Blythe And Princess Sofia 3D computer-animated epic action-adventure comedy fantasy upcoming film directed by Garth Jennings the director of Sing and by Guillermo Del Toro. This film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Dreamworks Animation. It is a crossover spin-off of Littlest Pet Shop and Sofia The First. This film's music and score is composed by Randy Newman and Hans Zimmer.


Blythe and her pet friends magically went to Enchantia where Princess Sofia lives. When evil Princess Ivy returns want to rule over in Enchantia, it is up of Blythe and Sofia to stop the evil princess.


Demi Lovato as Blythe Baxter

Ariel Winter as Princess Sofia

Seth MacFarlane as Russell Ferguson

Anne Hathaway as Zoe Trent

Hilary Duff as Minka Mark

Steve Carell as Vinnie Terrio

Nathan Lane as Sunil Nevia

Lucy Liu as Penny Ling

Taylor Swift as Pepper Clark

Anna Camp as Princess Ivy




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