Bobbies are the Quaternary protagonists in Swinging Mods.

"Bobby" is British slang for a policeman and thus, they are the city's law.

They are voiced by Graham Fletcher, Simon Peacock, Tom Eastwood, Rob Townsend, Simon James, Tony Robinow, Chris Brown, Jeremy Balfour, Joe Sims, Patrick Williams, Jay Simon, Julian Casey, Jamie Laird, Michael Shaeffer (Male), Amelia Tyler, Cassandra Wilson, Kate Nichols, Alison Sullivan, Samantha Lee, Hannah Melbourn, Charlotte Hope, Katherine Kingsley (Female).

Physical Appearances

Bobbies wear a typical English policeman's uniform (skirts for women and trousers for men). Some of the Bobbies are tall and some are short, they can also be seen wearing a walkie talkie on their left chests. Both male and female Bobbies has different kind of hairstyles (Some male Bobbies has different kind of mustache). They can also be seen typically wield to have a flashlight on their belts and  


They are a rare variant of



Bobbies generally can be found patrolling London or other locations include London Police Department. They can also be found watching over crime scenes, transporting deceased individuals, and at times conversing with each other. Bobbies are




  • SM Bobbies are similar to real-life Bobbies.
    • They both fight the crime.
    • They both to help the citizens.
  • They are shown to help the player during the main story, arcades, DLCs, and side quests.
  • According to the crew, they always obey the law in London.
  • Unlike Bobbies from We Happy Few, these bobbies are more friendly and less violent. They also don't drink scotch or other alcoholic beverages because they don't want to get drunk while at work. Their genders are completely different.
  • They are shown to have a break the fight if someone having an argument with another person.
  • The Bobbies are shown to drink hot tea and eat some biscuits while they're at lunch break.
  • They reused many of the voice lines spoken by Bobbies and Chief Inspector Peters from We Happy Few.
  • They are based on Constable Albert Mackintosh and Constable Dibbins from Wallace and Gromit, Chief Inspector Peters from We Happy Few, Constable Collin from Flushed Away, and Bobbies from Minions (2015).
  • They are shown to drive their car during the pursuit.
  • They are very good at sing and dance while performing.
  • If someone is either crying, upset, or angry, they will comfort them and give them something that cheers them up.
    • Example:
    • Constable Jones give some warm blankets
  • Despite the meaning, these Bobbies' gender are completely different due to the crew decided to make them have their different appearance.
  • Bobbies' surnames are taken from several famous English painters between the 17th and the 20th centuries.
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