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Bradley Swaile (born December 26, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian voice actor. His major roles include Nightcrawler in X-Men Evolution, Rock in Black Lagoon and Light Yagami in the hit anime Death Note. In the 1990s, he voiced Mousse in Ranma ½ and Teen Gohan in Ocean's dub of Dragon Ball Z. He has also voiced in many of the Mobile Suit Gundam shows and video games including Amuro Ray of Mobile Suit Gundam, Quatre Raberba Winner of Gundam Wing, Dearka Elsman of Gundam SEED, Auel Neider of Gundam SEED Destiny; and Setsuna F. Seiei of Gundam 00.


  • Rival Fighters series - Muay
  • Psonic X Touhou - Muay
  • Gundam series - Amuro Ray
  • Future The Loud House media - TBD
  • Rival Schools - Additional voices
  • Various Bandai-Namco media such as Tekken X Disney Universe and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (albeit with him as a DLC Fighter for the latter game, with more appearances to make in future games via base content), Disney vs. Capcom: Warriors of Weirdmageddon (with him as a Playable Guest Fighter) - Jin Kazama/Devil Jin
  • TBD