Brenda Hopscotch, (also called Brenda Rivera), formerly known by her stage name, EVE and labeled The Shyster, is one of the main protagonists in Best Beasties.



Brenda is typically very timid and soft-spoken. She speaks only in barely audible whispers when she first meets Pamela in the first episode, and she shrinks away from the spotlight in "Rock N Dull". Brenda has a deep adoration for animals; she instantly opens up to Pamela once she sees her for the first time, she regularly sneaks her pets to school in her backpack, and she volunteers at an animal shelter.

Physical Appearance

Brenda is a slender white rabbit, with a pink nose, floppy ears, white hair styled in a pixie cut and purple eyes. She has a flower on the right, and sometimes left side of her hair. She wears a blue tank top covering a dark pink crop top under neath, a light seafoam green skirt and light pink boots.

Role in the series

Brenda appears in the first episode noticing Pamela from the portal to the animal world.

She then later befriends Pamela and heals her friends when in danger.

She is seen in the fifth episode were she is helping for the fundraising of Camp Evermore.

In "Band or Not", she used to be in the girl group, Black Magic, until she departed in the age of 12.


  • Because of her age, she is the youngest student of the school.
  • Brenda is similar to Fluttershy from My Little Pony, the reason as follows:
    • Both are shy and timid.
    • Both communicate with animals.
    • Both are voiced by Andrea Libman.
    • Both can get aggressive at times.
    • Both speak in a soft voice.
  • She is sometimes easily mistaken for a boy due to her hair. However, her flower, voice, and appearance do not prove she is a boy.
  • She has aichmophobia, which is a fear of sharp objects
    • She freaks out when someone, or she is holding a knife.
      • However she did not freak out when using a pencil.
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