Brad Thomson
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Secondary School Choir
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by Brad Simpson
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Artie Abrams(Glee)

Sam Conte(Nowhere Boys)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Bradley William Thomson-Cheng
Other names Ge Ge(by Zoe, Kenneth and Timothy)

Di Di(by Blake)

Personality Kind, Caring, Protective, Moody, Immature, Playful, Not A Morning Person, Funny, Friendly, Outgoing
Appearance Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Fair Skin With Slight Tan
Birthday July 28 2004(age 14(15 later))
Occupation Student
Alignment Good
St. John Secondary School

New Hope Choir

Home Manchester, England(birthplace, formerly)

Georgetown, West Midlands, England(currently)

Relatives Joseph Thomson(father)

Anne Cheng(mother)

Blake Thomson(older brother)

Zoe Thomson(younger sister)

Kenneth Thomson(younger brother)

Allies Reece Brown

Troy Mitchell

George Smith

Jenny Tran

Kandace Chan

Raphael Lau

Yuto Yoshida

Sheryl Lau

Aidan Harney

Enemies Annika O'Niell
Likes Singing, Skateboard, Apples, Kiwi Fruits, 21 Jump Street
Dislikes Roller Coasters, Getting Sick, the song PPAP, Teletubbies
Powers and abilities Air
Fate He suffers from cystic fibrosis

Bradley William 'Brad' Thomson-Cheng(Chinese: 程 阔木 Pinyin: Chéng Kuò Mù) is the main protagonist of The Secondary School Choir. He is 14-years-old in Year 9 and sings Tenor 1.


He is shown to have short messy dark brown hair moved to the left, deep set and large brown eyes and fair skin with a slight tan. He brings an oxygen tank and nasal cannula along the way. He wears a blue and black flannel shirt over a white shirt(which is tucked in), black jeans shown with a belt and black shoes. He often wears black-framed glasses but takes it off at times. His sleepwear consists of a dark blue tank top and black shorts. He stands on 5 ft. 6 and is of average weight. Brad is shown to turn pale and have rosy cheeks whenever he gets sick. In 'Takedown,' 'Bad Luck' and 'The School Games,' he wears a blue and white football jersey and his everyday jeans and shoes though he takes off his nasal cannula when he was playing Frisbee in 'Bad Luck' and wears football shorts along with his shirt in 'The School Games.' In 'Merry Christmas' and 'Reindeer,' he wears the same outfit but his everyday button-up shirt is red and black. In 'New Year,' he wears a red and gold Zhongshan suit and his everyday jeans and shoes. In 'Totally New Hope Choir,' he wears a blue short-sleeved shirt with grey sleeves and colar with red and white stripes on his sleeves, blue jeans and his everyday shoes. He is dressed as Will Byers from Stranger Things and this is the first time he doesn't tuck in his shirt(except when he wears his pyjamas). In 'The Award,' he wears a blue rolled sleeved denim jacket over a white shirt(which is not tucked in), blue jeans and his everyday shoes. In 'Not So Summer,' he wears a blue denim jacket over a white hoodie and his everyday jeans and shoes.


Brad is usually kind and caring showing that he deeply cares for his younger siblings even though he is the second oldest. He is also protective towards his siblings, mostly to Zoe as shown in the 2-part special, 'How It All Started.' Like many teenagers, he can get teenage mood swings and at times, he can be immature and playful. Like Blake, he is not much of a morning person and is also funny. He could also be confused but he is also smart. He can sometimes be offended, mainly racist jokes about Chinese people in the COVID-19 outbreak. Like many British people, he can be clueless like how Aidan speaks because he is American. He is also friendly and outgoing and can be curious. He is also really smart and tends to make jokes sometimes. Like many siblings, he deeply cares for his siblings as shown in 'Uh Oh' where he and Zoe hugs their oldest brother, Blake. In 'Crime In London,' Brad stated that he and his sister, Zoe are fast thinkers but needed to pause sometimes. Even as a genius, he still cannot pronounce Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch. Brad has been called a coward and being compared to his brother, Blake by Joshua in 'The School Games.'


His first name, Bradley is an English surname derived from a place name meaning "broad wood" or "broad meadow" in Old English. Like many English surnames, Bradley can also be used as a given name and as such has become popular.

His middle name, William is: Resolute protector; will. For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conqueror's name. The firstborn son of Prince Charles is named William.

His Chinese name, 程 阔木(Pinyin: Chéng Kuò Mù) literally means broad wood(阔木) to reflect his English first name, Bradley.

