Periwinkle has stolen the narrator's creepypasta because he's sick, and will Sprinkle make his christmas spirit bright?


The episode begins with Periwinkle stealing the narrator's Creepypasta and told the kids at home that they will go surf the web to search for episodes of Blue's Room and found one called "Blue's Room Christmas Special: Sprinkle's Christmas", then the kids clicked on it to play the episode, the episode begins with Blue and Sprinkles greet the viewer with "Hi, You, We're celebrating Christmas." with Sprinkles saying "Come on In", as the Theme song played while some sleigh bells are added, it showed the title of the show itself, the christmas special starts off with Blue and Sprinkles making a christmas list for Santa then Blue looked up and greet the viewer followed by Happy Holidays and said "Sprinkles and I are making a list of things we ask Santa about what our friends want for Christmas." Sprinkles then said "I hope I can get a R/C Helicopter." and Blue said "I hope I get a football with a star!" Blue and Sprinkles are to excited to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus.

Then it was Christmas eve and Sprinkle had a dream where the Christmas past train was rushing by, he said "Hello, Sprinkles! did you have a bad dream or are you still waiting for Santa?" and Sprinkles said back "Well no, because Santa's not here yet and he hasn't have to put my R/C Helicopter under our (Blue and Sprinkle's) Christmas tree" and then The Train of Christmas Past has an idea, but he's gonna need the kids (viewers) help he said "Will you Sprinkles get to the Christmas past, present, and future, so that Santa will put his gift under his tree?.... "You will, thanks you're so jolly!" The kids say "All aboard the train to Christmas past!" Sprinkles and The Train to Christmas past sang a song, it goes like this with sleigh bells "We're travelling to present, past, and future to celebrate the holidays! I wonder what we're gonna play on the greatest Christmas day!" that was a nice song, when they arrived at Christmas past, Sprinkles saw his friends (Blue, Fred, Roary, Polka Dots, and Joe) when they were babies, Joe had his toy duck, Polka Dots had his toy rocket ship, Roary has his two toy dinosaurs, Fred has her tiara with the phrase "Number 1 Birthday Girl" and last of all Blue has her snow globe, all the babies loved their presents, when a big wind blew away the babies Christmas presents, all of the babies (Blue, Fred, Roary, Polka Dots, and Joe) started to cry, Sprinkles exclaimed "Oh no, The wind blew the babies Christmas presents away, don't worry babies I'll be right back for them!" Sprinkles had some help from the audience to look for Baby Blue, Baby Fred, Baby Roary, Baby Polka Dots, and Baby Joe's Christmas presents to make them stop crying, you know nobody should cry on Christmas, first they look for Polka Dots rocket ship, second Fred's Tiara, third Joe's duck, fourth Roary's two dinosaurs, and lastly Blue's snow globe, all the babies are happy they are back where the presents belong.

Next up is the train to Christmas present, just then the train arrived and said "All aboard, I'm the train that'll take you to Christmas present!" just as Sprinkles hops on to him they sing "We're travelling to present, past, and future to celebrate the holidays! I wonder what we're gonna play on the greatest Christmas day!" when they finally arrived at Christmas present he saw his friends but they're not babies anymore, they're little kids, there's toddler Blue with her bubble mixture, Joe with his first guitar, Roary with his rocking dinosaur, Fred with her Tea Party playset, Polka Dots with his baseball glove, and Sprinkles with his go cart, just then Roary's roar made the other toddlers Christmas presents get muddy, Sprinkle give each of the toddlers' (Blue, Joe, Fred, Polka Dots, and Sprinkles) a swift clean, and just like that the toddlers Christmas presents are clean and spotless, and last stop the train to Christmas future.

The train arrived and after he said "I'm the train to Christmas future, hop onto me and All Aboard!" Sprinkles sings the song one more time "We're travelling to present, past, and future to celebrate the holidays! I wonder what we're gonna play on the greatest Christmas day!" they finally arrived in the future, where he saw Older Blue who was looking sad, Sprinkles tells Blue what the situation was, Blue said "We have no Christmas party in the future, all the Christmas tree decorations have disappeared!" Sprinkles response what Older Blue was going to say "Including the Christmas star?", Blue exclaimed it, but then some special friends came to help Older Blue, "Older Joe, Older Roary, Older Polka Dots, and Older Sprinkles, they said that Older Fred has taken their Christmas presents and they have to know which path to take to get to Old Fred's palace, Sprinkles responds "Let's asks the Doodle Boards for help!" Doodle Board and Older Doodle Board doodled what path to take to get to Old Fred's Palace which is the wrapping paper path, They picked up all the wrapping paper along the way, they heard Old Fred's voice "Christmas? I thought it was my birthday, oh Bah Humbug!" she started to snore when Sprinkles realizes "Look at Fred, she was all alone, even without friends." After they found Older Blue, Joe, Roary, Sprinkles, & Polka Dots' presents, Sprinkles realizes that he needs to get back home in time for Christmas morning, Blue tells that he can go home in time, Joe said "Say your wish!" Sprinkles response then "I wish I could go back home in time for Christmas morning!" then just like that Sprinkles' was out of the dream world.

Sprinkles heard a voice coming from Blue, "Sprinkles, are you okay?" Joe replies "We heard you in your sleep, It's Christmas day!" Sprinkles woke up, they all went to the Christmas tree, Sprinkles finally got his R/C Helicopter, Blue finally got her football with a star on the front, Joe finally got a friend for Boris (a Giraffe named Geoffrey), the Christmas special ends with a song that is way better than "Way Great Playdate!" it was "It's Christmas with Away in a Manger" then it cut to the end credits show up, the copyright date was 2008, the year that season 3 came out, then it cut to the Logos Out of the Blue enterprises and Nick Jr Productions, The kids have done a great job helping Sprinkles and Periwinkle too.

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  1. Train to Christmas Past
  2. Train to Christmas Present
  3. Train to Christmas Future
  4. Old Fred's Palace


  • Blue
  • Sprinkles
  • Joe
  • Polka Dots
  • Roary
  • Fred
  • Doodle Board
  • Boogie Woogie (Non-speaking)
  • Dress Up Chest (Non-speaking)
  • Train to Christmas Past (debut)
  • Train to Christmas Present (debut)
  • Train to Christmas Future (debut)
  • Periwinkle
  • Kids
  • Santa Claus (Mentioned)
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