BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol. It allows for efficient p2p sharing of files

Grouping of Torrents

.torrent files can be grouped in a way such that they allow for users to gain access to all the torrents of a particular category. For example, Discography's are available from some artist's. To extrapolate on this, a entire Genre of music could be grouped into a torrent, that has all the other torrents of other bands. The determination of the type of style of music it is, would be determined by itunes, or some universal source. The user can then download this torrent, which has all the other torrent's inside. This idea can also be expanded to movies, so a torrent could be made that has all the available movie torrent's from the year 1999, or some other year. This allows for Orginazation done in advance!! The seeds of all those torrents would somehow need to stay above 1.