Bill and Ben Are Jealous is an upcoming episode from the 25th season.


Bill and Ben are being good because they want to take a special train. But no one is praising them for not doing tricks. Mavis, Timothy and Marion where at the coal hopper. A new engine was there. She went to Bill and Ben. She was Grace. Everyone admired her. All except for Bill and Ben. They knew a new engine would have to take a special. This made them sad.

Edward had arrived to deliver some news. He said one engine who was extra good would take the special. Billl and Ben told everyone what they had done. But the engines just laughed. Marion said Grace should take the special. Mavis and Timothy agreed.

When night fell, Salty shunted some coaches to Grace. Grace blew her whistle and smiled. She said that was the right way to do things. She then puffed gently away. She said Bill and Ben would never be as good as her. Bill and Ben where so angry that they wanted to be away from Grace. Ben backed away and accidentally bumped Mavis under the coal hopper. Coal fell everywhere. She said Grace was right about them not being good. Bill and Ben puffed away into the forest.

They wanted to spend the night there but they couldn't. Grace was stuck. A branch was in the way. She bashed the branch but her buffers just broke. Now Grace felt silly. Bill and Ben had and idea. Bill took the coaches to the Mainland and Ben took Grace to the Steamworks. But the news had spread around quickly. By morningtime, Bill and Ben arrived at the quarry. The engines cheered for them and Mavis was sorry for what she said. Grace was also sorry for showing off and being mean to Bill and Ben. The engines became friends.


  • Edward
  • Bill and Ben
  • Marion
  • Mavis
  • Timothy (does not speak)
  • Salty (does not speak)
  • Troublesome Trucks (do not speak)
  • Gordon (cameo)

Characters introduced

  • Grace


  • The Quarry
  • The Forest
  • The Mainland (mentioned)


  • This episode originally didn't feature Grace. Bill and Ben were meant to be jealous at each other.
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