Buffy is an American supernatural television series serving as a reboot to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, being created and developed by Joss Whedon. It is produced by Mutant Enemy Productions and 20th Century Fox Television and it will premiere on Fox on March 10th, 2020.


Buffy Summers seems to be a normal girl until she learns about the vampires and, as a result, she decides to hunt down any vampire that threatens Sunnydale.



  • Buffy Summers (played by Sabrina Carpenter) - a teenager who learns about vampires and begins to hunt them down.
  • Willow Rosenberg (played by Bella Thorne) - a teenager who is also a witch and Buffy's best friend, helping her to fight TBD.
  • Xander Harris (played by Thomas Doherty) - a sarcastic human who, unlike his friends, doesn't have any abilities as he aids TBD.
  • Rupert Gilles (played by Matt Smith) - a being known as a Watcher who protects Buffy and TBD.



  • The Master (played by Robert Carlyle) - one of the lords of vampires who plans TBD.
  • Spike (played by Darren Criss) - TBD
  • Drusilla (played by Mae Whitman) - one of Angelus' first people sired and the one who sired Spike who TBD.
  • Warren Mears (played by Robin Lord Taylor) - TBD
  • Dark Willow (also played by Bella Thorne) - the manifestation of all of Willow's negative emotions who TBD.
  • Glorificus (played by Alison Brie) - TBD
  • Elizabeth Bathory (played by Danielle Panabaker) - one of the first vampires who TBD.
  • Lucius (played by James Marsters) - Spike's mentor who was also sired by Drusilla who now wants Spike dead for apparently "betraying" him.
  • Jeff the Fox (puppeteered by Eric Jacobson) - a demon-possessed puppet who TBD.
  • John (played by David Boreanaz) - TBD


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  • Joss confirmed that the series will introduce newer concepts and characters.
  • Episodes will be available for streaming on Disney+ the same day as its broadcast on Fox.
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