sweater (similar to Reader Rabbit's) or a blue and white or blue and red striped t-shirt. His swimwear is a pair of teal swimming trunks. Bluebell wears a pink sweater or a pink t-shirt with a smiling carrot on either of them. Her swimwear is a pink bikini.
  • Turner (voiced by Gaten Matarazzo): A turtle and friend of the boy cubs.
  • Skeeter (voiced by Jaleel White): A brown mouse, the smallest member of the cast. He wears either a green sweater and a green winter hat or a baby blue sweater and no hat. In warm weather, he wears either a green or baby blue t-shirt and sometimes either a green or baby blue baseball cap. His swimwear is a pair of yellow swimming trunks. Because of his size, he is often nervous and high-strung.
  • Freddie (voiced by Roger Craig Smith): A raccoon and friend of the boy cubs who tends to be a troublemaker. He enjoys staring at females in bikinis in which he calls them "chickens," which Bluebell (usually accompanied by either slapping him in the face or squeezing his neck [similar to Homer Simpson's gag to Bart]), Bearbette, Frisky or Robin scold him for. He usually calls grandparents "fuddy-duddies," which Buttons scolds him for. Whenever he pulls a prank with girls, they usually either clonk him in the head, get his rear end kicked, squirt water in his face and/or beat him up (ending with duct taping his mouth). But like Johnny, Buttons, Rusty and the rest of the critters in Chucklewood Park, he is on the lookout for any villain who could wreak havoc in the park and in the suburb, including Zak Vaderman, who he calls "Jack Spaderman," much to Zak's annoyance. He dislikes being called "Frederick" (usually by a bully or Delilah Denara) as he scolds at anyone who does this to him for. What also makes Freddie not a bad raccoon is that he rescues his friends (even when he pranks them) from extreme situations such as in "Joker's Wildlife," when Buttons dresses up as Sasquatch to prank him and gets captured by stupid researchers after he provokes him to do so, Freddie gets very remorseful and guilty. He wears either a red T-shirt or a red sweater with a raccoon skull on either of them. His swimwear is a pair of red swimming trunks.
    • Philbert (voiced by Mike Pollock): Freddie's father who wears red overalls. He's a carpenter and a mechanic. He has a trike motorcycle named "Leappinwolf" (a reference to his favorite rock band whom is famous for his motorcycle anthem). Like Freddie, he enjoys staring at females in bikinis (around his age) but instead of calling them "chickens," he stares in front of them real close, which Rosie clonks him in the head. But Philbert is a good father to Freddie such as in "Freddie Gets Bullied," when he comforts Freddie after Freddie gets bullied. He is also shown to be generous such as in "The Three MarkeTEERS," when he lets Robin and the girl cubs borrow Leappinwolf. His swimwear is a pair of charcoal swimming trunks.
  • Lester Eli Gator (voiced by Jim Cummings): A green Cajun alligator who lives in Crystal Bayou and a close friend of Bearbette and Frisky and Bearbette's family.
  • Quacker (voiced by Dana Snyder): A white duck and denizen of the forest. He often ends his sentences with quacks. He wears either a red or yellow scarf with a red winter hat, a red postman's hat or a red baseball cap when not delivering messages.
  • Franklin (voiced by Kenan Thompson): A brown barn owl and the boy cubs' teacher, who turns into a rap singer. He is unofficially called "M.C. Franklin," when as a rap singer, which he wears late-1980s rap singer attire. In Season 1, he wears glasses (like in the original series), which were briefly blown away in the wind (without being broken) and stolen by Syco the Snake. As of "Look, Ma! No Glasses!", he wears eye contacts but he still wears his glasses as a backup.
  • Ranger Rodrigo a.k.a. "Roddy" (voiced by Kel Mitchell): An overweight Hispanic-American park ranger who's hard-working and determined. He is also assistant to Jonesy. Roddy does not enjoy Buttons and Rusty's company (especially Rusty) due to the fact they irritate him (much to Johnny's displeasure, prompting him to tell him to calm down), despite later admitting that they didn't mean to. After the events of this series, he transferred to another forest.

Supporting characters

  • Jefferson (voiced by Larry Miller): A bald eagle that flies around Chucklewood. He usually wears a yellow vest with a red collar, red buttons and red pockets, one of which holds his glasses.
  • Jester (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A gray beaver who originally lived in the Enchanted Valley who runs the Chucklewood gym. His gym attire is a black muscle shirt with gray shorts. His swimwear is a pair of black swimming trunks. He is 30 pounds slimmer than his original appearance.
  • Jonah (voiced by Tom Kenny): A tan bobcat who wears green overalls and is Jester's partner. He has aerophobia and has a fear of alligators. His gym attire is a green muscle shirt with dark blue shorts. His swimwear is a pair of navy blue swimming trunks. Since the sequels, he has a silver belly ring on his middle.
  • Porcupine Sam (voiced by Maurice LaMarche): A porcupine and one of the critters in Crystal Bayou.
  • The Coyote Tribe (all voiced by Fred Newman): A group of coyotes who live in a separate cave from Chucklewood. One of the most famous residents is Yano. All (except for Yano) could not speak English, so Yano would have to translate most of the Coyote's language to English when communicating with Buttons and Rusty.
  • Bob (voiced by Dave Willis): A pessimistic man who has multiple jobs and reminisces and utters what his girlfriend says when things go wrong for him. He's usually always a victim of his own bad luck.
  • Principal Pines (voiced by Carey Means): Johnny's school principal. He reminisces his time as a disco dancer. He is referred to as "Mr. Pines."
  • Dr. Julie Macquarie (voiced by Megan Hollingshead): The critter hospital's doctor.
  • Krabs the Clown (voiced by Tom Kenny): The suburb's local clown and entertainer. He is also the founder of Krabs', an outdoor fast-food restaurant.
  • The Police Division:
    • Chief Sue Hamilton (voiced by Tress MacNeille): The chief of the police division whose relationship with Tobey is inspired by Top Cat and Officer Dibble.
    • Tobey (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A tabby cat dressed up like Sgt. Bilko with a face similar to Cap'n O.G. Readmore who is a vigilante and an associate of the police division and an old friend of the boy cubs' fathers who lives in an alley nearby Krabs'. After the events of this series, he was given the position by Chief Hamilton as the leader of the police division's new faction, the "Suburban Critter Division," which mostly consists of critters that live in the suburb.
    • Kate Monday and Pat Tuesday (voiced by Beverly Leech and Toni Di Buono, reprising their roles from Mathnet): Two staff sergeants from the Special Victims Division.
    • Dr. Alvin Gardner (voiced by David Carr): The technical adviser.
    • Sora Talon, Layla Greco and Brittany Carlson (voiced by Cynthia Martinez, Carli Mosier and Luci Christian): Dr. Gardner's assistants.
  • Judge May Marion (voiced by Lucy Liu): The suburb's judge. She speaks in a Chinese accent.
  • Professor Al (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic): A scientist and old friend of Ranger Jones who resembles Albert Einstein.
  • David (voiced by ): An African-American boy and Johnny's classmate who rides in a wheelchair.
  • Mayor Lawrence (voiced by Joe Howard): The suburb's mayor.
  • Lucas (voiced by ): Johnny's friendly rival whose relationship with him is inspired by Popeye and Bluto.

Recurring characters

  • The Squirrels (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and Tom Kenny):
  • Marty and Priscilla (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Lori Alan): Two turkeys from Wild Turkey Valley and friends of the boy cubs.
  • Eugene (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui): A skunk who lives in Rocky Ridge and a friend of the boy cubs.
  • Willard and Arnie (both voiced by Eric Stuart): Two old armadillo friends of the boy cubs who live in the Wild Country.
  • Milo, Spike and Furbrain (voiced by Charlie Adler, Tom Kenny and Stephen Stanton):
  • Bruce (voiced by Dakota Goyo): A brown-gray bear cub and Buttons' cousin who wears a green vest. He lives in Silver Creek Valley with his parents Woodrow and Francine. He is three years older than Buttons. At first, he was mistaken by Zak Vaderman for Buttons (similar to Dr. Eggman mistaking Shadow for Sonic), but then he realizes that it isn't him. Then, he tricks him into causing problems for Chucklewood Park, fortunately, he was stopped by Buttons by being explained from him that he's been tricked by Zak and he attacks Zak for tricking him. Since the end of Season 3, he works in the gym with Jester and Jonah. His swimwear is a pair of lime green swimming trunks. Like Buttons, Bruce is depicted with sclera, in contrast to the original series, which portrayed him with black bead eyes and his bucktooth is shown when he opens his mouth. After the events of this series, he moved to North Dalm Beach (only a short distance north of Fort Caulderdale, Northeast of Crystal Bayou), where he attended college and is a football player.
    • Woodrow (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore): A brown-gray bear with pale blonde hair, Buttons' maternal uncle and Bridgette's brother-in-law. He wears yellow and black vertical striped pants and a brown belt with a blue silver buckle and usually carries a log purse. His swimwear is a pair of yellow and black (matching the color of his pants) swimming trunks. Like Buttons and Bruce, Woodrow is depicted with sclera, in contrast to the original series, which portrayed him with black bead eyes.
    • Francine (voiced by Cree Summer): A light brown bear with pale yellow hair, Buttons' maternal aunt and Bridgette's sister. She wears a golden necklace, golden earrings and a golden belly ring on her stomach, which is seen only when she wears her bikini. Her swimwear is a magenta bikini.
  • Sarah (voiced by Skai Jackson): A reddish-orange vixen cub with brown hair and Rusty's autistic cousin. She lived in Silver Creek Valley with her parents Stacy and Dennis until Season 4, which they quietly moved to Chucklewood. She is preschool-kindergarten aged. She is also good friends with Bruce. In Seasons 3 and 4, Skipper and Bluebell served as her babysitters. After they moved to a new burrow and adopted a child, Bearbette and Frisky took their place. Sarah enjoys rubbing or playing the drums on on most of the critters' stomachs (usually Rusty, Skipper, Bluebell and the girl cubs) after tackling them, which she enjoys getting hers rubbed (which is her favorite part of the body to rub, press or blow raspberries on and being ticklish. She calls her stomach "The Lucky Belly"). She also enjoys kissing critters' middles (or in humans, bellybutton) after rubbing stomachs as revealed in Season 4. Whenever Freddie pulls a prank in front of her, she lifts up his shirt and presses his stomach hard. She often screams in the villains' faces, horrifying them in the process (sometimes ending it with biting his/her hand or rear end) (especially Delilah Denara). Her sleepwear is beige pajamas. Her swimwear is a bikini consisting of a purple top and a green bottom (similar to Ariel from The Little Mermaid). Her vocal manners are similar to those of D.W. in Arthur and Sis Rabbit in the Disney animated film, Robin Hood. After the events of this series, she has her own spin-off series centering around her time at the Little Critter School.
    • Dennis (voiced by Ben Small): A red-orange fox, Rusty's paternal uncle and George's brother. He wears a Robin Hood-like suit (including the hat very similar to the character from the Disney animated film of the same name) and enjoys archery. His swimwear is a pair of dark green swimming trunks.
    • Stacy (voiced by Rachael Lillis): A red-orange vixen with brown hair, Rusty's paternal aunt and George's sister-in-law. Her swimwear is a crimson lifeguard-esque bikini or maillot as she is a former lifeguard. After the events of this series, she became a swimming coach.
  • Elmer (voiced by Charlie Adler): A brown bear, Buttons' paternal uncle and Abner's brother. He is an entertainer.
  • Jeanette (voiced by Megan Hollingshead): A red vixen with black hair, Rusty's maternal Aunt and Rosie's sister. She works at a bakery, where she made Buttons and Rusty's birthday cake. She has a winter condominium in Coytona Beach. Her regular attire is a blue long sleeved shirt with tan pants. Her warm weather attire is an brownish-orange crop top with a pair of teal jean shorts. Her swimwear is a brownish-orange bikini.
  • Theodore (voiced by Daniel Brochu): A red fox, Rusty's maternal uncle and Rosie's brother. He is a chef.
  • Christina (voiced by Christina Evangeline): A female white owl and Franklin's love interest who first appeared in the Valentine Special, "Franklin's Spring Fever."
  • Joker (voiced by Daniel Brochu): A hyena who lives on Pooka Island and bares a resemblance to Bud and Lou from Krypto the Superdog, despite revealing himself to be a student of Christina when he hears Franklin mention her name (similar to Lester in the Chucklewood Critters special, The Honeybunch).
  • Grandma Bear "Gram" (voiced by Tress MacNeille): A gray bear, Buttons and Bruce's grandmother and Bridgette and Francine's mother. She wears a spring green and yellow hat, a pink neck bow and a yellow apron and is in a wheelchair. She first appeared in the series in "Memory Loss," where she has Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Grandpa Rufus (voiced by A. J. Henderson): A reddish-gray fox, Rusty and Sarah's grandfather and George and Dennis' father. He wears teal overalls and wears a farmer's hat. He has many prized possessions such as a tractor which he had since he married Grandma Eleanor, a unicycle and a bicycle which he trained George how to ride. He faints in horror when either of his prized possessions are stolen or lost. He is never disorganized and never uses meat mallets. Despite his old age, he is still able to fight such as using his hoe as a sword when fighting Chef Galton Gourmad.
  • Nora (voiced by Tress MacNeille): A know-it-all gray owl and Franklin's aunt who hosts her own educational segment.
  • Mother Nature (voiced by Tress MacNeille):
  • Father Time (voiced by Stuart Zagnit):

Minor characters

  • Medora (voiced by Veronica Taylor): Philbert's girlfriend turned fiancée. She first met Philbert when she rescued him from the waterfall and later dated him in Fort Caulderdale, where she lives. She wears a rainbow crop top with blue Calvin Klein style shorts. Her swimwear is a rainbow bikini.
  • Charlotte Love (voiced by Heather Bambrick): A brown beaver and teacher of the Little Critter School. She is referred to as "Miss Love." She lives in a schoolhouse resembling Mister Rogers' television house which doubles as the school. Her regular attire is a blue cardigan sweater over a beige dress and a pair of glasses with brown frames. Her swimwear is a navy-blue maillot with a white line on it with frills on the bottom. Her vocal manners are very similar to that of Fred Rogers. She first appeared in mid-Season 4 of this series before appearing as a regular character in the spin-offs.


