• Hyperus18

    I would really want to know who operates which accounts, for sockpuppet templates. (Something like this.)

    (Source: Bakugan Wiki)

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  • BobSponge222

    From 2005

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  • Coolot1

    IdeaSins Disney Angry Birds

    October 20, 2019 by Coolot1

    Me: This one can just be super short cause two things. One why would DIsney adapt angry birds. 2. WHY A LOVE INTEREST?

    150 sins are added.

    Me: there done

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  • Coolot1

    IdeaSins The Sky Show

    October 20, 2019 by Coolot1

    Me: Uhoh a YouTube show, bad memories resurfacing. 

    Sin added.

    Me: Third highest grossing show next to Family Guy and Game of Thrones. You know both of them started out good but then ended up becoming shit after going on for too many years right?

    2 sins added.

    Me: So this is about fighting squids? Why squids? Is it because Sky does Minecraft hates squids or something?

    1 sin added.

    Me: So this show is coproduced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and is not for adults?

    1 sin added.

    Me: alright this show either uses youtubers I never heard of or FLATOUT CELEBRITIES. Why would Jim Carrey voice a chicken?

    1 sin added.

    Me: Also apparently Sky is old enough to have like a fifteen year old kid, that is weird.

    1 sin added.

    Me: Pixar coproducing this? WHY!!

    20 sins …

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    (Using some quotes I saw from Vine (Rest in Peace Vine) but the next one will be on both vines and quotes from Spongebob Squarepants)

    • Judy: (sighs) I have no friends.
    • Ruby: Judy, what am I, a roach?!

    • Rebecca: You two are too busy playing "What do you mean?"! But what you need to do is play "What did you clean?"! Cause' there's nothing clean in here!

    • Fenton: Ruby, you're always disagreeing with someone! That's why we can't have a conversation!
    • Ruby: NO, I DON'T!
    • Fenton: Okay... Alright. I'm done...

    • Judy: Alright, guys, say your names.
    • M.C.: My name is M.C. I don't know why.
    • Judy: (remembers that her best friend, now dead, used to call her J.J.) M.C...

    • ???: You're under arrest!
    • Ruby: I don't care!
    • ???: Yeah?! Well, I'm telling your father!

    (Ruby realizes…

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  • Coolot1

    K.O. is watching videos of girls eating Cheerios.

    • Claire: (translated, laughing) You are just like Eric! 

    • Croc: Chicken, fuck me.
    • Chicken: WHAT?!
    • Croc: JUST FUCK ME!

    • Him: Why did you make this school again?
    • Aku: Long ago in a distant land...

    • Claire: (translated) You May now kiss the bride.
    • Mandy: You sick pervert...
    • Bubbles: I agree with Satan's daughter on this one.

    They puke.

    • Dexter: Ed, this is a wiener...

    Ed laughs.

    • Ed: You removed your dick...

    • Micah Blue: Yo Mama so dumb she forgot you existed!
    • Peppy: Now my mom is gonna find you and probably talk about how you would have been a better evil son than I am... geez I'm a disappointment...

    Lich throws a book at Rigby.

    • Lich: You better run you fucking trash raccoon!

    Chicken is on Pornhub, he sees fanfiction of him and Cr…

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  • GreenGrassCreeper34
    • Michael: What?
    • Brandon: (reveals a diamond ring and knrrls down) Will you marry me?

    • Claire: Yeah... Oh, look! I don't have a disorder anymore! Now everyone can understand me clearly! Yo, fuckers! I'm Claire! Alright!
    • Emily: Hmm... I like yiu better with your disorder... (Uses a ghost glove to punch Claire)
    • Claire: ...Fummk yumm, Emm-umm-lumm! (...Fuck you, Emily!)

    • Claire: (sees Emily and Joshua fighting) Hmm... (Comes up with an idea, smiles, and possesses Emily)
    • Joshua: THE FU-
    • Claire: (makes Emily kiss Joshua on the nose) MWAH!

    • Melissa, Brittney and Jessica: Hey, Eric...
    • Melissa: Wanna watch us eat Cheerios while we sit near you?
    • Eric: HELL YEAH! (reveals that he is in a dream) Mm...
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  • GreenGrassCreeper34
    • Velocity: Everyone, just so you know, I'm moving to Isla Nublar.
    • Shunky: ...Well, fuck you, Gurkha!
    • Velocity: Fuck you too, Carlos! In fact, fuck all of y'all! You're the reason why I'm moving!

    • Brimstone: (looking at a picture of Aku) Ooh... Hey there, sexy mama!

    • Bella Doll: Hola, soy Bella Doll! A.k.a. Bella Stoker and Alexis Doll's niña!
    • Velocity: (screams like a girl and gets killed, only for it to be a nightmare.
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  • DonaldoC1997
    • Emma: You know? Fans are right when they say we're Cartoon Network's Gravity Falls and The Loud House.
    • Frank: Because of the focus on the siblings' relationship?
    • Emma: That and the pairings fans most support are the incest ones.

    • Tiffany: I was supposed to be just hot and just a little chubby, but that would be almost unnoticeable, but my drawer made a mistake and made me overweight. Still waiting for the redrawing.

    • Tyler: Where's my food?
    • Emma: You just ate.
    • Tyler: That was five minutes ago, bitch! I want more!
    • Emma: (groans) You have luck you live in the United States and not in China.
    • Tyler: Why so?
    • Emma: You'd be food there.

    He gulps scared.

    • Tyler: I'll be good.

    Frank is having a nightmare where he's marrying his sister.

    • Frank: No, I don't live in Alabama to do t…
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  • SpyroFanandCollinTSB
    • Brayden: ...what's that stinky smell?
    • (Anna smiles in embarrasment)

    • Anna: I wonder... what is the Nutshack?
    • Brayden: You don't wanna know...
    • (she sees it anyway and is horrified)
    • Anna: I think I know what you mean.

    • Brayden: Hey, this was really fun!
    • Anna: We hoped you like it too...
    • Brayden: Seems like we've only just begun
    • Both: When suddenly we're through.
    • Brayden: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye.
    • Both: 'Cause it's now time to go!
    • Brayden: But hey, I say, well that's okay.
    • Anna: 'Cause we'll see you very soon, I know
    • Brayden: Very soon I know!
    • Both: The boy, the girl and the Big Blue House!
    • (they scratch)
    • Anna: Great! We skipped the "Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye" part....

    • (we see Brayden running through the road, but then sees Spear and Fang)
    • Brayden:
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