Vixey's Firsts

Quacker: QUACK! Breaking news! The Villains Club is dead!

Buttons, Rusty and their folks: DEAD!?

Quacker: YES!

[Their folks rejoice and celebrate]

Rusty: How did they die?

Quacker: May I explain how this happened?

[In a flashback, in Attica]

Quacker: [narrates] Back in Attica, Syco, Lord Morlock, Claude and Lenny Stapp and Lulu decided that have had enough of Zak, Gourmad, Delilah and Patty's gripes over their defeat to us good critters.

[Syco slithers out of Attica while Morlock and his gang teleport out]

Quacker: [narrates] So, Syco and Morlock along with his gang decide to get out of prison in order to avoid dealing with the Villains Club's griping any longer. While Claude decided to come up with a plan to stop their griping.

[The pruno truck arrives to Attica]

Quacker: [narrates] So, after the pruno truck arrived to Attica, Claude decided to mix poison with the pruno in Zak, Gourmad, Delilah, Patty, Dario, Reg, Zeke and Wescott's cups.

Claude: Crush, you want to help me?

Crush: Nah, Mom told me it's not right for me to do that.

Claude: Okay, suit yourself, my spoiled nephew!

[Claude mixes the poison with the pruno. Later, in the cafeteria, Claude sits with the Villains Club about to drink their pruno.]

Wescott: Well, this is lovely.

Zeke: Interesting beverages.

Dario: Most kind.

Reg: Oh boy, we drink!

Quacker: [narrates] After the Villains Club drank the poison-mixed pruno....

[While the Villains Club drink the poison-mixed pruno, Claude watches as he drinks his non poison-mixed pruno]

Quacker: [narrates] ...they choked and then they died.

[Wescott, Zeke, Dario and Reg start to groan in pain]

Delilah: Dario! Would you shut it?!

Patty: Uh-oh, I think he, Reg, Zeke and Wescott drank poison-mixed pruno!

Gourmad: What?!

[Gourmad, Delilah, Patty and Zak start to groan in pain as well]

Delilah: [weakly] Oh no, I d-don'!

[Wescott dies, falling to the floor first, then Dario, then Reg and then Zeke]

Gourmad: [weakly] Now...I'll...never...cook...endangered...animals...again!

[Gourmad falls to the floor dying]

Delilah: [weakly] I',...Zak.

[Delilah falls to the floor dying]

Patty: [weakly] At...least...I...won'!

[Patty falls to the floor dying]

Zak: [weakly]!

[Zak falls to the floor dying]

[The warden comes in and sees what happened]

Claude: I was tired of their griping.

Warden: [understandingly] Huh, what a coincidental excuse, so was I.

[Back to the present]

Quacker: Despite the warden buying the excuse, Claude was sentenced to death row for murder.

Miss Love Talks To Parents About Friendship

Miss Love: It's very important to know that when you start to grow older, your days of playtime will start to fade away. This is sometimes called maturing. For instance, in the winter, the dog was training with his hunter which he came a hunting dog. As hunting dogs can track down foxes, the fox and the dog became natural enemies. Here's what happened as the two reached adulthood with the dog becoming a hunting dog.

[In the simulation...]

Fox: Hey, it's me.

Dog: It's great to see you. You know you shouldn't be here.

Fox: Well, I just wanted to see you. We're still friends are we?

Dog: [makes a sad glare] Those days are over. I'm a hunting dog now.

[The fox becomes surprised, then feels sad]

Fox: [cries] Okay, nice knowing you. [runs away]

Dog: [sniffles] Nice knowing you too.

[Back at the school]

Miss Love: Most of the time, a friend will stop playing with you and moves on to new things like going out to ballgames, doing homework together. In addition, if a boy and girl were friends together, they can get married, just like the cub couples. We'll discuss more about that in a later episode. Sometimes a friend has to move away for a very special reason. Take Sarah for example.

[Clips from A New Burrow and a Child are shown]

Miss Love: In last season, she was very upset when Skipper and Bluebell moved away to adopt a child named Thippy. They have matured from babysitting as a result of this and transitioned to forming a family. Near the end of the episode, Sarah cried continuously throughout the day until Bearbette and Frisky decided to become her new babysitters.

[Back to the present]

Miss Love: Sometimes many of your childhood toys such as swings, car toys, balls or even your dollhouse will be donated to donation stores or being sold at yard sales. In addition, when a sibling moves away such as going out of the country or after graduating from High School, he or she will probably give the room to his younger one. Last season, Abner and George converted Buttons and Rusty's secret shortcut into the baby room because the Fox family is beginning to get bigger. Even when a friend moves away, the friendship never ends. Here's a preview of next episode which explains this.


Moving Out Is Hard To Do

[A meeting with the boy cubs' folks...]

Rosie: George, the boys are all grown-up now. They are free for whatever they do. And Vixey is getting ready to move from a crib to a bed.

George: But the cave dosen't have enough room for a bedroom for Vixey.

Bridgette: I believe it's time to move on our separate ways.

Quacker: Quack! Telegram for Bridgette.

[Quacker hands telegram to Bridgette]

Bridgette: "Bridgette: Mom is in hospice care and lost her support to assisted living. I urge you to move to Sweet Water Valley to live with me so we can be with her. - Francine" Oh no. My mother is loosing her assisted living. Her doctors say that me and Francine need to be with her.

Abner: Moving to Sweet Water Valley?

Bridgette: Yes, Abner. [hugs Abner] I don't know when I'll be back. I'll stay in touch.


George: I think we should convert the secret shortcut into an apartment for Buttons.

Abner: That will work.


[After a serious argument between the girl cubs' folks]

Darwin: I don't need anyone to protect me, now that Bearbette and Frisky are now women.

Bearnadine: B-b-b-ut, Darwin--

Darwin: I AM THROUGH! THIS IS THE END! [storms out of the cave]

[Bearnadine cries]


Daydream Believer Of The Homecoming Queen

[As Syco enters the courtyard, he begins to chew on the class float]

Buttons: [gasps] Oh my gosh!

Johnny: The float!

[The class then runs after the snake who hisses at Sarah and then goes inside her dress]

Sarah: [stammering] RUSTY! HELP!

Rusty: [gasps] SARAH!

[Syco chews on Sarah's rear end and she screams to frighten Syco away. Rusty then attempts to tackle the snake but he slithers very fast.]

Syco: You can't catch me, Chucklewood pests!

[The boys then chase him, destroying the gym and football field, and setting up the fire alarm. The entire school is evacuated. Syco hisses and slithers away.]

Johnny: We better call Chief Hamilton.


[Sarah is down the floor, Rusty feels her]

Rusty: Sarah? [he sees bite marks on her face]

[Sarah briefly wakes up]

Sarah: R..r...r..usty? Help me.

[Frisky lifts up Sarah's dress and looks at bite marks throughout her body]

Frisky: Oh no! Gee, that snake really damaged her good.

Rusty: We got to get her to Macquarie. Johnny, grab me a stretcher.

Frisky: Bearbette, you and Buttons go see Randal. Maybe he can help repair the school.


[At Mr. Pines' office, he and Hamilton review the videotape]

Mr. Pines: How the heck did that snake slither into the school? [sees Syco slithering into the school and performing said actions]

Hamilton: Might be a hole in the vent.

Mr. Pines: It's gonna take a whole lot of money to get the school repair. And homecoming is Friday.

Hamilton: We better call the HSFA and see what they can do.

Mr. Pines: Schedule a press conference.


[In the hospital, Dr. Macquire looks at Sarah's backside.]

Dr. Macquarie: Oh my! A big snake mark on her butt. [goes around to her front side and using a magnifying glass, she looks at her middle] Complete poison filled. [gets her X-ray machine out]

[In the waiting room, Rusty and Frisky are waiting for the results]

Frisky: I remember Sarah was poisoned by Syco.

Rusty: The rabbits did a good job recovering her.

[Dr. Macquarie approaches then]

Dr. Macquarie: Rusty? Frisky?

Frisky: Yes?

Dr. Macquarie: Sarah is going to spend a few days here.

Rusty: WHAT!? WHY!?

Dr. Macquarie: [shows an x-ray of Sarah] There are snake bite marks throughout her entire body, even on her rear end. Her belly is completely covered up in poison.

Frisky: [gasps] Oh no!

Rusty: Boy. Syco's bite marks are so strong. [looks at Sarah's stomach] He licked her stomach.

Dr. Macquarie: It's going to take lots of time to get her body healed and have her belly be back to normal.

Frisky: Does this mean she'll have to miss Homecoming weekend?

Dr. Macquarie: Maybe. We will just have to wait and see.

Rusty: Come on Frisk, we got to report this to Aunt Stacy and Uncle Dennis.

[At Sarah's cave, Rusty and Frisky talk to Stacy and Dennis]

Stacy: WHAT!? My beautiful girl got bitten and poisoned by Syco!?

[Dennis looks at the x-ray]

Dennis: Oh my! Those bite marks are really violent. I've never seen a critter bite Sarah's butt before.

Stacy: And look at that. Why can a snake cover up her belly with poison?

Dennis: I believe he licked it so strong.

Rusty: Dr. Macquarie said she'll need to spend in the hospital for a few days.

Stacy: [gasps] She is going to miss school for a few days and Wednesday is Swim Day.

Dennis: Next Wednesday, Stacy!

Stacy: Phew!

Frisky: She may probably miss Homecoming this week. Johnny and Robin are on the Homecoming Court and are building their class float.

Dennis: I better write up an note to Miss Love. [does so]

Rusty: Not only Syco bit Sarah, he also damaged Johnny and Robin's class float, the stadium, just about the whole school.

Stacy: That is terrible!

Frisky: Buttons and Bearbette are getting Randal for some help on how he could fix the damage.


[A montage is shown between repairing the school, rebuilding the class float and the Homecoming Court rehearsal set to Daydream Believer. As the song ends, at Sarah's cave, just as Stacy and Dennis get ready for bed.]

Stacy's Critter Phone: Ring-ring-ring! Ring-ring-ring! Phone call! Phone call!

Dennis: Huh!?

Stacy: Who is calling us while we're getting ready for bed? [looks at her phone and sees "CRITTER HOSPITAL"] It's Macquarie! [answers it] Hello?

Dr. Macquarie: Stacy? Dennis?

Stacy: Dr. Macquarie! Oh! You woke us up while we are getting ready for bed.

Dr. Macquarie: I have great news for you. Sarah is recovered!

Stacy: Oh my gosh!

Dr. Macquarie: The procedure took four days. She is good as new. Can you two come to the hospital?

Stacy and Dennis: Yes! Let's go!

[At the critter hospital, Dr. Macquarie brings Sarah (riding on a stretcher) to her folks]

Sarah: [gasps] Mommy! Daddy! [leaps out of the stretcher who rubs both of her folks' stomaches]

Stacy: [giggling] Hi, Sarah! I am so happy you are back to normal!

Dennis: [laughs] My little mermaid. You're all better!

Dr. Macquarie: The procedure took only four days. My experts manage to take every step to heal the bites and various antidotes to remove the poison off of her stomach.

[Sarah lifts up her hospital gown to expose her now recovered stomach]

Sarah: See? No bite marks.

Stacy: That's my girl! [rubs Sarah's stomach who giggles and kisses the middle]

Dr. Macquarie: I think you should go home now. It's getting late.

Stacy: With a good night's rest, she'll be ready for the Homecoming festivities!


[While lining up for the parade, after unwrapping the blanket, revealing only the stomach and examining it]

Rusty: I know that belly! Frisky, get me an ice pack.

[Frisky gives Rusty an ice pack and covers up the middle. He hears a familiar giggle. He removes the ice pack, rubs the stomach and Sarah unwraps herself]

Rusty and Frisky: Sarah!

