Blue Beetle: Animated is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation It is based on DC Comics superhero of the same name. The series centers around a teenage Jamie Reyes as the Blue Beetle on his crime-fighting adventures with his friends Paco, Brenda, Khaji Da and Danielle.


Jaime Reyes is just your ordinary High School student living in El Paso, Texas. One year ago, he stumbled upon an alien artifact, the Scarab. Upon making contact with Jaime, the artifact lept and attaches onto his spine and bonded to his nervous system, thus became inseparable from him. It was under these stressful circumstances that Jaime learned that the artifact was known as a scarab and was created by an alien race. The scarab is a form of battle suit created by The Reach to subjugate the wearer into fighting for The Reach’s hive mind. Fortunately for Jaime, his scarab was damaged when it crashed on Earth and he is able to control the artificial intelligence that powers the suit. Jaime formed a symbiosis with the scarab and became the next Blue Beetle.



  • Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes (Jake T. Austin): The Main protagonist of the series. He used to be an ordinary high school student until he stumbled upon the Scarab, Khaji Da bonded to his spine and change his life forever. With the use of his Blue Beetle armor, Jaime uses these powers to protect the citizen of El Paso and the people her cares for from disasters and fight crime and supervillain threats.
    • Khaji Da (David Tennant): The Blue Scarab that attached to Jaime's back which provides him a suit that can reconfigure itself to create a wide array of tools and weapons, including an energy cannon, a sword and shield, a grappling hook, an energy blaster, claws, wings, tendrils and a set of large powered blades attached to the hands. The scarab is a form of battle suit created by The Reach to subjugate the wearer into fighting for The Reach’s hive mind. Fortunately for Jaime, his scarab was damaged when it crashed on Earth and he is able to control the artificial intelligence that powers the suit. Khaji Da has a unique personality that acts as the guide and companion to Jaime. To keep him self hidden on Jaime's back, Khaji Da can cloak itself as if it wasn't there
  • Paco Testas (Andrew Caldwell): Jaime's best friend who knows his secret and helps him whenever he could. .
  • Brenda Del Vecchio (America Young): Jaime's and Paco's best friend who also keeps Jaime's secret as the Blue Beetle. She's tomboyish acts .
  • Danielle Garret: The Granddaughter of the first Blue Beetle, Dan Garret who as a tech expert helping Jaime with hacking into La Dama computer files.
  • Alberto Reyes: Jaime's Father who works as a mechanic at a local garage in El Paso.
  • Bianca Reyes: Jaime's Mother works as a nurse. at the hospital
  • Milgaro Reyes (Tara strong): Jaime's 13 younger sister
  • Stella Gomez (Melanie Minichino): Jaime's Love interest who is the young Sheriff of El Paso. Her personality is similar to that of both Ellen Yin and Carmelita Fox as she regards Blue Beetle as a vigilante. She has brown eyes, long raven hair

Supporting Characters

  • Ted Kord: Ted Kord was the previous Blue Beetle before Jaime. Although he couldn't figure how to unlock the secrets of the Scarab, he relies on his athletic skills, and technical ingenuity to fight crime. Before his final moments, Ted sent the Scarab away preventing it from falling into the wrong hands 2 years ago. It was soon revealed that Ted survived and retired from hero work. When Jaime encounters him, he offered to a mentor to him.
  • El Diablo (Hector Elizondo): A hero from Mexico that aids Jaime occasionally.
  • Batman/Bruce Wayne (Roger Craig Smith): The Dark Knight from Gotham City acts as Jaime's mentor of being a hero and helps pay for the Reyes's debt from La Dama.
  • Aquagirl/Lorena Marquez (Emmanule Chirqui):
  • Thaddeus Miller (James Arnold Taylor): acts as a researcher on the Scarab.
  • Jose "Joey" Gonzalez (Eric Bauza): A school bully who antagonizes Jaime and his friends.
  • Isabella Nuñez ()
  • The Posse: A street gang of metahumans
    • Root
    • Blur
    • Nightcatcher
    • Smokey
    • Piñata
    • Sphish


