In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!
~ Superman quoting the Blue Lantern Corps' Oath on Lost Girl
All will be well.
~ The Blue Lanterns' Motto on Blue Hope (JLA: KOR Episode)

The Blue Lantern Corps is a organization of alien superheroes similar to the Green Lantern Corps. Their powers, similar to those of other organizations based around the emotional spectrum, are fueled by the emotion of hope. This version is formed by Superman with the aid of Ganthet and the Corps' guardian entity of Hope Adara.

List of Members

Superman / Clark Kent / Kal-El

The Blue Lantern Corps needed someone to lead them. That's why Saint Walker and I were there. So that we could serve the Universe. So that we could prove Hope is real and means something even in the darkest hours.
~ Superman explaining the origins of the Blue Lantern Corps and his reason to lead them. on Lost Star (JLA: KOR Episode)

The Corps' core Leader (commonly addressed as the Grandmaster of the Blue Lantern Corps) and founder. He formed the Corps after overhearing the story of Adara, the embodiment of Hope. Later, when his cousin Kara was lost in space and caught up in the battle between the Green Lantern Corps and Red Lantern Corps, Superman was recruited by Ganthet in the search for Adara. Freed, Adara forged the Blue Lantern Power Battery, passing the first Ring to Superman. In his first mission as a Blue Lantern, Superman helped the Green Lanterns win the first War of Light by defeating the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus and reunited with Kara, and Adara shared Superman's memories with Kara, confirming that he really was her long lost cousin, who survived the destruction of Krypton just the same way her parents did.


And I'd thought you Guardians answered only to Green Lanterns..."
"Hal Jordan thought the same. But as you can see, there are other paths by which we might serve the Universe. Ganthet, for example, went to Odym and aid Superman in starting the Blue Lantern Corps.
~ Dionne Stewart and Sayd speaking about the Guardians' loyalty to other heroic Lantern Corps. on Blue Hope (JLA: KOR Episode)

One of the Guardians of Oa. He was the cofounder of the Corps.


You have the ability to instill great hope. You belong to the Blue Lantern Corps."/"You have a great need for hope in your heart. You belong to the Blue Lantern Corps.
~ Adara recruiting a new Blue Lantern (while speaking through his/her ring) on Justice League/Teen Titans Chronicles: Masters of Hope

The Corps' Bird-based Guardian Entity. The creature usually takes the shape of several birds (owls, peacocks, hawks, eagles, etc.) from different planets (mostly Earth) while going to recruit new members of the Corps.

Saint Walker

The Grandmaster and I admire each other's dedication with the emotion of Hope. Which is why I assume the leadership whenever he is absent from the Corps.
~ Saint Walker on Blue Hope (JLA: KOR Episode)

The Corps' Second-in Command, a Blue Lantern of Sector 1 and the second Blue Lantern to receive his ring. Whenever Superman is absent, Saint Walker assumes leadership in the Corps.

Brother Warth

A Blue Lantern is a friend to all living beings on the universe regardless the origin.
~ Brother Warth teaching Collin Hill the ways of a Blue Lantern on Blue Hope (JLA: KOR Episode)

A wise Blue Lantern of Sector 2. He was the third Blue Lantern to receive his ring. He is an elephant-like alien who bears a strong resemblance to the Hindu god Ganesha.


Nothing in the universe is sweeter than seeing these people smile. It helps prove that hope means everything."
"Does anyone but you believe in this ridiculous overrated fantasy of yours?!"
"Seeing is believing.
~ Mala (commenting her pleasure of being a Blue Lantern) and Gilotina (disrespecting Mala's opinions before being defeated by her) on Justice League/Teen Titans Chronicles: Masters of Hope

An Amazon of Themyscira who is one of Wonder Woman's closest friends and companions and is a Blue Lantern of Sector 666. She was the fourth member to receive her ring as well as the Corps' first female Blue Lantern. She was chosen by a Blue Lantern Ring after she gave children of Metropolis Hope when they were scared of the presence of Apokolips' Furies.

Arisia Rrab

I used to think that being a Green Lantern would give me the opportunity to do what people like Hal and Kilowog do. But then, I realized that I could also do it by a different, but yet similar path. The path of hope. And by the grace of my training with the Grandmaster, I'm finally finding peace.
~ Arisia Rrab explaining her decision to join the Blue Lantern Corps on Justice League/Teen Titans Chronicles: Masters of Hope

A young Graxosian Blue Lantern of Sector 2815 who is Superman's personal Blue Lantern prodigy. She was once a dedicated Green Lantern rookie until she overheard an argument between Kilowog and Kentor Omoto (who infamously called her and everyone of the other rookies as a "Troq" (a forbidden Tamaranean term which meant a "Nothing", a worthless person)) and eventually quit. She was later comforted by Laira and Superman, who convinced her not to lose hope and recruited her in the Blue Lantern Corps to overcome her inner doubts and shame.


That's always the problem of tyrants like Savage. And Grodd, mostly. They judge too quickly. And that makes them delusional enough not to believe in hope. I for the record learned that lesson well. And like all Blue Lanterns, I'm in peace.
~ Solovar sharing his knowledge of hope with Collin. on Blue Hope (JLA: KOR Episode)

The former king of Gorilla City on Earth until he was overthrown by Gorilla Grodd, Solovar became a Blue Lantern of Sector 666 when he helped some humans escape the Ape Tyrant's clutches. Most currently, Solovar is Superman's adviser.

Oreo the Hawk

He lost his master. But he did not lose his will to give humankind his message of hope. Nor did he lose his own hopes. Adara sensed Oreo's actions as a symbol. A symbol of inner peace.
~ Superman narrating Oreo's origins on Justice League/Teen Titans Chronicles: Masters of Hope

A formerly domesticated hawk of Earth who became a Blue Lantern of Sector 1014 after he inspired his deceased owner's family in not quitting or losing Hope. He is also main partners with Green Lantern Ch'p, who patrols the same Sector.

Collin Hill

I want to help people. I just need the courage to do it."
"All will be well. This... your new master, Kal-El of Krypton, promises.
~ Collin (joining the Blue Lantern Corps) and Adara (recruiting him). on Blue Hope (JLA: KOR Episode)

An 9-year old human orphan who lost his parents after Vandal Savage's ruthless murder of Ronnie Raymond (Martin Stein's first merging partner as Firestorm) and was abandoned by his ruthless older half-brother. He became a Blue Lantern of Sector 2814 after Adara (in the form of a peacock) gave him a Blue Lantern ring to help him overcome grief and solitude.[1] He is also a member of Terra's Knights of Rao.

Starfire / Koriand'r

Superman and Adara recognized my need to find my place in the universe. As well as they recognized my actions on Earth. So I came here on Odym, where the Blue Lantern light would shine my way through.
~ Starfire on Lost Star (JLA: KOR Episode)

The Princess of Tamaran and a founding member of the Teen Titans. Starfire joined the Corps after she felt strongly insecure due to Val-Yor infamously insulting her as a "Troq" like Arisia Rrab was insulted by Kentor Omoto until she was comforted by Superman. Later, she was recruited by Adara as a Blue Lantern when the entity sensed not only Starfire's need for Hope, but also her past actions which brought about Hope on Earth's humans. Her activity in the Corps is similar to Superman's; while she still chooses to be with the Titans, she still keeps her ring just in case she needs it.[2]

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