Sarah: [giggles] I'm cured!

[Just as she attempts to press Frisky's stomach, she notices that Frisky and Rusty are wearing sweaters and pants]

Sarah: Gee, why are your bellies covered up?

Rusty: It's fall weather and you should wear a sweater to keep it warm and protected,

Sarah: But my lucky belly is recovered. [lifts up her cheerleader outlet to reveal the rest of her stomach] See? Bite marks are gone. Belly is poison-free. I'm cured!

[Rusty gives her a sweater and puts it on]

Rusty: Frisky and I will give you a belly rub when we get home.

Frisky: And a kiss too.

Rusty: Come ride with us on the class float.

Robin's First Job

LeMar: Hi, Robin.

Robin: Hi, LeMar.

LeMar: What can I help you with today?

Robin: I am interested in being a temporary librarian.

LeMar: You don't have to take my word for it. Come with me.

[Robin goes into LeMar's office]

LeMar: The reason I needed someone to run the library for a week cause I will be going on vacation.

Robin: What for?

LeMar: To take a break from working and spend time with my family. So, you are interested in being a librarian?

Robin: Yes.


[Sarah, Lisa and Cody visit the children's section where they take out a book]

Sarah: Baby Whale?

Lisa: I know that song. It's based on a song about a family of whales. [sings] Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la. Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la. Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la. Baby whale.

Cody: Oooh. Let's open the book.

[Lisa open the book]

Sarah and Cody: Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Baby whale.

Sarah and Lisa: Mommy whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Mommy whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Mommy whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Mommy whale.

[In the circulation desk, Robin hears the singing as she is about to scan a patron's library card]

Robin: Hmmm.

Patron: What's going on?

Robin: I think it's a group of kids.

[She scans the library book and prints out the receipt slip]

Robin: Due back in one week.

Patron: Thank you.

[Robin then sees the three kids dancing the song]

Sarah, Lisa and Cody: Belly whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Belly whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Belly whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Belly whale.

[Robin walks up to them]

Robin: Kids?

Sarah, Lisa and Cody: Yes?

Robin: You're too loud. Can you please go to the sensory room? [directs the three kids to the sensory room]


[On Saturday, LeMar returns from vacation to see Robin checking out a book to Anne and Marie]

Robin: Here you go you two. It's due back in two weeks. Plenty of time to read.

Anne and Marie: Thank you, Miss Robin.

LeMar: Hi, Robin.

Robin: Hi, LeMar. [starts to laugh]

LeMar: Come on, what's the joke. [begins to laugh]

[All of the patrons begin laughing]

LeMar: [laughs] The library is starting to turn into a joke book.

Robin: [laughs] I wonder where all the laughing is coming from.

LeMar: Let's go check the climate control.

[As they go check the climate control system, they sniff the system and they continue laughing hysterically]

Robin: Let's call Hamilton!

LeMar: Good idea! We'll do it outside!

[At the police station, Chief Hamilton's office, Hamilton's phone rings and Hamilton answers it]

Hamilton: CPD. Hamilton.

LeMar: Hi, Chief Hamilton. This is LeMar Hutton at the library. Someone piped in laughing gas into my climate control system.

Hamilton: I'll be right over, LeMar.

[She, her brother and Tobey wear masks]


[While reviewing the videotape, they see Lord Morlock, Thump, Orcro and Spyler damaging the system]

LeMar: Those Morlocks hacked into the library in the middle of the night!

Robin: All the doors were locked up. And I think Morlock casted a spell to unlock the doors.

Tobey: Those goons are nothing but troublemakers.


Christmas Don't Be Gone

[After taking Sarah home from school.]

Rusty: You know, Sarah. I am dreaming of a white Christmas. Christmas that has snow on the ground.

Sarah: Yeah. Miss Love told me that earlier.

Frisky: Hopefully, it should snow by the time our Christmas Jamboree happens on Christmas Eve. Think about it.

[She and Rusty lift up Sarah's sweater to reveal only her dress]

Rusty: That's funny. Where's the belly?

Sarah: Oops! [runs into the bathroom to remove her dress, then leaves wearing only a sweater]

Frisky: Okay, Sarah. Let's reveal the belly.

[She and Rusty lift up Sarah's sweater again this time exposing her stomach. They rub it which she giggles]

Sarah: [giggles] Now kiss that lucky spot.

[Frisky kisses Sarah's middle who continues giggling. Just as she lifts Frisky's sweater up]

Frisky: Oh, Sarah. Rusty and I have to go to the High School. You can give me a belly rub later.

Sarah: Darn!


Mr. Pines: [over the PA system] May I have your attention please. The ice storm has passed and snow is falling on the ground. As we get ready to begin our Holiday Break, we would like to thank our Honor Society for making our Holiday Celebration possible. The society have raised $1,000 to benefit the homeless shelter which they will have a Merry Christmas. Our sophmore team in the basketball tournament is our champions this year. We would like to thank Mrs. Eagle; wife of Mr. Eagle for providing the play-by-play throughout our tournament, despite our gym floor was opened about a quarter way by accident from an unknown critter. Randal has managed to turn all the ice into snow and put snow shovels on the school buses. We would like to thank him for saving the ice storm. Professor Al predicts we're going to have a White Christmas!

[Cheers and applause]

Mr. Pines: Have a wonderful winter break! We will see you back on January 2, and be ready to learn! Before we ring the final bell for the holidays, myself, along with Senior Class President Robin McCobb, Senior Class Sergeant-At-Arms Johnny Boyett, their beloved critter friends Buttons, Bearbette, Rusty, Frisky and Randal would like to recite one of the most beloved Christmas poems of all time.

[Johnny, Robin, the cub couples and Randal go into the microphone]

Mr. Pines: 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a critter was stirring, we thought it was dark;

Johnny: The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

Robin: The children and critters were nestled all snug in their beds;

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

Buttons: And moms and pops in their 'kerchiefs, and we in our caps,

Have just settled our critters brains for a long winter's nap,

Bearbette: When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

We sprang from our beds to see what was the matter.

Rusty: Away to the window we flew like a flash,

Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

Frisky: The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow,

Gave a luster of midday to objects below,

Randal: When what to our wondering eyes did appear,

But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny rein-deer,

Mr. Pines: With a little old driver so lively and quick,

we knew in a moment he must be Santa.

Johnny: More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

Randal: [imitates Santa Claus] "Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! on, Cupid! on, Donner and Blitzen!

To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!

Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

Buttons: As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,

When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;

Rusty: So up to the housetop the coursers they flew

With the sleigh full of toys, and Santa Claus too—

Bearbette: And then, in a twinkling, we heard on the roof

The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.

Frisky: As we drew in my head, and was turning around,

Down the chimney Santa came with a bound.

Johnny: He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,

And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;

Robin: A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,

And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

Mr. Pines: His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

Johnny: His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,

And the beard on his chin was as white as the snow;

Buttons: The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,

And the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath;

Bearbette: He had a broad face and a little round belly

That shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.

Frisky: He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,

And we laughed when we saw him, in spite of myself;

Rusty: A wink of his eye and a twist of his head

Soon gave us to know we had nothing to dread;

Buttons: He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,

Mr. Pines: And laying his finger aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;

Robin: He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,

Johnny: And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

Randal: But we heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight—

All: "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

[The school bell rings and the students are dismissed]


[Last lines of the episode. The credits roll while the Johnny, Robin, Jonesy and all the critters sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas. After the credits end...]

Johnny and Robin: From all of us...!

Jonesy: To all of you!

All with critters: A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Freddie Boy

Freddie: Pop, why are you blindfolding me for?

Philbert: Shhh! I got a surprise for you.

Freddie: What is it?

Philbert: You'll find out when we get there.


[As Leppinwolf arrives in Fort Caulderdale, they pull into an mansion]

Freddie: Sounds like we are in Fort Caulderdale to me.

Philbert: Yep. Don't take it off yet.

[They enter through the backyard and see a swimming pool. Philbert takes off Freddie's shirt and blindfold and sees Medora [in her bikini] getting out of the pool]

Freddie: Holy smokes! Is that for me?

Philbert: No son. That's for me.

Freddie: Look at that chick. Her bikini is really beautiful.

Medora: [walks up to Philbert] Hi, honey. [gasps as she looks at Freddie] This must be your son, Freddie.

Philbert: Yep. [to Freddie] Freddie, this is your future step-mother, Medora.

Freddie: [stammering] Hi, Medora. [to Philbert] She has a cute belly.

Philbert: [chuckles] Freddie is waiting to see you. I've first met Medora when she rescued me while I was fishing.

[Medora shows the two the engagement ring]

Philbert: She lives in Fort Caulderdale and took me right here and we got engaged.

Medora: We are getting married very soon.

[Just then a familiar raccoon [in an ocean blue bikini] runs towards Freddie, tackles him and blows a raspberry on his stomach. Freddie then looks at the raccoon]

Raccoon: Do you remember me?

[A flashback sequence is shown where Freddie dated the raccoon. He looks at her stomach.]

Freddie: Sophia?

[Sophia giggles then blows another raspberry on Freddie's stomach]

Freddie: Sophia! [blows a raspberry on Sophia's stomach] It's you!

Sophia: Freddie!

[The two hug]

Medora: Sophia, how did you know Freddie?

Sophia: Years ago. I first met him when he was laying down in Chucklewood Lake.

Medora: Oh, I see. Hey, let's go for a swim.

Freddie and Sophia: Yeah!

[They both jump into the pool and splash at each other. Medora and Philbert both jump In as well and all four splash at each other]


[Underwater, Freddie, Philbert, Medora and Sophia explore the underwater cove. Suddenly, a sting-ray appears and pierces Philbert in the chest as he starts to go down, Freddie and Medora catch him and swam back up to the boat. They put Philbert down. Medora quickly drives the boat to shore. Freddie then feels his father.]

Freddie: Pop?

[No answer]

Freddie: Pop?

Medora: [checking Philbert's pulse] Oh my gosh. Freddie, call for an ambulance. I am going to perform CPR.

[As she does...]

Sophia: Isn't he gonna make it?

Medora: Probably--[looks at the attack on the stingray] OH MY GOSH!!!

Sophia: What happened!?

Medora: Some sort of fish attacked him!

[Suddenly, the ambulance arrives]


[At the critter hospital, Philbert wakes up very slowly and looks at his son]

Philbert: F-f-f-reddie.

Freddie: Hi, Pop.

Philbert: I don't think I am gonna make it.

Freddie: W-w-w-hat? You will.

Philbert: I remember the day you were born. You were a good critter. I remember the time we moved to Chuckewood when your mom died.

Freddie: Yes.

Philbert: I remember taking you on a ride on Leappinwolf. I remember we defeated Zak Vaderman and his gang.

Freddie: I will remember that. And so will our friends.

Philbert: You're all grown up now. You're the man...of the house. And now, as I get ready to take my final breath, we must...go..on our separate ways. Goodbye, Freddie. I love you. I love you. [flat lines and dies]

Freddie: Pop? POP!!! P-p-p-op! Please don't go! Please don't go! [cries]

[Medora and Sophia both cry]


[Freddie opens his father's garage and sees Leappinwolf. He looks at it carefully and studies it.]

Freddie: How would I be able to ride Leappinwolf?

[At Medora's...]

Freddie: Medora, Leappinwolf is very special to my father. I remember he bought the motorcycle when he was my age. He took very care of it over the years. I wanted to ride it and follow his steps. How would I do it?

Medora: Well, do you have your driver's license?

Freddie: Not yet.

Medora: I am going to take you to motorcycle school. This will teach you how to ride a motorcycle and learn the rules of the road.


[Final scene. Freddie takes Sophia and Buttons on a ride around the suburb and Chucklewood. As the three head to Philbert's grave]

Philbert's ghost: Freddie, you are a Freddie Boy.

