Big Hero 6: Reloaded is an American comic book series based on Big Hero 6 by Man of Action, being published by Marvel Comics since March 12th, 2019.


In San Francisokyo, a small group of teenagers decide to form a superhero team out to defend it from various threats and menaces.



  • Hiro Hamada - a Japanese-American teen prodigy who forms a team of heroes to stop evil and TBD.
  • Baymax - a protective robot created to serve anyone who is in need, being used as mode of attack against several dangerous TBD.
  • Wasabi-No-Ginger - a cowardly student chef who reluctantly TBD.
  • Fred Fredericksen/The Silver Samurai - a lazy comic book fan who TBD.
  • GoGo Tomago - a rebellious biker who joins the team to TBD.
  • Honey Lemon - a mysterious yet optimistic teenager who ends up joining TBD.



  • Everwraith - a mysterious and somewhat supernatural criminal who is connected to the TBD.
  • Mr. Yama - a known mob boss who is feared throughout San Francsicokyo and is extremely intimidating and TBD.


  • Yama is portrayed as a mob boss and is additionally responsible for supposedly killing Tadashi by burning down the college.



  • The series combines elements of the original comics and the animated film.
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