Brianna Hope is one of the main protagonists in Swinging Mods. She is a superstar guitarist who has a soft spot for her family. 


Brianna was born in 1939, at King's Road. She lives with her mother and her brother at her own home. When Brianna was two years old, her father died in a war in 1942. After the death of her father, Brianna went to the clothes shop called Sally's. Her mother was going to shopping for while her brother is with her

Physical Appearance

Brianna has a light brown long hair which is made into a half-up bouffant, wearing black long-sleeve shirt, indigo overall skirt, and black high heels.  


Brianna is a generally helpful and sassy woman who has a cacophobia (fear of ugliness)

Events of Swinging Mods

She, Harry, and Nick were working their dance moves at the studio. Suddenly the director runs to the record room with a paper that it says "Singing content at


  • She realized that has a cacophobia (fear of ugliness) due to seeing both ugly people and things.
  • She is based on Leni Loud from The Loud House, Rarity from My Little Pony, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros, Disgust from Inside Out, Kat Knight from Contrast, Sally Boyle from We Happy Few, Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy, and Clover from Totally Spies.
    • Unlike Sally Boyle, Brianna didn't do science stuffs
  • She is shown to have a collection of dresses and high heels from her closet.
  • According to one of the Bobbies, Brianna was crying about missing her family.
  • Brianna is shown to fight Vanessa after she pinches Nick's butt.
  • Her last name is named after her voice actress.
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