Bewitched is the eighth episode of the fifth season of The Simons. The episode was written by Matt Warburton and directed by Nancy Kruse, which also guest stars Alyson Hannigan as Giovanna.


Craig (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) believes that his new schoolmate Giovana (voiced by Alyson Hannigan) is a witch, and has Lucas (voiced by Chris Cox) to collecting proves. Then, Craig later discovers that she's not a witch and apologize to her.


Character Performer Mexican Performer
Craig Simon Dan Castellaneta Mario Arvizu
Dave Simon Herman López
Mary Simon Jill Talley
Robin Rebeca Patiño
Stanley John DiMaggio Armando Volcanes
Bob Gribble Maurice LaMarche Ricardo Tejedo
Giovanna Alyson Hannigan Cony Madera
Anderson Ralph Garman Alejandro Mayén
Rafael Chris Cox Rubén Trujillo
Lucas Gabriel Pingarrón
John Benjamin Diskin
Antonio Bob Bergen


  • This is the only episode to use images from American's Funniest Home Videos in the credits, as many episodes has used bloopers.
  • Absent: Miranda Richardson as Mags and Stephen Root as Bill.
  • In the earlier airings of this episode. Miranda Richardson and Stephen Root were credited in the credits, though they not appeared in the actual episode. Richardson and Root's names are removed on later airings and DVD version of the episode.
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