BlooJ's Foster's Sliver Screen for Imaginary Movies is a 2003 American adult animated musical fantasy adventure action mystery comedy film produced by The Bloo Flims,MTV Films,Williams Street,Klasky Csupo,Nelvana,Corus Entertainment,Frederator,Village Roadshow Pictures,Castle Rock Entertainment,Morgan Creek and distributed by Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.It is based on the The Bloo DeTour,Adult Swim,Nick at Nite,Comedy Central,The CW Television Network and MTV television series BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends In the film The Gang Park sneak into an R-rated film by ultra-vulgar Columbia Pictures television personalities Sausage Party and emerge with expanded vocabularies that leaves Cartman Stan,Kyle,& Kenny's parents and teachers scandalized. When outraged Sony try to censor the film, the controversy triggers a disaster that threatens not just Toonvile but the entire world,meanwhile Jenny gets fed up with being unappreciated by humans and soon finds herself in Cluster Prime, the capital of Vexus' empire. She finally gets a chance to live with other robots like her, but soon discovers there's more to Cluster Prime than meets the eye with Earth's fate in the balance,Bloo and the Gang sets out on a quest for redemption and venture out towards towards Cluster Prime, where they hope to find Other Bendy's ink machine, but numerous obstacles stand (or float) in their way. in order to save the Sausage Party gang,Jenny and the world! and and has The Villain Gang recruited the Broodals and other Villains to help them to get rid of them!

This Film is rated PG-13.

In Late 2001, where the film began production. The film tackles issues of censorship and bad parenting, and parodies the animated films of the Disney Renaissance as well as well-known musicals such as the West End's Les Misérables and satirizes the controversy surrounding the show itself.






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