Boats is a 2023 Walt Disney Animation Studios 3D animated comedy-sports racing theatrical film about a little boat named Motor Chopsail who races the ocean. Also, it is the seventh Cars universe film, after Cars Academy. The music is set to be composed by Danny Elfman. This film received a 31% on Rotten Tomatoes and rated PG for action, violence and innuendo.

Voice cast

  • Tom Kenny as Motor Chopsail, the film's protagonist.
  • Michael J. Fox as Crabby, Motor's mentor, and film's deuteragonist.
  • Tobey Maguire as Liverage Harrison, Motor's forklift best friend and film's supporting character.
  • Julia Stiles as Haley Jibson, Motor's love interest.
  • Keith Wickham as Charles Current, Motor's racing best friend.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Turgolous, Motor's rival later friend and film's antihero. In the end, he befriends and thanks Motor for letting him win.
  • James Franco as Nixon Piers, Turgolous's friend and shown to be Motor's true rival and film's hidden true main antagonist. In the end, his engine bursts at sea during the last race due to karma. His antagonizing characteristics only come towards the end for 6 minutes.
  • Nicolas Cage as Tyson Reynolds, boat race emcee, humorous character and the tritagonist of the film. Originally, he was set to be the film's main antagonist.
  • Heidi Marnhout as Karen Knot, a racer.
  • Nick Kroll as Dr. Samuel Wellington, CEO, RSN boat race manager and strict.
  • Martin Lawrence as Battleship Leader, who stumbles along the boat race as Motor escapes and minor antagonist in the film.
  • Bill Hader and others as Battleships, stumbles along the boat race as Motor escapes and minor antagonists in the film.
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