an Adventure/ Crytozoology animated series, animated by Steven E. Gordon, Jeff Matsudas, and Derrick J. Wyatt. which revolves around a group of Teenagers who finds a book in the dig site and have an impressive adventures, and learn morals from their quest to find lost pages, and most prevent the evil Emperor Clinx and the Imperial Five.


Bestiary Brigade

  • Dr. Francis Lloyd (Benjamin Disken): Leading Cryptozoologist for the Brigade, who acts as a mentor to the teenagers. He is of Irish/Greek descent, He was raised in a Catholic School and was raised in Greece in Mythology to help debunk or even understand how they existed. He is diligent, intelligent, and suave to anyone he meets.
    • Joshua Ferris (Freddie Prinze Jr.): He is a college student and former Quarter Back for Beverly Hills High School, he is well rounded in sports, teamwork, and handling extreme beasts such as Chimera and Manitcores. He is the Team Leader of the Bestiary Brigade, he is also of Skandinavian descent which helps him with the languages of Norway during the events of Fenrir.
    • Proctor Welles (Ogie Banks): Team Muscle of the group, he is hot headed, egotistical, and a ladies man, but always making things right when needed. He can handle many monsters especially Trolls and Wendigos. The Ogre is his toughest.
    • Gertrude Mason (Grey Griffin): Team Brains, She is the team brains of the group, with an Irish accent, which makes her well costumed to the Irish Folklore. She is bound to a wheelchair, and stays with Dr. Lloyd in the Bio-Lab, working on antidotes for Manticore Poisons, Vampire prevention, and especially Hydra poison.
    • Cameron Harrison (Dave B. Mitchell): Team Sailor, An Australian by nature, he is the one who takes up Water travel, and is the love interest of Gertrude. He is the one who Dr. Lloyd depends on in case it involves the finding of Atlantis, he has a fear of Snakes.
    • Veronica Strakk (Sumalee Montano): Team Runner, She is of Japanese/Chinese Descent, She is the one who anticipates a cryptids speed. She has Romantic feelings for Joshua and later marries him. She is also the one who has martial artist skills.

Imperial Five (Main antagonists)

  • Emperor Clinx (Tom Kane): A mysterious Emperor who wears a helmet that controls Cryptids, humans, and even normal animals. He is seen having knowledge of Dr. Lloyd's research, He is the main antagonist which he claims he is from the 29th century where he rules all. He opens many tests for the Brigade and is considered the Moriarty of the show.
  • Lord Scorch (Peter Woodward): A pyromaniac, he started out as Jared Cannomire, an owner of a Weapons deal from Cameron's past. He was recruited by Clinx to be his lieutenant, which means he also has the same power as Clinx does to build an army.
  • Lord Vulgmor (Jonathan Adams): From the universe where Rome never lost power, he is one of the most greatest warriors Clinx enlisted. He always comes in like a Roman, or centurion, he is later revealed to be Otis Welles, Father of Proctor.
  • Lorgon (Dave B. Mitchell): Clinx's bodyguard, this hooked hulk is often guarding Clinx, and serves as an adversary to Proctor. He wears a spiked tiki mask to hide his scars. He has pets such as the Ammit, Bunyip, and Manticore to do his bidding.
  • Spika (Grey Griffin): The Hunter who hunts down any of their enemies, who acts as a rival for Veronica for Josh's affections. She is a hunter and can swap lives with anyone to set them up, or even take down a Troll in one shot.


Episode # Title Plot Moral of Story Location Airdate
1 A: Ammit Dr. Lloyd meets his crew at Chairo Egypt, hoping to solve the mystery of the Ammit, meanwhile the Emperor Clinx, plans to use this terror to control Egypt and make himself like a god to them. Moral of Story: Get Straight Facts location Chairo, Egypt April??
2. B: Bunyip Cameron invites the group to stay with him for a while to help him with his family reunion, Lorgon and Scorch awaken the hibernating Bunyips to cause a rumble down under. Meanwhile Veronica has sad memories on family. Moral of Story: Importance of Family Location Sydney, Australia
3 C: Chimera Dr. Lloyd is invited by an old friend from Italy to prepare for Carnival, but a Chimera is interrupting it, driving the Dr. Obsessive behavior to go up the roof. Moral of Story: Patience and Understanding. Location Venice, Italy
4 D: Dragon Dr. Lloyd takes the group to Montana to look over a mysterious fossil. Emperor Clinx recognizes it as a Dragon and turns every human into dragons, excluding Joshua and Cameron who must find a cure for this Dragon fever. Note: Dragons do appear. Moral of Story: True Love Location Montana, U.S.A
5 E: Ent Porter visits Russia and befriends a mysterious living Tree called an "Ent", and he then helps him and the animals protect the forest from Lorgon's mad dash to build a fire to incinerate the world. Moral of Story: Respect Location Siberia, Russia
6 F: Fenrir Dr. Lloyd is attacked by a Were-Wolf in Norway, and is cursed under Fenrir the king of wolves. Josh must find a way to free his mentor or be lost to the wolves. Moral of Story: Honor Location Norway, Scandinavia
7 G: Golem Gertrude makes a first outdoor mission to Prague, and meets the Golem, who is considered the Protector of Prague.