Freddie: [hugs his father's tombstone] Thanks, pop. [cries] I love you.


[In Sweet Water Valley, Buttons heads over to his grandmother's cave. His mother and aunt walk to him.]

Bridgette: Buttons!

Buttons: Hi, mom. Hi, Aunt Francine.

Bridgette: Good thing you've responded to my telegram.

Francine: There's something we have to tell you.

Buttons: How's Gram?

Bridgette: Gram has been diagnosed with cancer.

Buttons: Cancer!? How do they know that?

Bridgette: They did lots of tests on her. She has a hystecronomy and the blood inside her has cancer.

Buttons: Oh, no! What's a hystecronomy?

Francine: The surgical removal of the uterus. It may also involve removal of the cervix, ovariesm, fallopian tubes and other surrounding structures. After surgery and diagnosis, the cancer is inoperable. Especially her Alzheimer's Disease.

Buttons: WHAT!? [starts to cry] Does this mean she will die?

Francine: Yep. She's not going to be with us anymore in a few months.

Bridgette: The doctors gave her only weeks to live.

Buttons: How many?

Francine: About a month or two.

Buttons: Oh my! [hugs his mother]


[At the condo, as Jeanette and Rosie change into their bikini, Vixey looks at their stomachs]

Vixey: Bel...

Rusty: [gasps] Look! Vixey's trying to talk!

Vixey: Bel...bel.

George: That's it, Vixey. Say "belly"

Rosie: Say "belly"

Jeanette: C'mon, Vixey!

Rusty: Say it!

Vixey: [stutters for a bit] Belly!

[The family celebrates]

Rusty: She said her first word!

[Vixey runs over to Jeanette and climbs to her bikini top presses her chest]

Vixey: Belly!

Jeanette: That's not my belly! That's my chest.

Vixey: Chest? [slides her hand down to Jeanette's middle stomach then presses it, she then leaps to Rosie's stomach and kisses the middle, Rosie giggles]

George: [chuckles] Reminds you of someone, Rusty?

[Vixey then presses Rusty's middle]

Vixey: Belly!

Rusty: [giggles] Yeah. Sarah will get a lucky belly press when Vixey sees it.

[Vixey then points to the water in Jeanette's swimming pool]

Vixey: Belly!

Rosie: No, that's water.

Vixey: Water?

[Rosie puts Vixey on her back as they walk to the pool steps of the pool. Rosie sits down on the bottom step of the pool.]

Vixey: Water!

[Rosie splashes herself which they both giggle]

Jeanette: Let's go swimming!

[She jumps into the pool and swims to the middle step. Vixey holds onto Rosie and Jeanette's hands as they cruise around the pool like a speedboat.]

George: Good girl, Vixey!

Rusty: Aunt Stacy will teach her how to swim when the time comes.


[While eating dinner, Jeanette gives Vixey a BBQ chicken drumstick and some corn]

Vixey: Belly!

Rosie: No, Vixey. That's chicken.

Vixey: Chicken?

[She takes the chicken and attempts to put it on her mother's stomach. Rosie stops her.]

Rosie: No, no. A piece of chicken is food. You eat the chicken. Not put it on my belly.

Vixey: Eat?

Rosie: Here, let Aunt Jeanette show you how to eat the chicken.


[Vixey sees corn and takes a piece]

Vixey: Belly!

Rosie: That's not a belly. That's corn.

Vixey: Corn?

[Jeanette eats her corn on the cob]

Rosie: I gave her pieces of corn to start off. When she gets older, she'll have corn on the cob.


[Vixey climbs out of her bed and tiptoes to the couch where her mother is sleeping. She removes the blankets and lifts up her mother's pajamas and kisses her stomach]

Vixey: Belly. Belly. Belly. Belly. Belly.

[Rosie slowly wakes up and looks at Vixey]

Rosie: Vixey, back to bed! [takes Vixey back to the spare bedroom and puts her on the bed] Not one more sound! [closes the door and locks up the door]


[The next morning, while the family loads up for the beach]

Rosie: [wearing her t-shirt and her bikini bottom] I can't believe what happened to Vixey last night. [lifts up her shirt and points to her middle] I didn't sleep a wink last night cause Vixey kissed my belly and kept saying "belly" all night long!

Jeanette: [bikini] Well, I'll lock up the door tonight. Believe me, very young critters sometimes make sounds. When they get older, she'll get quieter.

Rusty: Just think, Vixey. We're taking you to the beach.

Vixey: Beach?

Rusty: Yes. Just think: Water, waves, sand.


[As George sets up the beach chairs, Vixey feels the sand]

Vixey: Sugar!

Rusty: That's not sugar. That's sand.

Vixey: Sand?

Rusty: You can do many things with sand.

[After George finishes up the chairs and Rosie and Jeannette lay down the beach blankets]

George: There. Anybody wants some beer?

Rosie: [taking off her shirt] George, with Vixey nearby, I think we shall stay away from beer. I'll just have a cherry soda.

Jeanette: I'll have orange.

Rusty: Cola.

[Rosie puts on suntan lotion on Vixey]

Vixey: Cream.

Rosie: That's suntan lotion. It keeps you protected from the sun.

Vixey: Sun?

[She puts suntan lotion on Rosie's stomach and draws a circle around the middle. She then rubs the stomach and fills up the middle with suntan lotion.]

Rosie: [giggles] Thanks.


[George relaxes in his beach chair while Rosie and Jeanette lay down on their blankets, Vixey starts covering up her mother with the help of his brother]

Vixey: [looks at her mother's bikini top, whispering] Belly. [puts sand on her chest]

Rusty: No, Vixey. You start with the legs first, then the belly, then the chest. Then, Mom will be covered up in sand. I'll help you out.

[In time-lapse, Rusty helps Vixey cover up their mother and aunt]


[While the family takes a walk on the ocean]

George: Look, Vixey.

Vixey: Fishes!

George: Those aren't fishes! They are surfers.

Vixey: Surfers?

[Suddenly, a surfer gets wiped out and ends up right next to the family. The surfer is revealed to be Bruce.]

Rusty: Bruce?

Bruce: That's me, Rusty. How's your little sister doing?

Rusty: She's doing okay. She said her first word which is [points to his stomach] belly.

Bruce: Wow! Amazing! How's Buttons doing?

Rusty: We kinda spread out now. The cave is now divided into two sections. One section has me and my family, and the old secret shortcut is Buttons' apartment. We took Vixey on her first vacation ever and we choose right here in Coytona. My Aunt Jeanette has a condo.

Bruce: Amazing. I've been taking a timeout from my studies and been training in the off-season after the Nanami Orcas missed the playoffs again!

Rusty: That's terrible. Things should come up next season. Well, Bruce, we gotta head back to our beach chairs. Vixey is gonna get sunburn any minute now and we must apply more suntan lotion.

Bruce: Nice meeting you, Rusty. [to Vixey] And you, Vixey.

[George gets out a bottle of suntan lotion from his pocket]

George: Here, Rusty.


Crush: [kicks Bruce's rear end] Hey, Butt!

Bruce: Butt?! My name is not Butt!

Crush: [realizes his mistake] Wait a minute, you're not Buttons! Who the heck are you?!

Bruce: I'm his cousin, Bruce! Who in incarnation are you?

Crush: My name is Crush! And I believe to be a better surfer than you. So, Bruce, let me borrow that little surfboard of yours! [pokes Bruce's stomach, pulls down his swimming trunks, snickers then steals his surfboard]

Bruce: HEY, NO FAIR! I just got that surfboard weeks ago!

[While covering Vixey with sand, Rusty witnesses what has happened.]

Rusty: Oh no! Crush!

Vixey: Crush?

Rusty: [to Vixey] He's the nephew of our old rival, Claude and a mean coyote. [to Jeanette, George and Rosie] Mom, Pop, Aunt Jeanette, watch Vixey. I have an emergency to take care of.

Jeanette, George and Rosie: Yes, Rusty!

Rusty: Hang on, Bruce, I'm coming!

[He and Bruce start to chase Crush by throwing a sand rock on his rear end. A chief lifeguard, Eris Qoone looks through her binoculars. She blows the whistle and then summons her crew and the police.]


[After the police pulls Crush's swimming trunks down, they kick his rear end (turning red)]

Officer: Well, Mr. Crush. What do you got to say for yourself?

Crush: I am surfer champion.

Eris: Not anymore!

[The police wraps chains around Crush's stomach, then slaps the cuffs on his hands, putting them on his rear end]

Officer: You're under arrest for theft and assault. You have the right to remain--

Crush: SILENT! I know my rights. Anything I say, blah-blah-blah-blah! I have the right to an attorney! I'll get my lawyer!

[The police then duct tapes Crush's mouth]


[At the tribunal...]

Judge Marion: Crush, due to your long and extensive criminal record, you will be sent back to prison for five more years! [bangs gavel]


Bearbette and Frisky: [gasps] Rusty and Vixey!

Sarah: Rusty!

Frisky: How's the sea with Vixey?

Rusty: We tried out her bathing suit, we took a tour with her and we even saw Bruce. 

Bearbette: Bruce? How's he doing?

Rusty: He's doing good despite the Orcas have clinched another losing season. He's been surfing nowadays until Crush came along and stole his surfboard briefly. 

Bearbette: I heard he is in jail for extended time.

Frisky: Maybe he's gonna get sentenced to death row like his uncle did. 

Rusty: Oh, I almost forgot! Vixey said her first word while we are at Aunt Jeanette's condo.

Bearbette: Really?

Rusty: Can you guess what Vixey's first word is?


Rusty: Here's a hint, lift your pajamas up.

[The girls lift up their pajamas to expose their stomachs]

Vixey: Belly! [runs up to Sarah who rubs her stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] That's my lucky belly!

Rusty: Good girl, Vixey. [points to Sarah's middle] Now see if you can kiss right here. That lucky spot. That's her favorite part of the belly. You kissed Mom's, now see if you can kiss Sarah's.

[Vixey stares closely at Sarah's stomach then slowly goes towards the middle]

Sarah: Yes. That's the spot.

[Vixey presses the middle, Sarah giggles]

Sarah: [giggles] No. No. That's not a kiss!

Vixey: Kiss?

Rusty: Yes.

Vixey: [slowly goes towards Sarah's middle] Belly...belly...belly! [kisses it and Sarah giggles, Vixey rubs Sarah]

Sarah: [giggles excitedly] My belly is like jelly!

Rusty: Vixey won't stop rubbing Sarah. [to Frisky] She said the word while wearing her bathing suit.


[Rusty kisses Frisky's stomach]

Frisky: Do I look like Sarah?

[She, Rusty and Bearbette laugh]


Dark Friday

[Cold Open]

[TV-PG (V)]

Miss Love: Good evening, I'm Miss Love.

LeMar: And I'm LeMar Hutton.

Miss Love: Tonight's episode is not for children for watch alone. When children see frightening things, it's best to have an adult close by.

LeMar: The episode you are about to see contains images of violence that may be shocking and offensive. We strongly recommend watching this program with an adult close by.

Miss Love: Throughout this episode, LeMar and I are going to be talking about sad and scary things. [the words "PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED" appear on the screen] So again, please make sure you have an adult with you or watch it as a family.


Johnny: [while running to Mr. Pines' Office] Principal Pines!

Mr. Pines: Yes, Johnny!

Johnny: There are gun shots ranging out from upstairs. I heard students screaming! Sound the alarm!


[In the Fox Family's cave, Rusty bathes Vixey. Vixey touches the faucet.]

Vixey: Belly! [turns the water on, Rusty turns it off]

Rusty: That's not a belly. That's a faucet. You use it to turn the water on and off.

Vixey: Faucet?

Rusty: Yes. That's enough water for you.

