We using the Blue Sky's Bunny (1998) CGI Animated Academy Award Short Film to using origami stop motion!

It released the Origami Stop Motion Remake in December, 29 2018! It's 20th Anniversary Edition! 


Bunny, an elderly female rabbit, lives alone in a small cabin in the forest. While baking a cake one night, she is continually bothered
Bunny (1998) Origami
by a large 
moth that keeps flying around her kitchen. No matter what she does, she cannot get rid of the intruder; she is especially annoyed when it runs into a photograph, taken many years ago, of herself and her late husband on their wedding day. Eventually she knocks it into the cake batter, which she quickly pours into a pan and shoves into the oven. She then sets the kitchen timer and falls asleep, only to be awakened by loud rumblings and blue-white light coming from the oven, whose door soon falls open. Crawling inside, she finds herself confronted by the moth and begins to float through an otherworldly space toward the source of the light, with a pair of giant moth wings sprouting from her back to propel her as the insect leads her along. She is soon revealed to be among dozens of moths being drawn to the light. The film ends with a close-up of the wedding photo, which comes to life as the younger Bunny nestles her head contentedly on her husband's shoulder; the shadows and reflections of two moths play across the image as well.


Chris Wedge Is A Director and Written of the Short Film 'Bunny' CGI Animated Short Film.
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