Main antagonists

  • Zachary "Zak" Vaderman (voiced by Tom Kenny): The CEO of Vaderman World, Inc. and a robotics inventor with a vocal impression of Gilbert Gottfried, who is the critters' archenemy. He grew up alongside Jonesy and the boy cubs' folks. According to Jonesy, Zak's attitude is worse than Freddie's. He tries to develop hotels, vacation spots, new products and new inventions in Chucklewood Park and the suburb mainly by controlling critters' minds and using them as workers mainly to make money. His plans are always foiled by the critters. Zak usually calls Buttons "Bear Kid" and Rusty "Fox Boy." As a running gag, he calls the critters "Chucklewood Litters," with the critters usually correcting him. Buttons and Rusty's rivalry with Zak is surprisingly friendly and comedic, due to the boy cubs' pacifistic nature, even though they know he is an enemy and they don't trust him. He is always designing robots, usually around animals. His most frequently seen invention is the ZakRobo. Although he has a house in the suburb, he also has a skyscraper located in the same place. This skyscraper is where the ZakRobos are produced. When travelling long distances, he uses either his van, his truck or his airship. Otherwise, he usually rides on the shoulders of a ZakRobo. He is scared of the dark (as seen in "Abner's Diet"). His favorite food is tomato soup. Most times, Zak attempts to commit acts of crime, including piracy, hacking, trespassing and hijacking. He also attempted to kill the boy cubs. He doesn't like it when other villains (except for Zazzy Zeke) tell his ZakRobos what to do as shown in the Season 2 episode "I Saw a Dragon," where he gets angry at Gourmad for telling his ZakRobos to dig. He is also the leader of Zak Vaderman's Villains Club, which Delilah Denara, Dario, Chef Galton Gourmad, Patty Parker and Reg are members of. He has been in most episodes, which could almost make him the main antagonist of the series.
    • Ezekiel "Zazzy Zeke" (voiced by Tom Kenny): A heterochromic (blue right eye and brown left eye) swindler and Zak Vaderman's associate. He helps Zak find some way to con people out of their money. He usually gets annoyed when the ZakRobos take Zak literally. Though he is scheming and underhanded like his associate, he maintains a somewhat cordial relationship with Ranger Jones, Johnny, the boy cubs and the rest of critters, even though they know he is an enemy and they don't trust him. According to "Smokin' Tongues," he is surprisingly allergic to tobacco. He usually refers to Zak Vaderman as his "chief." He was arrested for thirty counts of abusing critters, damaging property and theft in "Who is DD?" Despite this, he still communicates with his associate through the jail's inmate video-call service while Zak uses either his watch, tablet or computer to communicate with him as revealed in "The Great Theme Park Rescue Part 1: The School Picnic." He is based off of Raffish Ralph from The Berenstain Bears and later Karen Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants. Interestingly, both Zeke and Karen's voice actors are married.
    • ZakRobos (voiced by Frank Welker): Robot minions that work for and are created by Zak Vaderman. Their infamous weakness is that they are very literal minded. This means that the ZakRobos do exactly what Zak tells them to do, but not always what he means (much to Zazzy Zeke's annoyance). For example, when Zak exclaimed "Somebody pinch me!" in "The Three MarkeTEERS," a ZakRobo literally pinched him, and he returned with an "I didn't mean literally!"
  • Delilah Denara (voiced by Jill Talley): A fashionista who is always setting trends. She travels is a fuchsia limo with a lounge chair, and is never without the best comforts life can afford. Her main purpose is her clothing line, Delilah Denara's Pet Fashion of Nature. She uses a body-controlling ray to freeze animals alive and sell them as living jewelry or clothing. In "Behind the Bruised Badgers," she has added the Delilah Mannequins to her arsenal, which go out and catch animals for her. Some viewers raise the point that the animals are still fully conscious when body-controlled. Although, she has a mansion in Crystal Bayou, she also has a giant tent in Chucklewood Park. She refers to Buttons as "Buttonsangelo" and Rusty as "Rustico." She is also a bit of a flirt as seen in "Badly Behaved Bickering Bunnies."
    • Dario (voiced by Mr. Lawrence): Delilah's henchman who often fails in the simplest tasks. He is portrayed as unintelligent to the point that he can't function alone. He does whatever Delilah tells him to do. He hardly ever speaks except to say "Yes, ma'am, Delilah." and when he does, across as childlike. He tries to help Delilah design her fashions, but she is unsatisfied with his suggestions. Due to his perceived low intelligence, he is extremely patient and cheerful, even under Delilah's dictating ways and says "I love my job." Though he is shown to be unintelligent, he can remember animal facts more correctly than Delilah, as shown in "Tour Under Frozen Water." Their relationship is loosely based on that of Yzma and Kronk in Disney's animated feature film, The Emperor's New Groove.
    • Delilah Mannequins (voiced by Barbara Goodson and Mona Marshall): Robots possibly constructed by Delilah Denara. Their first appearance is in the Season 3 episode "Behind the Bruised Badgers" and have since then, appeared in almost every episode that Delilah appears as the villain. They have many features, but not as many as a ZakRobo does. They can fly or hover using jets in their feet, to pursue animals and are equipped with body-controlling rays. The Delilah Mannequins aren't very intelligent and often collide with each other or smash into rocks, walls, buildings, etc. They are also not very well built as they can break easily. Unlike the ZakRobos, the Delilah Mannequins can be put back together.
  • Chef Galton Gourmad (voiced by Tom Kenny): A chef with a heavy southern accent. He is an expert at "sabotage cooking" and serves only either endangered species or stolen food, which had caused him to lose his chef's license and to be fired from his gourmet cooking job (as revealed in "Abner's Diet"). He lives in a camper that features a fold-out restaurant, accessed by pulling a wire nearby Chucklewood River. When it folds out, it reveals an outdoor restaurant on a deck complete with full kitchen, at least one table and chairs. He prefers to cook his patron's meals in front of them, and charges a heavy price for it. He also has a pair of caterpillar tread roller skates (as seen in "Memory Loss"). He is also shown to steal medicine (as seen in the same episode). In "Abner's Diet," he hinted at selling living toys that go with a meal. He calls the boy cubs names based on their natural colors: Buttons has been called "Brown Pear," while Rusty suffers with "Orange Tangerine."
  • Patty Parker (voiced by Judy Tenuta): A businesswoman and the CEO of Parker Construction; she believes that turning natural landscapes into factories and parking lots (influenced by the real-world issue of urbanization) will create a better world for future generations, which people call her "crazy." Patty is depicted as determined, impatient and bossy, but still respects her intern, Reg. She is shown to be a neat freak, as she criticized some bushes and a river for not being in order; and nearly had a panic attack when she stepped onto the ground and only to calmed down after she stepped onto some pavement laid down by Reg. Her first appearance is in the Season 3 episode "Return to the Enchanted Valley." She nicknames Buttons "Mr. Dirt Brown" and Rusty "Mr. Maple Orange."
    • Reg (voiced by Mr. Lawrence): Patty Parker's intern who assists her in her plots against the Chucklewood Critters. Although he's usually enthusiastic, he enjoys being mean as much as his boss and he loves to operate Patty's technology ("Parker Pavers" and construction equipment) and flatten land for her building sites.
  • Syco the Snake (voiced by Steve Blum): A mischievous snake who lives in the dump and brings bad influences to the critters in Chucklewood Park. He encouraged Buttons and Rusty to smoke in "Smokin' Tongues." He is also responsible for writing the bad word on Jonesy's trash can that Buttons, Rusty, Bearbette and Frisky read off of in "Sailor Scouts." He is the owner of the book of dirty tricks. He is notable for being the first antagonist in the series to be a critter (a snake).
  • Randal the Wizard (voiced by Dana Snyder): A grouchy wizard who lives in a cabin in Chucklewood Park. He disguises as a woodsman to avoid attention. He can also be very sneaky such as in "Locked in the Library," where he tries to steal books from the library. Randal is friends with the boy cubs at times, making him an anti-hero and making him similar to the Amoeba Boys from The Powerpuff Girls. His face bears a resemblance to that of Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. After the events of this series, he became a supporting character.
  • Lord Morlock (voiced by Andy Serkis ("The Epic Chucklewood Story in a Brand New Year"), Richard Doyle (since "Rusty's Cousin Catastrophe")): A villain who first appeared in the season finale of Season 1. He is a short (same height as Buttons and Rusty), green dragon-like sorcerer with small wings who wears a purple cloak. In his debut episode, he casts a spell on everyone in Chucklewood Park, corrupting them with "anger" to turn them against each other. He can turn into a giant dragon with a jewel worn around his neck, which he also uses to turn other villains' possessions into powerful weapons or merge their robot armies into single giant robots. Despite the fact that he is a villain and a dark sorcerer, his level of intimidation is rather low due to the fact that he still lives with his mother. His face bears a resemblance to that of Ripto from the Spyro series.
    • Orcro (voiced by ):
    • Thump (voiced by ):
    • Mama Morlock (voiced by Jill Talley):
    • Spyler (voiced by Frank Welker): Morlock's pet giant-spider with a large horn who along with Orcro, Thump and Mama Morlock makes his first appearance in the Season 2 episode "Rusty's Cousin Catastrophe."
  • Claude (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A coyote who is a travelling trader who is also a scammer. He first appeared in the series in "Lonesy Jonesy," where he and his nephew, Crush team up with the Villains Club (Zak Vaderman, Zazzy Zeke, Delilah Denara, Dario and Chef Galton Gourmad) to get his revenge on the boy cubs for making him lose all of his trading supplies (referencing the original Chucklewood Critters series episode, An Eye for a Tooth). He speaks in a W.C. Fields accent. He is notable for being the first antagonist to be carried over from the original series.
    • Crush (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook): A mean coyote cub, Claude's nephew and Buttons and Rusty's rival who is their age. He wears a backwards red baseball cap. He has a "C" mark on his stomach. He often calls Buttons "Butt," Rusty "Rut," Bearbette "Yellow Butt," Frisky "Fisky," Freddie "Fredrick" which all scold him and kick his rear end for. He often kicks the boy cubs' rear ends or pokes their stomachs or in some cases chews on Freddie's tail. He has a fear of the titular TV character, MacGiggles the Frog. Like his uncle, his first appearance is in the Season 3 special "Lonesy Jonesy."
  • Lenny Stapp and Lulu (voiced by S. Scott Bullock and Sarah Natochenny):

Minor/Guest antagonists

  • 15× Great Granddaddy Gourmad (voiced by Tom Kenny):
  • Shelilah Denara (Delilah's 4× Great Grandmother) (voiced by Jill Talley):
    • Shario (Dario's 4× Great Grandfather) (voiced by Mr. Lawrence):
  • Zuzu Tomahawk (voiced by ):


Buttons & Rusty: Welcome to Chucklewood will feature 100 (112 if counting the specials' parts as separate episodes) episodes in total. Each special will be an hour long and will be divided into two parts.

Season 1

  1. Night of the Chucklewood Creeper - Buttons and Rusty decide to go spend the night with Johnny while Jonesy goes out to do some late night errands, leaving his new assistant ranger, Rodrigo a.k.a. "Roddy" to watch over them. Johnny tells Buttons and Rusty a scary story of an urban legend. The evil inventor and CEO of Vaderman World, Inc., Zak Vaderman along his associate, the swindler, Zazzy Zeke, overhears Johnny's scary story and plans to use this advantage to scare everyone in Chucklewood away with a Chucklewood Creeper robot, using an innocent Tasmanian devil for his robot, so he can dig himself and his associate a pool in Chucklewood to swim in when it's daytime. Fortunately, after Johnny, Buttons, Rusty and the rest of the critters, with the help of Robin and Lester (who is visiting the girl cubs' cave for the week), discover this, they manage to stop Zak, save the Tasmanian devil and destroy the robot while Zak gets bitten in the rear end by the Tasmanian Devil.
  2. Badly Behaved Bickering Bunnies - After Skipper and Bluebell learn about the ecosystems with flying squirrels and acorns, they both elect for a different side. After a disagreement, they decide to have a feud between each other. This worries not only Buttons and Rusty when they are reminded of the feud their folks had, but also their folks too. Altogether, they decide that they must make peace with Skipper and Bluebell by showing them how important flying squirrels and acorns are to the ecosystem. But in their attempts to do so, evil fashion designer, Delilah Denara and her henchman Dario kidnap all the flying squirrels in Chucklewood – and Rusty – in order to create a new fall line of living rodent clothing, with Rusty as their new top junior critter model. To save Buttons' body controlled pal and the rest of the flying squirrels in Chucklewood, Skipper and Bluebell are forced to stop their feud and assist Buttons and Johnny in doing so.
  3. Abner's Diet - Concerned with Abner's health, the critters decide to put him in a strict healthy diet and exercise, with the help of Coach Penny Platypus, who had hatched her eggs, making her late. But when the evil sabotaging endangered species and stolen food chef, Galton Gourmad replaces Abner's healthy ketchup with Toxic Atomic Sauce and burns his mouth, Abner is rushed into the critter hospital and Dr. Julie Macquarie explains that to cool down his mouth, he needs a bowl of ice cream. To avenge his father, Buttons, with the help of Rusty, goes to the supermarket in the suburb to get some ice cream, using Johnny's money, but he is kidnapped as a living toy by Gourmad who steals the unguarded platypus eggs and the ice cream that Buttons had bought and plans to use as the main course. Rusty manages to escape back to Chucklewood Park to come up with a plan to rescue Buttons and the eggs and retrieve the stolen ice cream. Later, as Buttons tries to stall Gourmad, fellow villains, Zak Vaderman, Zazzy Zeke and Delilah Denara, arrive for the main course – stolen ice cream with poached platypus eggs on top, with Buttons as a living toy. Johnny, Rusty, Turner, Skeeter and Abner (who despite his mouth still burned, is willing to help rescue his son with his new exercise experiences) take Franklin's new Platypus-sense goggles to rescue Buttons and the eggs and retrieve the ice cream and Abner's mouth is cooled down with a bowl of ice cream.
  4. The Three MarkeTEERS - Johnny travels to the supermarket with Buttons and Rusty in the suburb to gather food for their folks. However, Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke plan to open an arena at the edge of the suburb. After Zak and Zeke disguise themselves and kidnap two dogs, which are a bulldog and a Great Dane from the pet shop of the supermarket, Johnny, Buttons and Rusty notice this on the shoplifter catching camera owned by the supermarket manager and call their folks that they've got the food for them, but they gave them to Tobey, a tabby cat and associate of the police division, to take home for them, since he's also an old friend of Abner and George, and that they're gonna be home late tonight. They also call Robin, Bearbette and Frisky for backup, borrowing Philbert's trike motorcycle, "Leappinwolf." Can the kids and cubs stop Zak from making the dogs fight each other in the arena?
  5. Smokin' Tongues - While traveling to an abandoned dump, Buttons and Rusty meet with a snake named Syco, who offers them cigarettes, which adds smoking to their new habits, this concerns Bearbette and Frisky. The girl cubs head to Franklin's cave and ask him if there are any ways for the boy cubs to quit smoking and Franklin teaches them the many ways to quit smoking and then they teach this Buttons and Rusty. Buttons and Rusty, admitting that what they did was wrong, confess to the girl cubs that Syco is responsible for convincing them to smoke, so Bearbette makes a big proclamation for her, Frisky and the boy cubs to find Syco and scold him for it. They find him smoking outside an outdoor cafe in the suburb and they tell him what they know about smoking and Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke overhear this from inside the cafe and surprisingly agree with them. Of course, Syco denies this but starts gagging and turns pale, much to everyone's (including Zak and Zeke) surprise. The girl cubs tell Buttons and Rusty that what happened to Syco is why they shouldn't smoke and Syco is rushed to the critter hospital by Zak and Zeke and declares to Buttons, Rusty, Bearbette and Frisky that they'll be seeing more of him. [NOTE: Due to the depiction of smoking, viewer discretion is advised for the young.]
  6. Kirby the Robot - Buttons and Rusty decide to watch over an engineer's robot named "Kirby" after the engineer goes out to do some errands. When the Annual Robot Fight Tournament was announced, Kirby was dying to enter the tournament. Buttons and Rusty agreed to help him be prepared. But they weren't the only ones who entered the tournament, Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke had also entered the tournament as well, with Zak's new giant ZakRobo named "Gigantis," that is bigger and stronger than Kirby. Kirby was afraid, but Buttons and Rusty told him not to give up as they know a few little ones who did big things and shows him who they know. Kirby was determined to never give up. As the final match begins, Gigantis begins to battle Kirby, but is overpowered and defeated by being hit by several electric-powered rocks that Kirby slingshots at him, much to Zak and Zeke's horror. After Kirby gets the trophy, the same engineer from before arrives and asks Buttons and Rusty what was going on, but he is recognized by Jonesy as his old friend, Professor Al. Then, Kirby explains the entire story and Professor Al was impressed by it. Buttons and Rusty told Kirby that he can keep the trophy to remind him of them.
  7. Game On - When Johnny gives his old handheld video game to Rusty, he can't stop playing with it. That is until when Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke complain about how old the video game is, they decide to add a new machine to the arcade in the suburb that one or more players can walk into and play, which uses holograms to create a reality not the real world's. All of the kids in the suburb and Chucklewood Park (including Johnny and Robin's classmates, but excluding Johnny, Robin, Buttons, Rusty, Bearbette, Frisky, Skipper, Bluebell, Turner, Skeeter and Freddie [since they don't trust Zak]) and a few of the adult men (including Abner, George, Darwin, Philbert, Franklin, Harold McCobb, Roddy and even Jonesy) started playing it. Unfortunately, it was a little too real as the Video Game Boss, taking orders from Zak, manages to escape and began capturing all the kids and the adult men by defeating them at the game. Fortunately, Johnny and Robin saw all this and report this to all the young critters (including Rusty). Rusty, with all of his video game experience, manages to defeat the Video Game Boss and rescue the kids and the adult men, foiling Zak.
  8. Rebel Without a Paw - After getting a scar from an accident, Buttons becomes rebellious. Rusty discovers that the accident that gave Buttons a scar was not an accident but the doing of Zak Vaderman. Rusty then discovers that with the Time Communicator that Franklin invented, he can prevent Buttons from getting the scar.
  9. The Lonely Woodsman - When the boy cubs' favorite toy falls into the cabin of a grouchy woodsman named Randal, they try to get it back. Until they learn that he's secretly a wizard. Refusing to give up, Buttons and Rusty tell the other critters in Chucklewood, including their folks, about it and where it is in order to get backup to get the toy back. Meanwhile, Randal calls Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke to guard his property for him. The critters fight off Randal and the ZakRobos while Buttons and Rusty manage to get their favorite toy. Randal notices this and starts feeling so dumb for not noticing until it was too late. He swears to Buttons and Rusty that they'll meet again.
  10. What's Eating Buttons? - Buttons falls into a deep anxiety and depression. The critters try to cheer him up and figure out what's worrying him. They find out what's worrying him is that since Jester and his fellow beavers and residents of the Enchanted Valley arrived in Chucklewood in their Escape Ship (which is similar to Bowser's airship, but resembles a steamboat) and asked if they needed some trees for Jester's dam (which has been damaged), Abner and George told them that they can cut down "any tree they want," which might include Freddie's home and the boy cubs' favorite tree house. And before it was too late, Abner and George confess to Jester and his fellow beavers that they really didn't mean "any tree they want." The girl cubs then ask Jester why can't he and his fellow beavers cut down trees back home in the Enchanted Valley and Jester explains that it is all because a shortfin mako shark has invaded the water and scared everyone out of the Enchanted Valley and is also responsible for damaging the dam. Johnny asks if they can use enforcements to take out the shark and Jester tells him that their enforcements are unable to take it out because it has a vest made out of an impenetrable metal and shows the picture of the shark to everyone in Chucklewood. Johnny learns that the shark's vest has Zak Vaderman's acronym on it and that he and Zazzy Zeke have done all this to expand the waters to collect all the fish from the water.
  11. The Dark Flight - Franklin becomes a crime-fighting hero called "The Dark Flight" after a mountain lion starts causing trouble in the park. Meanwhile, Buttons and Rusty discover that the mountain lion is a mother who is searching for her mountain lion cubs who were kidnapped by Delilah Denara and Dario who are about to make them into fashion accessories, so Franklin and the mountain lion team up to rescue the mountain lion cubs.
  12. Frisky, My Dear - Frisky kisses Rusty (on the lips) after winning a race and a game of soccer, since then, Rusty becomes too attached to her. But will this effect his friendship between him and Frisky when everyone starts making a big deal? Nobody's gonna be making a big deal for long when Franklin asks Frisky to have Rusty help her with her report about walruses in the arctic. But while heading to the arctic in their Adventure Machine to help Frisky with her report about the walruses, the boy cubs discover that Zak Vaderman has stolen a rare and priceless pearl from a museum. They soon learn that Zak plans to trade it to Delilah Denara, in return for her partnership with him in his next evil plot, until Zak loses the pearl in the ocean. The boy cubs are then forced to search for the pearl to save the walruses in Franklin's Robot-Walrus suits to stop Zak who has captured the walruses to be his slaves to find the rare pearl.
  13. Joker's Wildlife - Fed up with Freddie's pranks, Buttons decides to get even with him and he prank him by dressing as Sasquatch. But things don't go well when Buttons is captured by researchers hired by Zak Vaderman, who wanted to show a Sasquatch to the public. This makes Freddie feel so guilty that he must get Buttons out of this mess.
  14. The Weevil Within - After learning from the rest of the young critters on their computer that Chef Galton Gourmad is planning on serving a mystery animal at his next buffet, with Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke as his guests of honor, the boy cubs' cave is infested with weevils, so they decide to ask Randal the Wizard for his help, but he shrinks them instead. Fortunately, this prompts the boy cubs to warn him that if he doesn't help them, they will dig in his nose if he shrinks them again.
  15. Halloween Special: Horror Park (Halloween Special) - Fall is just around the corner and Johnny explains to Buttons and Rusty about the tradition of Halloween. Then, invites the cubs to go to a Halloween theme park. But things cut short when they're stalked by all of monsters in the park (consisting of Igor, Lizardman, Ghost Dancer, Beholder, Laura, Vampire, Wizard, Ghost of Marie Antoinette, Gargoyle, Specter, Salamander, Scylla, Hippogriff, Lesser Demon, Count Alucard, Lernaean Hydra, Harpy, Ghost of Gilles de Rais, Cerberus, Adrammelech, Dragon Zombies, Devil, Giant Merman, Pazuzu, Talos, Cyclops, Gashadokuro, Manticore, Princess Langwidere, Rahab, Wyvern, Minotaur, Ghost of the Count of St. Germain, Balor, Zephyrus, Agni, Doppelgängers, Dullahan, Behemoth, Keremet, Dagon, Werewolf, Jiangshi, Paranthropus, Brachyura, Rusalka, Goliath, Eligos, Max Slimer, Quetzalcoatl, Astarte, Legion, Beelzebub, Giant Bat, Medusa, Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Great Warg, Swamp Troll, Ogre, Malphas, Ghost of Victor Brauner, Scarecrow, Nomios, Ghost of the Undertaker, Necromancer, Succubus, Count Dracula, Golem, Titan, Carmilla, Agreus, Ghost of Walter de Gray, Abaddon, Death, Satan, etc.), including the Phantom of the Park. Little did they know, that Syco has teamed up with Randal on tricking Johnny's rival, Lucas as an attempt to bring Halloween's scary to a new level. Johnny and the cubs soon learn that half of the monsters are actors hypnotized by Syco while the others are anamatronics that had their programming hijacked by Randal. They also learn that the Phantom of the Park is actually revealed to be the ghost of Victor Frankenstein, the founder of the park.
  16. Who's Jonesy? - After a freak accident, Jonesy gets amnesia and runs off to the forest. Johnny and the critters must save him and get his memory back. On the way, they run into Jonah, Buttons and Rusty's bobcat friend, and ask him to help them search for Jonesy. Jonah says that Jonesy has headed for Wild Turkey Valley, where the boy cubs' turkey friends, Marty and Priscilla live. They witness Jonesy capturing a California Condor and giving to Chef Galton Gourmad, who caused Jonesy get amnesia by adding wild berries to his smoothie and tricked him into thinking he's his cooking assistant, as part of a plan to make Condor legs. Fortunately, with the help of Jonah, Marty and Priscilla, along with the latter two's turkey friends, Johnny and the critters are able to save the California Condors and Jonesy and get his memory back.
  17. Trading Spaces - While avoiding spring cleaning, Rusty meets a space alien named Bleek, who's trying to get away from his lazy lifestyle he has with him and his brothers. He transforms into Rusty and takes his place while Rusty takes his as well. But things don't go the way Rusty wanted it when the aliens realize he's not their brother, so Rusty tries to escape but he and Bleek's brothers get captured by Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke.
  18. Weekend with Roddy - Roddy must watch over Buttons and Rusty for the weekend while their folks are gone and Jonsey is out on training. However, Roddy is not pleased with this idea for the fact that the cubs keep annoying him while preparing for his health exam. Fortunately, that's all going to change when the Yano of the Coyote Tribe and his family drop some pieces of litter onto the boy cubs' cave, flooding it in the process, through a basketball hoop disguised as a trash can which has a position directly over the boy cubs' cave all because of Syco the Snake's tricks.
  19. Ready to Rumble, Lester? - The critters visits Lester in Crystal Bayou to see him perform in the professional wrestling show. But when Lester challenges his toughest opponent, "The Spinigator," he tries to come up with a strategy to win and become the champion. Unfortunately, Spinigator is more of a gentle giant and his only dream is to become a figure skate dancer and culinary chef. The critters try to help sabotage Lester's opponent of being champion for him to fulfilled his dream. Meanwhile, Abner and George take part as Lester's tag team partner. But this doesn't go as planned when Abner gets injured so they get help from Roddy to take Abner's place. The critters then discover that Spinigator's behavior is all because Chef Galton Gourmad had added drugs that made him only think about his dream is his gumbo when he was about to eat it before entering. Because of it, he was forced to become Lester's extra opponent. However, he is surprisingly tougher than Spinigator and beats Lester easily. Fortunately, after Lester falls down, knocking a bottle of liniment, which the orifice gets the position directly over his open mouth, the liniment falls into his mouth and he regains consciousness and becomes stronger than he was before and manages to take out Gourmad.
  20. Radishes vs. Turnips - Buttons and Rusty tries to settle a feud between two gophers.
  21. Enter to the School Zone - Buttons and Rusty travel to Johnny's school for a visit, during class time.
  22. Memory Loss - Buttons and Rusty visit Sweet Water Valley to visit Buttons' grandmother, Gram. However, she only recognizes Bridgette. Franklin arrives and discovers Gram has Alzheimer's Disease. Franklin tells Buttons and Rusty that the medicine that improves the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease is in the hands of Chef Galton Gourmad.
  23. Locked in the Library - Robin takes the girl cubs to the library to work on a project for school. As Robin completes her project, she reads a long story to the girl cubs causing them to fall asleep and finding out that they're locked in the library! As they do their best to keep themselves safe, they must also outsmart Randal the Wizard, who plans to steal some of the books in the library so he can try more magic powers.
  24. Look, Ma! No Glasses! - A windy day in Chucklewood causes Franklin's glasses to be blown away. Franklin tries on eye contacts so that he can see. After Buttons and Rusty search for Franklin's glasses all over in Chucklewood, they discover that Syco the Snake has Franklin's glasses to read his book of dirty tricks. They chase after him until he gets to his RC Toy Airplane and flies away with Franklin's glasses. They ask Jefferson to follow Syco's plane and Jefferson sees that Syco is heading towards the Wild Country, where the boy cubs' old armadillo friends, Willard and Arnie live.
  25. New Year Special and Season 1 Finale: The Epic Chucklewood Story in a Brand New Year (New Year Special) - While stuck in the cave, during a rainy day and bored out of their minds, Buttons and Rusty decide to write the most epic story they ever made from a book full of blank pages giving by Jonesy. A story about their greatest adventures in Chucklewood Park while saving the day from an evil sorcerer named Lord Morlock, who had been secretly hired by Zak Vaderman, Delilah Denara and Chef Galton Gourmad who plan on spoiling New Year's Day and turning Chucklewood Park into "Villain World." Buttons and Rusty then break Morlock's "Anger Crystal," which corrupted everyone in Chucklewood Park. But Morlock had one last trick up his sleeve, making Zak, Delilah and Gourmad as powerful villains, with Zak's ZakRobos merging into a giant robot, Delilah using magical powers based on the attire she wears and Gourmad's food exploding when on impact. Buttons and Rusty manage to save the day by washing Morlock with water, causing the other villains to lose their powers and make a hasty retreat along with Morlock. Now celebrating New Year's Day, Buttons and Rusty tell the epic story that they wrote to everyone and with a clip show, the critters reminisce the events of the first season.