[Suddenly, a gunshot sounds]

Rusty: What's that sound?

[He hears another gunshot]

Rusty: I think it's coming from Buttons' apartment.

Vixey: Bellies?

Rusty: No. It's Buttons. He lives downstairs. I'll be right back. [walks down to Buttons' apartment] Buttons!?

Buttons: Yes, Rusty.

Rusty: Are you practicing shooting in the cave?

Buttons: No. I was watching a movie.

Quacker: QUACK! Breaking News: Nora Owl has been shot.

Buttons and Rusty: WHAT!? Nora is shot!?

Buttons: Oh no!

Quacker: Jonesy and Macquarie are on the scene.

Rusty: We gotta report this to the girls. Come on!

[Vixey cries]


Freddie: This just in: Nora Know It All is dead.

Beaebette: No, Freddie! She is shot and is being rushed to the hospital.

Frisky: She's not dead yet!


[At The Little Critter School, Miss Love watches the kids play on the playground until a gun touches her back]

Shooter: Don't make a sound!

[The shooter pulls Miss Love up and pins the shooter]

Miss Love: Who are you? What do you want?

Shooter: Shut up!

Miss Love: I won't do it! GET OUT OF HERE!!!

[The shooter cocks the gun and hits her in the head]


[Cut to shot of the playground, the shooter shoots her in the head (off-screen), and then shoots everywhere throughout the entire playground. The class screams and flees back to the school. Sarah, Carlos and Cody quickly lock up the school.]

Carlos: What should we do?

Sarah: Let's call 911!

Brock: 911?

Sarah: We have to! Chief Drew taught us that! It's an emergency!

Susan: Where's the phone?

[Cody gives Sarah Miss Love's Critter Phone]

Sarah: Thanks, Cody. [dials 911]

Operator: 911, what your emergency?

Sarah: Miss Love, our teacher at the Little Critter School in Chucklewood was hit in the head by a tall man with a gun!

Operator: A shooter?

Sarah: Yes!

Operator: Where was the shooter last seen?

Sarah: At the playground!

Operator: Is Miss Love down?

Sarah: Yes! She is down!

Operator: Okay. We'll call the police and an ambulance on the scene. Little Critter School, Chucklewood?

Sarah: Yes! Hurry!

Operator: Were on our way!


[Later, as the paramedics and police arrive, Mr. Mabor arrives and sees Miss Love]

Mr. Mabor: Miss Love? [looks at her down and feels her not breathing] Oh no! I gotta tell the class!

[He rushes into the school, Paramedic Chief Tyler Wolford examines her]

Wolford: What you got here?

Paramedic: Some sort of gunshot wounded her in the head. What a mess.

Wolford: Let's put her on the stretcher and take her to Macquarie.

[Tobey sniffs the evidence, Lt. Scott sees the damaged playground equipment]

Lt. Scott: Bullets holes all over the equipment.

Tobey: I see shoe prints on the fence. He jumped over the fence and escaped after he damaged the playground equipment.

Hamilton: Come on, crew, lets go find him.

[Inside the school..]

Mr. Mabor: Class?

Class: Mr. Mabor!

Mr. Mabor: Have you heard about Miss Love?

Sarah: A shooter shot her in the head! I called 911 for help.

Mr. Mabor: That's a good thing to do. Now, I am gonna send you home so that the police and I can investigate the attack.


[In Fort Caulderdale, in the evening, Medora daydreams about Freddie by putting sand on her stomach and hums a snippet of Timbaland's The Way I Are]

Sophia: [imitates Freddie] Sophia, Sophia, will you marry me? [puts a water bottle on her middle and squeezes it as if Freddie was blowing raspberries on her stomach] [normal voice] Yes. And for our honeymoon, some place south.

[She pours water on her middle and uses the bottle again to blow it. She then pours water on her bikini top and lays down flat on her stomach and using her beach blanket, she hugs it, pretending to make love with Freddie. Suddenly, a hand slaps Sophia's rear end, clonks her in the head and a bag captures her and is taken by the shooter who snickers. Sophia muffled screams in the bag. Just as the shooter puts her into a stolen truck, the police arrive and clonks the shooter.]

Officer: All right, all right. Drop that bag.

Shooter: What the heck do you want?

[The police frisk the shooter dropping the bag and cuffs him]

Officer: The judge will talk to you what you did. You have the right to remain silent. Anything---

Shooter: SHUT UP!

Officer: YOU, SHUT UP! If you do not shut up, anything you say can be held in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

Shooter: [shocked] Attorney!? But I don't have one!

Officer: Then we will provide one for you. [throws the shooter into the police car and is driven away]

[Another officer, grabs the bag and takes out Sophia who is bruised and deep breathes]

Officer 2: Come on. We'll take you to the police station.


Walter: Critters, the flash is apparently official. Nora "Know It All" Owl died some thirty minutes ago.

[All of the critters react and begin crying]

Frisky: Oh no.

Buttons: She was a know it all.

[The cub couples pat their folks on the back]

Walter: Franklin and Christina have just left the hospital and requested that there will be no funeral for Nora. A memorial service will be held later tonight. Please pray for Nora as well as her fellow owls.


Judge Marion: Sophia, what happened?

Sophia: I was daydreaming about Freddie, my boyfriend and then Travis spanked my butt and captured me. Then the cops arrived and arrested him. I was badly bruised and they took me to the hospital.

[A verdict votes guilty]

Judge Marion: So, that's a guilty. Charlotte Love?

Miss Love: [headcast on] During recess time, Travis pointed his gun at my head. He told me to not move a muscle. I told him "no" a countless number of times then he shot me in the head.

Travis: Shut the heck up, woman!

[Travis starts to run to Miss Love, Judge Marion bangs her gavel]

Judge Marion: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!

[The bailiff breaks up Travis and pushes him back to his position. A verdict votes guilty.]

Judge Marion: That's a double guilty to me. That's eight guilty votes for all victims of the murder. The court finds Travis....GUILTY! [bangs gavel] You are sentenced to prison for an indefinite amount of time. [bangs gavel]

The Ultimate Test

[In the library]

Johnny: Hi, Robin.

Robin: Hi, Johnny. Guess what. I got a letter from Jay U. I am partially accepted but the only thing left to do is to complete the College Entrance Assessment Test. C.E.A.T. for short.

Johnny: That's what Lucas, Dave and I are going to do here. Prepare for the exam. The last step in order to be accepted at the college.

[LeMar approaches them with books]

LeMar: Hi, guys.

Robin: Hi, LeMar.

LeMar: Preparing for the CEAT?

David: Yes.

LeMar: Here are some test-prep books for you to help you prepare and get the best score possible. But, you don't have to take my word for it. Follow me, please.

[They go into a designated room and LeMar hands the students test-prep books.]

LeMar: Here you go. And I'll be back to get you some water bottles in case you need them.

[Meanwhile, Sarah, Lisa and Cody walk to the room and they saw that the door is open. Lisa reads a sign saying "RESERVED FOR CEAT TESTING. DO NOT ENTER."]

Lisa: CEAT?

Sarah: I've never heard of that word before?

Cody: Me neither. And the sign says "Do Not Enter."

Sarah: I know what that means. We are not supposed to go in there if the room is in use.

[LeMar goes into the room and gives the students each a water bottle]

All three: Hi, LeMar!

LeMar: Hi, there.

Sarah: What's CEAT?

LeMar: The "College Entrance Assessment Test." It's a test where students in high school take in order to be accepted for college.

Cody: Wow!

Sarah: High school?

LeMar: High School is the last of the three cycles of general education. First, you go to Elementary School. Then, you go to Middle School, also known as Junior High. And then, the third and final cycle is Senior High or High School. Once you've completed all three cycles, you'll receive a diploma and then you'll go into the real world. Now, about the CEAT test. The test has lots and lots of things that you are too young for. You're gonna have to wait years of general education prior to taking this test. You must complete the elementary, middle and high school levels to do so.

Lisa: But I'm older.

LeMar: [chuckles] No you're not. How about you three come to the children's corner.

Sarah, Cody and Lisa: [singing] Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la

Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la

LeMar: SHHH! Quietly.


[At the Aquatic Center]

Rosie: Here we are, Vixey. Welcome to your first swimming lesson.

[Vixey presses Rosie's middle]

Vixey: Belly!

Rosie: [giggles] Oh, Vixey. You'll give me a belly press later. Let's get changed.

[In the warm pool]

Rosie: [maillot] Hi, Stacy.

Stacy: Hiya, Rose. This must be Vixey.

Rosie: Yes, she is!

Vixey: Water!

Rosie: Yes, that's water. The pool is smaller than Aunt Jeanette's.

[Vixey attempts to jump into the water but is stopped by Stacy who blows her whistle]

Vixey: Water!

Rosie: Wait, Vixey! Never jump ahead of the lesson.

Stacy: I think she's getting way to excited. For the first month, Rosie, you will accommodate Vixey in the pool. I will teach her the primary skills of buoyancy, propulsion and breath control. And then, once she passes this section, I will teach her the basics of swimming.

Vixey: [points to Stacy's maillot] Belly!

Rosie: [laughs] No. You don't see her belly for swimming classes.


[That evening, while Rosie bathes Vixey]

Vixey: [takes the brush and brushes her mother's middle] Belly. Belly.

Rosie: [giggles] Vixey! I'm bathing you. Not me!

[Vixey then splashes the tub]

Rosie: Vixey! This is a bathtub. Not a swimming pool.

Vixey: Bath...tub?

Rosie: Bathtub.


[While checking the mail, Robin pulls out an envelope from Jay U]

Robin: [gasps] It's from Jay U.

[She opens the envelope and sees a letter:]

Robin: [reads] "Dear Miss McCobb: On behalf of Jay U, I am happy to announce that you have been accepted into Jayford University next fall. Please review the checklist needed to make Jay U the next step in your life. I welcome you to Jay U!" YEAH! [jumps up and down and hugs her father]

Harold: I know you can do it! I know you can do it!


[At Johnny's house, Johnny practices parallel parking with his uncle while driving his uncle's personal car]

Jonesy: That's it, Johnny. Back it in. Back it in.

[They see a mailman putting the mail in the mailbox]

Johnny: Oh the mail is here!

[The car successfully parallel parks]

Jonesy: What are you doing, Johnny?

Johnny: I hope there's a letter from Michaels.

[He checks the mail and pulls out the envelope from said university]

Johnny: YES! [opens the envelope and reads the letter] Dear Mr. Boyett: Congratulations! It is with deep pleasure that you have been admitted in Michaels University. The University of Miracles." OH MY GOSH!

Jonesy: Congratulations, nephew! [hugs Johnny] I know your journey on becoming a real forest ranger is bound to happen.

Johnny: I gotta call, Robin.


[While sitting on the couch, Vixey rubs her mother's entire body]

Vixey: Belly...belly...back...belly...back...back...belly!

Rosie: [giggles] I'm getting ticklish.

[Suddenly, the doorbell rings]

Rosie: Ah! There's somebody at the cave. [pushes Vixey off of her stomach and walks to the front of the cave and sees Mr. Mabor]

Mr. Mabor: Mrs. Fox?

Rosie: Ah, yes.

Mr. Mabor: I'm Mr. Mabor, the student teacher at the Little Critter School. I want you to know that registration is open for next school year and we want your daughter to begin learning the facts of life: School.

Rosie: Yes, sir. My niece really loved the school.

Mr. Mabor: She sure did. May I come in?

Rosie: Yes.

[She escorts Mr. Mabor to the dining room table while Vixey jumps to her mother lifting up her shirt]

Vixey: Belly!

[She attempts to play the drums on her mother's stomach but Rosie stops her]

Mr. Mabor: This must be your daughter.

Rosie: Yes, it is. This is Vixey.

