Brum​ is a revival UK tv series of the instrumental pantomime show from Ragdoll Productions that ran from 1991 to 2002.

Plot and setting

The episode plots are very similiar to original series, where Brum must chase either a thief who has stolen something or an accidentally-moving object that could cause chao, and always manages to catch the thieves, return the stolen goods, and stop the objects before the destory the town completely.


Brum - the small and friendly yellow replica car who ventures out from his car shop home and into Big Town when his owner isn't looking and gets up to all manner of adventure.

Big Town Residents

The Side Street Gang - a friendly group of black teenagers who live on the downtown side of Big Town. They each wear one color shirt and matching sneakers with black jeans. Aaliyah, who appears the most out of the gang, wears blue, Josiah wears yellow, Zion wears orange, Trinity wears red, and Laila wears pink. They are based on the dancers who appeared the original series' ending credits.

The Lollipop Lady - 

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