Season 2

  1. An Eye for an Aye Aye - The critters meets an aye aye named Edward, but have some difficulty making eye contact without being scared. Meanwhile, Bearbette and Frisky, after trying to find out where Edward came from, discover that he has escaped from and is being hunted by Chef Galton Gourmad, who has Edward's family in his grasp.
  2. Meet the Pandas - When a family of panda comes to Chucklewood Park, everyone seems happy to meet them, all except Abner. Feeling jealous of them, he forces his family to avoid them. Do the critters believe that Abner has prejudice against the pandas? Fortunately, that's going to change, as Zak Vaderman has plans to capture them and every other panda in the world and make them into robotic stuffed toys.
  3. I Saw a Dragon - The boy cubs believe there's a dragon living in the mountains, only to realize its was a komodo dragon that escaped from the zoo.
  4. Sailor Scouts - Syco the Snake writes a bad word on Jonesy's trash can that the boy and girl cubs read off of and innocently use. At the end of the "M.C. Franklin's Important Things To Remember" segment, Franklin reminds the viewers that the series of animal noises (i.e. growling noises, etc.) that were heard throughout the episode mean a word that we can't say on television.
  5. Moosing Around - Johnny must help and protect a great white moose (that was once protected and watched over by Johnny's mom, Sally) from poachers hired by Delilah Denara and Dario, who plan to make him into a living fur coat. Meanwhile, George and Abner disguise themselves as the moose to distract Delilah Denara and the poachers.
  6. There's No Place Like Home - While getting her appendix removed, Bearbette dreams that she is in a world similar to The Wizard of Oz (with Frisky as a non-anthropomorphic vixen [making her similar to Toto], Jonesy as the Wizard of Oz, Turner as the Scarecrow, Freddie as the Tin Raccoon, Skeeter as the Cowardly Lion, Skipper and Bluebell as the Munchkins [Male for Skipper and female for Bluebell], Rusty as Glindo, the Good Warlock of the South, Buttons as Honeydoo, the Good Warlock of the North, Zazzy Zeke as the Wicked Warlock of the East, Zak Vaderman as the Wicked Warlock of the West and the ZakRobos as the Flying monkeys). But Zak and Zazzy Zeke have sent the ZakRobos to cut the uninhabited trees in Chucklewood. Fortunately, now that Bearbette is cured, she helps Buttons and Rusty stop the saw-armed ZakRobos by tossing water at them with buckets, just like she did to the Wicked Warlock of the West in her dream.
  7. Safety Turner - Turner feels concern about the safety of the park so he decides to make the park safer. Meanwhile, Franklin opens a skate park.
  8. Freddie Gets Bullied - When Lester's nephew comes to Chucklewood for a visit, pranking him is the last thing Freddie try to do. Freddie gets bullied by being pushed into a pool of mud, being poked in the stomach, having his tail pulled as if it were a rope, ripping his shirt (making him naked) and being called "Frederick." [NOTE: Due to scenes of bullying, parental discretion is advised for the young.]
  9. Abner the Talking Toy Chest - Abner falls into the cubs' old toy chest and gets locked inside after trying put away an old cell phone that belong to Jonesy. Meanwhile as he get transferred away from Chucklewood, he barks on an adventure back home. Unfortunately, he is noticed by Delilah Denara and Chef Galton Gourmad who think he's a talking toy chest and report this to Zak Vaderman. Fortunately, Abner still has the cell phone with him and calls Buttons and Rusty for help.
  10. Roddy's Father - When Roddy's father, Fernando, a pirate/car salesman from Costa Rica, comes to visit him, Roddy want to impress him. Meanwhile, Delilah Denara and Dario break into the zoo and steal the lemurs to make into scarves for Delilah's father.
  11. Kindergarten Cubs - When George finds two bottles of water, he and Abner drinks it only to turn themselves young, they discover they've been drinking a potion of youth laid out by Randal.
  12. Critter Gitters - A television crew wants to film a reality show on the critters cave when George decides to get recognition for his achievement and get everyone to acknowledge him. However, one of the producers tries to take advantages on George and the critters by changing their cave into a house, making them wear "Rad" cloth, etc.
  13. Gone Fishin' - The boy cubs go fishing with their fathers until the lake is troubled by a giant snakehead fish. They know that giant snakehead fish don't belong in the area. They then realize that it and the rest of its kind have been roboticized and sent by Zak Vaderman, Zazzy Zeke and Delilah Denara to collect purple loosestrifes for mass production of loosestrife jewelry. Now, they must do everything they can to fish the lake-invading robot fish before it's too late.
  14. Rusty's Cousin Catastrophe - Rusty's Aunt Stacy, Uncle Dennis and his cousin Sarah visit Chucklewood for the weekend. However, while the boy cubs give Sarah a tour of the forest, she starts to wander away from them and acts crazy. While visiting the girl cubs' cave, as Frisky plays a toy with cymbals, Sarah gets frightened and runs back to the boy cubs' cave. The cubs are explained by Rosie that Sarah has autism. Franklin teaches the boy and girl cubs how to act around with Sarah and other critters with autism. However, Sarah has a unique talents no one ever knew she had such as dealing with villains after she and her parents get critternapped by Lord Morlock, his two sidekicks, Orcro, a short orc shorter than Morlock, and Thump, a giant wererhino bigger than Dario, and his pet giant-spider, Spyler, for ransom.
  15. Jokeymon: Gotta Waste 'Em All - Buttons and Rusty are drawn to a trading card games called "Jokeymon," (a spoof of Pokémon) that may disperse their friendship. However, unbeknownst to them, Zak and Zazzy Zeke have instructed the ZakRobos to clean up the truck and dump their garbage into one of Chucklewood Lake's streams. When the waste enters the lake, Johnny, Robin, Jonesy, Roddy, Abner, Bridgette, George, Rosie, Bearbette, Frisky, Skipper, Bluebell, Turner, Freddie, Skeeter, Quacker, Darwin, Bearnadine, Philbert, Franklin, the Coyote Tribe and the rest of the critters go to the rescue to stop the ooze from reaching the unhatched water critter eggs. The boy cubs then decide to work together to stop Zak, using the Jokeymon characters, bringing them to life using a formula that Professor Al made. Then, the kids, rangers and critters use a filter that Franklin created to get rid of the ooze at last.
  16. Turning into a New Zak - After losing to Delilah Denara and Chef Galton Gourmad in a game of poker, Zak goes bankrupt and loses everything including his business. Now, he's living his life as a decent man, which brings more problems with the park.
  17. "Untitled Episode" - One of Johnny's classmates, David (an African-American boy) visits the park he asked for help from Roddy when his older brother, Ryan is getting in trouble with a group of bullies (who are white street gang members). Later, in hopes of getting rid of Buttons and Rusty once and for all, Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke visit the same bullies to mention about them. While visiting Johnny and David at their school, Buttons and Rusty also encounter Ryan with the same bullies they try to intervene to help him out. Luckily, they escape, only they tear a patch with a swastika from one their jackets knowing that Ryan is more than in trouble and inform Roddy and Jonesy about it. Later that night, the boy cubs witness David getting shot by the gang with a gun while saving Ryan and at that moment Jonesy and Roddy arrive with the police and arrest them. Believing he died, Ryan swears retaliation over David's "death" by shooting the bullies, until Roddy stops him and convinces him that it's not worth it and the boy cubs agree with Roddy and rebuke Ryan for his own actions, reminding him that David sacrificed himself to save him, but it will all be for nothing if Ryan gets killed too. Hamilton then points out to Ryan that he too bears some responsibility for David's "death." Fortunately, David reveals that he has managed to survive being shot but it left him critically injured losing the ability to walk. The boy cubs then tell the police that Zak was also involved in this (as they were looking through the bullies' window) and as punishment, Zak was forced to escort David to the hospital. [NOTE: This is one of the darkest episodes that involves gun violence and gangs. Due to scenes of violence, viewer and parental discretion are advised.]
  18. Saving the Adventure Machine - After spending the night at Sarah's cave, the boy cubs plan to take Sarah for her first ride on the Adventure Machine in the suburb. They only discover that the Adventure Machine been gone. They received a telegram from Johnny who had witnessed the Adventure Machine being taken by a friend of Dario named Zuzu Tomahawk, who is hired by him and Delilah Denara to make a television show called "Mr. Dario's Wonderland," sponsored by Denara Fashions, using the Adventure Machine as a prop. He also discovers that with the Adventure Machine, he and Delilah might be able to capture animals from anywhere in the world for her new line of fashion. Johnny reports this to police as he, the boy cubs and Sarah go on a mission to bring back the Adventure Machine. Along the way, Sarah gets kidnapped by Zuzu (in disguise of an old beggar) with Delilah's body-controlling ray as a way to take her for ice cream. The police calls the Special Victims Division to locate the vehicle and obtain a search warrant. Days later, a telegram was received by Robin as the police tracked Zuzu to a television studio in Crystal Grove, where the show is being aired live and saw that Sarah has been locked up in a cage with her mouth covered and her tied in ropes and the key is located in one of the tables. The Adventure Machine is parked there. With the help of Lester and Porcupine Sam, the boy and girl cubs, Johnny, Robin and the police hack into the studio and slowly drag the Adventure Machine out of the studio. Meanwhile, Zuzu presents a live segment with false information. Tobey then retrieves the key to the cage and frees Sarah who then screams at Delilah, Dario and Zuzu for hurting her and bites Zuzu's hand. The police then arrests Zuzu for stealing, kidnapping a critter and providing false information on a television studio. Delilah accepts defeat and makes a retreat with Dario. The police then takes the critters that were kidnapped by Delilah and Dario to the airport so that they can go home to their natural habitats. Unfortunately, after bringing back the Adventure Machine, it collapses due to being driven from continent to continent. Johnny, the boy cubs and Sarah were disappointed that the Adventure Machine had been completely destroyed along with their plan to take Sarah for her first ride. Fortunately, as the boy cubs think today is the Adventure Machine's last day, Philbert reveals that he has the capability to fix anything and he was able to fix the Adventure Machine and put it back in action, thus reviving the boy cubs' plan to take Sarah for her first ride on the Adventure Machine.
  19. Cousin Bruce Almighty - As the boy cubs clean their room, Buttons' Cousin Bruce surprisingly pops up from their toy chest.
  20. Frisky and the Funnel Cake Factory - While falling asleep, Frisky imagines she's in a funnel cake factory run by Billy Bonka (a spoof of Willy Wonka), using a similar storyline to the 1971 film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (with Frisky accompanied by Bearbette [influenced by Charlie Bucket], Freddie accompanied by Philbert [influenced by Augustus Gloop], Sarah accompanied by Rusty [influenced by Veruca Salt] and Bruce accompanied by Buttons [influenced by Mike Teevee]. Later the next morning, as Frisky wakes up, Johnny and Robin take the boy and girl cubs to a real funnel cake factory in the suburb. However, the funnel cake sampling had to be suspended due to Delilah Denara and Dario adding poison, using venomous snakes as poison spewing scarves to take over the factory as funnel cakes are Delilah's favorite food.
  21. Viva Mas Regas - While celebrating Chucklewood's birthday, the adult critters tell a tale that takes place during the events of Weekend with Roddy, where Lester invites the boy and girl cubs' parents and Philbert over to a resort which includes table games (such as Blackjack, Poker and the Roulette wheel), a massage spa and live entertainment. Meanwhile, while relaxing in a Jacuzzi, Philbert gets drunk by drinking a strange beer (laid out by a disguised Gourmad) which caused him to do strange things, including staying in the Jacuzzi too long. Later, the boy and girl cubs' parents play a single hand of blackjack risking a huge amount of money. They soon discover that the resort has been hacked by Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke who along with Delilah Denara, Dario and Chef Galton Gourmad are scamming a group of cats into giving them their money. [NOTE: Due to scenes of alcoholism and gambling, parental discretion is advised for the young.]
  22. Higher Learning - Buttons and Rusty want to help Skeeter to pass his test so decide to tutor him for him. However, Syco the Snake comes along and tell him to cheat on his test in order to make things easier for him.
  23. Tour Under Frozen Water - While having winter fun with the critters and visiting critters, Jester, Jonah, Yano and his family, the boy cubs' cousins, Bruce and Sarah and their folks and even Lester and Porcupine Sam, Johnny and Robin remember that they have a science report to do about the underwater world under frozen water. With the help of the critters and Jester's grandfather's latest creation, the "Magic Submarine" (a spoof of The Magic School Bus), they descend into the water. However, Zak, Delilah and Gourmad want to have a secret Villains Club meeting in the same area that they don't know where the kids and critters are. The gang then confronts Zak, Zeke, Delilah, Dario and Gourmad and they all play a hockey game to see who stays and who goes.
  24. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Meanest of Them All - Jonesy, Johnny, Robin and the critters go to a racetrack to see the auto-race. They see Lester and his mother. Cheerleaders were giving out free T-shirts by firing them from hand cannons into the crowd, and Abner wants one. While Mrs. Gator goes to a concession stand to buy some food, Abner draws a target using ketchup on his chest and finally gets the cheerleader's attention. The cheerleaders send a full barrage of T-shirts in Abner's direction, but rather than catching them, he bends down at the last second to pick up a dollar. Suddenly, the shirts hit Mrs. Gator in the face, causing her to hit the guardrail and fall to the ground several stories behind her. Dr. Macquarie was at the race with her medical team but they are unable to do anything except pronounce that Mrs. Gator is dead, to everyone's shock and dismay, especially poor Lester, who then requests that there will be a private funeral service for her. The next morning, Franklin talks to the boy cubs about death. Meanwhile, Zak and Zeke buy a mirror from Randal in a yard sale and use it to learn spells from it, one of them which summons the ghosts of all the meanest but deceased villains in all of history, including his Villains Club members' ancestors (15× Great Granddaddy Gourmad (Gourmad's 15× Great Grandfather from the 1600s), who, back in his time, planned to use a family of dodos for his lunch, only to be foiled by Buttons and Rusty's 1600s ancestors, and Shelilah Denara (Delilah's 4× Great Grandmother from the 1880s) and her henchman Shario (Dario's 4× Great Grandfather from the 1880s), who, back in their time, were shepherds who contributed to the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger, only to be foiled by Buttons and Rusty's 1880s ancestors). Fortunately, there are good ghosts, like Johnny's mom, Sally. Eventually, as Zak attempts to trap the boy cubs in the mirror, Sally stops him and summons their mirror world counterparts (resembling their original series designs) to help the boy cubs defeat the evil ghosts. [NOTE: Due to subject matter and off-screen death, viewer discretion is advised.]
  25. Season 2 Finale: Chucklewood Vacation (Special) - The critters, Johnny and Robin go on a week long vacation to Fort Caulderdale. However, they are learned by Lester that Fort Caulderdale is two hours from Crystal Bayou! And the trip by airboat would be an hour. Upon arriving, they stay at a beach resort. Johnny, the boy cubs, Freddie, Turner and Skeeter stay in a waterway view suite. Robin and the girl cubs stay in an ocean view suite. Skipper and Bluebell get a beachside suite looking towards Ocean Drive. The adult critters get two sub coastal view suites (one for the men [Abner, George, Darwin, Philbert, Quacker and Franklin] and one for the women [Bridgette, Rosie and Bearnadine]). Among the activities they did, went to Pawgrass Mills Mall, a bird park, water skiing, parasailing and paddle boarding. One day, while Franklin, Quacker, the boy cubs' mothers, the girl cubs' parents, the kids and the young critters spend a morning on the beach building a sandcastle, in addition to having Freddie bury the mothers in the sand, Philbert takes the boy cubs' fathers on Leappinwolf on a ride through Ocean Drive, only to be interrupted by a thunderstorm, forcing them and the rest of the beach goers to get inside the same beach resort for shelter. Little did the kids and critters suspect that this "thunderstorm" is actually "Point Α," to distract them and the rest of beach goers by forcing them inside as part of a plan of Zak Vaderman, Delilah Denara and Chef Galton Gourmad to drive the beach resort that the kids, the critters and the beach goers are in out of business by opening "Vaderman-Denara-Gourmad Resort." The "thunderstorm" is actually Zak's airship armed with dozens of sprinklers, a sound machine inside for the ZakRobos to amplify the thunder noises for everyone outside to hear, a light that flashes when the "thunders" are heard and Zak's airship is completely covered with clouds from his cloud processing machine. While in the resort's pool area (covered by a retractable roof), as the kids and critters watch Leappinwolf perform a concert at Mollywood Beach on TV and enjoy some pizzas brought to them by a pizza delivery guy who managed to get through the "storm," the Villains Club puts "Point Β," to steal every animal they want, into action. Zak Vaderman, Zazzy Zeke and the ZakRobos dig underground to make underground animals into robotic stuffed toys, Delilah Denara and Dario steal the fauna in Fort Caulderdale's forests to use as the resort's souvenir fashion accessories and Chef Galton Gourmad steals the deep-sea fauna to invent new endangered seafood dishes. That afternoon, after the storm stopped, Buttons and Rusty were wondering how come it rained the rest of the morning, when suddenly, they saw the Villains Club reviewing Points Α and Β, both of which they have succeeded, now the Villains Club was preparing for "Point Γ," to hang up Vaderman-Denara-Gourmad Resort fliers all over Fort Caulderdale. Buttons and Rusty run off without being noticed by the Villains Club and tell the rest of the critters and the kids the story.