Vixey: Belly!

Rosie: No, Vixey. That's Mr. Mabor. He's a teacher.


Rosie: Teacher.

Mr. Mabor: She's a rascal. [gives Rosie papers] So, the Little Critter School is the two year school where younger critters like Vixey learn lots of things. She will meet different young critters called classmates and make new friends. There will be field trips. holiday parties, songs, snacks, monthly swim days and gross motor skills. The teacher is Miss Love which I am a colleague of hers. The school year begins in the fall, lots of time to get ready.

Rosie: My niece will be graduating in a few months, so she'll teach Vixey what school is like.

Vixey: [goes under the table and lifts up her mother's shirt and uses her right paw to press the middle] Belly!

Rosie: [pulls the paw off and puts her shirt down] Not now! [picks up Vixey and takes her to her bedroom] Mr. Mabor and I are getting you registered for school.

Vixey: School?

[Rosie puts Vixey on her bed]

Rosie: I'll be right back. [returns to the table] Sorry about that. She thinks my belly is a play thing.

Mr. Mabor: [laughs] So, fill these forms out and she'll be ready.

[Moments later...]

Mr. Mabor: Okay. So, watch your mail and a phone call from me in the coming months for orientation.

Rosie: Vixey can't wait for school!

[Out of Vixey's bedroom comes Vixey herself and she runs to Mr. Mabor's tail, using it as a brush]

Vixey: Brushy! Brushy! Belly brush!

Mr. Mabor: Vixey! That's not a brush. That's my tail. [snatches it back]

Vixey: Tail?

Rosie: She's gonna learn lots of words soon.

Mr. Mabor: [to Vixey] I'll be seeing you in four months. [presses Vixey's stomach who giggles]

Rosie: Oh, my niece loves that too. So thanks for stopping by, Mr. Mabor.

Mr. Mabor: Will do, I'll see you later. [leaves]

Rosie: Goodbye!

Vixey: Goodbye! [pins Rosie down and presses her stomach repeatedly] Belly! Belly! Belly!

Rosie: [giggles] Vixey!

Vixey: Belly! [kisses Rosie's middle]

Rosie: Vixey! [giggles as Vixey keeps pressing] Okay! Stop it! [stops Vixey as she lays down on her lap. Rosie looks at her watch] It's time for a swim with your Aunt Stacy.

Vixey: Swimming lesson?

Rosie: You will play more on my belly later.


[A montage is shown as Johnny and Robin take their driver's license tests and Vixey doing her swim test with Rosie]

[As Johnny turns left at the DMV]

Johnny: YEAH!!! I did it! [hugs his uncle]

Jonesy: I knew you could do it!

[The examiner gives Johnny his driver's license]

[Hours later, Robin makes her left turn at the DMV]

Examiner: Congratulations, Miss McCobb, you are now a licensed driver!

[The examiner gives Robin her driver's license]

Robin: WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I got my license!

Harold: Now, all we have to do is buy a car. Good thing you saved up your money.

Robin: Yes, pop. Always saved it for a rainy day!

[Weeks later in the Aquatic Center, Vixey completes her swim test]

Stacy: [maillot] Congratulations, Vixey! You are a swimmer!

Vixey: YAY! [claps with her mother]

Rosie: You did it, Vixey!

Stacy: Now that Vixey has passed the swimming test, she'll need to be accompanied by you, George or Rusty until she gets older. The Little Critter School has monthly swim days. She'll get a refresher on swimming with Jester.

Vixey: [tries to kiss Rosie's covered up stomach] Belly!

Rosie: [stops her and giggles] My belly is covered up, Vixey!

Vixey: Belly...covered up?

Stacy: Maybe you should change into your bikini, Rosie. It's recreational swim time.

[The scene changes to Rosie in her bikini, Stacy remains in her maillot. While Rosie sits on the the edge of the pool, Vixey jumps up from the pool, pinning Rosie down and rubs her stomach who giggles.]

Vixey: Belly, belly, belly, belly! [kisses Rosie's middle and pulls her into the water]

Rosie: [giggles] Remind you of Sarah, Stace?

Stacy: Oh, yes. Sarah loves her belly kissed.

Rosie: [middle covered up by Vixey's paw] Vixey loves to play on my belly. [removes the paw to expose the middle and points to it] This little mark is the one to kiss.

Stacy: Sarah's too. It's her favorite place.

[Rosie and Vixey splash and dunk at each other]


[In the suburb, while the girl cubs shop at the supermarket, they approach Robin as she is about to enter the checkout line]

Robin: Hi, girls!

Bearbette and Frisky: Hi, Robin!

Robin: I have exciting news to tell you.

Bearbette: What is it!?

Robin: Are you ready to checkout?

Frisky: Almost. A few more things.

Bearbette: Meet me at the entrance.

[A few minutes later, Robin takes the girl cubs (in blindfolds) to the parking lot. As the three approach Robin's car, she takes the blindfolds off]

Bearbette and Frisky: WHOA!!!

Frisky: Did you get a car!?

Robin: Yes! I got my driver's license a week ago. I passed my driver's license test on the first try. I saved up my money for a car and I just bought this car yesterday. Now, I don't need to take the bus to go to the grocery store.

Frisky: WOW! You can drive to school, work, the store, just about anywhere!

Robin: Well, I am not gonna drive my car to school. I am still gonna take the school bus.


[At Krabs', Johnny video chats with Rusty while eating lunch]

Rusty: Congratulations, Johnny.

Johnny: Thank you, Rusty. I am going to be just like my uncle. You know, when he was my age, he began his forest ranger career. It took him only five years to become am actual forest ranger. You see, after you complete all the major course requirements, you complete an internship.

Rusty: Internship?

Johnny: Yes, it's where all seniors in college complete on-the-job training at an approved site.


Cat Eat Cat

Medora: Good morning, Freddie.

Freddie: Good morning, Medora.

[He walks to Sophia and blows a raspberry on Sophia's stomach]

Sophia: [giggles] Now, it's time for your morning belly blow.

[She lifts up Freddie's shirt and blows a raspberry on his stomach]

Medora: [chuckles] Oh, Sophia. You and your raspberries. Freddie, Have you ever participated in challenges?

Freddie: I had a long time ago. Climbing trees, swimming in 20-foot water.

Medora: How would you like to win $50,000?

Freddie: Wow! How?

Medora: A very good friend of mine named Kiara Karnes hosts a game show called "Cat Eat Cat." A show where dares can test your physical and mental skills.

Freddie: "Cat Eat Cat?"

Sophia: Six contestants compete against each other to complete mental challenges, answer trivia questions to win $50,000.

Medora: An episode is taping right here in Fort Caulderdale very soon. [hands Freddie a picture of Kiara, a blue panther wearing a beige bikini] Here's Kiara.

Freddie: [stares at her stomach] Isn't she hot in her bikini. Woof! Maybe I should try out.


[While training for the show, Freddie practices on being naked as he walks pasts the girl cubs' cave]

Bearbette: Frisky, look at Freddie.

Frisky: Whoa!

[The girl cubs laugh at him]

Bearbette: Doesn't he have the nicest butt of all time?

Frisky: And he has no clothes on!

Bearbette: His belly needs a checkup!

Frisky: Look at that new trend.

Bearbette: The butt look is in. 

[The girls continue laughing at him]

Frisky: Nice butt, Freddie!

Freddie: Shut up, you chicks! This is no time for fooling around! I'm in the middle of auditioning!


[Introducing the fourth challenge...]

Kiara: This next challenge is basketball but with a twist. This is Strip Basketball. You are going to shoot a basketball into the net starting at the half court line. If you miss, you will move forward to the three point line and the free throw line. However, you have to give up one article of clothing. Who's gonna shoot and tickle the twine without being naked?

[After the voting, the girls unanimously voted for Freddie which the laugh at him]

Freddie: What's so funny, girls?

Kiara: I think the girls voted for you. Ramona, why did you vote for Freddie?

Ramona: When I saw him naked at training camp, his has the nicest butt of a raccoon.


Kiara: I'm gonna give you your first short for free. You're gonna start at half court.

[Freddie bounces the ball]

Gwendolyn: Shoot it! Shoot it!

[Freddie shoots the ball and the ball hits the backboard and off the rim. The crowd reacts.]

Kiara: That's a miss. So now, you're going to move forward to the three point line. But, you have to give me one article of clothing. What's it gonna be?

Ramona: Take off your shorts!

Isabella: The shorts!

Skyler: Your shirt! The shirt!

[Freddie looks around and sees the girls chanting "Shorts!" while Skyler and Tony chant "Shirt!"]

Freddie: Sorry, chicks. You're not gonna see my butt.

[He takes off his shirt and the girls boo at him]

Kiara: The girls didn't like that.

[Freddie walks to the half-court line and Kiara gives him the ball]

Kiara: If you miss this next shot, you will be naked.

Girls: Miss it! Miss it! Miss it! Miss it!

[Freddie dribbles the ball and aims it at the backboard]

Freddie: Hot chicks!

[He shoots the ball and the ball is on top of the rim but it fells into the net]

Kiara: OH!

[Freddie celebrates by jumping up and down and rubs Kiara's stomach]

Kiara: [giggles] That tickles!

Freddie: Want me to do that again? Maybe kiss it?

Kiara: Maybe later. But, congratulations. You have won the challenge!

Freddie: No need to be naked. [puts his shirt back on]

Kiara: Yes, sir! You're not going to the Cat Cage. Instead, which of these people do you want to be sent to the cat cage?

Freddie: Ramona, I know you love to see my butt. But, you're going to the Cat Cage!

Ramona: WHAT!?

Kiara: What do you gotta say, Ramona?

[Ramona pulls down Freddie's short exposing his rear end]

Ramona: [giggles] Nice butt, Freddie!

Freddie: [slaps Ramona's hand and pulls his shorts back up] HEY!

Kiara: [laughs] Well, Freddie is sending you to the Cat Cage, Ramona. But at the end of the show, we will give you one last chance at revenge. But for now, see ya!

[Ramona heads to the Cat Cage]


[In the head-to-head challenge, Freddie catches a fish but slips and slides through his stomach]

Kiara: Those fish are very slippery!


[Best of Five Trivia Challenge, Freddie leads the Cat Cage 2-0]

Kiara: What president is featured on the $1,000 bill?

[Isabella stutters]

Freddie: [whispering] Miss it. Miss it. Miss it.

Isabella: I know Franklin is on the $100, he is not a president. Grant is on the $50. [sighs] I'm gonna go with my gut and say Teddy Roosevelt. I'm not sure.

Kiara: Your answer is Teddy Roosevelt. The correct answer is.... Grover Cleveland!

[Freddie jumps up and down]

Kiara: Freddie, you just won $50,000!

Freddie: YEAH! [kisses Kiara's middle and takes off his shirt and jumps into the pool]

Kiara: I've never been kissed on the stomach by a raccoon before. [looks at Freddie swimming] Congratulations, Freddie! You've just won $50,000! Cat Cage, you go home with nothing!

[Suddenly, Medora and Sophia (both in their bikini) appear and jump into the pool joining Freddie in the celebration. Moments later, Kiara jumps into the pool and all four splash at each other.]


[Three months later, Freddie returns to his home, opens his father's attic and places the engagement ring inside.]

Freddie: There you go. Here inside where it'll be safe. [finds his old teddy bear and pretending to be Sophia] Sophia, will you marry me?

Will You Marry Me?

[TV-PG (D)]

[Cold Open]

Tobey: Hi, everybody. Tobey here. Tonight is the Critter Prom in Crystal Bayou. You might want to get out your phones, tablets or computers ready. 'Cause coming up in a few minutes, you will have a chance to vote for the royal critter couple via live tweeting. That is the prom king and queen. So be sure to stay tuned throughout the course of the show. Don't turn off your TVs nor change that channel.


