Brandon vs. Landon is an American comedy slice-of-life comic strip series created by TBD, being published by Moonlake Comics since April 20th, 2015.


The comic strip revolved around a kid named Brandon who often has to deal with his school bully, Landon, as they often get each other in various shenanigans.



  • Brandon - a kind yet easily scared kid who tries to mind his business, yet is often tormented by Landon.
  • Landon - a rude and somewhat dimwitted kid who likes to bully Brandon.


  • Stacy - Brandon's selfish older sister who is self-absorbed and loves living a teenage life.
  • Ms. Hilda Natson - Brandon's easy-going art teacher who cares for Brandon, who is her favorite student.
  • Zeke Peters - a cheerful tween boy who wants to make friends at school yet he tends to fail sometimes.
  • Anthony Wills - a well-meaning kid who just wants to help others out, yet ends up doing mistakes that make things worse.
  • Dr. Berton Payton - an intelligent doctor who has been working in the hospital for 27 years as he has been known as the best doctor in that hospital.
  • Jack Pack and Bruce "Mr. Bricks" Wills - two fictional feisty men who are famous wrestlers and have been best friends with each other since their high school years, being the main protagonists of Brandon's favorite show, Wrestle Up!


  • Mr. Walt Cornell - a short-tempered librarian of Brandon and Landon's school who is extremely grouchy.
  • Tara - a sadistic goth girl who wants to see everyone fall and die, including Brandon and Landon.




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