Season 3

  1. One Small Step for Ape - The boy cubs receive a message in an asteroid from their alien friend, Bleek and his brothers, who are inviting them and the rest of the critters for a tour of their home planet, coincidentally on the same day as the mission to the same planet given to a chimpanzee by NASA (according to George's newspaper), Abner calls NASA and tells them that the planet the Chimpanzee is going to is the same place a friend of the boy cubs live. Meanwhile, Delilah Denara and Dario were reading one of the newspapers that's like the one George was reading and Delilah decides to add the astronaut Chimpanzee along with her frozen Chimpanzee fashion accessory collection, so she and Dario infiltrate the space craft, which is moved into Chucklewood Park and where the critters and Chimpanzee astronaut are in. Once they get to Bleek's home planet, they meet up with him and his brothers and they give the critters and the chimp a tour throughout the planet. At that same moment, Delilah and Dario sabotage the space craft's control systems to get the chimp. After the tour, the chimp and critters discover that the controls are malfunctioning. When, Abner and the chimp go to investigate the control systems, Delilah and Dario ambush them and capture the chimp. After Abner reports this to the boy cubs, they go back to Bleek and his brothers to see if they can fix the space craft's control systems and save the chimp from Delilah and Dario.
  2. Girls Day Out - The girl cubs visit Robin's house for the day. Together, they read a magazine called "Popular Girls" which includes a personality quiz; go window shopping at the mall, see a movie and even having a pool party, only to be interrupted by Freddie's pranks such as spreading peanut butter on the girls' stomachs while sunbathing (ending it with jelly on their chests), pouring syrup on the popcorn and pretending to be a shark, using a shark hand puppet to bite Frisky's tail. However, his shark prank ends up getting him captured by Chef Galton Gourmad, who has captured real Great White Sharks from around the world for his endangered shark fin soup recipe.
  3. Chicken Pox - While her parents are away for the weekend, Sarah visits the boy cubs' cave. However, the boy cubs are not feeling well and they have polka dots on their faces causing her to laugh. Franklin then takes Sarah to the girl cubs' cave, but they too have polka dots which Sarah continues laughing. As she wanders away and continues laughing, Franklin stops her and takes her to his cave and explains to her they got "the chicken pox." After his lecture, he takes Sarah to Skipper and Bluebell's burrow to have them babysit her while the cubs are recuperating. Together, they write get-well cards, learn how to garden only to end up with Sarah watering Bluebell's stomach, play hide-and-seek and swim in the burrow's swimming hole. While Sarah spends the night, Lord Morlock sneaks into the burrow and uses a powerful spell to put her into a deep sleep for 24 hours. Skipper and Bluebell attempt to wake her up by rubbing her stomach but to no avail. The next morning, Skipper and Bluebell do their morning exercises and discover a book of spells which ultimately belonged to Morlock. They look for an antidote which can wake Sarah up. In the meantime, they ask Jefferson to search for Morlock and Jefferson discovers that Morlock has been invited by Zak Vaderman over to his truck and that Zak knew that Sarah would show up and possibly try to interfere with his plan to collect animals from the zoo for some robots. However, the ZakRobos have lost their power, so after Zazzy Zeke plugs them into the charger, Zak heads off to collect the animals with Morlock by his side.
  4. Behind the Bruised Badgers - The cubs meet a young smart aleck badger named Billy who is attending their class and getting on everyone's nerve. But the next day, Buttons sees Billy with a black eye and some bruises on him. He soon finds out that his father was physically abuses him. Billy begs Buttons to keep this a secret from everyone, so he promises he will. The next day, Billy hasn't come to class and Buttons realize that his father had hurt him again. Billy then admits that keeping it a secret can't help him and guesses that Buttons has to tell everyone about it and tell them that Billy knows it's not like his father. Then, as Buttons and his parents rush Billy to the critter hospital, everyone discovers that Delilah Denara plots to make Billy and the rest of the badger kids in Chucklewood into winter hats, using her new "Delilah Mannequin Collector Units" and her gypsy cousin's spell book that she borrowed from her to cast a spell on the badger kids' parents, corrupting them to abuse their kids. [NOTE: Due to depictions of child abuse, viewer discretion is advised for the young.]
  5. Christmas Special: An Epic Chucklewood Christmas (Christmas Special) - Buttons need to choose between getting a special gift for Bearbette or to his parents; Rusty want to bring Christmas spirit to the park so he can receive more gift; Johnny is overwhelmed to find out his father is coming to visit.
  6. Return to the Enchanted Valley - Jester has written a letter to Buttons and Rusty, saying that he is moving out of the Enchanted Valley and into Chucklewood to open a new gym and he wants them to make his last day in his old home before he moves out the most fun he's ever had. So they invite Johnny, Robin, the girl cubs and their cousins Bruce and Sarah to the Enchanted Valley. They decide to take their logging chute to the Enchanted Valley. But Sarah has never been on a logging chute before, she decides to ride with Rusty and Frisky. Upon arriving, they begin to experiment some spirit bears and black bears. Meanwhile, a new villain, Patty Parker and her new villain assistant, Reg, arrive in the Enchanted Valley, planning to flatten it and build a Mega Hotel, starting by damaging Jester's dam to steal water for pools. Rusty and Sarah witness this and get captured but report this to the bear cousins, the girl cubs and the kids. To stop this new enemy from destroying Jester's old home, the boy cubs and their cousins will need to use giant logs with the assistance of Jester and his fellow beavers.
  7. Bowling for Critters - Johnny and Robin invite the critters to Robin's birthday party at the bowling center. But the boy and girl cubs never bowled before. Philbert (who is an excellent bowler) takes them to Jester's Gym to learn how to bowl.
  8. Play it Again, Sarah - Sarah continuously beats Rusty in many games (such as tug of war, chess, checkers, etc.). Her antic celebrations annoy him. But nothing has ever been as bad as Sarah playing her favorite song "Crazy Car," on her music player over and over causing distraction to all the Chucklewood population, especially during the nighttime which wakes everyone up. Fortunately, Sarah has a calm explanation and gives the reason to playing her favorite song on her music player. She explains that she's trying to get her parrot friend, Paulie and his buddies to sing. But when everyone gets caught up in Delilah's plan to capture the parrots for her latest clothing line, Sarah must amplify her music player and get the parrots to sing to save them and stop Delilah.
  9. Valentine Special: Franklin's Spring Fever (Valentine Special) -
  10. Lonesy Jonesy (Special) - The critters go to Japan to explore Japanese culture as recommended by Franklin's Aunt Nora "Know It All." During their journey, they run into the boy cubs' old coyote rival, the traveling trader, Claude, who is selling toy animals. [Special Guest Stars: Chris and Martin Kratt as Chris and Martin Wildcatt.]
  11. Roddy's Inside Story - Roddy swallows a USB after Rusty accidentally trips him. Now with the help from Buttons and Johnny, they shrink themselves and travel inside Roddy's stomach by transforming the Adventure Machine into a Magic Adventure Machine (a spoof of The Magic School Bus) and retrieve the USB from him. Only to find out that Roddy's stomach is being infested by anthropomorphic germs that were created by Zak Vaderman.
  12. Buttons' Doodle - While in the library with Rusty and Johnny, Buttons finds a magical brush and draws a doodle of himself, but it comes to life and causes trouble. Buttons then finds out the magical brush was laid out by Randal the Wizard and no matter what he or anyone else paints the doodle, it only follows Randal's orders.
  13. The Critter Mermaids - Sarah and Bluebell spend the day swimming in Chucklewood Lake. Together, they do a swimming race to see who can swim the farthest and do a number of ways to jump into the lake (such as cannonballs and rope-swing). While taking a break with sunbathing, Bluebell looks at Sarah's bikini, she reminds herself of a mermaid. The two then imagine themselves as mermaids. This uses a similar storyline to the 1989 Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid. The characters are Sarah as the Princess, Frisky as her older sister, Bluebell as herself, George as the sea-king (King George), Dennis as the king's adviser, Rusty and Skipper are the two princes, Lord Morlock as the sea-warlock, Syco the Snake as his pet eel and Stacy and Rosie are the princes' workers. Afterwards, Skipper interrupts their swimming and tells them that a distress call is sent from Eugene, that the fish in Rocky Ridge's waters are disappearing.
  14. Dennis Hood - The boy cubs visit the gym to learn how to do archery with Jonah. They learn by him that he is a skilled archer. After their lesson, they visit Sarah's cave to practice with Dennis. The first time Rusty shoots an arrow, it shooted way too high and it landed in the castle of Lord Morlock. Morlock then finds Rusty's arrow and surprisingly generously gives it back to him but tells him that Orcro is a skilled archer as well. Meanwhile, Roddy is trying some archery as well, however some his attempts cause some comedic results. For instance, he nearly shoots an arrow into a flock of geese that scatter and form into the shape of a "?!," then, he shoots another arrow at the letters "N," "Y" and "A" off the end of a plane's banner reading "Marry me, Bronya" and turns it into "Marry me, Bro," causing the older brother of the person who commissioned the pilot to slap his younger brother. These results make Milo, Spike and Furbrain laugh and jeer at Roddy. Later, Jester and Jonah host an archery tournament.
  15. Grandpa Rufus' Country Farm - George and Dennis take the boy cubs, Sarah and Johnny to Grandpa Rufus' farm which needed a major renovation before Rufus sells the farm and moves to a retirement home. But Rufus doesn't want to give up many of his prized possessions away such as his tractor, which he had since he was married to Grandma Eleanor, his unicycle, which he used for a local circus and a bicycle, which he trained George how to ride it. Eventually, Rufus is horrified to see that his prized tractor is gone and faints. Johnny notices a meat mallet where his tractor was and asks him why he is so disorganized and informs him that he shouldn't leave a meat mallet where his tractor was. Upon hearing this, Rufus gets up and berates Johnny that he is never disorganized and that he never uses meat mallets. This prompts Rusty to investigate the scene, he then discovers that the meat mallet belongs to Chef Galton Gourmad, concluding that he stole Rufus' tractor. So George calls Rosie, Abner, Bridgette and the rest of the critters that Gourmad has stolen Rufus' tractor and that Rufus' farm needs a major renovation before he sells it and moves to a retirement home. The gang later discovers that Gourmad has stolen Rufus' tractor for an endangered species farm. Fortunately, Rufus knows how to run an endangered species farm the right way.
  16. The Big Blizzard - Roddy and Jonesy inform the critters that a major blizzard is occurring and it could potentially cause 12 feet of snow throughout the next three days. All of the critters are forced to evacuate. In Abner and George's "Adventure Machine Mark XVII," the boy and girl cubs, the boy cubs' cousins, Bruce and Sarah (who were visiting them), Freddie, their folks, Skipper, Bluebell, Turner, Skeeter, Quacker and Franklin head to Crystal Bayou to visit Lester (suggested by Bearbette as she, Frisky and her family lived there before moving to Chucklewood). Together, they play bayou swamp games such as the Creeper Leaper, fishing, sack race and tug of war. While the critters have fun swimming in the Bayou's lake, Skeeter discovers a flier that reads "Come ski and snowboard at Zak Vaderman's Ski Resort." And also notices that the model in the flier is Randal the Wizard. The critters then conclude that Zak has teamed up with Randal to bring the blizzard onto Chucklewood and report this to Roddy and Jonesy. Then, upon hearing this and with the help of Professor Al, Johnny manages to detect where exactly the blizzard is coming from and it was coming from Lord Morlock's castle, concluding that Zak and Randal have also teamed up with Lord Morlock. Meanwhile, Jester and Jonah set up a shelter at the gym for any critters who might be stranded. After the blizzard has passed, Roddy and Jonesy inspect the forest using their snow trucks but it turns out that the snow has covered the homes of all the critters. Jonesy informs the critters in Crystal Bayou, via telegram about this which may take days to remove the snow and to ensure that it is safe to move back to the forest. Meanwhile, Randal the Wizard casts a spell to enhance Morlock's "Ice Crystal" (which is in the shape of a snowball), which turned the air temperature very cold to prevent the snow from melting as part of Zak's plan. As a result of the blizzard and cold temperatures, Johnny and Robin's school has canceled classes until further notice. They attempted to send postcards to Crystal Bayou, but the post office has canceled mail delivery as a result of the cold temperatures and the blizzard. Back in the Bayou, Lester has a sore throat and decides to stay home while recuperating. The mothers nurse him with medicine, herb, tea and honey. While the young critters visit a lost sunken ship, Skeeter falls into the quicksand. Quacker quickly alerts Dennis, who in the middle of practicing archery with George and Porcupine Sam, then Dennis ties a rope to one of his arrows and shoots it towards the edge. Skeeter grabs the rope and Dennis grabs him at the last second. The next day, another telegram was received telling them the snow on the critters' homes have been removed with the help of Jester and Jonah. It is now safe to return to Chucklewood. But Skeeter notices the bottom of the telegram that says that the temperatures are still cold due to Randal. Fortunately, Bruce and Sarah have received a call from Bruce's cell phone from Johnny who says that he, Robin and Professor Al have detected where in Lord Morlock's castle the blizzard came from and it was from his Ice Crystal and the only way to melt the snow and warm up the temperatures is to smash the Ice Crystal into pieces. Buttons asks Johnny if the Adventure Machine is still back in Chucklewood and Johnny says it is. The critters then tell Johnny and Robin to pick them up and take them to Morlock's castle to destroy the Ice Crystal. Suddenly, a voice says "Leave it to me." It was Lester who has finally recuperated from his sore throat thanks to the mothers. Once Johnny and Robin arrive in the Adventure Machine, Lester hops aboard and they take off to Morlock's castle. Upon arriving to the castle, they see Zak, Zazzy Zeke, Randal, Morlock, Orcro, Thump and Mama Morlock looking through the window, with Zak saying that in a few short hours, Chucklewood Park will be turned into a ski resort and that the critters will have to get used to it but they do not see Lester behind them getting the Ice Crystal until it is too late. Lester smashes the Ice Crystal which causes the snow to melt and the temperatures to warm up.
  17. PANDAmonium - After Skeeter receives a message from his elephant pen pals, Nelly and Elton (from the original Chucklewood Critters episode, The Big One), about their relatives, the Asian elephants who live in Panda Valley, where the pandas and all Asian critters who moved there live, Johnny, Robin and the critters spend the day there to see the Asian elephants with the panda family. Meanwhile, Patty Parker and Reg plan to pave and invade the valley and place a mega convention complex with an arena and a stadium, using the strongest Asian critters such as Asian elephants and other pandas to work for her.
  18. The Chucklewood Science Fair - The boy cubs experiment some spring shoes to make them jump four times higher than normal and making it easier to climb trees faster. Meanwhile, Franklin hosts a science fair, where he will judge for the best science project. The boy cubs build a catapult with the help of Willard and Arnie. After the catapult is completed, they test Skeeter and he is catapulted into the headquarters of Vaderman World, Inc., in Zak Vaderman's Villains Club, where he along with Delilah Denara and Chef Galton Gourmad are welcoming Patty Parker as their new club member and they make a potion that turns mice into rats.
  19. Halloween Special 2: Creepy Critters (Halloween Special) - Baba Yaga comes to Chucklewood this Halloween to cast a spell on the cubs' folks turning them into movie monsters for angering her. However, the cubs' folks angering her was a lie told to her by Zak Vaderman who along with Zazzy Zeke, Delilah Denara, Dario, Chef Galton Gourmad, Patty Parker and Reg is stealing what-seemed-to-be-scary animals for a Haunted House. Now, the critters, kids and friends along with Baba Yaga must stop them and save the animals.
  20. The Return of Lenny Stapp and Lulu (Special) - While on spring break with Robin, Johnny walks down the street and sees a wanted poster "WANTED (Dead or Alive): Lenny Stapp and Lulu. For burglary, scheming to defraud and grand theft auto." He later remembers that his family treasures were stolen by those two people and his younger twin sister, Lisa vowed to get them back, departing from him when he was eight years old after his mother died. He takes a picture of the poster with his phone and shows it to Robin and the critters. The boy cubs and their folks also remember these two crooks (shown with clips from the original Chucklewood Critters special, Which Witch is Which?). He files the report to the police department's Special Victims Division with Staff Sergeants Kate Monday and Pat Tuesday. Tuesday tells Johnny that they have been broke out of prison the night a week ago and hid Johnny's treasures. Monday then informs him all police departments around the nation couldn't track Lenny and Lulu but they've slipped them a countless number of times. The next morning, the kids and critters, along with the boy cubs' cousins, Jonesy, Roddy, Yano, Jester, Jonah and even Lester, go on a mission to look for Johnny's family treasures. Along the way, Johnny reunites with his long lost sister, Lisa, who has joined a group of bounty hunters (most of which were critters) in order to look for their stolen family treasures. Along the way, they discover that Lenny Stapp has a rivalry with Zak Vaderman (inspired by Lord Zedd and Count Dregon in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) who along with Zazzy Zeke, Delilah Denara, Dario, Chef Galton Gourmad, Patty Parker and Reg has been following the gang, planning to divide the family treasures with his fellow villains to make Johnny's life miserable. One night, the gang visited a trailer park and saw Lenny and Lulu sleeping inside a cabin. Jonesy then sees a van that belonged to a former park visitor named Mable Sporne. While taking a quick peek inside the van, Johnny and Lisa see some of their family treasures. When it was confirmed it's Lenny and Lulu stealing the van, Jonesy calls a repo man named Josh Sutuloa and tows the van away. The next morning, at the police department's lab, Dr. Gardner invented a burglar alarm as a way to trap Lenny and Lulu. In addition to the usual siren, he would need some kind of shriek or scream. Brittany suggests that Sarah might be the perfect critter for a scream cause she screams very loud. At the same time, Chief Hamilton, Tobey, Monday, Tuesday and Jonesy visit the Sporne residence, where they talk to Mable about what happened along with surveillance video of Lenny and Lulu stealing her van. Jonsey then informs Mable that her van is in the repossession yard. Meanwhile, back at the trailer park, Lenny and Lulu had witnessed that their stolen van had been taken away. At the same time, Zak, Zeke, Delilah, Dario, Gourmad, Patty and Reg have been watching all this and decide that once Lenny and Lulu are caught, they might be able to ambush the gang and steal Johnny and Lisa's family treasures. [Special Guest Star: Ice-T as Josh Sutuloa.]