[Mr. Pines walks into the school office]

Secretary: Good morning, Mr. Pines.

Mr. Pines: Good morning! [walks to his office and reaches into his pockets looking for his key] That's funny. I thought my key was in this very special box. [he tries to open the door but it's locked] Oh no! I've been locked up. Where the bell is my key!?

[Suddenly, he hears a laugh from a student]

Student: It's underneath the door.

Mr. Pines: HARVEY!!! Stay out of the office please!

[Harvey laughs and leaves the office. Mr. Pines then reaches underneath the door but still couldn't reach the key.]

Mr. Pines: GREAT! I have to call a locksmith!


[The morning of the prom, a montage is shown with couples wake up and get ready for their proms. The couples each sing a medley of songs from Grease (with slightly different lyrics). They sing to the tune of Summer Nights.]

Johnny: Prom loving had me a blast.

Robin: Prom loving happened so fast.

Buttons and Rusty: Met a girl crazy for me.

Bearbette and Frisky: Met a boy cute as can be.

All couples: Younger days drifting away to, oh, the night at the prom.

Women: Tell me more, tell me more.

Lisa: Was it love at first sight?

Men: Tell me more, tell me more.

David: Did she put up a fight?

[They scat]

Freddie: Took her swimmin' down on the beach.

Sophia: We went exploring drank some root beer.

Skeeter: We made out under the dock.

Karen: We stayed out till 10:00.

All Four: Spring fling don't mean a thing but oh, on the night at the prom.

Men: Tell me more, tell me more.

Lucas: But you don't gotta brag.

Women: Tell me more, tell me more.

Lisa: Cause they sounds like a drag!

[As they perform the instrumental bridge, the medley segues into You're The One I Want]

Rusty: I got chills they're multiplying.

And I'm losing control.

Buttons: 'Cause the power you're supplying.

It's electrifying! (Echo: Electrifying!) (Freddie: Right, Buttons!)

Karen: [looking at a picture of Skeeter] You better shape 'cause you're mine today.

And my heart is set on you. (Sophia: And her heart is set on him.)

Robin: You better shape up.

You better understand, to my heart it must be true

(Skeeter: Nothing left, nothing left for me to do.)

All couples: You're the one that I want.

You are the one for. (Oooh. Oooh. Oooh.)

The one that I need

You are the one for. (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

The one I need. Oh, yes indeed.

Bearbette: If you're filled with affection.

You're too shy to convey.

Frisky: Meditate in my direction.

Feel your way. (Robin: Yes, Frisk!)

All couples: You're the one that I want.

You are the one for. (Oooh. Oooh. Oooh.)

The one that I need.

You are the one for. (Oooh. Oooh. Oooh.)

The one I need. Oh, yes indeed.

[The medley segues into Greased Lightin' as Johnny starts up his car, Buttons and Rusty dust off the Adventure Machine (now with a new cab), and Freddie starting up Leappinwolf]

Johnny: Go grease lightnin' you're burning up the quarter mile.

All men: Grease lightning! Go grease lightning!

Buttons and Rusty: Go grease lightning you're coasting through the heat lap trial.

All men: Grease lightning! Go grease lightning!)

Freddie: You are supreme (All men: Uh-huh!)

The chicks'll swell (All men: Uh-huh!)

For grease lightning!

All men: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

[As the respective vehicles take off...]

Skeeter: Go grease lighting we're crusin' down the highway today.

All men: Grease lightning! Go grease lightning!

Johnny: Go greased lighting we're picking up our gals right now.

All men: Grease lightning! Go grease lightning!

Freddie: You are supreme. (All men: Uh-huh!)

Skeeter: The girls will swell. (All men: Uh-huh!)

Rusty: Lots of power. (All men: Uh-huh!)

Buttons: Without a doubt. (All men: Uh-huh!)

Johnny: Drivin' down. (All men: Uh-huh!)

Buttons and Rusty: To the prom. (All men: Uh-huh!)

All men: Greased lighting!

[After the men pick up their respective girls. The medley segues into...]

All couples: We go together like

Ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong

Remembered forever like

Shoo-wop sha whada whadda yippidy boom da boom!

Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop

That's the way it should be!

Whoa! Oh, yeah!

Critter couples: When we go out tonight

And stars are shining bright.

up in the skies above!

Johnny and Robin: Or at the high school prom

Where you can find romance

Maybe it might be

All couples: Lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve!

We're for each other like

Womp bop a-looma, a-womp bam boom.

Just like our friends are

Sha na na na na na na na yippity dip da do.

Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop

We'll always be together!

Whoa! Oh, yeah!

[As the Adventure Machine and Leappinwolf travel to Crystal Bayou, Johnny and Robin drive up to the High School]

Buttons and Bearbette: We'll always be together. (All couples: Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop.)

Rusty and Frisky: We'll always be together. (All couples: Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop.)

Freddie and Sophia: We'll always be together. (All couples: Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop.)

Skeeter and Karen: We'll always be together. (All couples: Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop.)

Johnny and Robin: We'll always be together. (All couples: Chang chang, changity chang shoo bop.)

All couples: We'll always be together.

[They repeat until we fade to the High School]

Mr. Eagle: Good evening, everybody. Welcome to the annual Prom Grand March. I am Jeff Eagle, the chief Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director for ... High School. Before we get started, we would like to thank the stage crew for the audio and lighting. I would like to thank my head chair Mrs. Brandi Goodson and the prom committee for setting up the decorations and planning of the prom. And now, here is your emcee, the principal of the High School, Mr. Ron Pines!

[Hawaiian music plays as a group of hula dancers perform as Principal Pines walks down the stage where one of the dancers puts a Hawaiian necklace on Mr. Pines]

Mr. Pines: Alooooooooooo-ha!

Audience: ALOHA!

Mr. Pines: That's Hawaiian for hello. Welcome to our annual Prom Grand March where we go Hawaiian. This year, we have have twenty-five couples in Juniors and Seniors that will be greeting by a Hawaiian welcome. So sit back and relax and enjoy.

[Hawaiian music plays]

Mr. Pines: Uh-oh! Where's my card!?

[The audience gasps. Mr. Pines looks around his tuxedo.]

Mr. Pines: Where the heck is my card? I think it's in my office. I'll be right back. Why don't you enjoy a performance by our Hawaiian dancers.

[The Hawaiian dancers perform as Mr. Pines walks into his office and looks for the card. He then bumps into Mr. Eagle.]

Mr. Eagle: Mr. Pines?

Mr. Pines: Yes.

Mr. Eagle: Here is a copy for you. I found this in my car.

Mr. Pines: Whew! Thank you.

[Back at the auditorium]

Mr. Pines: [clears throat] Thank you, dancers. And now, on with the show.

[Hawaiian music starts up again]

Mr. Pines: Lisa Boyett, escorted by Ezekiel Curtis.

[Cheers and applause as Aubrey escorts Lisa down the aisle. A Hawaiian dancer puts a necklace on the couple. The couple then pose for the camera.]

[A montage of couples are shown following the same practice until...]

Mr. Pines: John Boyett escorting Robin McCobb.


Mr. Pines: Barbara Detian, escorted by Jamal Snyder.


Mr. Pines: David Gurd escorting Monica Laury.


Mr. Pines: And our last couple, Marie Frost escorted by Lucas Kerns.

[After Lucas and Marie complete their walk....]

Mr. Pines: Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our Prom Grand March. We would like to think Lu-Lauh Polynesian Restaurant's fabulous Hawaiian dancers for providing our entertainment for this Grand March....

[Meanwhile in Crystal Bayou...]

Lester: Welcome one and all to the critter prom at Crystal Bayou. I am Lester E. Gator along with Porcupine Sam we will be serving as your emcees for this wonderful evening.

Sam: We got six couples that will be competing against the title of prom king and queen. After the Grand March, the couples will enjoy a fabulous dinner made from our wonderful bayou chefs with an evening of entertainment.

Lester: The prom wouldn't be complete with a luxury boat ride up the river to the after prom. So that's what's in store for our critter prom tonight.

Sam: Be sure to watch your telegram in the next three days for the announcement of the king and queen. Right now, let's get things started.

Lester: Yes, Sam. Our first couple is Buttons and Bearbette from Chucklewood.

[Buttons and Bearbette walk down the aisle and pose to get their pictures taken.]

Sam: Next is Rusty and Frisky from Chucklewood.

[Rusty (wearing a black tuxedo) and Frisky (wearing a ruby dress) follow the same procedure...]

Lester: Freddie from Chucklewood, escorting Sophia from Fort Caulderdale.

[Freddie wears his father's maroon tuxedo and Sophia wears her ocean blue dress]

Sam: Eugene from Rocky Ridge, escorting Erica from Sweet Water Valley.

[Eugene wears a white tuxedo and Erica wears a chocolate brown dress]

Lester: Skeeter from Chucklewood, escorting Karen from Silver Creek Valley.

[Skeeter wears a baby blue tuxedo and Karen wears a beige dress]

Sam: And last but certainly not least, Adam (beaver) escorting Maggie from the Enchanted Valley.

[Adam wears a orange tuxedo and Maggie wears a emerald dress]

Lester: And that's our Critter Prom Court. Watch your telegrams from Quacker and find out who is the Critter Prom King and Queen.


Tobey: Okay, folks at home. You've seen the couples Now it's time to vote on who which couple is the critter royal couple. Here's how to vote: tweet using #KingandQueen along with the number you seen on the screen.

[#1 - Buttons/Bearbette #2 - Rusty/Frisky #3 - Freddie/Sophia

#4 - Eugene/Erica #5 - Skeeter/Karen #6 - Adam/Maggie]

Tobey: For example, if you want to vote for Buttons and Bearbette. Use #KingandQueen 1. You have only five minutes from now to enter your vote. Stay tuned, we will announce the winner later in the show. Right now, let's head over to Johnny and Robin's prom.


[Johnny and Robin's prom boat....]

Mr. Pines: All right, couples. Now that you all had your prom dinner and entertainment by Polynesian. It's time for the moment you've all been waiting for. The crowning of the king and queen. May I have the prom court come on up please?

[Johnny and Robin and the prom court come up to the stage]

Mr. Pines: This is the moment. A tradition unlike any other in proms. Dim the lights please.

[The lights slowly dim]

Mr. Pines: Our prom king is....

[He slowly opens the envelope...]

Mr. Pines: Johnny Boyett!

[Cheers and applause; 24K Magic by Bruno Mars plays, Johnny runs up to the stage, Mr. Eagle places the prom crown on his head]

Johnny: Thank you!

Mr. Pines: And our prom queen is....[slowly opens the envelope again]...Robin McCobb!

[Robin covers her mouth as she slowly walks to Mrs. Goodson who puts the crown on her head. She and Johnny hug and kiss.]

Mr. Pines: Johnny Boyett and Robin McCobb, you are the royal prom King and Queen.


[Critter's prom boat]

Lester: Okay, everybody! It's time to do the limbo.

Critters: The limbo!?

Lester: Yeah! You see this bar? Each of you couples will go under that bar. And once everyone has a turn, we will lower the bar down a level. The lower it goes, the tougher it will go under.

Sam: How lo-o-o-o-o-ow can you go?

[The Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker starts playing as each of the couples go under the limbo. Once the song ends, the boat hits a giant rock and crashes. The couples scream in horror.]

Buttons: Oh no!

Rusty: We're crashing!

Frisky: Everybody, climb to the top of the boat!

[The boat begins to sink as all the couples climb to the top of the boat]

Lester: Sam, there's life jackets inside the storage. Grab them!

[Sam runs to the storage area and tries to open the door but it won't open]

Sam: Darn! It's stuck.

[After pulling the door a second try, it opens. He grabs the jackets.]

