Brenda Johnson is a gangster, the leader of the gang known as the Neon Dragons and the villain protagonist of Gang Wars.


Brenda was a former artist who after finding out her friends are actually planning on taking her to a place to kill her. She decides to escape from them and later to kill them all. Meanwhile her brother finds her while she is on to an idea about becoming a powerful gang leader. After deciding she chose to join the path of a gang lord instead of just being a shy girl.

Later, she went to the bar where she meets her future boyfriend named Julio Rodriguez as she ended up convincing him to join her gang. After she had a small talk with him, she wants to prove him by using her seduction to ensure that he will join her gang.

Brenda and Julio then visited a smoke shop as they buy some cigarettes and marijuana as they start to take some drugs. It causes her to get high and begins to act crazy until she gets put


She has long brown hair, purple eyes, red eyeshadow, wears a light purple tops under white bra, red sneakers and grey jeans.

Event of Gang Wars

Brenda first appeared in the bar where the thugs


  • Brenda is acting like Chloe Price from Life is Strange, Luna Loud from The Loud House, Trevor Phillips from GTA Five, Sarah from Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Protagonist from Saints Row and Princess Daisy from Super Mario Bros.
  • She is the one of characters who is a smoker, gang leader and drug dealer.
  • Brenda despite dating Julio, is shown to be a bisexual due to dating both boys and girls.
  • During the combat mode, Brenda can use a fighting skill to fight any type of enemy (for example: brutes, brawlers, and even
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