Big Bad Beetleborgs: The All New Series is a Series which will air On Netflix in Wii U


Five Kids Defend the City of Chartervile from Vexor and the Magnavores


  • Lane Styles as Jo/Red Striker BeetleBorg
  • Mekai Curtis as Roland/Green Hunter BeetleBorg
  • Lincoln Melcher as Josh/White Blaster BeetleBorg
  • Elise Fisher as Kathrine/Pink Laser BeetleBorg
  • Jim Carrey as Flabber
  • Joe Hackett as Fangula
  • Blake Torney as Mums (voice)
  • David Fletcher as Frankenbeans
  • Scott Paige Pagter as Wolfgang (vocal)
  • Tearl Marchande as Abbie Wiliams
  • Vivan Smallwood as Nano Wiliams
  • Alan Harkin as Art Fortunes
  • Ex Oxenbound as Van
  • Reese Hartwig as Trip
  • Will Arnett as The Body of Typhus
  • Maurice Lamarche as Typhus
  • Hank Azaria as The Body of Noxic
  • Derek Stephen Prince as the voice of Noxic
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as the body of Jara
  • Raija Boroudi as the voice of Jara
  • Zach Galiafinkas as the voice of Warrior Spectre 
  • Tom Kenny as the voice of Maulg Gutsplurter
  • Tom Kane as the voice of Vargarias the Pesilstent
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