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Boys is a drama film directed by Rob Reiner, David Bowers, directors of Stand By Me, and the Diary Of The Wimpy Kid movies, and written by Ian Brennan, writer of Glee, Starring Freddie Highmore Avan Joiga, and Alison Pill, the film which follows a man name Logan Anderson, a boy who is the luckiest person in the world, the movie was released in November 25, 2019

Rotten Tomatoes: 75%: FRESH!!!

Audience Score: 68%

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Adventure Film, Action Film, Science fiction film, Romance film, Family film, Music

Filming Locations: Texas

Budget: 89 million USD

Box Office: 154.9 million USD

Running Time: 1h 53m


The movie is about a boy name Logan Anderson, a boy who is the luckiest kid in the world, sense he was 12 years old, kids at his school where making fun of him, and calling him a loser, but a few days later, a bully name Isaac Jordan, a cool kid, and a brat, he loves bullying kids and loves bullying logan and his friends, but logan does not fight back or else he gets in trouble, logan's life was miserable and depressing, sense he became a teenager, logan's life changed to happiness, but Isaac just had to bully him again, everyone do not like logan because he's a loser, and a dummy, but logan is not dumb, he's smart, he's not great with other stuff, but he is smart enough to outsmart isaac and his other students, and he's lucky, sense Logan is a adult, logan and his girlfriend name Judy Ross, logan and judy first met when they were kids, Judy Ross is a nice person, judy defends logan by getting bullied or gets hurt by someone like isaac, and sense logan is all grown up, logan wants to figure out what is he going to do in his life, logan's quest is trying not to be a loser, and trying to fight back from his enemies, isaac and his friend is in prison from burning out his own house by burning a patty at isaac's party, isaac and his buddies

got arrested, and he's now in prison, but a few years later, they escaped prison and lived in a abandoned werehouse, isaac and his other buddies are now making going against logan, so it's up to logan to stop being weak, and face Isaac in this epic fight.


  1. Freddie Highmore As Logan Anderson
    Freddie Highmore
  2. Jaocb Tremblay As Kid Logan Anderson
    Jacob Tremblay
  3. David Mazouz As Teen Logan Anderson
    David Mazouz
  4. Avan Jogia As Isaac Jordan
    Avan Jogia
  5. Malachi Barton As Kid Isaac Jordan
  6. Milo Manheim As Teen Isaac Jordan
    Milo Manheim
  7. Alison Pill As Judy Ross
    Alison Pill
  8. Skylar Dunn As Kid Judy Ross
    Skylar Dunn
  9. Kiernan Shipka As Teen Judy Ross
    Kiernan Shipka
  10. Tom Holland As Carlos Anderson (Logan's Brother)
  11. Robbie Kay As Benjamin Ginger (Logan's Friend)
  12. Jacob Batalon As Ike Billton (Logan's Friends)
    Spider-man-homecoming-EC3 5986 rgb-1
  13. Ryan Potter As Scooter Andrew (Logan's Friend)
  14. Zak Henri As Dave Boston (Logan's Friend)
    Zak Henri Blended Premieres Hollywood Part uGkjiLHX Uzl
  15. TBA


  1. I'm A Normal Kid
  2. Boys
  3. The Bully
  4. Lucky
  5. Tattletale
  6. Gym Class
  7. Lunch Time
  8. The Playground
  9. Isaac & Logan
  10. The Fight
  11. Judy Ross
  12. The Loser
  13. Logan's Journal
  14. Journal Chase!
  15. Ruined
  16. Food Fight
  17. Graduation
  18. Logan's Birthday
  19. Teen Age
  20. Dweeb
  21. The Little Shrimp
  22. Don't Listen To Them
  23. Don't Mess With Issac
  24. High School Fight
  25. High School Chase
  26. Awards
  27. College
  28. School Is Over
  29. Logan's Job
  30. Logan's FedEX Job
  31. Friends Jobs
  32. Living In My Normal Life
  33. Camaro Drive
  34. TBA


  1. Boston - More Than A Feeling (First Trailer)
  2. Boston - Don't Stop Believin' (Second Trailer)
  3. Boston - Peace Of Mind (Third Trailer)
  4. Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (Final Trailer)
  5. Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me (Ending Credits Theme)
  6. The Vaccines - Weirdo (Opening Theme)
  7. TBA
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