Bongo is a 1988 American animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures (We wish).


Bongo, the previous star of a famous circus, is enjoying his new life away from his guilded cage and happy with the company of Lulubelle. One day, he gets lost in the woods. He tries to find his way back and also calls to Lulu belle, but manages to get even more lost and confused. At night time he comes past a cabin with a window not properly closed. Due to it being a freezing night and him feeling very tired, he crawls in, and snucks into an empty bed, where he soon is lulled to sleep.

Next in the morning, he is abruptly awoken by the owner, a ranger unlocking the cabin. Unable to escape, he tries hiding in various places around the house, until in utter panic, he hides in the chimney, where the soot makes him sneeze, revealing himself.

The ranger recognises his trademark coat and fez, and chains him up, soon to send him back to the circus.

Meanwhile, Lulu Belle has been searching for Bongo, using his tracks as her guide.


Additional Voices

  • Frank Welker -
  • Michael Bell -


  • I'm A Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow - Jiminy Cricket
  • Lazy Countryside - Bongo
  • The Good To Be True - Lulubelle
  • Say it With a Slap - Lumpjaw


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Release Date

January 23, 1988




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