Template:FilmBottle Squad Is A 2019 Animated Action Comedy Movie, It Will Set To Come Out In Theaters July 26th 2019


The Bottle Squad Must Save The World From The Evil Mega Fighting Robot (Voiced By Will Arnett) From Destroying Nursery Rhyme City. (Which Was Inspired By New York City)

Voice Cast

  • Lilly Bartlam as Blake, Addtional Voices
  • Jessica DiCicco as Becca, Addtional Voices
  • Tara Strong (US), Ava Preston (UK) as Bethany
  • Jake Beale as Ben, Addttional Voices
  • Jeff Bennett as Humpty Dumpty, Addtional Voices
  • Will Arnett as The Evil Mega Fightning Robot


In The UK, Canadian Voice Actor, Ava Preston, Best Known For Ruby From Rusty Rivets, And Wenda From Wandering Wenda, Voiced Bethany

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