Blackhole is an American CGI-animated science fiction-thriller film, being directed by [options]. It is produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures, being released on TBD 2018.



Set in an apocalyptic future, a masked bounty hunter heads to protect a small ship of passengers from several alien creatures.

Full plot

Voice cast

  • Elizabeth Olsen and Zachary Quinto (disguised) as Anna/Gemini, a bounty hunter who heads to protect the world from alien creatures.
  • Kathy Bates as the Cursed Queen, the leader of a dangerous alien race known as the Cursed who leads them to attack the S.S. Blackhole.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Captain Lionel Evans, the captain of the S.S. Blackhole who hires Gemini to TBD.
  • John Krasiniski as Jack, a sarcastic mechanic who often helps Gemini with her tech TBD.




Alien races appearing

  • The Cursed - the main antagonistic species which are completely white and eyeless humanoids.



  • This is Sony Pictures Animation's first PG-13 animated film.
  • The film's crew confirmed that Anna isn't interested in romance since she prefers to focus on her quest to protect humans.
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