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The Radiant Galaxy22 The Radiant Galaxy22 1 day ago

Help with CBAOE Transcript

Hey guys, I am slowly building up my transcript for my remake to Colonel Bleep's Arrival on Earth. If you had not read the official article or if you had not seen the original episode, then I highly suggest you do so by going to these links below.

  1. Colonel Bleep's Arrival on Earth

Right now I am struggling with writing a segment in how Colonel Bleep is going to meet Squeak. I already know how Bleep is going to meet Scratch so no need to point that out. Which of these choices would work?

A. Col. Bleep and Scratch find Squeak as a stowaway in their ship called the Soundac.

B. Col. Bleep and Scratch rescue Squeak from being attacked by bandits.

C. Squeak kidnaps Bleep to hopefully…

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MemzLover378348 MemzLover378348 2 days ago


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Al Timotheus Al Timotheus 8 days ago

Custom episodes for any Batman show

1. A Tale of Two Harveys - Harvey Bullock vs. Two-Face

2. Face Two Face - Another Two-Face episode, the first to hold this title.

3. Ninth Life - When Selina learns that she has contracted a mysterious terminal illness, having a short time to live, she decides to pull-off one last major heist to be remembered by. Meanwhile, Bruce investigates the origins of the disease to find a cure, thus in hopes of saving Selina.

4. Nightmares in Wonderland - Mad Hatter vs. Freddy Krueger.

5. Double Jeopardy! - Cluemaster vs. Riddler.

6. Icy Assistance - When the summer weather gets too hot for him, Penguin seeks help from Mr. Freeze to find a more suitable habitat.

7. Three Stooges - Carmine Falcone, Rupert Thorne and Ventriloquist/Scarface form an alliance. …

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Ask the Good Ol' Magic Universe

I’m bored so go ahead and ask any characters from Good Ol' Magic any questions.

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KaiPixelleap7800 KaiPixelleap7800 18 days ago

Future of Five Conglomerates

Here's how I would see 5 conglomerates in the future.

  • Comcast would be owned by Apple.
  • Verizon would be owned by Microsoft.
  • AT&T would be owned by Amazon.
  • Disney and Google would both be owned by Samsung.
  • Sony would be owned by Meta.
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Al Timotheus Al Timotheus 19 days ago

New Superheros/Villains Ideas

1. Knockout - Former professional fighter (boxer/wreslter/martial artist) and military veteran who turns to either fighting or committing crimes with brute force.

2. Gingerbread Man - Based on the holiday treat, a baker and holiday decoratir who, in the midst of a hostage situation, gets thrown in hjs own oven and are almost burned alive, while also getting splashed with his ingredients. Now a human gingerbread man, he seek revenge (the same concept applies for a female equivalent, Gingerbread Girl/Lady).

3. Lady Blackgate - Blackgate Prison's version of Lady Arkham.

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Questions for my "Dr. Seuss' Grinch Night" movie idea

Welcome to my debate page for questions I have regarding my idea for a film adaptation of "Dr. Seuss' Grinch Night".

  • 1 QUESTION #1
  • 2 QUESTION #2
  • 3 QUESTION #3
  • 4 QUESTION #4

Following suit of the original cartoon, would "Grinch Night" take place in late September (as in September 22nd-30th) or early October (as in October 1st-11th?)?

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion. Just know that despite having "Halloween" in the original cartoon's title, "Grinch Night" doesn't take place on Halloween at all, as there are no Halloween decorations set up by the Whos.

Should some of the songs from the original 1977 cartoon return for the movie adaptation in some form or another?

Leave a comment if you have suggestions. Me personally, I feel like "I wouldn't go …

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AvatarNeon AvatarNeon 23 days ago

Why Garfield Kart: Furious Racing is the best game ever made

Garfield Kart: Furious Racing is more than a game. It's an experience. The cleverly woven story, beautiful graphics, and mind-blowing gameplay all combine into an unforgettable, amazing time. This masterpiece transformed my life beyond human imagination, and it will for anyone who plays it.

The story is absolutely wonderful. Every twist, turn, and event is shocking and amazing. My favorite scenes are when Odie pushes Garfield off the Empire State Building, when Arlene dies of lung cancer, and when Jon is executed by the firing squad. It leads to an experience that will be seared into your mind for all eternity. There is truly not a game with a better story than Garfield Kart. OMORI, Undertale, all those acclaimed story-rich games have nothi…

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Neriplayz-874 Neriplayz-874 24 days ago

Super Smash Bros: The Ultimate Crossover

It's basically the same as SSBU but more fandom characters are added.

Fandoms added:

Doki Doki Literature Club

Object Shows

Project Sekai

or more

(idk how to add images to infoboxes so maybe i should add on the top of it-)

(Leave a comment about what character from a fandom i should add if you want)

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Verdiclub Verdiclub 26 days ago

Disney Sing-A-Long songs (2023 Reboot)

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