Biker Mice is a Live Action movie based off from the Biker Mice from Mars cartoon. the Film will be produced by Paramount Pictures and the film will be rated PG-13. The Film will be Directed by Michael Bay. Coming soon in 2020's.

In the Plot: Alien explorers brothers from the planet Mars who travel to Earth for a better life. But they didn't know that Earth needs to be saved from another alien named Lawrence Limburger an alien warlord who wants to destroy Earth and everything on it.


Live Action Ronda Rousey as Charlene "Charley" Davidson Nonso Anozie as Lawrence Limburger Rhys Ifans as Dr. Benjamin Boris Zachary Karbunkle Dane DeHaan as Grease Pit Jim Carrey as Lord Camembert Paul Giamatti as Pit Boss

Voice and Motion Capture

Liam Hemsworth as Throttle Alan Ritchson as Modo Josh Peck as Vinnie Jack Black as Fred the Mutant

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