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Rated R - Restricted

This article is rated R, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under the age of 17.
Objectionable content includes: strong crude and sexual content and language throughout, and some drug material

Bravleon is an American-Swedish black comedy crime film  directed and written by Prince Bih.


Leon and Ink was bored but they have good idea they created an Youtube Channel called Bravleon and W is here so they making fight with Ink and W to fighting and Ink putting sanitizer to W and falling on the tree.

After the funny playtime they make a parkour and then teacher said that to stop recording and making a parkour and then Leon push the Teacher. and running with his friends and teacher running and Teacher stand because they are tired and then they take a bus to going to Borås, Sweden.

Leon and his friends was in a night club after to the nightclub then he losted 20M Subs to 1K Subs after the livestream then Prince Bih & L.O reports with police were is Leon and his friends and then Leon and his friends stealing someones car to drive.

Leon and his friends cannot driving careful with car they killing 20 people on the car and then Police arrest Leon and his friends and they stay an jail for 1 hour. Police talks with bit on Prince what is going on.

the ending was they reach to 20 tn subs and they partying until movie ends.


Bravleon 2

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Bravleon 3

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Characters are designed and animated using different styles and techniques (stylized traditional animation, puppetry, CGI, stop motion, Flash animation, etc.) and put on live-action backgrounds. and however the cartoon characters meeting real people on real life


Bravleon was set to be released on June 1, 2018 by Disney but was then pused back to 2 November 2018, and then pused back to 7 December 2018 and then pused back to 8 Febuary 2019.

  • The Green Band trailer was released on June 5, 2018
  • The Red Band Trailer #1 was released on November 20, 2018
  • The Red Band Trailer #2 was released on December 10, 2018.
  • 1 month until Bravleon starts (Trailer #4/Short Video Reminder from Disney) released on 14 Janaury 2019.

Home media

the DVD released in 17 March 2019 and VOD on 25 March 2019.


Criticism and Controversy

In November 20, 2018, Warner Bros has seriously has been deleted and suing the scene from A Prince Bih's Company's R-rated popluar animated movie Bravleon.

Critical response

It got 7,8/10 on IMDb and in Rotten Tomatoes is got 88% and Common Sense Media has got 6 stars and 16+ which proved that the movie got way successful and the trailer has got 100M Likes and 90K Dislikes on Youtube which proved that movie is great and the Twitter and Instagram has got 100M Followers which proved it gone succesful.

In 23 Febuary 2019, An article from The New York Times condemned the film, saying, ''This animated movie has been more greater in the future, We would see the Bravleon 2 and 3 and best film in 2019'' Hollywood News called it "Will be the first greatest animated film in the world" and The Daily Telegraph described Bravleon as "the greatest animated R-rated's film ever made.

Release Dates

  • 8 Febuary 2019 (USA)
  • 8 Febuary 2019 (Sweden)
  • 8 Febuary 2019 (Canada)
  • 8 Febuary 2019 (Turkey)
  • 13 Febuary 2019 (United Kingdom)
  • 15 Febuary 2019 (Norway)
  • 15 Febuary 2019 (Russia)
  • 16 Febuary 2019 (Germany)
  • 17 Febuary 2019 (France)
  • 22 Febuary 2019 (Eastern Europe)
  • 1 March 2019 (Finland & Iceland)
  • 8 March 2019 (Western Europe)
  • 15 March 2019 (Central Europe)
  • 15 March 2019 (Southeastern Europe)
  • 22 March 2019 (South America)
  • 29 March 2019 (South Africa)
  • 29 March 2019 (Africa)
  • 29 March 2019 (Middle East)
  • 5 April 2019 (Japan)
  • 12 April 2019 (Korea)
  • 19 April 2019 (Southeast Asia)
  • 26 April 2019 (Northeast Asia)
  • 3 May 2019 (Mexico)
  • 10 May 2019 (Denmark)
  • 10 May 2019 (Gerogia)


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