  21. Morty and Me - Freddie's cousin Morty visits him and Philbert for the week. Unlike Freddie, Morty is nicer than him. Freddie wasn't too pleased until, after touring Chucklewood, he learns that Morty is a very good baseball player. His father, Tim, used to be a baseball coach and he is an announcer for the ballpark. One day, Morty teaches Freddie how to play baseball at the gym. A montage is shown set to Centerfield by John Fogerty as Freddie trains with Morty. Days later, he takes him to his neighborhood, where he tries a famous sandwich, rides the incline, plays on the water steps with him (and both are splashing each other) and goes to the ballpark to see a baseball game in action. Later that night, the Villains Club (Zak, Zazzy Zeke, Delilah, Dario, Gourmad, Patty and Reg) breaks into Morty's bedroom and challenge him to a baseball game.
  22. Who is DD? - Johnny and Robin along with some friends practice for a quiz bowl held at the school. However, as Mr. Pines confirms the roster for the teams, a computer virus suddenly appears on screen saying "Principal Pines is dead. - DD." The virus also changed times on the clocks of the schools and the students' grades and set up false fire alarms. The virus was also sent in to Jonesy's computer. He learns that "DD" is the acronym for "Delilah Denara" or "Delilah and Dario." Using the help from Johnny and Robin's computer teacher, Mr. Lee and the technical division of the police division, Johnny and Robin gather evidence to track down DD. Meanwhile, Delilah Denara, who was indeed "DD," along with Dario, Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke (the latter two who were asked a favor by Delilah to send that virus), heads towards the Wild Country, where Buttons and Rusty were visiting Willard and Arnie, examining some armadillo lizards, which are the species she is after to make living jewelry out of. The police, kids and Mr. Lee then track DD to the headquarters of Vaderman World, Inc.. Layla, Brittany and Sora obtain a search warrant. They find a ransom note saying "The virus is complete. We're heading for the Wild Country. See you later. - Zazzy Zeke P.S. The message from DD was an April Fool's joke." They saw Zeke's computer and saw that Zeke created the virus. Dr. Gardner disconnects the computer and the gang heads for the Wild Country. Upon arrival and as Zeke searches for the boy cubs, Chef Hamilton points her gun at Zeke and shows him the ransom note and the computer. She then informs him that his time at Vaderman World, Inc. is up, then places Zeke under arrest. Judge May Marion sentences Zeke to 25 years in prison for all of his actions that he had done. Zak gets upset about this by complaining, "My associate is gone! What am I gonna do?" Delilah and Dario feel sorry for Zak's loss of Zeke and inform the rest of the Villains Club that Zeke is no longer with them because he was finally placed under arrest, but tell Zak that it's only a temporary setback and that they will have to get the armadillo lizards while Zak and the ZakRobos stay and watch over Delilah's limo. [Special Guest Star: "Captain" Greg Lee as Mr. Lee.]
  23. The Chucklewood Spelling Bee - Franklin hosts a Spelling Bee with the young critters. There is also someone else who's entering the spelling bee and that someone is Crush. The young critters spend an entire week preparing for the spelling bee. The boy cubs practice at Johnny's house. The girl cubs practice at Robin's house. Meanwhile, while doing an exhibition bee at the boy cubs' cave, Sarah asks the cubs if she can take part in the bee. Rusty responded with "Sorry, Sarah. You're a bit too young to take part." So Sarah decides to sit with her Uncle George. But Sarah keeps distracting the exhibition with her behavior. It's all because Syco the Snake keeps on bugging her (by biting her tail, wrapping his body like a coil around her waist and licking her stomach) as part of Claude's plan to make sure his nephew wins the Spelling Bee. George tries to shoo Syco away, but Syco chases him by doing his serpentine dance. As the three approach the bridge, Sarah does her signature scream which then drops him into the creek. Claude is horrified to see what happened to Syco and complains that now his nephew will never win the Spelling Bee. But George tells Claude that there are a few words that his nephew's never heard of before. Sarah, ultimately poisoned by Syco's lick in the stomach, was rushed to Skipper and Bluebell's burrow, where they treated her. Bluebell tells George that they have the right medicine to cure the poison and that she'll have a good night's rest and that she'll feel better by the time the Spelling Bee happens. Skipper then tells him that he, Bluebell, Jester, Jonah and Jefferson will be the judges for the Spelling Bee. On the day of the Spelling Bee, the young critters managed to get through the first round perfectly. In the second round, Crush was given the word "dodecahedron," but after stuttering a lot, he added a "k" and thus he was eliminated. George then angers Claude by gloating him with a "Told ya!" In the third round, Eugene was given the word "genie" but he was eliminated by spelling it as "j-e-a-n-i-e" In the fifth round, Skeeter was given the word "apparatus" but as he ran out of time just he as he started to spell the word correctly. In the eighth round, Freddie was given the word "bronchoscope," as he spelled the word, he omitted the "r" and the field was reduced to the boy and girl cubs. As the four approach the final round, Buttons managed to spell "veruca" correctly. Rusty then spells "aspartame" correctly. Bearbette then spells "intestine." Frisky was given the final word "palama." She managed to spell the word correctly at the last second, making the boy and girl cubs co-champions.
  24. Untitled Episode - Johnny and Robin spend their last day of Middle School and feel nervous about their forthcoming High School years. At the same time, Syco the Snake chews on the school's generator causing the school a power outage and a water main break.
  25. Season 3 Finale: The Great Theme Park Rescue (Special)
    1. The School Picnic - Johnny and Robin take the boy and girl cubs to a theme park for their school's school picnic. Upon arrival, they discover that the park has been invaded by the Villains Club as a way to transform the park into a sourly wonderland by rigging some of the attractions, selling dangerous fashion accessories, capturing endangered species for the theme park foods and changing the quality of water. They report this to the police division who investigates. Meanwhile, while the boy cubs' folks sunbathe with Francine, Woodrow, Stacy and Dennis, Philbert stops by and witnesses that Bridgette and Rosie are wearing maillots instead of bikinis. They tell him "It's a surprise. We folks know. Everybody else (including the cubs) does not. You'll find out what it is much much later." Suddenly, the boy cubs' folks receive a phone call from their cubs that there is trouble at the theme park and that they need some backup. So, the fathers go out while the mothers stay and Philbert alerts the rest of the critters. At the same time, in the gym, Jester and Jonah teach Sarah how to play Water Polo only to find out that their pool water has turned sour green. Jester thinks it's the work of Gourmad. Suddenly, Bruce comes in and says that it's not just Gourmad but the entire Villains Club. He, Jester and Jonah go out and investigate. They went to the pool pump area and they saw that a vat of sour water was pumped into the pool. They also see a flier that reads "Come visit us at Vaderman's SourWorld." Jester and Jonah then tell Bruce that he's right about it being the work of the entire Villains Club. The three then drain the pool water who then run back to find Sarah, but they notice that Sarah is gone. They look all over the gym until they find Gourmad's chef hat, concluding that he took Sarah. Bruce, Jonah and Jester call Chief Hamilton and tell her the story and the kidnapping of Sarah. The three head for the theme park and obtain a search warrant. Meanwhile, back at the park, after Sarah calls Gourmad "Baldy," the Villains Club notices that Gourmad had dropped his hat and he notices it as well. Zak then orders his ZakRobos to go to Chucklewood and find Gourmad's hat. One of the ZakRobos then grabs Gourmad's hat out of Jester's paws while he, Bruce and Jonah are still heading for the theme park, prompting them to call for Jefferson to follow the ZakRobo with Gourmad's hat. Later (in a scene similar to Sonic Adventure), Zak and Gourmad berate the ZakRobos (each who was wearing a different hat) for not finding the latter's hat, thinking that none of them have the right hat, until Gourmad notices his hat on the same ZakRobo's head. Elsewhere in the park, Sgt. Monday and Tuesday notice the break room that is locked up with most of the park employees inside. Woodrow uses an ax to break down the door and frees the employees. George and Dennis see shoe prints on most of the park's path. Tobey notices that the shoe prints are the shoes of Gourmad, which lead to one of the concession stands. While on the trail, he finds a key and hands it to Tuesday, who then finds a toolbox being locked up on one of the cars of the Ferris wheel. Bruce, Jester and Jonah arrive to survey more damage and have the search warrant. As the gang follow Gourmad's tracks to the concession stand, they see Gourmad with a bagged critter screaming. Dennis thinks that sounded like Sarah's. Just as Gourmad is about to put the bagged critter in an oven, Hamilton points her gun at him and demands him to drop the bag. After three tries, Tobey then hisses at Gourmad, causing the bag to drop and out comes Sarah, who then screams at Gourmad for threatening her and bites his leg causing him to scream, kick her off his leg and make a hasty retreat, telling the rest of the Villains Club that he has been defeated and if they get defeated, they should meet him outside the theme park. Just then, while Jester frees the endangered species that Gourmad was about to cook, Jonah and Hamilton follow Gourmad outside of the theme park. Just as he is near the parking lot, Hamilton points her gun at him again. Jonah shows him the evidence he had done through the pictures from his cell phone and Hamilton slaps the handcuffs on Gourmad and gives him the Miranda rights and talks about giving him a one way trip to prison. Gourmad, however, rejects the Miranda rights and reveals that the handcuffs were slapped on his fake arm, which is called the "Anti-handcuff glove," Zak's latest invention since Zazzy Zeke was arrested, and easily makes his getaway and then tells the rest of the Villains Club that on second thought, they need to meet him back at Vaderman World, Inc., whether or not they get defeated. Hamilton was really upset to be duped by it but Jonah calms her down, saying that the gang will get him next time and Bruce tells her that besides that, they have to at least drive the rest of the Villains Club out of the park. Hamilton wonders who are they going to confront next. Sarah then suggests that they confront Delilah Denara and Dario next. Bruce also tells Hamilton that they are about to sell dangerous fashion accessories. Tobey then concludes that if Delilah plans to sell dangerous fashion accessories, the logical place to find her is at a gift shop. George and Dennis then see Delilah and Dario's shoe prints that lead to the gift shop. The gang then confronts Delilah and Dario in the gift shop with all the dangerous fashion accessories (including frozen poisonous reptiles and amphibians) and Hamilton points her gun at them and demands them to release the animals. But Delilah hypnotizes the animals with her body-controlling ray to surround the gang. Fortunately, Sarah has a really brilliant idea, which is for Dennis to throw her onto Delilah and for Woodrow to throw Bruce onto Dario. After the boy cubs' cousins' fathers do so, Bruce and Sarah attack Delilah and Dario by pulling their hair (accompanied by Sarah's trademark scream and biting Delilah's arm), which makes Delilah drop her remote, breaking it in the process and freeing the animals from her control and she and Dario were forced out of the park, with Delilah telling Zak that she'll see him back at Vaderman World, Inc. whether he gets defeated or not. Hamilton then wonders who they will confront next. Jester suggests the next confrontation to be with Patty Parker and Reg. Sarah then shows Hamilton how Patty usually walks (she walks similar to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants) and tells the chief that Patty's trail should conform to the sample trail that Sarah made and George and Dennis were able to find Patty's trail and the gang then follows it. Patty and Reg are then confronted and caught red-handed for using elephants to pour sour water in the water park area of the theme park. Jester notices the sour water vats familiar to the one he, Jonah and Bruce found that was pumped into the pool and Patty Parker reveals that she gave Gourmad a vat of it to dump in Jester's pool as revenge for fighting alongside the boy cubs when they first confronted her. Hamilton then points her gun at Patty and Reg and demands that they stop forcing the elephants to dump the sour water. But Patty and Reg point their cement cannons at the gang. Fortunately, Skeeter encourages Nelly and Elton and the Asian elephants from Panda Valley to spray Patty Parker and Reg with sour water behind their backs. Unable to stand this, Patty is forced to release the elephants from her clutches and she and Reg escape, with Patty telling Zak that the rest is up to him now. Buttons says that there is one more villain to confront and then, the theme park is free from the Villains Club's clutches and that villains is the club's leader, Zak Vaderman. George and Dennis notice Zak's footprints and the gang follows them. The gang then confronts Zak and Hamilton points her gun at him and demands him to leave the theme park this instant. However, Zak shows the gang that he is using a giant daddy long legs-like robot that is powered by multiple kidnapped animals and that he is about to use as Vaderman's SourWorld's biggest attraction. The robot then begins to attack the gang. Fortunately, with the help of Lester and Lisa, they were able to take out the robot and release the animals from it. The park manager then arrives, escorts Zak out of the park, saying that he is the Weakest Link and says "Goodbye!" before literally kicking Zak in his rear end into the parking lot. Zak furiously declares that he'll get his revenge before heading back to Vaderman World, Inc.. The park manager then comes back to the gang and says that it's going to take hours to get the park running back together and that they will have the school picnic tomorrow. The next day, the kids, boy and girl cubs finally attend the school picnic at the theme park. At Vaderman World, Inc., Patty receives a letter from the bank saying "Your account balance is -$9,999." Gourmad also receives a statement with a balance of -$99,999.99. A long list says that they had fined over $100,000 for the damage they had done in the past as well as moving violations. They both complained "We are in debt! What are we gonna do?" Upon hearing this, Zak yells in extreme fury, slams both fists on the table extremely hard that they made everything in the room shake and then says that together or individually, one way or another and regardless of what the bank said, the Villains Club is going to get revenge of the boy cubs. But Dario reminds him that Zazzy Zeke is no longer with them, with Delilah agreeing with him. Then, Zak realizes and informs them that he forgot to tell them that he is still communicating with Zeke, much to their surprise. Zak then shows the Villains Club his tablet and Zeke appears on the screen, saying that he is using the jail's inmate video-call service, so that he can communicate with his associate. That evening, just after the boy cubs get home from the school picnic, they are stopped by their fathers, George tells them "We got a surprise for you." After numerous hints by the cubs, the fathers then reveal the mothers wearing maillots. Rosie says "One of you cubs is gonna have..." With Bridgette finishing it with "....a baby sibling." Reacting, the boy cubs faint. (In the Part 1 version only, Tobey urges viewers to tune in to the beginning of next season and find out if Buttons and/or Rusty going to be a brother. [TO BE CONTINUED...])
    2. Chucklewood's Greatest Home Videos - One week later, after Lisa's battery for her laptop runs out, she asks Johnny, who was sleeping next to his sister, to be a useful older twin brother and to go look for a new battery. Johnny vows his sister to do what she requested. Johnny heads to the boy cubs' cave and asks them to help him find a new battery for his sister and Buttons and Rusty agree. Once they get to the hardware store, Rusty finds a pair of earmuffs that are half price and catches up to Buttons and Johnny who manage to find a new laptop battery. On the way back, they notice a flier that reads "Chucklewood's Greatest Home Videos." The trio reads the rest of the flier that it's being held live at the theater in the same theme park they and their families and friends have rescued from the Villains Club's grasp and that the boy cubs are expected to be there. They then give Lisa the battery and inform this to everyone in Chucklewood Park. Later that night, as everyone attends, the boy cubs meet Bob Badget, Dave Coonier and Arleen Skunkin (critter spoofs of Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Arleen Sorkin), who host a clip show highlighting individual scenes and sequences from the first three seasons and offer never-before-seen outtakes and bloopers. It also includes interviews with the cast (including Zazzy Zeke [via satellite from his jail-cell]). However, Syco the Snake isn't happy with the show, as he wants some sleep, and he sets about to try and stop the show. He manages to pull the plug on the show (literally) when he finds out that the power supply is plugged in the back of a restaurant nearby his home, so he unplugs it and all the power goes off, with his evil laughter echoing throughout the suburb, but Buttons and Rusty manage to find out that Syco is responsible for this and follow his trail using Johnny's flashlight, they sneak into the dump, place the same pair of earmuffs from the hardware store onto Syco's head while he is asleep and give the signal to Bob, Dave and Arleen, who manage to restore the power back on and the show is saved, much to Syco's dismay when he realizes that he's got his head in the earmuffs and calls the boy cubs "smart alecks" as they head back to and start the show which is right after the pledge-break. Bob, Dave and Arleen tell the audience to remember to donate to their local public television station and that it's TV worth watching. The second part ends with a repeat of the final scene of Part 1 and Bob, Dave and Arleen saying that the boy cubs' mothers will go to the maternity clinic and urging viewers to vote by visiting the show's website on who will have a baby sibling. The winner will be announced at the beginning of next season. [Special Guest Stars: Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Arleen Sorkin as Bob Badget, Dave Coonier and Arleen Skunkin respectively.]