Note: This is a crossover with Marvel, with Ben Grimm as the Thing/Golem,

Voice Guest Star, Clancy Brown as The Golem.

Moral of Story: Integrity Location Prague, Czech Republic
8 H: Hydra Dr. Lloyd takes the team to Greece to study up on the Olympics, but a Hydra ruins it, Josh considers it a kin to dragons, only to realize it wanted help against Scorch. Moral of Story: Humility Location Athens, Greece
9 I: Isonade Veronica visits her only living relative, her Aunt Akira Strakk, but gets into Shark trouble when the descendant of Megalodon, The Isonade starts feasting on the peoples greed. Moral of Story: Generosity Location Tokyo, Japan
10 J: Jersey Devil The worst fear of New Jersey is in town and it kills many people, Joshua must find the people and a young man find courage to face the Jersey Devil, note: Lord Vulgmor is defeated and arrested. Moral of Story: Courage Location New Jersey, U.S.A
11 K: Kraken Cameron and Proctor argue on how to pronounce the name Kraken, only to be attacked by it in Rio. They get stranded on an island and must find away to put differences aside to survive. Moral of Story: Compromising Location Rio, Brazil
12 L: Leviathan The Leviathan attacks the Gulf of Mexico, and Dr. Lloyd gets hurt in the process. Joshua and Gertrude stay while the others try to stop the Leviathans attack. Moral of Story: Saftey first Location Velacruz, Mexico
13 M: Mermaid Based on the Legend of the Little Mermaid, the Mermaid's voice is used to lure ships to be plundered, and girls are immune. Note: Spika is defeated by Veronica. Moral of Story: Listening Skills Location Denmark, Scandinavia
14 N: Naga Porter falls for a beautiful woman, and then finds out she is a Snake-Woman called a Naga, even though he sees good in her, the others aren't trusting. Moral of Story: Look for good in People Location Dhali, India
15 O: Ogre Porter gets challenged in Ireland by a arrogant Ogre to a duel over the Blarney Stone, Dr. Lloyd tries to find out the reason behind the Ogre's game. Looking through another eyes location Dublin, Ireland
16 P: Pegasus Gertrude befriends a Pegasus, and wants to keep him, but it seems not to be tamed or even behaves. Dr. Lloyd realizes that it needs to take directions, note: this is where Scorch is defeated. Moral of Story: Taking Directions Location Rome, Italy
17 Q: Quetzalcoatl When the Gang entered Peru, and attacked by Quetzalcoatl. The gang for some reason gained a taste for gold while hiding in the pyramid. Moral of Story: Self Control Location: Peru, South America
18 R: Roc While visiting Joshua's grandfather in New Mexico, The Roc takes his Grandfather to his lair, and Joshua must rescue him. Moral of Story: Self Confidence New Mexico, U.S.A
19 S: Sphinx Veronica and Gertrude become Sphinx's from a curse that Clinx awoken, the only way to break it is to have the boys solve a riddle they choose from the Pyramid. Moral of Story: Becarful with Trust. Chairo, Egypt
20 T: Troll A Troll attacks Edinburgh Castle, and the local lord asks Dr. Lloyd's expertise. Porter once again takes a role to big for him to handle. Moral of Story: Team Work Edinburgh, Scotland
21 U: Unicorn Veronica is turned into a Unicorn, by a Witch who wanted her to be smuggled for witnessing their operation. Josh must find out why the Unicorns are smuggled. Moral of Story: Friendship London, England
22 V: Vampire The gang becomes Vampires to enter their world, and must learn to control themselves without taking a life. Lorgon is defeated and becomes the guard of the Shadow Realm. Moral of Story: Responsibility Transylvania
23 W: Wendigo The Canadian trip got wild when Wendigos started bringing up fear to the natives. A Shaman hunts it down and teachs the gang that making better decisions can help. Moral of Story: Making Wise Decisions Alberta, Canada
24 X: Xenobeast The Shapeshifing Xenobeast causes peril in Mongolia. Dr. Lloyd figures out that it is alien, and from another world. Also This is a reference to Roswell. Moral of Story: protection Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
25 Y: Yeti Gertrude and Cameron get lost in Tibet, they befriend a Yeti, who has more fear of man than they of them. Note: Emperor Clinx is revealed to be Dr. Lloyd himself, using them to gain a Time Stone. Moral of Story: Kindness Himalayas, Tibet
26 Z: Zbruator/ Kamazots After the discovery, the gang enlist the help from Zbruator and Kamazots to stop the Emperor using the Time Stone. Emperor Clinx/Dr. Lloyd gets sucked into a vortex and blows up in the Bestiary. Ending the Series with another looming threat. Moral of Story: Faith Argentina, South America
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