Template:Infobox television 2Butt Ugly Martians (season 2) is a Live Action CGI new season to butt ugly martians with suits from kamen rider video games


New Kids Tyler Sofia and Rocky get new suits and powers like Hornix Boron and Mobile and they help the butt ugly martians beat bog with the earth kids.


  • Tyler (potrayed by Leo Howard) - He is a new kid from earth he's good friends with sofia he has a crush on lacey he gets the hornix zecter he becomes kamen rider hornix
  • Sofia (potrayed by Paris Berlec) - She is a new kid from earth she's good friends with tyler she has the boron zecter she becomes kamen rider boron
  • Rocky (potrayed by Steve Cardenas) - he is a new kid from earth he's good friends with tyler he has the cell phaser and the mobile belt he becomes masked rider mobile
  • Lacey (potrayed by Jeannine Mai) - she is new on earth she has a crush on tyler.
  • B-Bop A Luna (Motion captured by Reuben Langdon and voiced by Ty Wood) - the yellow martian he gets along great with tyler he loses his temper 2t and do wah are the two to calm him down
  • 2t Fru-T (Motion Captured by Misty Rosas and voiced by Jaleel White) - the blue martian tech ecxpert
  • Do Wah Diddy (Motion Captured by Johnny Yong Bosch and voiced by Travis Willingham) - the red martian he can be fat but he's a goofball and a genius
  • Shaboom Shaboom (voiced by Tara Strong) - she is a lover of the martians
  • Stoat Muldoon (voiced by Gary Owens) - he is a alien hunter and works with ronald the burger jack
  • Ronald the Burger Jack (voiced by Ben Schwartz) - he is a burger jack and a apprentice alien hunter of stoat muldoon
  • Dog (voiced by Brian Drummond) - he is the butt uglie's robotic dog


  • Emperor Bog (voiced by Tim Curry) - he is the ruler of the galaxy
  • Dr. Damage (voiced by Steve Stayley) - bog's right hand man with a cyber eye


  • Humanga (voiced by Don Messnick) - he is the giant
  • Gorgon (voiced by Scott Mcneil) - he is a fire breathing shapeshifter
  • Jax the Conqurer (voiced by Vic Mignogna) - he is a conqurer bent on destroying the martians
  • Chitsalk (voiced by Frank Welker) - he is a hunter
  • Infi-Knight 5000 (voiced by Ezra Weisz) - he is a robot with four arms
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