Blackfall is a dramedy action comic book series published by Archtive Partners, being published since August 2019. It is part of the Collin the Speedy Boy franchise.


In the steampunk world of Blackfall, a teenage girl and her best robot dog friend who must save her city from the hands of a corrupted mayor.



  • Amethyst Vivian Featherstone - a teenage girl with braces and some face painting who builds machines and the main protagonist. She is shown to be an orphan.
    • Alexander - a robot dog created by her father before his death, and being Amethyst's best friend.


  • Brock - a robot citizen who aids Amethyst and is the comedic relief.
  • Professor Nigel Bartholomew Cogsteam - a professor who created the owl, being the famous inventor and scientist, and is Amethyst's mentor.
    • The Mechanical Owl - a robot owl created by Cogsteam.
  • Gwendolyn Octavia Cogwright - an white-haired teenager girl who is the town's heroine. She is Amethyst's best friend, later love interest. She resembles Alexis Doll, spectating rumors that it could be an alternate version of Alexis Doll or at least Alexis's twin sister. Later revealed that she was born with white hair.
  • [TBD girl character]
  • Steamer - a Dove person who is one of Amethyst's best friends and a mechanic, fixing inventions. He is confirmed to be Flappy's long-lost brother.
    • Shunky - a crab who is Steamer's pet.
  • Nicholas - a teenage boy with a reputation of being a best basketball player, as well as being Amethyst's childhood best friend.
  • [Triceratops character] - TBD.
  • (reserved for GreenGrass)


  • Mayor Peril Whiskers - a mountain lion who is the evil mayor of Blackfall and the main antagonist. He also has a robot arm on the right. He is responsible for the death of Amethyst's parents.
    • Apis - a robot hyena created by Peril Whiskers to assist him.
  • Martha - a hot Face Paint girl.
  • Mecha - a Velociraptor who has a robotic arm on the left, goggles and a bandana.
    • Shard - a tyrannasaurus rex who is Mecha's best friend.



  1. The Beginning of Blackfall - TBD.



  • Amethyst is confirmed to be a lesbian, dating Gwendolyn.
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