Brookie D and the Pounding Puppies is Zoe McPhee's Original Television Spin off Series of one of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) characters "Stardust Dog" that she is Brookie D's middle sister. An American/British Comedy flash cartoon animated series made by Warner Bros Animation Studios, Glasgow, Vanity Entertainment, Zoe McPhee Productions and Renegade Animation Direct Company, USA.


Episodes/ Seasons

Brookie D and the Pounding Puppies Opening Title Theme Song


Brookie D's Family:

  • Brookie D Beagle Dog
  • Stardust Dog - (Sister)
  • Katina Dog - (Younger Sister)
  • Lucy-Lou Dog - (Younger Sister)
  • Isabelle - (Older Sister)
  • Brookie D's Dad
  • Brookie D's Mum

Pounding Puppies:

  • Jumpy Dog - (Brookie D's friend) - Male
  • Singly Dog - Female
  • Heavily Dog - Female
  • Carter Dog - Male
  • Grayson Dog - Male
  • Booker Dog - Male
  • Salome Dog - Female
  • Margot Dog - Female

Voice Cast

Television Airing Dates

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  • U - rated for mild slapstick comic violence and threat. This television series is suitable for all ages.
  • Stardust's first spin off television series.
  • Program Running Time - 21 minutes per episode
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