• Coolot1

    Main Character Buffet

    July 14, 2020 by Coolot1

    This time again I'll choose what media they are for. This time it'll just be games and shows this time.

    • The Phantom Soldiers (game) - a group of military soldiers who are well trained in the supernatural.
    • Erik Malikson (TV show) - a young Viking who learns that he is worthy of the hammer Thor wielded.
    • Natasha (game) - a hacker who is heading after a corrupt technology company that is experimenting with bionics.
    • Sofie and Teddy (TV show) - a shy teenage girl and her foul mouthed and alcoholic teddy bear.
    • Wu Xi (game) - a ninja who has mastered the art of energy manipulating.
    • Courtney Davidson (TV show) - a teenage detective who soon learns that being a detective ropes her into darker things.
    • Cornelius and Bob (game) - two criminals who are trying …
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  • Coolot1

    Want to have a guest or recurring character voiced by a sub-celeb? Look no further.

    • The Rock God (voiced by Alex Brightman) - a crazy mythical being who has a crazy obsession with rock music.
    • Mina (voiced by Jenna Fischer) - a normal Secretary who is secretly a vampire.
    • Jerome Pinkerton (voiced by Will Arnett) - a paranoid investigative reporter who despite his paranoia also has a big ego.
    • Gladys (voiced by Linda Cardellini) - a very normal person who is very shy and introverted.
    • The Contracters (voiced by Drew and Jonathan Scott) - two criminals who are criminal house builders and are spoofs of the Property Brothers.
    • Baron Ghoulash (voiced by Christian Slater) - an over the top ghoul who is extremely flamboyant.
    • Mom (voiced by Alyson Hannigan) -…
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  • GreenGrassCreeper34

    Mainly doing this as an experiment. Feel free to add descriptions for them once you take them.

    NOTE: They can be used for comic issues too.

    • The Imposter
    • The Ghost Truck
    • Drugs are Bad!
    • Trapped in a Forest Cabin
    • Blow Your Mind
    • The Annual [location] Marathon
    • Sleep Paralysis
    • Love Parasites
    • Save Me!
    • The Zombie Child
    • Hello, My Name's Landon!
    • Silence Potion
    • [Character] and the Cheetah
    • Welcome to the Hood
    • Rise of the Doofuses
    • Fake News
    • Peace and Quiet
    • [Character] Gets a Job
    • Just a Normal Day
    • Red Water
    • Ghost of the Black Mansion
    • The Laughing Plague
    • UFOs in [Location]
    • Burrito Cymbal
    • Too Easy
    • [Character] the Night Guard
    • What's the Message?
    • Death Beetles
    • Girl Scout Cookies
    • Retired Heroes
    • F*** Yo Fish!
    • Da Cool Kidz
    • Bop Tarts
    • The Hate Potion
    • Let's Go, Tigers, Let's Go!
    • Don't Press the Butto…

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  • Coolot1
    • Lord Veronius (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) - an evil alien from a separate dimension from the main dimension.
    • Fae (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - a somewhat friendly yet oddly offputting fairy.
    • Jane and Blake (voiced by Grey Griffin and Nolan North) - two emotionless twins who despite their lack of emotions are on the side of good and are master magicians.
    • Cecilia Worthington (voiced by Mae Whitman) - a rather flamboyant vampire countess who refers herself as the most powerful and beautiful vampire out there.
    • Bullshot (voiced by John DiMaggio) - a mercenary who has a strangely powerful and accurate aim.
    • Ragirl (voiced by Kimiko Glen) - a very happy yet villainous demonic creature who can bend her body in a strange fashion.
    • Bastion (voiced by Ian Sincla…
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  • Coolot1

    Cool One Off Titles

    July 14, 2020 by Coolot1

    I decided I won't hold off on doing one giving thread a weekday but I won't overshot. Basically these can be used as titles for episodes, issues, missions, etc.

    • The Nest
    • The Airship Heist
    • Corrupted
    • Crystal Curse
    • Enter the Crypt
    • Enemy of My Enemy's Enemy
    • The Phobia Doctor
    • Breakpoint
    • The Forgotten Town
    • A Goo Problem
    • Long Live the Queen Bee
    • The Energy Dome
    • Book of Hexes
    • A Potion Hunt
    • City of Frost
    • You Can't Reverse a Reverse Card
    • The Pyramid Scheme
    • The Biomancer
    • On the Open Road
    • Escort Mission
    • Long Live the Elf King
    • Welcome to Millenium City
    • Mindless Transactions
    • Bolder Control
    • The Portriat
    • A Game of Chess
    • In the Grasps of Death
    • Castle Robbery
    • Jar Trapped
    • The Eggplant Overlord
    • Hate is a Powerful Word
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  • Coolot1

    Yes two contests in a day of the same project. You should likely read the page (Heroes of Arcasia) before I explain it. You can suggest both heroes and villains this time and it would be cool to connect it to something that exists in the game (there are a few that you could likely do if you check the link) or not if it is fine. I just think some more user input and suggestions are never bad.

    • Viper (Nolan)
    • Magma (Green)
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  • Coolot1

    Cool New and Fun People

    July 13, 2020 by Coolot1
    • Y-745 - an android created to be a security guard as it soon gets hacked and goes on a dangerous rampage.
    • Thomas Czar - a mad mob boss who has a hook for a hand and a big ego.
    • Phantasms - a dangerous army of ninjas who are trained to be like ghosts and serves their employers with complete obedience.
    • Jack Dario - a charismatic Hitman who has a dangerous accuracy with a gun.
    • The War God - a giant dragon with four heads that has a bunch of worshippers as they believe the dragon is a god and a deity.
    • Smoke Riders - a group of criminals who wear a high tech suit that allows them to vanish into smoke.
    • Smudge - a small goblin who loves gold and would do anything if he gets gold in return.
    • The Breaker - a feared sumo warrior who is currently undefeated a…
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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    If I indeed time-travel (if it really exists)......maybe I could get the chance to help others.


    - Resurrect plenty of different movies, cartoons, books, comics, anime, manga and TV shows for everyone to enjoy.

    - Create a ur-example of a free and open television and radio to everyone regardless of countries without the cost of money.

    - I could team up with Rob Renzetti, Craig McCracken and Genndy Tartakovsky to recreate Nightmare Ned (made by Walt Dohrn, Terry Shakespeare and Sue Shakespeare, if I do get their permission) as a franchise known as The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy (dreams are imagination and sleep combined, as Wikipedia points it out) and start it out as a short film, like how Matt Groening and Gabor Csupo d…

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  • Coolot1

    I am making a mobile app in the CtSB universe called Heroes of Arcasia so I need a lot of playable characters. So this thread is for you guys to come up with various cool heroes. Come up as many as you want and I will accept them. But also try to make them kid friendly if you can. If you want you can even serve seconds if you care to.

    • Nelco (Spyro)
    • Aqua (Green)
    • Metallion (Nolan)
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  • Coolot1
    • The Grand Corruption Saga (parts 1-4) - one of the mains gets corrupted after holding off an evil half as the other mains race against time to free their friend from this looming darkness.
    • Rockboarding - the main decides to participate in a rockboarding contest just for fun.
    • Mind Jacked - a villain prepares to launch a giant program that will mesmerize the world as the main heads to stop it.
    • The Underground Society - after a main falls down a hole, he or she encounters a group of people who live underground as the main soon becomes a target of them.
    • [main] vs. Zach Snyder - Zach Snyder launches a hypnotic message hypnotizing people to enjoy him as the main heads to stop Snyder once and for all.
    • Undead Pirates! - the main accidentally resurrects…
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