Blythe's Adventures In The Land Of Ooo is the 1st episode in Season 1 of Blythe's Adventures In Adventure Time.


Blythe Baxter, a Pre-Teen girl who LOVES Fashion, loves to spend time with her little pet friends, travels to the mysterious Land Of Ooo, but when she hits her head on a Tree, she starts to have the ability to talk to Made-Up Humans along with her pet friends.

Voice Cast

Hilary Duff as Blythe Baxter

Justin Timberlake as Finn

John DiMaggio as Jake

Taylor Swift as Princess Bubblegum

Katy Perry as Marceline Abadeer the Vampire Queen (Nicknamed Marcy)

Carly Chaikin as Lumpy Space Princess (Nicknamed LSP)

Mae Whitman as Flame Princess

Nicki Yang as BMO

Seth Green as Roger Baxter

Seth MacFarlane as Russell Ferguson The Hedgehog

Ariel Winter as Minka Mark The Monkey

Brenda Song as Penny Ling The Panda

Anne Hathaway as Zoe Trent

Steve Carell as Vinnie Terrio

Nathan Lane as Sunil Nevia

Avril Lavigne as Pepper Clark

Alec Baldwin as The Ice King

Blythe's Outfit

Blythe wore a Pink Polo, Blue Jeans, Black Flats, and had the same hairstyle from "Bad Hair Day"
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