His last name, Thomson is named after a new Singaporean train line, Thomson East Coast line which sounds British.


Brad is a tenor 1 in the choir. He is also good in riding a skateboard even if he has to bring a tank with him due to cystic fibrosis. Brad can also speak Chinese because of his Chinese heritage. Brad is given the power of Air. Brad's power of air allows him to blow winds from his hands or from his mouth.


  • Brad is right-handed as shown when he holds his chopsticks or pencil
  • Brad speaks in a Birmingham accent like Zoe and Kenneth
  • Brad is of Nordic, German, Irish, French, Greek and British descent on his father's side and Chinese(Hong Kong) on his mother's side in order to show British history in the series
    • However, it is unknown what Nordic country he has descended from but because his ethnicity is to portray English history, it might be possible if he is of Swedish or Norwegian descent because of the viking raid of England
      • In 'Totally New Hope Choir,' Blake revealed that he and his siblings are of Norwegian descent
    • He is of German descent because the Saxons are German and how in both World Wars, the German Reich(WW1) and Nazi Germany(WW2) invaded the UK
    • He is of Irish descent because of how the British didn't help the Irish during the famine
    • He is of French descent because the British started the 100 years war
    • He is of Greek descent because Blake's actor, Blake Richardson is of Greek descent
    • He is of Chinese(Hong Kong) descent because of the opium wars and how the British took Hong Kong during that time before returning it to China in 1997
    • Originally he was going to be of Spanish descent to show the War Against Spain but it was cut for unknown reasons
  • Brad doesn't enjoy the PPAP song because it's annoying
  • Brad has cystic fibrosis which is reused from The Darkest Awakening
  • There are many facts revealed about Brad in the 'Trip To Singapore' special such as:
    • Brad has dual citizenship, he has British and Hong Kong citizenships
    • He can speak and understand Chinese
    • He is able to beat jet lag in Doha, Qatar. This is most likely because of his powers
  • The main protagonists uses traditional British names, Bradley is an Anglo-Saxon/Old English name
  • Coincidentally, the main 6(with the exception of Troy and Aiden) are all wearing shirts with the color of the Union Jack(Harvey(blue hoodie over a white shirt), Reece(white shirt), Blake(white shirt), Brad(Blue button-up over a white shirt), George(blue hoodie over a white shirt) and Zoe(red shirt)) which is the flag of the UK
  • The phrase Brad said in 'Boy Bands' is a reference when his actor, Brad Simpson along with other members from The Vamps were playing the Tower of Truth stating that he's a 'risky guy' and that he 'risks it all.'
  • The jersey all of the students of St.John Secondary School wear in 'Takedown,' 'Bad Luck' and 'The School Games' has a colour scheme that closely resembles deceased British football player, Jeff Astle
  • In 'Uh Oh,' Blake stated that Brad once suffocated because he was off oxygen, this is unspecific on when did that happen but it most likely happened when he was in primary school because Brad stated that his condition was improving when he was 13
  • In 'The Briefcase,' Brad has a fear of balloons
  • In 'Whatever Happened To A Former Member,' Brad discovered that he has powers when he was 11
  • In 'The Award,' he can't pronounce Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch
  • Brad is the 4th youngest in the choir
    • He is about 1 year, 11 months and 15 days younger than Reece
    • He is about 1 year, 9 months and 26 days than younger Blake
    • He is about 2 years and 6 months younger than Harvey
    • James was born on the 30th of April 2002 so Brad is about 2 years, 2 months and 28 days younger than him
    • Tristan was born on the 15th of August 2002 so Brad is about 1 year, 11 months and 13 days younger than him
    • Luke was born on the 16th of July 2002 so Brad is about 2 years and 12 days younger than him
    • Calum was born on the 25th of January 2002 so Brad is about 2 years, 6 months and 3 days younger than him
    • Michael was born on the 20th of November 2001 so Brad is about 2 years, 8 months and 8 days younger than him
    • Ashton was born on the 7th of July 2001 so Brad is about 3 years and 21 days younger than him
    • Shawn was born on the 8th of August 2002 so Brad is about 1 years 11 months and 20 days younger than him
    • He is about 1 months and 23 days younger than Troy
    • Connor was born on the 15th of March 2004 so Brad is about 4 months and 13 days younger than him
    • Robert was born on the 1st of December 2003 so Brad is about 7 months and 27 days younger than him
    • He is about 1 years, 6 months and 30 days older than Zoe
    • He is about 7 months and 12 days older than George
    • He is about 2 years, 9 months and 10 days older than Aiden
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