Blinky Bill: Nutsy gets kidnapped! is an Australian video game from 2000 for the Gameboy Color. Made by Village Roadshow Interactive, A.I. Games and Yoram Gross Films, The game focuses around Blinky Bill as he has to save Nutsy from a band of criminals on a Journey across the world! The Gameplay features specially made obstacles and villains that Blinky has to fight as well as Crooks who try to stop him. The game features characters from the books as well New characters such as Edward Dingo, Enid the Cat, Cyril Pig and Butch Bulldog. The game's popularity was huge when it was first published but it was overshadowed by 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. However, it got a 2018-rerelease on the Classic SNES Mini.

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