  • Doctor Polaris/Neal Emerson (Richard Epcar): One of the main antagonists.
  • Amparo Cardenas/La Dama (Constance Marie): Brenda's aunt who is secretly a crime lord under the name, La Dama.
    • Wilfredo Sanchez: Amparo's Attorney
    • Brutale/Guillermo Barrera (Christian Lanz): Brutale is a master at throwing knives who is La Dama's right-hand man and enforcer.
    • Bone-Crusher/Rompe Huesos: One of La Dama's chief enforcers
    • Coyote (): Another of La Dama's enforcers who is a were-coyote.
  • Masked Marauder/Count von Streuban (Chris Hardwick): An old nemesis of Ted Kord who wanted to exact revenge on him for destroying his reputation. To do so, Steuban scratched and clawed his way up to a higher position in his criminal career, only to find out about Ted's demise. When Jaime became to new Blue Beetle, Streuban decided take his vengeance out on him instead. Masked Marauder uses two hand blasters
  • Airstryke/William Kavanagh (Grant George): A former petty criminal and thief who was transformed into a human/pterodactyl hybrid after going through genetic treatments.
  • Scorpiana/Tristessa Delicias: An Argentinean assassin/mercenary-for-hire who specializes in toxins. Scorpiana wears a high-tech scorpion-like battle suit.
  • The Trigger Twins (both voiced by Jason Marsden): Twin criminal brothers who are both dressed in a cowboy/rustler motif
    • Tad Trigger
    • Tom Trigger
  • The Squid Gang:
    • King Kraken
  • The Monocle/Jonathan Cheval:
  • Tattooed Man/Abel Tarrant (Adam Baldwin):
  • Piranha/Joey Scroccone (Frank Stallone): A mutated crime lord with the appearance of his namesake who is a competitor in La Dama's control of El Paso. He has an insatiable appetite to rise up the ranks of power in El Paso’s criminal underworld after moving from NYC to begin his new base operations.
    • Jacs Malatov: Piranha's right-hand man.
    • Blockbuster/Roland Desmond: Piranha's chief enforcer
    • Louis DuBois:
  • The Curator/Reginald Hargreave: A shady curator of the El Paso natural museum with the power to turn those into stone upon who see his gaze through direct eye contact. however this petrification is temporary and the petrification effects wears off at sunrise.
  • Silverback: A super intelligent gorilla with a silver streak over his head.
  • Carapax (Jeff Bennett): An old adversary of Ted Kord who's mind was transferred into a red 9'6' ft. indestructible robot body. Conrad Carapax was a rival archaeologist of the original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett. Conrad went to Pago Island alone in search of whatever Garret was up to. Instead he discovered a secret laboratory of Jarvis Kord, among the things that Conrad found was large fully intact indestructible red/orange robot in the corner of the large chamber which he attempted to activate it with a helmet he found in the wreckage; however the machinery malfunctioned, electrocuting Conrad and killing his body, Fortunately, the helmet transferred Carapax's mind to be transported or transferred into the robot's circuits. This event turned Carapax into the Indestructible man.
  • Planet Master/Edward Burke:
  • T.N.T. Dillon: A psychopathic villain who uses explosives to commit crimes.
  • Acceleraptor: A ferocious supervillain with the appearance of a anthropomorphic Velociraptor.
  • Praying-Mantis Man:
  • Badlands/Cain Macklin: A golem-like powerhouse who has geokinesis. Originally a common armed thug who recently escaped from prison transport. While being pursued in the desert badlands, he stumbled upon a atomic testing site. After buried in a pile of heavy rocks and sand by the tremors, Cain was being bombarded by a massive dose of radiation. The next morning Macklin survived, but he became a tall stone-like golem with invulnerable skin, super strength, durability and powerful geokinetic abilities to great tremors, sandstorms and earthquakes. He gave himself the name Badlands and become a formidable enemy of Blue Beetle. As Badlands, Macklin is a brutish Golem-like Metahuman with orange, rocky skin, glowing yellow eyes, strong jaw, no nose, a strong upper body. He wears torn shorts and a dark grey cargo vest.
  • Jarvis Kord: The uncle of Ted Kord loaned the Scarab to him to figure it out but instead used it's technology to create an army of advanced robots.
  • Raphael Sanchez/El Papagayo: A local Crime Boss who seeks control of the city of El Paso.
    • Toto: El Papagayo's pet macaw.
    • Red Orchid/Min Jie-Ru
    • Yo-Yo/Chang Jie-Ru


El Paso

  • Jaime's house
  • Rio Grande High School

Blue Beetle's arsenal

  • Blue Beetle Armor
    • Turquoise translucent Wings for flight


  • Sam Register - Executive Producer
  • Wes Gleason - Cast and Voice director
  • Steven Choi - Lead Character designer
  • Jeff Wamester Character designer, storyboard artist
  • Lauren Montgomery - Storyboard artist


Season 1

  • Scarabs
  • History of Diablo
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