Season 4: The Star Badges

Johnny and Robin (now in High School) have very limited time to interact with the critters, leaving the boy cubs (now teen critters) and their folks in charge of the critters and the girl cubs and their folks as the second-in-commands to the boy cubs and their folks. Fortunately, they gave the critters communication devices called "Critter Phones," so they can contact Johnny and Robin whenever they need to speak to them and their new teachers are nice enough to give the kids permission to contact the critters. Last summer, one night, all thirteen of Johnny and Robin's favorite constellations (consisting of Aquarius (♒), Pisces (♓), Aries (♈), Taurus (♉), Cancer (♋), Libra (♎), Virgo (♍), Sagittarius (♐), Gemini (♊), Scorpio (♏), Capricorn (♑), Leo (♌) and Ophiuchus (⛎)) have fallen from the sky because of a mad magician named "Harry Wescott," who has also brought them to life and imprisoned them in magical relics called "Star Badges." Now, the critters must find all thirteen Star Badges and release the constellations back into the sky.

  1. A Good Day at the Badlands - The episode begins with a recap of last episode's Part 1, followed by the events as mentioned above. One day, while the boy cubs spend the day at Chucklewood Lake, the mothers are wrapped up in towels. Bridgette tells them "Remember when we talked to you about one of you cubs having a baby sibling." After numerous discussions, the mothers announced "The baby is gonna be for......." then, they slowly unwrap themselves and reveal themselves as Bridgette in her bikini and Rosie in her maillot. Rosie then announces "Rusty!" Buttons was happy for Rusty and they start spreading the news around the park. Starting on their first day of high school, Johnny and Robin are given their first project on desert animals. However, the two are struggling and are staring on their work, so they get the boy and girl cubs for help and travel to the Wild Country, where Willard and Arnie live. However, they were being spied on by Patty Parker and Reg who decide to follow them with Patty planning to build a mega storage facility in the Wild Country, using every strong animal there as workers. ♒
  2. Five Nights with Freddie - This episode begins one night, with Buttons and Rusty getting a call from Johnny on their computer, who received a message from Aquarius about the rest of the Star Badges. While Philbert goes fishing in the creek, a big fish drags him into the creek (similar to a scene from the original Chucklewood Critters episode, The Wishing Stone). The big fish rapidly flew Philbert everywhere until he falls through the waterfall, losing his pole. Suddenly, a female raccoon (wearing a bikini) rescues him and falls in love. She tells Philbert that she lives in Fort Caulderdale and asks if he wants to spend a week with her. At Freddie's, Freddie sees a note "Dear Freddie, I'm in Fort Caulderdale for a week on my own. I'll see you soon. - Pop." One day, Freddie breaks his arm from playing with one of Buttons' toys. The boy cubs and their folks must take care of him in their cave while Philbert is away for the week. Suddenly, a doctor arrives to examine Freddie. Afterwards, the doctor bandages Freddie's stomach, causing him to giggle. He then tells him to bandage his arm. But the doctor bandages his leg. He then puts ointment on Freddie's backside. The boy cubs examine the doctor's rear end and see a coyote's tail. They think it must be Crush. They also see a first-aid kit and see a Star Badge inside it. The doctor then puts ointment and the bandage on the arm and vanishes. The boy cubs then remove the bandages on the parts that the doctor put on incorrectly. Suddenly, Freddie felt pain everywhere and sees scars throughout his body. Freddie then examines that the bandages were only pieces of masking tape. The boy cubs confirm that it is Crush and that he made fake bandages. Freddie takes advantage with everyone to get things his way. That is until they receive a distress call from Philbert, who was on his way home back from Fort Caulderdale that Patty Parker and Reg are flattening Fort Caulderdale's forests. Buttons, Rusty and their folks go to Fort Caulderdale in the Adventure Machine Mark XVII, taking Freddie with them and all are unaware that the same doctor from before is stowing away in the back. ... After Abner examines the Star Badge, it is revealed to be Pisces (♓). Freddie wishes that the scars are removed. As Buttons and Rusty count the Star Badges, they lift up Freddie's shirt and draw a "2" on Freddie's stomach and back. As Buttons attempts to draw a "2" on Philbert, he takes off his overalls and Philbert mentions to him he shouldn't draw there due to his recently peirced belly ring. Buttons draws a "2" on Philbert's back.
  3. Rusty's Addiction - A mysterious seller sells the cubs an energy drink call "ZVD." After Rusty tries a sample, he buys a dozen cans. Every hour, when Rusty drinks it, strange things occur to him. It turns out that "ZV" is the acronym for Zak Vaderman. And the drink is actually from a Star Badge-powered energy drink vending machine sent from Zak Vaderman.
  4. I Remember... - When the boy cubs' grandparents come to visit, they look at pictures of when they were born.
  5. Dino Land (Special) - It's fall break at Johnny and Robin's school and Johnny is given a project to work on dinosaurs. As suggested by the boy cubs, they went to the library to check out a book about dinosaurs. While they are reading the book, Jefferson got his head stuck in a cliff, resulting the boy cubs to pull him out and revealing a foot of a dinosaur. ♈ As Johnny counts the third star badge, he writes a "3" on his project score report and says "Three down. Ten more to go!"
  6. When Mother Nature Calls - Johnny feels depressed when today is his mother, Sally's birthday and she not around to be with him anymore. Meanwhile, a storm of strange weather conditions occurs throughout Chucklewood. Johnny and the critters ask Mother Nature for help.
  7. The Last Straw - After getting injured and fed-up with Rusty's unintentional annoyance, Roddy bans the boy cubs from the Ranger station, angering both Jonesy and Johnny because Roddy is unable to understand that the boy cubs didn't mean to annoy him. As a result, Jonesy puts Roddy on probation. Now, Rusty must find a way to make it up and apologize to Roddy. ♉ After counting the Star Badges, Rusty traces four fingers on his paws. Roddy then gives him a math problem "13-4=?"
  8. The Mystery of the Sneaky Snacker: The Sequel - The critters celebrate Buttons and Rusty's birthday. Rusty's Aunt Jeanette makes a giant sheet cake, his Uncle Theodore makes BBQ chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Buttons' Uncle Elmer and his partner, Ernie, a panther and an old friend and teacher of Jonah's, visit Chucklewood to provide entertainment. Elmer's fiancée, Sylvia provides drinks. One night, the cake mysteriously disappears and Elmer and Ernie are accused of stealing and eating it. While the boy cubs report this to Chief Hamilton, they remember that Jonah was accused of stealing food one time. Little did they know, that Gourmad was actually the one responsible for the cake's disappearance and he was using his Star Badge-powered chef hat that can control people and critters' minds, so that he can serve endangered species along with the stolen cake to Zak Vaderman.
  9. BabySitting Ducks - When Quacker's nieces and nephew come over, he asks Buttons and Rusty to help him babysit them.
  10. Dog or No Dog - Johnny sees a husky from the animal shelter. He sees that the husky was abandoned when he was in prison. After further discussions with his uncle, he decides to adopt him. But it turns out that the husky caused mischief such as chewing on Johnny's new ranger uniform, swimming in Robin's pool, ruining the flowers in the garden and ignoring the "No Dogs Allowed" sign from Jonesy's office. As Jonesy attempts to give away the dog, he sees the initials "ZV" on his collar. It turns out that Zak Vaderman has somehow rigged the dog's mind. Chief Hamilton suggests that the dog should go to dog school. She then informs Jonesy that an old friend of hers, named Hunter Portia runs a very good dog school. As she attempts to call Hunter, he gets a strange voicemail saying "Hello. You have reached Vaderman's Dog School. We are not available to take your call. Please leave a message after the beep until we get back to you as soon as possible." As Jonesy and Hamilton take the husky to the dog school, they see that the dog students have their minds rigged by Zak. Suddenly, they see Hunter tied up in ropes. After Hamilton frees him, Hunter then explains the story. Meanwhile, Buttons and Rusty find a Star Badge on a dog whistle and discover that the Star Badge-powered dog whistle is why the dogs' minds were rigged. Later, Zak arrives at the dog school as he attempts to begin teaching the dogs strange things, Hamilton points her gun at Zak, shouting "No, you won't!" and confronts him for rigging the dogs' minds. Then, Buttons and Rusty manage to grab the dog whistle out of Zak's hands and through the power of the Star Badge-powered dog whistle, all of the dogs begin to run up to Zak bite him and chase him away out of the school. After removing the Star Badge from the dog whistle, the dogs' minds are returned back to normal. ... After checking the Star Badge, which is revealed to be Cancer (♋), Johnny wishes that the chews on his new ranger uniform would be undone. Afterwards, all of the dogs perform well at the dog school. Returning home, he asks his uncle "Dog or No Dog?" Jonesy replied to wait until he passes the exam. Johnny spent a countless number of hours to train and play the husky for the exam. This bonding breaks down the communication barrier, allows the husky to understand Johnny's commands and to pass dog school much to his uncle's pleasure. Jonesy says, "It's a dog!" Johnny then names the husky "Shadow." He then counts the fifth Star Badge, and then Hunter asks in the style of Steve Harvey "On a scale of one through ten, how many Star Badges do you need before the constellations are put back in the sky?" Johnny replies with "Way over ten. Thirteen." Jonesy then says "You have five. Only eight more to go!"
  11. Watch The Birdie - The episode begins with Skipper and Bluebell playing badminton in their burrow. As Skipper hits the birdie too far one time, it lands out of the burrow. Luckily, Sarah was able to find the birdie and gives it to Skipper. Bluebell then teaches her how to play badminton. As Sarah hits the birdie, it lands and slides under Bluebell's shirt. As Bluebell shakes her shirt off, Sarah then points to her stomach and sees that the birdie is on her. Skipper and Sarah try everything to get the birdie off. First, Sarah rubs and plays the drums but to no avail. Then, Skipper uses his BBQ tongs to remove it but the birdie won't go off. Then, Bluebell changes into her bikini and jumps into the swimming hole. Sarah then tries squirting Bluebell with the gardening hose but on both situations, the birdie clings harder to her stomach. It turns out that the birdie is a Star Badge-powered one. The next day, Jonah and Bruce take Sarah to the gym to practice more while Bluebell stays at home thinking of ways to get the birdie off. Jonah then hosts a junior badminton tournament. ... After Sarah removes the Star Badge from the birdie, making it come off of Bluebell's stomach. After the birdie is off, Sarah excitedly rubs Bluebell. Then, as she checks the Star Badge, it reveals itself to be Libra (♎). She, her cousin and Buttons were happy that it's a real one. However, they notice that Bluebell is upset that the birdie that was on her stomach is ruined, as it was her favorite one. Fortunately, Jester tells Sarah that she has to make a wish. Sarah then wishes that her birdie is back to normal. After Skipper and Bluebell count the sixth star badge, Sarah draws a picture of a die showing the boxcar side. Jonah then sings to the tune of Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer, "Oh, halfway there! Oh! Oh! Livin' on a Star Badge." Jester then says "Seven more to go and those constellations will be back in the sky!" The episode ends with Sarah pressing Bluebell's stomach, sending her into the pool, with Bluebell rubbing Sarah's, grabbing her by the waist and dunking her in and both laughing.
  12. The Flea Market - When Johnny and the boy cubs visit Randal the Wizard to help him do some work, he accidentally turns Johnny into a skunk. Later, they meet a girl skunk named Sabrina, who developed a crush on Johnny. However, little did they know that she was sent by Delilah Denara and Dario to seduce him and lead him to be used as a hat to win a contest by putting a Star Badge inside Sabrina's hat. The boy cubs go to the flea market to buy the Randal the ingredients for the formula to make Johnny human again only to find out that someone's been shoplifting there.
  13. Getting Ready For The Baby - The episode begins with Rusty softly rubbing Rosie's pregnant body who feels the baby kicking. Rusty asks her how would he know when it's gonna be. Rosie replies that it will be in a few months or so. As Sarah arrives at the cave, she looks at her aunt's stomach. She asks her why her stomach is so big. Rosie replies that she is pregnant and it means she will be having a baby soon. Jeanette, who is visiting, then tells the cubs a story on how she took Rosie to the maternity clinic. Sarah then asks if she is going to wear her bathing suit when she's going swimming. Rosie replied that it will be a different bathing suit and that she will be wearing a maillot, which is a one piece bathing suit and unlike bikinis (with Bridgette appearing wearing her bikini to show Sarah, who then softly presses Bridgette's stomach), maillots cover up her stomach so she won't be seeing it during the time.) Sarah then asks Bridgette if she can go swimming with her. Bridgette replied "Maybe later." The next day, Abner and George decide where should the baby's room be located. After numerous discussions, they decide to build the room in Buttons and Rusty's former secret shortcut. As the fathers begin building the baby room, the boy and girl cubs and the boy cubs' cousins use their secret shortcut one last time. Only to end up landing in the headquarters of Vaderman World, Inc., where Patty and Reg look to build a nursery to house baby critters. The reason is that they and the rest of the Villains Club are not happy that Rusty is having a baby sibling. Gourmad then splashes a potion onto the boy and girl cubs and Bruce to make them turn into baby critters. Sarah ultimately ran away and runs back to the boy cubs' cave. Along the way, she finds a Star Badge on a post box with arms and legs, that was sent by Randal the Wizard to give signs to ask people to be on the lookout for his missing potion book. The post box introduces itself to Sarah as "Posty," as most folks call him that. Sarah tells Posty that she doesn't have much time and that Bruce and the boy and girl cubs have been turned into baby critters by a potion. Posty realizes that that potion was one in Randal's missing potion book, so he heads back to Randal's cabin to tell him that Sarah found the potion book. Upon arriving at the cave, Sarah alerts the fathers that the boy cubs are in trouble. Randal and Posty arrive to help as well. The fathers, Randal, Posty and Sarah run to the headquarters of Vaderman World, Inc., but they realize the door is locked up. Using his ax, Woodrow breaks down the door causing the security alarm to go off. The fathers look at the baby critters and Sarah told them the story. Suddenly, Gourmad arrives and attempts to squirt Sarah with the potion, but she screams at Gourmad and gets into a brawl with, giving Randal enough time to retrieve and read his stolen spell book and create a counter-agent for the potion, which grows Bruce and the boy and girl cubs back to their actual ages. Sarah bites Gourmad's hand and he drops the water gun and steps on it, causing it to squirt the potion on his stomach and turn him into a baby. Later, the gang gets into a brawl with the construction workers, friends of Reg, who were building the nursery. Sarah ultimately squirts Patty and Reg, turning them into babies. Meanwhile, Freddie and Skeeter chain themselves to a big drill, but the machine's operator uses it anyway but Freddie and Skeeter enjoy it and repeatedly say "Again!" however, they soon feel the pain eventually and say "That's enough." Their shirts are half torn as a result. Meanwhile, Bearbette sacrifices one of her hair clips by putting in the rugby host, causing the truck to flip upside down and explode, and the operator, set on fire but alive, gets angry about it and says, "'Come home from Iraq.' My wife says. 'Fallujah's too dangerous.' My wife says." Meanwhile, as four construction workers (with clothing colors similar from left to right, Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi) are sitting on top of a steel bar, eating lunch, they see a woman (wearing a top and shorts) and do wolf whistles, then, they notice Roddy, wearing only his pants and driving a tractor, the back of Roddy's pants rip, showing his rear end, and the construction workers fall off the steel bar. Meanwhile, Posty sacrifices his life, allowing Randal to set up dynamite and attach his Star Badge on the building and performs a spell, which implodes the nursery through the power of the badge. Patty, Reg and Gourmad react to this and accept defeat and retreat with the construction workers. After examining the Star Badge, Sarah says "It's a zonk." Randal then says that he happens to learn that word by a friend of his, named Wayne Crabby (a spoof of Wayne Brady) and that it's another name for fake. Afterwards, Bridgette (wearing her bikini) appears and asks Sarah if she wants to go for a swim, as she kept her promise to her. Sarah wildly accepts (via stomach rubs) and two ran to the logging chute and rode down it landing in the lake and splashed at each other. Abner and George comfort Buttons and Rusty that despite their shortcut no longer being secret, they can still use it, much to the boy cubs' delight. Then they ask the boy cubs if they want to join Bridgette and Sarah and the boy cubs see this, accept it and shout "Wait for us!" The episode ends with Bob Badget and Arleen Skunkin promoting a "Name The Baby" contest which the show will be giving away $15,000 in scholarships. The grand prize being a $10,000 scholarship and an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to be a guest critter in the next season. One first-runner up will receive $3,000, the other two runners up will receive $1,000. Viewers can submit names on the show's website. As they get closer to the season finale, we will choose the four finalists (two boy names and two girl names). Then, Brittany, Layla and Sora announce the contest rules.
  14. Roddy's Mistake - After Roddy tries to make Johnny dance but accidentally embarrasses him by tickling him until Johnny wets his pants in front of the football stadium crowd, Roddy is afraid that Johnny will hate him for the rest of his life. ♍
  15. Critterpated - The episode begins with Freddie relaxing on the edge of Chucklewood Lake. He suddenly catches his eye when he sees a female raccoon in a bikini emerging from the lake, accompanied by This Girl by Kungs vs. Cookin' on 3 Burners. She then befriends him and make love (with the female blowing raspberries on Freddie's stomach and taking him to her neighborhood). At the same time, Skeeter walks around the forest until a chock-full of nuts fall on him. He looks up and sees a female mouse who is responsible for it. Afterwards, she drops more nuts on Skeeter and falls in love (by riding down the logging chute). Meanwhile, at Skipper and Bluebell's burrow, Sarah swims around the swimming hole until she sees a young fox at her age moving in with his family. He introduces himself to Sarah as Cody. Sarah then befriends him by playing hide-and-seek, chasing each other, rubbing stomachs at each other (with Cody blowing raspberries at Sarah's) and swim in the swimming hole. Meanwhile, the boy and girl cubs, Johnny, Robin and Lester visit the zoo to see nice, friendly sifaka lemurs. However, Gourmad has targeted the sifaka lemurs and plans to serve them like frog legs to Zak and Delilah. So, he creates android versions of the critters by using a Star Badge-powered camera and putting its photos into Zak's android making machine to distract the real ones so he can capture the lemurs. ♐ As Johnny and Robin count the eighth Star Badge, Lester then draws a figure "8" on the quicksand. He then says "That's eight Star Badges. Ocho. Cinco more to go and Gourmad, Zak and Delilah, will end up in the clink." Robin then says "And those constellations will be back above." The episode ends that night with the girl cubs (wearing bathrobes) and ask the boy cubs (who took off their robes to reveal their bikinis) for a date in Crystal Bayou. The boy cubs accept. Accompanied by a montage (set to Groovin' by The Rascals), the boy and girl cubs (now known by the name as the "cub couples") make love around Crystal Bayou. The montage ends with the couples carving their initials on the trees: "B&B" and "R&F."
  16. Chasing Dreams - The boy cubs visit Professor Al's lab to check out his latest invention, the Dream Machine, which made him win the Nobel Prize. They use it to travel through critters' dreams. Eventually, Patty Parker, planning to invade Pooka Island, places a Star Badge on it and steals it to bring the critters' darkest fears into the real world. Now, it's up to the boy cubs to get the machine back and foil her plan. Returning to the lab, the Buttons checks the badge is discovers it is a fake one. The Rusty mentions that if they get the last five badges, Patty's dreams will vanish.
  17. From Philbert With Love - It is the annual "Free Day" at the theme park and while eating at one of the theme park's restaurants, Philbert tells the boy cubs a tale that takes place during the events of Five Nights With Freddie, where he and his girlfriend, Medora, spend a week dating on Fort Caulderdale. Together, they watch a movie, fly a kite, play volleyball, go on a boat ride on the inter-coastal waterway, go snorkeling and go on a long walk on the ocean. One day, they buy a 120 SPF suntan lotion and make love on the sand. Just then, they realize that they got sun burnt because the suntan lotion was nothing but plain cocoa butter. The beach goers who bought the suntan lotion have demanded a refund, but the seller quickly vanished. Meanwhile, while the two get a massage at a spa, Syco the Snake surprisingly sneaks in and forms a double team and he wraps himself around the couple. They are unaware that the spa was run by Claude, who hired Syco to help run the spa, where snakes do the massaging. Luckily, Medora finds a star badge and places it on her stomach (mistaking it for a belly ring) as a way to block Syco. As she and Philbert manage to escape, the seller returns as asks them to buy another suntan lotion. Medora removes the Star Badge from her stomach and throws it at the seller and it magically removes the sellers's disguise, revealing the seller to be a naked Claude. All of the beach goers laugh at Claude and he and Philbert get themselves into a brawl (with the beach goers cheering Philbert on). Philbert then takes Claude to the very top floor of a resort and throws him down into a swimming pool. Sgt. Tuesday and the pool lifeguards arrest Claude for scamming on the beach, banning him from Fort Caulderdale. As Philbert and Medora check the star badge, it is a fake one. Their date ended with seeing Leappinwolf at Mollywood Beach. Philbert reaches in the pocket of his swimming trunks and finds an engagement ring proposes to Medora. This episode ends with Buttons telling Philbert, after he ends his story, that no matter whether Claude gets arrested, his nephew, Crush always sneaks in and releases his uncle at night.
  18. School Daze II: The Tale of Two Zaks - The episode begins with Sarah daydreaming about Cody. As she wakes up, via stomach rub by her mother, Stacy tells her that it's time to learn about the facts of life and that she will be going to school. Sarah then asks her mother what school is. Stacy then explains it to her in the style of Franklin. She then tells her that her teacher will be Miss Charlotte Love, who is a beaver. She then bathed Sarah and chooses a dress. Afterwards, Sarah had breakfast followed by Dennis taking her to the Little Critter School. Upon arrival, they meet Miss Love. At first, Sarah was quite shy but then she saw Cody, she joined him at the desk. At the beginning, Miss Love introduced herself and begins with a song on getting to know your classmates well. The other classmates were Lisa (rabbit), Ed (chipmunk), Susan (bear), Carlos (mouse), Julie (raccoon), Brock (bear), Simon (tiger), and two twin sisters Anne and Marie (platypuses). At Vaderman World, Inc., Zak has developed a hidden trap located near the school. During recess, while Anne and Marie roll down the hill, they fall into a hole which eventually leads them underground. Returning to the schoolhouse when recess is over, Miss Love looks around the room and realizes that the platypus twins are missing. She then calls Jonesy for help. At the underground caverns, using a similar storyline to the original Chucklewood Critters special, School Daze, Anne and Marie see a secret base filled with ZakRobos, where they have taken a colony of moles hostage and put them in robotic slavery to mine gold and jewels as part of Zak's plan. Later, after a game of basketball, Johnny, his sister Lisa, David (despite his ability to walk being lost), Robin and the cub couples, as recommended by Jonesy, go with him to the Little Critter School to investigate and find the same hole the platypus twins fell in. Then, they hear a familiar voice from inside the hole to the boy cubs. It was their old rat friend, Zachary and his bat friend and companion, Squeaky. The gang explains to Zachary that they're looking for Rusty's cousin's new platypus classmates and ask for his help and Zachary agrees to help them. So, they venture down the hole, while David stays. Meanwhile, from his jail-cell, Zazzy Zeke was spying on the boy cubs and he is dismayed that there is a critter named "Zachary," as it's his associate's real name. He reports this to Zak and the latter is angry about it and he orders the ZakRobos to go after the boy cubs and his critter namesake. Back underground, while the gang investigates, they find a Star Badge on a mine train. Jonesy thinks that the mine train is powered by the Star Badge. The boy cubs remember riding on the mine train on their first adventure with Freddie (in a flashback sequence). Suddenly, ZakRobos appear as the gang, Zachary and Squeaky hop on the mine train which ultimately leads them to where the platypus twins were captured by ZakRobos. The platypus twins then inform the gang that the ZakRobos, who they describe as "horrible robots," are forcing the colony of moles to dig out gold and jewels and shows them what they were talking about. Zachary attempts to cut the cage in half but he is stopped by a ZakRobo. Then, his evil namesake appears on the screen and confronts to Zachary. Bearbette, as Zachary calls her "Beauregarde," only to be corrected by Frisky, then throws the Star Badge at the screen, but a ZakRobo catches it and places it on the dug out gold and jewels. Then, Zak snaps his fingers and the Star Badge on the gold and jewels activates, bringing the gold and jewels together to form a gorilla, which tries to attack the gang, but misses and ends up punching the ZakRobo that captured Zachary and the cage that contained the platypus twins. Zak decides that it's time for the second phase, then the gorilla turns into a leopard as recommended by him. The gang tries to outrun the leopard only for Zachary to be cornered. Fortunately, Squeaky gets the leopard's attention and taunts him. This prompts the leopard to turn into a giant bat, which chases Squeaky in circles. The gang notices that there's a machine that's the power of the mind-controlling devices on the mole colony. So Zachary tells Squeaky to lead the gold-and-jewel-made bat right to it and Squeaky lands on the machine and taunts the bat, then as it zooms right to him, Squeaky jumps off and it tries to slow down but to no avail and crashes into the machine, ultimately damaging it, freeing the moles from Zak's control and Zak accepts defeat and orders the ZakRobos to retreat. The moles thank the gang for rescuing them from Zak's control. After getting out of the hole with the help of the moles, Johnny then checks the Star Badge and is revealed to be Gemini (♊) and wishes that David has his ability to walk again. Sgt. Monday and the twins' folks arrive and witness this as the twins reunite with their parents. The mother says to them "Don't ever do that again!" as they take them back to the school. That evening, at the Ranger Station, the gang counts the Star Badges. Buttons, as Zachary calls him "Mittens," only to be corrected by Rusty, then counts the Star Badges with Johnny. As Buttons counts the ninth Star Badge, Sarah says "Numba Numba Numba Nine!" Rusty announces "Nine down, four more to go!" Robin then says "And the constellations will be back up in the sky." Johnny then says "Vaderman World, Inc. will bid 'Adieu!'" Frisky then says "And Zak and his club will spend the rest of the time with his associate in prison!" The episode ends with the gang dancing the rumba.
