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Bowser is a film to be released on March 10, 2021, and is being produced by Nintendo Studios. It will be a side along film with the movie Dinosaur Island, releasing on the same day. Bowser will be animated and not live action.


Bowser takes place after the events of the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey. After being stranded on the moon, Bowser buries himself in moonstone to preserve his body, in the hope that one day, someone will save him. Many years later, the Star Festival is taking place once again. On the moon, many stars have hit Bowser, and he has burst from his tomb! Filled with Star Power, Bowser jumps off the moon, attempting to land in the Mushroom Kingdom. When he lands, he is not affected, for he was protected by the Star Power. But instead of the Mushroom /kingdom, he finds himself in a Mushroom Zone... Mushroom Hill Zone!

Bowser runs into Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman, whichever you prefer) and tells him his troubles. Robotnik understands, and gives Bowser one of his inventions, the World Hopper, to help Bowser get back home. Bowser gratefully takes the machine, and returns home.

But when Bowser returns, things are much different. With Bowser gone, Mario decided to destroy anything about him, including his relatives and castle. When Bowser returns to his castle, it is in ruin and the only things left are 8 bodies: Lemmy, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Roy, Ludwig, Iggy, and Bowser Jr.

Bowser lets out a yell of agony, and swears revenge on Mario. But at that moment, a familiar looking character and a not-so familiar looking character appear out of the darkness. Bowser turns around quickly, to see a very old Luigi, clutching a baby Mario. Bowser begins to attack until Luigi tells Bowser he has something he´d like him to see. Bowser reluctantly agrees to follow him, and Bowser cannot believe his eyes. He finds many, many characters, pixely and 3-D, thin and thick, human and koopa, all huddled in a refuge. Bowser spots Paper Mario, King Boo, Army Bro, some Shroobs, Jumpman, and many more, but the characters who really catch Bowser´s eye is the Koopalings and Bowser Jr.

Luigi explains that all Mario series characters can live forever, it only takes a simple process called resetting. If you reset your character, you can live forever. ¨Haven´t you ever wondered why you never die, no matter how much damage you take in?¨ Luigi also explains that the Koopaling bodies were fake, to fool Mario. Bowser wonders why Luigi is even helping him. ¨Well, you see, when you weren´t here, my brother had no villian to fight, no purpose to still be in the game. He was supposed to be deleted, but he would not give in. Then, he became a monster. The demon we all fear today.¨


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