Blaze Cat is a Canadian-American CGI-animated television series based on the korean cartoon show, ‘G-Fighters.


The story revolves around the adventures of Jason Lynn, an ordinary 13 year-old boy, finds a strange cat on his way home. Mistaking a powerful robotic Bolt Cat belonging to the super villain Dark End (leader of the evil alien group know as the Dark Order) for a stray cat, he brings it home and discovers that they can merge into a cat-boy speedy superhero. As Lynn struggles to take stock of his new powers with his feline companion, he realizes that he and bolt are the only ones who can stop the Dark order from taking over the world, so He and bolt join forces and take the noble vow to save the city of Honolulu from the alien villains and other hostile villains, Together they the superhero know as Blaze Cat.

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