  19. A New Burrow and a Child - While Sarah attempts to spend the day at Skipper and Bluebell's burrow, she sees that the burrow is empty. Bluebell tells her that tomorrow, they are moving to a new burrow so that they can adopt a child and that they are not going to be babysitting her any longer. This made Sarah very upset, as she starts to wander around the burrow. Visiting Franklin's cave, she explains to him the story. He then talks to her about adoption. The very next day, as Skipper and Bluebell say their final goodbyes, Sarah cries continuously throughout the day. After Skipper and Bluebell move into their new burrow, they went to a part of the forest filled with orphaned rabbits which appeared to be not moving. They were unaware that Patty Parker and Reg were building an adoption clinic filled with toy critters using Delilah's new body-controlling ray called "BCR XL." That is until after noticing that they have the orphaned rabbits' parents frozen from the effects, Skipper and Bluebell ask Quacker to alert Tobey for help and to stop Patty Parker from destroying their new home. Sarah, knowing Patty Parker and Skipper and Bluebell and realizing that the rabbits are in trouble, decides to help out as well. Meanwhile, Patty and Reg tie up all the orphaned rabbits and set up a trap for Skipper and Bluebell. Fortunately Franklin was watching this and decides to report this to Sarah, then he notices a Star Badge on the cage, which is part of the trap, before heading to tell Sarah about it as well. Later, after Franklin reports this, Sarah asks Tobey to disguise her as a rabbit, using a trick similar to what her cousin and Buttons did in the original Chucklewood Critters special, A Chucklewood Easter. The two then travel to the part of the forest, where Sarah runs into Patty and asks her and Reg to free the rabbits, in order to distract them while Skipper and Bluebell untie the ropes. Patty then surveys Sarah, but instead of a rabbit's tail she sees Sarah's tail. Patty orders Reg to grab Sarah who ultimately removes her disguise. Fortunately, Buttons and Rusty arrive and slap Reg's hands with a whip, setting her free. Afterwards, Sarah screams at Patty and Reg for kidnapping the rabbits, ending it with biting Patty's arm and Reg's rear end. Patty and Reg scream in horror as they run away and land in their trap for Skipper and Bluebell. Sarah then removes the Star Badge from the cage, which was electrocuting Patty and Reg inside, however, the Star Badge that was acquired is another fake one. Buttons and Rusty then manage to destroy the BCR XL. Patty and Reg, electrocuted yet alive, make their getaway with Patty declaring her revenge. As the orphaned rabbits are free and returning to the forest, Skipper and Bluebell reckon that Patty and Reg were the ones responsible for the disappearance of the rabbit kids' parents' disappearances, which they were reading in a newspaper, and are thanked by a child named Thippy, who they adopt. The next morning, Sarah walks around the edge of Chucklewood Lake still worrying about the loss of her beloved babysitters, including looking at the reflection of the water (with clips of her and Bluebell swimming from The Critter Mermaids). Suddenly, Bearbette and Frisky approach her and Frisky asks her if she and Bearbette can be their new baby sitters. Sarah wildly accepts by rubbing their stomachs (with Bearbette and Frisky rubbing Sarah's), jumping into the lake, splashing at each other.
  20. Girls Day Out...In The Bayou - Bearbette, Frisky and Sarah spend the day in Crystal Bayou which gives Sarah a tour to refresh her memories and play the games they had done. That evening, Porcupine Sam teaches Sarah how to do The Bayou Critters Romp (accompanied by a clip from the original Chucklewood Critters episode Smile Please Lester) before going to sleep for the evening. Before sleeping, Bearbette and Frisky tell Sarah a bedtime story about Heroes and Dragons (using an audio clip from The Treasure of Chucklewood). As they sleep, Freddie sneaks in and covers all the girls' stomachs with bayou honey. He then crawls underneath the hammocks and ties Sarah and Frisky's tails into a knot. As he sneaks out, he hides a Star Badge on his stomach. Fortunately, the boy cubs, Bruce and Lester know something about Freddie, which Sarah and the girl cubs don't. They know that Freddie has been hypnotized by Patty Parker with her new hypnosis pocket watch, which she got from a cereal box, into working with her and Reg. The next morning as the girls saw what had happened. They went around the bayou and saw Freddie's footprints which lead them to the border of the bayou. The girls then confront Freddie for what he had done to them. Sarah rips his shirt up and presses his stomach hard, flinging the Star Badge from it. Frisky then wrestles Freddie down and spanks his rear end hard (turning it red). Then, she, Bearbette and Sarah kick him into the quicksand. As Freddie tries to climb out of the quicksand, a squirt of water is splashed into his face and the hypnosis wears off. He sees that Buttons and Rusty have squirted the water in his face and Lester gets him out of the quicksand with his tail and then unties Sarah and Frisky's tails. Suddenly, bees are fast approaching as the three girls quickly jump into the lake washing all the honey off. The girls wonder what is going on and Lester, Bruce, Buttons and Rusty explain the story. Lester has a hunch that it is all part of Patty Parker's plan to destroy the bayou and place a honey restaurant. Freddie then guesses that from now on, he's putting his pranks in good use only. Sarah wonders where the Star Badge is and Bruce shows that it's on a big rock that's nearby the same quicksand. As the gang tries to get it, they are stopped by Patty Parker and Reg. Patty snaps her fingers and the Star Badge on the big rock activates, turning it into a giant rock monster. Patty then tells Lester that as soon as she's done with him, Freddie and the cubs, he is nothing but a gator hide purse. The rock monster then chases the gang outside of the border of the Bayou to try to crush them like bugs. Fortunately, Freddie has managed to get out of the monster's way and sneaks into Patty's carrier truck to steal Patty's drill. Then, Patty and Reg chase after him after they see the drill in Freddie's paws. A voice says "Freddie, over here!" It's Turner and Skeeter in the Adventure Machine. Freddie hops aboard and they take off, easily getting away from Patty and Reg. Turner and Skeeter thank Freddie for teaching them how to drive the Adventure Machine (He taught them that in The Treasure of Chucklewood) and Freddie tells them that they have to save the cub couples, the boy cubs' cousins and Lester and that they're being chased by the rock monster and shows them the rock monster still chasing them. They go after the monster and Freddie sets the drill to hyper speed, jumps off the Adventure Machine, turns the drill on and drills through the monster, creating a huge gap. The monster becomes motionless like the solid rock it used to be, collapses on itself and turns into a huge pile of pebbles. Patty and Reg become trapped under the huge pile of pebbles. The gang then checks the Star Badge and realizes that the Star Badge itself is another fake one. Patty and Reg then emerge from the pebble pile and think the gang hasn't won yet as they still have the hypnosis pocket watch. But Freddie points that the watch is destroyed. Patty and Reg notice this in horror and conclude that the watch got broken in the pile. Then, they make their retreat. Freddie then remembers that he's got a Boys Day Out with Buttons, Rusty, Turner and Skeeter in the Enchanted Valley.
  21. The Pony Derby - Sarah befriends a pony who got lost in the forest and names him "Bella." She takes the pony to the girl cubs' cave and learns from Bearbette that she had taken care of a pony before (with clips of the original Chucklewood Critters episode The Lone Pony). She and Frisky teach Sarah how to ride and take care of a pony. Meanwhile, Robin and a friend of hers named Barbara search for Barbara's pony who got lost in her stable. Suddenly, they receive a phone call from the girl cubs saying that they found the pony and asks them to return the pony to the stable. Barbara then tells the girls that she is training Bella for the Derby tomorrow which she can win roses. But they learn from the boy cubs and Willard and Arnie that Delilah has already entered a pony named Dana, which can enable her to make fashions from horses and ponies. The next day, Barbara finds a Star Badge and places it on her hand. At the race, Dana managed to take a big lead. However, with 3/4 of the race complete, the Star Badge activates and the field begins to bunch up as other contenders mounted their closing drives. But Dana swerved out from the two path into the four and five paths. She made contact with three other ponies causing them to check their strides. Meanwhile, Bella rapidly moves from sixth-place to second place having neck and neck with Dana. But Dana again drew clear of the field, crossing the finish line first. Barbara filed an objection with the stewards about the interference with Dana. After reviewing the tape, the stewards disqualify Dana, causing Delilah to anger at the stewards. She ultimately accepts defeat and retreats by having Dario use his belt as whip on Dana to pull them in Delilah's cart. The victory is awarded to Bella. As Barbara, Robin, Sarah and the girl cubs celebrate the win, the stewards give Barbara the roses and the Star Badge that was left behind on the track. After examining the Star Badge, it is revealed to be Scorpio (♏). Barbara gives a wish to Bella that he will never ever run away from his stable again. As a result, the fence around Bella's stable became a few feet taller. Back at Robin's house, the girls do a count of the Star Badges. As Robin counts the 10th Star Badge, Sarah draws a number "10" on Bearbette and Frisky's stomachs. Frisky announces the number and then "Three more to go and the constellations are back in the sky." Bearbette then says "Then, Vaderman World, Inc. will join the list of 'Things That Aren't There Anymore!'" Robin then says "And Delilah and Dario will end up..." ending it with all the girls singing acapella " jail!" Robin then looks at the girl cubs' stomachs, and sees the zeros that Sarah drew around. Sarah then lifts up Robin's shirt and draws a "1" on her stomach. Then, Robin rubs Sarah's stomach.
  22. Christmas Special 2: The Great Christmas Rescue Mission with Tobey's Family (Christmas Special) - Tobey has invited the critters, Jonesy, Johnny and Robin to Fort Caulderdale to spend Christmas with his family. Along the way, via A.M. Mark XVII, the fathers tell their sons a story that on one of their Christmas vacations, they became friends with Tobey. [Special Guest Stars: Taran Killam, Kate McKinnon, Kate Micucci and Bobby Moynihan as Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal (as toy versions brought to life by the Christmas Star Badge).]
  23. Cousin Bruce's Strange Illness - In a cold open, Bob Badget and Arleen Skunkin remind the viewers that "You may have submit a name of Rusty's baby. 'Cause coming up at the end of the show, we will announce the four nominees. And you will have a chance to vote on the name online." Before going to bed for the night, Bruce takes a shower and drinks water. The next morning, he gets an invitation for Jester's gym party. There, he gets a delivery from a food delivery guy (who is Gourmad in disguise) which is all of his favorite foods that were made from an instant-cooking pot (which is powered by a Star Badge). After Bruce eats all of his favorite foods, he suddenly gets very ill. Now, he is rushed into the critter hospital where Dr. Macquarie nurses him. She places Bruce in a plastic bubble. When Bruce returns home, he has trouble adapting to life in the bubble even though Macquarie emphasized just how "normal" it would feel. The next day, as Buttons arrives to look after his cousin, Chief Hamilton arrives at Bruce's cave and investigates the instant-cooking pot. After seeing the Star Badge, she remarks "To Vaderman World, Inc. we go!" She picks up Jester and the two head for the Vaderman World, Inc. Suddenly, Dr. Gardner calls Chief Hamilton and tells her that "The Delivery Guy" was last seen in his office and he also had instant-cooking pot made by Gourmad. After he tells Hamilton the description of the delivery guy, she and Jester look around town until he finds The Delivery Guy, who is secretly hiding endangered animals to use in the cooking pot. They pick him up and take him to the gym. Upon arrival, they see most of the critters and Bruce (still in his bubble) getting ready for the party. While Hamilton confronts the delivery guy, Bruce rolls Buttons to the edge of the gym's roof. He then pushes him over the edge, throwing the cooking pot at the delivery guy. The Star Badge ultimately reveals the delivery guy as Gourmad. Jester also notices the covered up endangered animals and pulls the dust cover, revealing them to everyone. Hamilton then says to him "Well, what do you got to say for yourself?" Gourmad then says "Please don't give me those Miranda rights yet!" and he accepts defeat, releases the endangered animals and runs away. Buttons then checks the Star Badge and reveals to be Capricorn (♑) and wishes that Bruce will be freed from the bubble and feel better. Afterwards, the critters enjoy Jester's gym party. That night, Jester, Jonah, Buttons, Rusty and Bruce count the Star Badges. After Bruce counts the 11th Star Badge, they form the number "11" with Buttons and Rusty form the first "1" while Jester and Jonah form the other "1". Rusty then says "Two more to go and Gourmad and his club leader will be brought to J-U-S-T-I-C-E. What's that spell!?" The rest of the critters shout "JUSTICE!" Jonah then says "And that bad company of Zak's will be G-O-N-E F-O-R-E-V-E-R!" Buttons then says "And those constellations will be back up in the sky to be viewed for years to come." At the end of the episode, Dave Coonier then welcomes the viewers and informs them that it is time to announce the four nominees of the names of Rusty's baby. Bob then announces that they have received over five million entries for our contest and thanks the viewers who have participated. As they and Arleen wait for the cards to be received by Tobey, Dave then reminds the viewers that the four nominees will guarantee themselves $1,000. The name with the most votes will receive a $10,000 scholarship and an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to be a guest critter next season. The first runner-up receives $3,000, while the other two receive $1,000. Tobey then hands them the cards. The two boy nominees are: Charlie and Todd. The two girl nominees are: Regina and Vixey. Dave then urges viewers to vote on the show's website starting tonight and lasting throughout two weeks. There's a limit of one vote per household, per day. We will announce the winners in our Season Finale next month. The name with the most votes will win a $10,000 scholarship and a free trip to New York City.
  24. Boys Day Out - The boy cubs, Freddie, Skeeter and Turner spend the day at Johnny's house. Together, they read a magazine focusing on girls in bikinis and play video games. Later, Johnny takes the boys to a miniature golf course, where they learn how to play miniature golf. Meanwhile, Jester takes the boys to his old neighborhood in the Enchanted Valley to learn how to play real golf, since the gym doesn't have a driving range. However, a tiger named Ronald distracts the practice by jeering the critters and calling them "jackbutts," which angers Jester. And if that isn't bad enough, Ronald is a friend of Zak Vaderman and Zazzy Zeke, who gave him a Star Badge and put it on his golf club to cheat in the golf tournament. As Jester checks one of the holes in the golf course, Ronald puts a golf ball on Jester's rear end (mistaking it for a tee) and he swings the ball. Jester then scolds at Ronald and they ultimately get themselves into a brawl (spoofing a famous scene from Happy Gilmore). Afterwards, Ronald pulls Jester's gym shorts down, rips his shirt, throws him into the creek and tells him "The price is wrong, beaves." Jester then leaps out of the creek, pulls Ronald's tail, kicks his face, and tosses him down the waterfall. A ZakRobo comes to rescue Ronald and he yells back to Jester "I'll still be at the golf tournament, beaves!" Jester discovers that he ultimately injured his arm as a result of the brawl. Suddenly, Tobey arrives and says that he has witnessed the event. Chief Hamilton takes Jester to the critter hospital to examine his injury. Jester then tells the boys, that they will finish their practice tomorrow, if he's able to make it. The next morning, at the hospital, Chief Hamilton and Tobey have a major conversation about the fight between Ronald and Jester. After further discussion, Tobey makes a decision to Hamilton: If any of the good critters win the tournament, Ronald will get arrested and then they will retrieve the Star Badge on the golf club that Ronald was going to use for cheating. Jonah decides to fill in for Jester while recuperating. That afternoon, Jonah takes the boys to the gym, where he set up a putting green to practice putting. The next morning, at the golf tournament, the good critters play well until Ronald's orders for Syco the Snake to bite all of the young critters are put in action, which affects their golfing ability, causing the good critters to slump and putting Ronald in the lead. However, a surprise visit from Jester, regains their confidence and rallies to pull even with Ronald with one hole to play as the good critters trail by two strokes. Rusty shoots the ball from the tee to the fairway. Ronald got two one stroke penalties for a water hazard and out of bounds. At the green, Ronald attempts to score a par, but Ronald's golf putter ultimately flashes brightly causing the ball to miss the hole and leave the green. Then, Ronald shoots the ball again but it missed the green. On his next shot, he finally made it to the green but Jester reminds him that it's mathematically impossible to win. As the critters celebrate the win and Jonah hands them the trophy, Ronald then quickly steals it away causing the good critters to chase down the hill after him. Syco then calls Zak (who was watching the game) to release the ZakRobos and Zak does so. But the ZakRobos are easily stopped by Abner. Hamilton then points her gun at Ronald and arrests him. Zak and Syco witness this and flee in defeat. The good critters retrieve the Star Badge from the golf club and it reveals Leo (♌), who gives the wish to cure all the bites from Syco the Snake. As Johnny counts the Star Badges, he writes the number "12" on Freddie's tail. The boy cubs announced "One more Star Badge to go!" Tobey then responds with "If we get that final Star Badge, Vaderman World, Inc. will be history and that crime king, Zak and all of his other partners (including Gourmad, Delilah and her henchman Dario and Patty and her intern Reg) will go to the Maximum Security Prison, where his associate is. Their next adventure with us will be their last." The boy cubs responded with "That is if the next Star Badge isn't fake." The episode ends with everyone laughing.
  25. Season 4 Finale: The Villains Club's Last Stand (Special)
    1. The Final Star Badge - This episode begins with a recap of last episode and ending the prologue with Buttons and Rusty counting all the star badges. Meanwhile, Zak Vaderman disguises himself as an attorney and visits Zeke's jail-cell. He tells him that tonight, they are having a jailbreak and they along with Patty and Reg plan on transforming the homes of the good critters into junkyards. Zeke then tells him that the guard is on vacation and the jail is protected by a pass code. That evening, while the boy cubs spend the evening at Freddie's, the cubs' folks have a nice dinner with their siblings. Suddenly, Rosie's stomach starts to kick rapidly. She alerts George that it's time to go to the hospital. So the folks quickly vacate the cave. George writes a letter to the cubs: "Rusty, Mom and I are someplace special. We will see you soon. - Pop" George then takes Rosie to the hospital, via Adventure Machine Mark XVII. Meanwhile, at Vaderman World, Inc., Gourmad makes a strange milk. Delilah and Dario plan to make special drum skins made from the hairs on the girl critters. That night, Zak sneaks into the jail by breaking the pass code entry system, and gets the keys to Zeke's cells and frees him. The two then pick up Patty and Reg and sneak into the boy cubs' cave, via the Secret Shortcut and raid the entire cave, turning it into a junkyard. As the boy cubs return home, they saw that their cave have turned into big mess. It's not the worst of it, the girl cubs' cave has been raided as well and saw Bearbette, Frisky and Sarah (who have just returned from Crystal Bayou after spending the evening at Lester's) have got their heads shaven. Frisky tells the boys that while they were sleeping in Crystal Bayou, Delilah used her hair removal ray gun to remove the hairs off of them. Luckily, Rusty manages to find his father's letter in the mess and read it. They report this to Chief Hamilton. Along the way they found half a Star Badge, the other half has to be around somewhere. At the gym, the gym floor is completely covered up with milk which created a foul odor and they see fake cows powered by ZakRobos. Jester then says "My gym is not a dairy farm." Tobey arrives and sniffs at the milk. He deducts that it's the work of Gourmad. Sgt. Monday and Tuesday then visit the prison where the passcode box is broken. They report this to Dr. Gardner and his assistants. Tobey and Hamilton then see that Zeke has escaped from prison! And if all that isn't bad enough, Bearnadine has suddenly got a severe case of pneumonia and she is escorted to the critter hospital. The next morning, the police division visits the jail and sees that the warden has returned from vacation. They survey the evidence and go to the security room to review the videotape. In addition, they find the other half of the Star Badge. They see that Zak had broke the pass code box, stole the keys to Zeke's cell, freed him and ran away. At the police headquarters, the division have a conference discussing what will happen next. Hamilton says that when they find Zak and his gang, they will send them to a bigger prison, which is a maximum security prison and then Vaderman World, Inc. will shut down forever. Later, Jester sends pictures of the evidence from the gym. Back in Chucklewood, Johnny, Robin, the cub couples, and all the other critters (minus Rusty's folks) investigate. ... As Buttons walks over the remains of the Ultismasher 3000, he finds the Star Badge and it reveals to be Ophiuchus (⛎). He then wishes that everything is back to normal: The girls' hairs grown back, Bearnardine recovered from pneumonia, the cub couples' caves returned to normal and the gym's floor cleaned up. At the hospital, Dr. Macquarie approaches George in the waiting room and tells him "Congratulations, you have gained a member of your family." They write a telegram to Rusty and give it to Quacker and he delivers it to Rusty, who then reads "Rusty, please come to the hospital to meet your newest sibling. - Pop." After Johnny counts all the Star Badges, they come to life much to the gang's surprise. Ophiuchus says to Rusty that before he and the constellations head back into the sky, he just wants him to know that he is a great big brother. Suddenly, Harry Wescott, the same mad magician who turned the constellations into Star Badges and made them fall from the sky, appears in front of the critters and takes all of the Star Badges from them. To make matters worse, the Villains Club emerges from the Ultismasher 3000's remains, with Zak saying "Don't celebrate too soon, you Chucklewood Litters!" Everyone, including Harry Wescott, hears Zak's voice, much to the critters' horror but to Harry Wescott's delight, Wescott reveals himself to be the maternal uncle of Zak Vaderman and the real founder of the Villains Club. He reveals that he turned the constellations into Star Badges so that his nephew and the Villains Club can get rid of the critters once and for all. Hamilton then appears and points her gun at Wescott. (In the Part 1 version only, the camera goes to a freeze-frame. With Jonesy, Sora, Layla and Brittany urging viewers to tune in next time to find out if Rusty's baby sibling is a boy or a girl and that Harry Wescott has appeared and taken all of the Star Badges out of our heroes' paws. [TO BE CONCLUDED...])
    2. The Battle - (In the Part 2 version only, after the recap scene, Bob, Dave and Arleen welcome the viewers and remind them that coming up later in the show, they will reveal the name of Rusty's new baby and announce the winner of the $10,000 and a trip to New York to be a guest critter next season and the show resumes.) Hamilton urges Wescott to raise his hands up. Wescott takes Hamilton's gun from her using his scepter and summons all the villains (and bad critters) that the good critters encountered in the past. Then, a major crime wave surrounds Chucklewood and the suburb. Fortunately, all the critters that Buttons and Rusty know come along (due to Quacker giving them invitations to see Rusty's new baby sibling) and agree that together, the good critters will fight the villains (and bad critters). The battle takes place behind the High School. The villains easily get hold of the good critters. Fortunately, Sarah does her trademark scream at the villains, putting it at maximum power, hurting their hearing and causing them to free the good critters. Inside the core of the Hydra-Bot 3000, Abner and George sneak past the ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins. They see the Star Badges inside the central core. George then grabs the badges and disappears with Abner. As they run away, the ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins quickly approach them. Abner then turns into a bowling ball. George rolls him and he crashes into ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins. George then hands the Star Badges to the boy cubs, who then put them in the Adventure Machine. As they do so, the Adventure Machine turns into Adventure Machine 2000 which features a cannon. The boy cubs then fire at the Hydra-Bot 3000, causing the villains to scream in horror and Hydra-Bot 3000 explodes, destroying the remaining ZakRobos and Delilah Mannequins inside. The remains of the fall to the ground, Wescott and the Villains Club fall to the ground as well. The citizens and good critters including various special guests such as the Chipmunks, the Spider Riders, Ash Ketchum (accompanied by his Pikachu and his Charizard) and Jackie Chan begin to chase the villains and get into a brawl with them. Later, after all the villains get bruised, Hamilton urges the citizens to stop and places the villains under arrest. The good critters then give the Miranda rights to the villains. Afterwards, Sarah bites Ronald's tail, Pikachu gives a victory thunderbolt, Charizard gives a victory flamethrower and all of the citizens and good critters were given a Gatorade shower. Afterwards, Rusty and George urge everyone to come to the hospital to meet Rusty's new sibling. There, all of the critters are gathered around at the hospital. George appears and tells Rusty to come meet his new baby sister. They enter Rosie's room and see her holding the baby. Rosie tells him "Rusty, this is Vixey. You are a big brother now." All of the good critters react. The next morning, at the tribunal of the Villains Club, Judge May Marion shows the villains their bank statement along with all the evidence of the damage they had done in the past. She tells the Villains Club that they have a bank statement of -$500,500,000 from all the damage they had done and then she gives them the strongest sentence any one in the suburb has ever had: 1,000 years in Attica. The citizens (with the help of Ash) then take everything that Zak stole and demolish the headquarters of Vaderman World, Inc. Then, the boy cubs break Wescott's scepter and the Star Badges turn back into constellations and get back into the sky to be viewed for generations to come. The newspaper headline reads: "VADERMAN WORLD, INC. HISTORY, VILLAINS CLUB SENTENCED TO 1,000 YEARS IN ATTICA." All of the good critters celebrate and rejoice with Jonesy telling us, "All's well that ends well." Bob and Dave then tell the viewers about what happened. And reminding viewers that "When we come back, we will announce the winner of the "Name The Baby" contest. And then Miss Love will give a sneak peak of our next season." This marks the end of Buttons & Rusty: Welcome to Chucklewood. After the break, Bob, Dave and Arleen thank the viewers who have voted for the four nominees and the show received ten million votes. Afterwards, Tobey hands the hosts the results and reminds the viewers about the prizes. The fourth place winner was Todd which was sent in by Hunter Robertson of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The third place winner was Regina which is sent in by Brandi Sevetzski from Blue Ridge, Texas. The second place winner was Charlie which was in sent in by Jonathan Wayna from Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa. Bob then calls the winner of Vixey from his critter phone. The grand prize winner was Charles Cato from Macon, Georgia. The three hosts then talk to him on the grand prize that he won: $10,000 and a trip to New York City to be a guest critter next season. This is followed by Miss Love previewing it. In the end credits, the instrumental version of When You Wish Upon A Star (with the good critters singing it to the constellations) is heard accompanied by a montage of all the events that occurred in this episode. The director congratulates the boy cubs and their families and friends for defeating Vaderman World, Inc., tells Rusty that he is a big brother now and asks both boy cubs what are they going to do now. Then, they respond with "Maybe a direct-to-video series that takes place during the TV series. And a couple of spin-offs." Then, when the credits end, they shout "UNTIL THEN, WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE WORLD!" This ends with hugs by their mothers, them boarding the Adventure Machine Mark XVII and taking off. As the good critters sing the final chorus, the constellations turn orange and brown and form the Chucklewood Productions logo. [NOTE: Due to subject matter, viewer and parental discretion are advised.] [Special Guest Star: Jackie Chan as himself.]

