Brenda's Family Picnic is the 15th webisode of Super Hero High. It is similar to Cerise's Picnic Panic.

Plot Summary

Brenda Wayne is in a happy mood because she and her parents are having a picnic in Gotham Central Park. Alexis is worried that someone might see her and would reveal her secret. She might be right when Patricia Parker stumbles on her picnic thinking that Catwoman has captured her. Can Brenda and Batman lure Patricia away without revealing their secret?

Plot Synopsis

Brenda Wayne is in a happy mood as it is shown that she is still happy even after bumping into Clark Kent Jr. She also lets the Numerous Triplets cut in front of her at the cafeteria and even lets Alexis Luthor try to fix her Skyphone. Alexis asks why she is so happy than usual. Brenda says that she and her parents are having a picnic in Gotham Central Park after school. Alexis is excited but is also worried that someone will see them together and would reveal her secret. Just then, the local rats run away screaming because Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is coming down the hallway. Patricia Parker comes up to her and tries to greet her but Selina just hisses at her and tells her, "You're in my way. Hit the road!", which she does. She hisses again but then she winks at Brenda who winks at her back. Patricia doesn't like it that Miss Kyle is so mean and crooked despite being beautiful. Brenda tells her it's okay, but Patricia says that, as Spider-Man's daughter, it is her sworn duty to rescue helpless damsels. But both Brenda and Alexis hit her on the chest with their elbows, feeling offended. Later that day, after school, Brenda is walking through Gotham Central Park and she gasps when she is greeted by her parents. Batman tells his daughter how much she's grown. Brenda hugs her father and then her mother just as Patricia appears out of nowhere thinking that Catwoman has captured Brenda, saying "Let go of her, vile villainess!" Catwoman, puzzled, says, "Vile?" Patricia then says, "You will not harm this fair, but not helpless, Wayne girl!" Brenda, sighing, says, "Oh, no! It's Catwoman! Save us, Patricia!" Batman, also wanting to get rid of Patricia says "Oh, yes! Save us!" Catwoman just looks at Brenda confused. Brenda however, tells her to just play along. Catwoman, sarcastically says, "Rrowel!" Patricia then does a karate yell But Catwoman says, "Do not hurt me, O Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Girl! Aah!" She then ducks into a nearby bush. Patricia proudly proclaims, "The Villainess has been defeated!" Then Brenda frantically thanks Patricia then pushes her out of their picnic. Catwoman then comes out of the bush to rejoin her daughter and husband. The family shares a group hug and Brenda says to both her parents, "I love you guys."

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