Burgundy (Cabernet in Japanese)is a character in Pokemon: Best Wishes!, who is a C-class Pokémon Connoisseusse.


Burgundy is a girl with purple hair and violet eyes. Burgundy wears a white shirt under her red blouse with yellow buttons. Burgundy also wears black pants with dark shoes. Burgundy also wears a red ribbon under her neck. She is sometimes seen wearing a brown backpack.


Burgundy can be somewhat of a brat, but she does mean well and loves her Pokémon dearly. Her ultimate goal is to become a great Connoisseuse as a result of her loss to Cilan. She also wishes to defeat him in order to obtain her revenge. Though, the reason for her revenge is often blown out of proportion. She is shown not to take criticism very well on several different occasions, particularly criticism from Cilan. Burgundy can also be slightly abrasive when it comes to her job as seen when she told Ash to replace all of his Pokémon. Also, she can be too invasive with the Pokémon she evaluates causing them to attack her. When speaking, she tends to use an array of French words and phrases, some of which are mispronounced, for it is her attempt to look elegant and graceful. Though she pretends that she does not wish to learn anything from Cilan, Burgundy always pays the most attention to him when he begins to evaluate as seen during the Club Battle tournament arc. Most of the time, Burgundy comments the battles with Georgia during tournaments.

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