Interstitial Segments on PBS airings

  • M.C. Franklin's Important Things To Remember (ITTR) - A public service announcement rapped by Franklin related to important things related to the episode. This is very similar to Sonic Says on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or Producer Says on The Magic School Bus among other animated shows from the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Chucklewood Music Time - A one minute song.
  • Picture Pages - A modernized version of the popular 1980s segment, where a random critter hosts a Picture Page segment using a tablet.
  • Nora "Know It All" - Nora talks to viewers about important things or a popular landmark or gives an important lesson on a tough job. Her segments end with "When you're a Know It All...and not a Know It Owl!"
  • Read/Learn More About It - An adult critter recommends books, a website or a non-profit organization related to the topic of the episode. The segment ends with one of two endings:
    • Books: "These and many other books are waiting for you/available at your local library. Visit them. (Especially your school's.) They'll be happy to help you Read More About It."
    • Websites and Organizations: Go to (insert website) or call (phone number). This organization will be happy to help you Learn More About It.

Adventure Machines

  • The Adventure Machine - (A.M. for short) a combined plane and vehicle which can carry up to five people. This is mainly used by the boy cubs.
  • Adventure Machine Mark XVII - (A.M. Mark XVII for short) a doubled up version of the original model.

Television film and Spin-offs

Chucklewood Critters in Space

Buttons & Rusty: Growing Up

Sarah's School Days


The show will be rated TV-Y7 on Boomerang airings. The PBS airings will vary between TV-G and TV-PG depending on the content. The show will meet the E/I standards on PBS airings.

Educational lessons

Unlike its original predecessor, the series dealt with some issues or problems commonly faced by the characters ranging from health, bullying, first love, peer pressure and cleaning the environment to more serious themes (though toned down for younger children) including smoking, racism, child abuse, addiction, anxiety, gun violence, gangs and death.


  • Unlike the original series, this series will feature more human characters.
  • Michael Pecoriello was the executive producer of 4Kids Entertainment shows like Pokémon, Ultraman Tiga and Yu-Gi-Oh. Actors and actresses like Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Jimmy Zoppi, Sarah Natochenny, etc. will be featured.
  • The villains who debuted in the first three episodes' (excluding Zazzy Zeke, the ZakRobos and Dario) voice actors, Tom Kenny (for Zak Vaderman and Chef Galton Gourmad) and Jill Talley (for Delilah Denara) are married.
  • Despite being a reboot, this series references the events from the original series.

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