Bob the Builder and The Phantom of the Opera is a crossover film to air in the BBC and PBS in the feature.


The Phantom is in love with Christine and she comes to him for free will. He also devastates the show. When this happens, Raoul wants Christine back. Bob and his friends try to help him get rid of that Phantom.



  • "Overture"

Act I

  • "Hannibal Comes"
  • "Think of Me"
  • "Angel of Music"
  • "Little Lotte"
  • "The Mirror"
  • "The Phantom of the Opera"
  • "The Music of the Night"
  • "I Remember/Stranger That You've Dreamt It"
  • "Magical Lasso"
  • "Notes"
  • "Prima Donna"
  • "II Muto/ Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh"
  • "The Ballet"
  • "All I Ask Of You"
  • "All I Ask Of You (reprise)"
  • "Chandelier Crash"

Act II

  • "Masquerade"
  • "Why So Silent?"
  • "The Phantom's Origin"
  • "Notes II/Twisted Every Day"
  • "A Rehearsal of Don Juan Triumphant"
  • "The Phantom of the Opera (reprise)"
  • "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"
  • "Wandering Child/Bravo, Monsieur"
  • "Let My Opera Begin"
  • "Point of No Return"
  • "All I Ask Of You (second reprise)/Unmasking"
  • "Down Once More"
  • "Point of No Return (reprise)"
  • "Track Down This Murderer!"
  • "Masquerade (reprise)"
  • "The Music of the Night (reprise)"


  • "Finale"


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