Beth Tezuka is one of the main characters of the web series Bravest Warriors, and is the only known female member of the team. She is voiced by Liliana Mumy.

In the original animated short, Beth was seemingly unaware of Chris' interest in her and she could not hear him when he finally confessed his feelings. In the series however, she seems to be aware of Chris's feelings, but both are hesitant to acknowledge it.


Even as a born warrior at heart, Beth sports a cute, energetic, and fun-loving demeanor and was too hesitant to admit her feelings for Chris. This was likely because through the years (before the Aeon Worm was imprisoned at the See-Through Zone) the Aeon Worm had been eating all of her feelings. Beth is liked by the rest of her team and has even earned the unrequited affection of Chris (which she is seemingly aware of but never mentions). Later on, she admitted her feelings towards him. She calls Chris her "soulmate" and told him that she loves him. She also became angry and expressed doubt and jealousy when she discovered that Chris and Plum have been spending time together in "Season of the Worm", mostly because she loves Chris.

Although good-natured, she is tough and completely capable of handling herself. Beth is very artistic and apparently doesn't believe in the ideals of fate nor romance. In "Aeon Worm" she also demonstrated a certain level of submissiveness to her father, calling him "sir" after he speaks to her, suggesting she was raised in a strict household. Nonetheless, she realized he was not sane and didn't let this stop her from punching him in the face.


Beth has a light-skinned warm-toned complexion with long black hair. She wears a white short-sleeved coat with a green and gray jumpsuit, a green belt with a peach-colored sticker on it, and black, high-ankle boots. She also wears gray sports armbands. She wears a green swimsuit that looks like a bikini and a towel which wraps covers her swimsuit in "Gas Powered Stick." She appears to have Japanese heritage, having the Japanese surname of Tezuka.


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