Black Widow vs. Mad Mod is a crossover fanfiction between Avengers: Ultron Revolution and Teen Titans.

Plot Synopsis

Black Widow finds herself trapped in Mad Mod's world and must find a way to escape.


Black Widow wakes up suddenly and finds herself in a large atrium with several balconies and paintings hanging on the wall, captured and imprisoned in a chair which is designed to keep her restrained. Shortly afterwards, her captor introduce himself: Mad Mod, a British-accented supervillain who has become very disgruntled of how the Super Spy is always interfering with the plans of other hard working supervillains such as himself. Mad Mad explains that he kidnap Black Widow by luring her into an abandoned warehouse, filling it with knockout gas and brought her to his school to her a lesson about staying out of villain business once and for all. For his purpose, he dumps Black Widow in a classroom filled with a hypnoscreen to brainwash her into submission.






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