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Big Bad Beetleborgs: The New Breed is a Series that is adapted from Kamen Rider Kabuto it aired on fox kids in 1998


New Kids come to chartervile they can fight evil when there unmorphed so Flabber Gives them Devices Called Beetle Zecters and Belts to morph all they have to do is say "Kamen Rider Engage"! and they fight insectica from beetleborgs issue 129 and her new wormvores


  • Brad Hawkins as Tyler Shih/New Red Stinger Borg
  • Michale Bacon as JB Wiliams/New Blue Hunter Borg
  • Sarah Vowell as Katlin Mcormick/New Hornix Borg 
  • Stephen Lunsford as Kit/New Dragonborg
  • Matt Mullins as Len/New Scorpix
  • Billy Foster as Flabber
  • Joe Hackett as Fangula
  • Michale Sorich as Wolfgang and Mums (voices)
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Heather
  • Vivan Smallwood as Nano Wiliams
  • Jeannine Mai as Abbie Wiliams
  • Will Smith as Aaron Wiliams

Voice Cast

  • Laura Bailey as Insectica
  • Rajia Bourdji as Jara 
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Noxic
  • Maurice Lamarche as Typhus
  • Tara Strong as Uca Worm
  • Selena Gomez as Elaphacus Worm
  • Dan Green as Hunter Worm
  • Rob Paulsen as Excuter Worm
  • Vic Mignogna as Fang Worm
  • David Hayter as Shark Worm
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