[Meanwhile, at the High School Prom boat.]

Johnny: [takes out the engagement ring from his tuxedo] Robin...Robin. I...

Robin: Yes, Johnny?

Johnny: Would you marry—

[Suddenly, screams are coming from far away. Quacker [using his beak] taps Johnny in the head]

Johnny: OW! Quacker! What the heck are you doing here?

Quacker: QUACK! Critter couples are in trouble!

Johnny and Robin: Critter couples?

Quacker: Buttons and Bearbette, Rusty and Frisky, and four other critter couples are in trouble. Their boat is sinking!

Robin: Oh no!

[They run to the other side of the deck and sees the boat sinking]

Cub couples: HELP!

Johnny: Don't worry, guys! We're on our way!

Cub couples: HURRY!

[Johnny runs to the steering deck and sees the captain steering.]

Johnny: Captain! Emergency!

Captain: Don't interrupt me when I'm steering.

Johnny: This is an emergency! Four good friends of mine are trapped in another boat. I need lots of life savers!

Captain: Okay. Let's see what we can do!

Johnny: Hurry!

[The captain puts the emergency brake on the boat and quickly goes into the storage department and grabs all the life savers and extracts three inflatable rafts. Once they go to the upper deck, they throw the rafts on the river.]

Frisky: Rusty, here's a raft!

Rusty: Wow! Thanks, Johnny!

Robin: You gotta jump!

[The fox couple jumps on the raft. They hug.]

Frisky: Buttons! Bearbette! Get on the raft!

Buttons: WOW! We're saved!

[The bear couple boards the raft and the first raft goes towards the prom boat. Using an anchor, the captain lifts the raft up to the upper deck. The cub couples embrace Johnny and Robin]

Johnny: Buttons! Rusty!

Robin: Bearbette! Frisky!

Bearbette: I thought we're gonna die!

Frisky: Thank goodness!

[The captain throws another raft on the river and this time picks up the raccoon and mouse couples]

Skeeter: Holy, titanic! You okay, Karen?

Karen: Yes.

[They kiss]

Sophia: I cant believe it! I thought my beautiful dress was gonna get soaked.


[Syco pops up from the river and hisses]

Freddie: SYCO!

Syco: I'll get you next time!

[He slithers into the river]

Bearbette: Oh my! I didn't know Syco damaged our boat.

Eugene: I think he sabotaged the controls.

Rusty: So it was Syco! Man, next time we see that snake, we will arrest him for sure!

[The boat approaches the theme park]

Captain: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to after prom!

[The couples enter the theme park. Meanwhile, Lester and Sam are on their own raft.]

Lester: I can't believe it! Syco the Snake slithered into our boat.

Sam: I would like to see that snake be smashed into pieces or get arrested.

Lester: I have had enough of that snake of all my time. It's too late to head back home.

Sam: Should we spend the night here?

Lester: Yes.

[A montage is then shown as Love from Robin Hood starts playing as the cub couples, Freddie/Sophia, Skeeter/Karen ride various rides.]

Nancy Adams: Love, it seems like only yesterday.

You were just a child at play.

Now you're all grown up inside of me.

Oh how fast those moments flee.

Once we watched a lazy world go by,

now the day seems to fly.

Life is brief, but when it's gone

Love goes on and on.

[The instrumental bridge loops as we cut to the Ferris Wheel which Johnny and Robin ride on. As the ride stops, with Johnny and Robin on the very top. Robin lays down on Johnny's head. Johnny gets out the engagement ring.]

Johnny: Robin, I...I...

Robin: Yes, Johnny?

Johnny: What a beautiful night.

Robin: Yes.

Johnny: Would you...would you....[stammers and picks up Robin's hand] marry me?

Robin: Johnny....yes. [puts the engagement ring on her finger]

[In the Tunnel of Love, Bearbette lays down on Buttons' shoulder. As the ride goes through the tunnel, Buttons takes out an engagement ring and whispers into Bearbette's ear.]

Buttons: Bearbette, will you marry me?

[Bearbette wakes up and silently puts the engagement ring on her finger]

[In the Chapel of Love...]

Minister: [to Skeeter] Would thou love her? Comfort her? Honor her in sickness and in health? As long as you both shall live?

Skeeter: I will.

Minister: I now pronounce you...husband and wife.

[Skeeter and Karen kiss]

[In the Carousel...]

Rusty: Frisky, I remember the day I first met you.

Frisky: Yes.

Rusty: [takes out an engagement ring] I wish that I would like to be with you forever.

Frisky: [gasps] Is that the Wishing Stone?

Rusty: Sort of though. But, but, Will you....marry me?

Frisky: [pauses for a minute as the ride goes in motion] Yes.

[She puts the ring on her finger]

[In the Rollo-Coaster. As the train car starts to go up the hill...]

Freddie: Sophia, I... What a night we are having.

Sophia: Yes.

Freddie: But, will you...[takes out the engagement ring]....marry me?

[As the car starts to go down the hill]

Sophia: [puts the ring on her finger] Yes.

[The montage goes to all the newly-engaged couples taking a stroll around the park]

Nancy Adams: Love goes on and on and on...

Once we watched a lazy world go by.

Now the day's seem to fly.

Life is brief, but when it's gone.

Love goes on and on.

Fear Factor


[TV-PG (DV)]

Joe: Good evening. I'm Joe Rogan. Tonight's episode contains extreme stunts which may be too sensitive for some viewers. Parental discretion is strongly recommended. The stunts have been designed and supervised by trained professionals. They are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone, anywhere, anytime!


[At the boy cubs' cave, the cub couples (sitting in lawn chairs) talk about Fear Factor]

Frisky: [reading the article in Critter Health Magazine] Fear Factor, a show where greatest fears can become reality. Compete in six extreme stunts and win $100,000.

Buttons: I've seen this show a few times already. Where the stunts not only test physically but mentally as well.

Bearbette: Well, I'll be. I remember a long time ago, Freddie did a contest about whether boy cubs or girl cubs are better.

[Clips from Anything You Do? are shown]

Frisky: I remember that. I remember when you and Buttons climbed up trees very high and you slide down the water line.

Buttons: We had no winner.

Rusty: It was ties.

[Suddenly, Baby Whale plays on Sarah's music player]

Sarah: Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Baby whale, la-la-la-la-la-la.

Baby whale.

[She dances near the cub couples]

Rusty: That song! It's Sarah's Baby Whale song! Sarah! Sarah!

[Sarah keeps dancing and singing the whale]

Rusty: Excuse me!

[He slaps Sarah on the shoulder and pins her to the ground]

Sarah: Hey, Rusty! What are you doing!?

[Rusty turns off the player]

Rusty: Do you have headphones?

Sarah: Ummm....maybe.

Rusty: Can you listen to that somewhere else!?

Sarah: What a grouch. [leaves]

Rusty: There. Anyway, If Buttons and Bearbette competed in the contest years ago. We should go on Fear Factor.

Frisky: I'll be.

[Just then, Skeeter and Turner approached them]

Skeeter: What's up, cub couples? Trying out for Fear Factor?

Rusty: Yes.

Turner: Skeeter and I are competing as well.

Skeeter: Karen couldn't try out cause she's too afraid.


Joe: You four teams have brought here for an important reason. Stare fear in the eye as you compete for $100,000. To win the money, you have to complete six extreme stunts. They not only test you physically, but mentally. If you're too afraid to attempt this stunt, you're eliminated. You try a stunt but fail to complete it, you're gone. If you succeed, you will move on to the next round and that much closer to the cash.


[Second stunt. Joe pulls off a cloth revealing a tank full of squid. All of the teams react.]


Frisky: Oh my gosh.

Skeeter: What the heck is this?

Rusty: Do we have to swim in fishes?

Joe: It's more than fishes. This is actually squid. Your partner will be swimming in there looking for a bottle. [shows two bottles] You are going to find a bottle of worms. If the bottle contains sand, you must swim again and look for another one. If the bottle contains worms, you will give the it to your man. He will have one minute to fill up all the worms in [pulls a small tank filled with piranha] piranha.

Turner: WHAT!?

Joe: Using only your mouths. If you're too afraid to attempt this stunt, you will be eliminated. If you freak out, vomit, or if you get injured from the piranhas, you're gone. If you succeed, you will move on to the next round.


[Skeeter's turn. After Skeeter grabs a bottle containing sand. He attempts to swim back in but suddenly he chokes.]

Turner: Skeeter!? [quickly grabs a bucket toward Skeeter's mouth and vomits off-screen]

Skeeter: BLAH! BLAH! I will never ever swim in a pool filled with fish again! It's nasty! Turner, take me to Macquarie.


[Junior and Vinny see Bearbette in her bikini.]

Vinny: Look at that bear. Isn't she cute?

Junior: I can tell that, Vin. She is the hottest bear I've ever seen.

Vinny: Gotta love that body.

[They both stare at her stomach]

Vinny: Cute belly.

Junior: She's the hottest bear I've ever seen.

Vinny: Her perfume smells like honey.

Frisky: Hey, you bears! Bearbette belongs to Buttons.

Vinny: Oh yeah!?

[He goes near Frisky's backside and pulls her tail lifting it up and kicks her rear end]

Frisky: Hey! [slaps Vinny and pokes his stomach] And get away from me, Vinny! It's not nice for man not related to me to do that.


[As Frisky takes off her shirt to reveal her bikini, Junior and Vinny wolf whistle. A snippet of This Girl by Kungs vs. Cookin' on 3 Burners is played.]

Junior: Look at her body.

Vinny: Yeah. She is really a 10.

[They both stare at her stomach]

Junior: She is really dang hot.

Vinny: The hottest vixen I've ever seen in my life.

Bearbette: [slaps the bears on the shoulders] You goons! Frisky belongs to Rusty. And one more thing, stop making jokes about my stomach when I wear a bikini. After all [shows the engagement ring to them], I belong to Buttons.

Junior: Crazy chick! [kicks Bearbette in the rear end]

Bearbette: Don't you dare call me that! [kicks Junior in the rear end]

Vinny: Cutie bear! [pushes Bearbette in the front]

Bearbette: [slaps Vinny] You goon! [kicks Vinny in the rear end] It's inappropriate to kick a woman's butt or push her in the front.


Joe: Here's the situation. Since the fox couple completed the stunt and all the others failed it, if you grizzles complete this stunt, it will be between you and the fox couple for the $100,000. If you grizzles fail it, the fox couple wins $25,000 and all of the other teams will compete for the remaining $75,000.

Junior: No matter what happens, we will see your hot body in your bikini, Vrisky!

Frisky: It's Frisky!


[Junior swims in the squid and gets out a bottle. As he opens it, out comes sand.]

Joe: Sand! Hurry!

[Junior goes back into the squid and gets out another bottle. He opens it to find worms.]

Joe: Worms! Go Vinny! Go!

[Vinny grabs the worms from his mouth and puts a few in the tank with piranha. Suddenly, the piranhas bite Vinny's muzzle]

Vinny: OUCH! OUCH! MEDIC! [scars appear throughout his mouth] OUCH!

Junior: Don't worry about those scary fish! Just fill 'em up!

Vinny: I can't! My mouth hurts.

[Junior quickly grabs Vinny and rushes him out of the forest]

Joe: I guess Vinny has a fear of the piranhas. The good news is, they are still in it. Rusty and Frisky, since you're the only couple who have completed it, you just won $25,000!

[Rusty and Frisky hug and celebrate]

Joe: Congratulations! And tomorrow, you and the other teams will be competing against each other with the remaining $75,000 and the title of Fear Factor champions. So it's all of you coming back tomorrow. So, get a good night's rest. I'll see you all then!


[Third stunt. Junior and Vinny see Bearbette in her bikini while waiting for Buttons with the strobe. They both stare at her middle and wolf whistle]

Junior: I see that bear chick again.

