Modern Day Brachylophosaurus
Brachylophosaurus familiaris is a mid-sized member of the hadrosaurid family of dinosaurs that was cloned by SciiFii in March 23, 2025, after using both genetic modifications of an unknown base animal and extracting some DNA of ancient Brachylophosaurus from soft tissue. Brachylophosaurus is notable for its bony crest, which forms a horizontally flat, paddle-like plate over the top of the rear skull. Some individuals, depending on their age, have crests that cover nearly the entire skull roof, while others have shorter, narrower crests. Other notable features are a relatively small head, the unusually long lower arms and the beak of the upper jaw being wider than with other contemporary hadrosaurs. Apart from the above, Brachylophosaurus is a typical hadrosaur which reaches the adult length of at least 9 metres (30 ft). Like other hadrosaurs, Brachylophosaurus possess features like cheeks to keep fodder in the mouth and dental batteries consisting of hundreds of stacked teeth. These teeth are used to chew efficiently, a feature rare among reptiles, but common among some cerapodan ornithischian dinosaurs like Brachylophosaurus. Brachylophosaurus is a social herd-dwelling animal that lives in herds up to around 35 members in a single group. The conservation status of Brachylophosaurus is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts, living in wide range of wild habitats of North America, as well as rural areas, and the Brachylophosaurus' tolerance to human activities, and their resistance to otherwise irritating and deadly diseases and viruses, such as the West Nile viruses.
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