Vinny: She should be on a bikini magazine.

[They get kicked in the rear end by Frisky]

Frisky: Why don't you two bears shut your mouths up about Bearbette.

[She duct tapes Vinny's mouth but he pokes Frisky's stomach and Junior kicks her rear end]

Frisky: HEY!

Rusty: Junior, Vinny, leave my girl alone!

[He duct tapes Junior and Vinny's mouth and ties their paws with rubber bands. Frisky shows the two the engagement ring.]

Frisky: I belong to Rusty!

Rusty: That's what you get for poking my girl's stomach or slapping her butt.


[During the foxes' turn, the duct taped grizzlies walk close to Bearbette's backside. They snicker.]

Buttons: HEY, YOU GRIZZLIES! [slaps them in the rear end] Get away from my sweet Bearbette!

Bearbette: You goons have caused enough trouble!


[Grizzlies' turn. While Vinny gets ready to dive into the pool.]

Joe: The time to beat is 5:55. If you beat that time, you'll send Skeeter and Turner home. Ready?

Junior and Vinny: Ready?

Joe: In 3...2...1...GO!

[Vinny jumps into the water and swims to grab a strobe]

Bearbette: If they do not beat that time, we won't be seeing those grizzlies again.

Frisky: I had enough of their crazy antics about girl critters.

[After Vinny gives the strobe light to Junior, who touches the water with his paws.]

Junior: [shivers] Oooooh. It's cold!

Vinny: Cone on, Junior. Jump! Jump! Jump!

Junior: Temperature is like 40 degrees.

[The other teams chant "JUMP!"]

Joe: JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! What the heck are you doing, Junior?

Junior: I can't get in!

Joe: You have to get in!

[The other teams chant "JUMP!"]

Vinny: Well... [pushes Junior into the pool]

[Junior slowly swims to the chute where places the strobe. Joe's watch reads 5:55.]

Cub couples:!

[The cub couples, Skeeter and Turner celebrate]

Joe: Congrats, you six! You've made it through this stunt. Let's get out of here and see what tomorrow has in store.

[As Junior and Vinny grab the final strobe light]

Vinny: Where did those bikini chicks go?

Junior: I don't know.


Frisky: Well, those grizzlies are finally done for.

Bearbette: No more body jokes on us.


[In the fifth stunt...]

Joe: Today, you will be bobbing for these. [shows a jar of cockroaches] Cockroaches.

[All of the partners react]

Joe: But, you will not be bobbing them in water. No way! Instead, you will be bobbing for them in this...! [pulls the cloth revealing a table of animal lard]

Bearbette: Oh my!

Buttons: Ooooooh!

Rusty: What is this!?

Frisky: Is this cream from hell?

Tuner: Eeeeeeew! Is this cheese!?

Skeeter: Or rotten milk?

Joe: Actually, it's animal lard. You and your partner will alternate bobbing for cockroaches in 10,000 pounds of animal lard using only your mouths and put it into this jar here. You have 90 seconds to complete this stunt. If you're too afraid to attempt this stunt, you're eliminated. If you succeed, you will be in the running for tomorrow's final stunt for $50,000.


[Skeeter and Turner's turn]

Skeeter: No way! No way I'm gonna stick my head in that animal lard.

Turner: Me neither. We are leaving! Bye!

[They both leave]


[In the final stunt, Rusty jumps over tractor trailers in attempt to rescue Frisky as a runaway train approaches her]

Frisky: Help me, Rusty! Help me!

[Rusty jumps down and unties Frisky at the last second.]

Joe: TIME!

Frisky: Whew! You saved me!

[Rusty and Frisky kiss]

Joe: Ooh. [looks at his watch] Three minutes and four seconds.

Rusty: All right.

Joe: Let's see if the bear couple can beat that.

[Joe ties up Bearbette on the tracks]

Rusty: I say we should have up to six children.

Frisky: I think six would be the max.

[Meanwhile, Buttons jumps over tractor trailers. As the train approaches, Bearbette...]

Bearbette: HELP! HELP! HELP!

[Buttons quickly unties Bearbette]

Joe: TIME! [looks at his watch] Three minutes....EVEN!!!

[Buttons and Bearbette celebrate by kissing at each other]

Frisky: At least we won $25,000, Rusty.

Joe: Congratulations, Buttons and Bearbette! You've climb a tree with flags, filled worms from squid, grabbed the strobes, transferred scorpions into boxes, you've bobbed for cockroaches, and you saved your mate from the trains. You are the Fear Factor champions. And evidently, fear is not a factor for both of you.


[In Buttons' apartment, Buttons and Bearbette make love]

Butons: What should we do with the money?

Bearbette: Let's spend it towards our wedding.

Buttons: When will that take place?

Bearbette: In about four years from now. In Crystal Bayou.

Buttons: What about our honeymoon?

Bearbette: Umm...lets make this a secret.

Buttons: Okay. [kisses Bearbette's middle twice]

Bearbette: [giggles] Two kisses on my stomach? What does that mean.

Buttons: We will have at least two children.

Bearbette: Two. That'll work.

[At Frisky's cave. Rusty and Frisky make love]

Frisky: I was wondering we can tie the knot in three years.

Rusty: Make that four.

[He rubs Frisky's stomach]

Frisky: What's a good place for a honeymoon?

Rusty: Hmm. We got a long way to go. [kisses Frisky's middle]

Frisky: [giggles] Does this look like Sarah's belly?


The Long and Winding Road


[While the boy cubs and Sarah garden with Vixey]

Vixey: What's that snake?

Rusty: It's not a snake, Vixey. This is a hose.

Vixey: Hose?

Buttons: A hose is where water comes out to water the plants.

[Rusty sprays water on the plants. He then hands Vixey the hose.]

Vixey: [pulls the trigger and sprays Sarah] Belly!

Sarah: VIXEY!

[Buttons turns the water off and Sarah confronts Vixey]

Sarah: Vixey, does this looks like my bathing suit? Do you see my belly?


Sarah: I am not a plant! I am wearing my dress. And a dress is not a bathing suit!

Rusty: She's right. Now point the hose at the plants. Not Sarah. Not me. Nor Buttons.

[Just as Vixey points the hose at the plants...]

Quacker: QUACK! Urgent delivery for Buttons!

[He hands the telegram to Buttons]

Buttons: [reading] "URGENT MESSAGE FROM YOUR MOTHER AND AUNT FRANCINE: Buttons, please come to Sweet Water Valley as soon as possible. Your grandmother has taken off life support and is at her last hours of life. Please come immediately! - Mom and Aunt Francine" [not reading then gasps] Oh no. Gram!

Rusty: What's the matter, Buttons?

Buttons: [running back to his apartment] Gram is dying. I got to go!

Rusty: What-what? She's dying?

Buttons: Yes! 

Rusty: Can I go with you?

Buttons: No. I must got alone. I'll tell you all about it later.

Vixey: Gram?

Rusty: Buttons' grandmother, Grandma Bear. She has Alzheimer's Disease.

Sarah: Alzheimer's Disease? 

Rusty: A memory loss disease. I'll explain this more later.

[Suddenly, Rusty's critter phone rings]

Rusty: Hello?

Johnny: Hi, Rust. It's Johnny.

Rusty: Hi, Johnny.

Johnny: I am inviting you to commencement tomorrow night at 7:00 at the football stadium.

Rusty: You and Robin will soon be High School graduates!

Johnny: Yep! Only one more day!

Rusty: I'll be there. See you tomorrow, John. Bye-bye! [hangs up]

Sarah: That happens to be the day before my graduation.

Rusty: Wow! Two consecutive days of graduations. First, Johnny and Robin's then the next day Sarah's.

Sarah: Can I go to Johnny's commencement?

Rusty: No, Sarah. Johnny only invited me. And I presume Robin is gonna invite the girl cubs too. Besides, High School commencements are invitation only events. You see when a student completes the three cycles of general education which are Elementary, Middle School and High School, you are a graduate. And thus that human is not a child anymore. He or she is officially an adult. And this indicates you can now go out into the real world. And a special ceremony where you and many other students will be recognized is called commencement. Here, the student can invite their families over.

Sarah: Wow!

Vixey: Graduation?

Rusty: Yeah and in about three months from now, Vixey will be starting school!

Sarah: Yeah, Vixey! I will be giving you some good advice on what school is in the summer!

Vixey: Yay! [lifts up Sarah’s dress and presses her middle] Belly! Belly! Belly!


[At Sweet Water Valley, Buttons' arrives at the hospice]

Buttons: Mom!

[Bridgette and Francine run over to and hug him]

Bridgette: Buttons!

Francine: Oh my!

Birdgette: You got here just in time. Gram only has a few minutes of life left.

[Bruce appears]

Bruce: Hi, cousin.

Buttons: Bruce! [hugs him] Oh my. I got to talk to her one last time. [walks to Gram on her deathbed] Gram?

[Gram's heart beats]

Buttons: Gram. Hi. [shows her engagement ring] Look at this. Me and Bearbette are getting married four years from now. We're going to be a couple. I remember we gave you TLC years ago. And I remember that wonderful story you taught me when I was cub. [starts telling her story] There once was a little girl bear named Bearbette and her companion named Frisky. They had two friends named Buttons and Rusty. It was about that time a tricky travelling magician who always had an eye on Bearbette's locket. Believing it to have great and possibly magical value he decided to trick her into giving it up.

[As he continues to tell the story, his mother and aunt smile.]

Bridgette: I remember that story. Haven't heard it in years. [shows her the quilt Gram made] She made this.

[Moments later, as Buttons finishes the story]

Buttons: ...They remembered the lesson they learned that day, patience.

[Gram smiles then dies. Buttons feels Gram and embraces his mother, aunt and Bruce as they mourn over Gram]

[At the same time, at the football stadium, Rusty's critter phone beeps. Rusty takes his phone and reads a text saying "She's gone."]

Rusty: [mouthing] Oh no.

Frisky: What happened, Rusty?

Rusty: Buttons' grandmother died.

Bearbette: [whispering] No.

Rusty: [reading text] "Gram requested the funeral only attended by me, mom, Bruce and Aunt Francine. Please send me your graduation wishes to Johnny and Robin."

Bearbette: I remember a long time ago when were cubs, we gave her TLC.

[Clips from The Gram Who Came To Dinner are shown]

[Just as Pomp and Circumstances starts playing, Rusty texts "Me and the girls send your condolences."]


Mr. Pines: John David Jones-Boyett.

[Jonesy, Mr. Boyett and the boy cubs stand up and cheer and applaud as he walks to the superintendent, shakes her hand gives him his diploma and takes his picture with Mr. Pines]


Mr. Pines: David Lane Gurd.

[Cheers and applause]


Mr. Pines: Lucas Steven Kerns.

[Cheers and applause]


Mr. Pines: Robin Marie McCobb.

[The girl cubs and Harold stand up and cheer]

Harold: That's my girl!


Mr. Pines: Now, by the power vested in me and by the authority of the department of education. I hereby declare the class graduates. You may turn your tassels to the right.

[The class turns their tassels to the right as most of the class toss their caps in the air; wild cheers and applause]


[The Next Day...]

[Little Critter School Graduation]

Miss Love: Good afternoon, critter moms and dads. Welcome to our graduation ceremony of the Little Critter School. The beginning of these ten young critters' time was a time of building trust with the children......and with you. It was a time of building relationships together and creating a team with one shared goal: Providing your youngans with what they needed to develop and grow as they begin to grow older. Right now, before we get into the main course. I would like to have all the youngans come for their final story time as my student teacher, Mr. Mabor reads to them Oh, The Places You'll Go!

[The class gathers around the circle as Mr. Mabor tells them said story]


[Two Months Later...]


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