Bendy and Friends is an animated series by Joey Drew Studios and YouTube. 




  • Matthew Patrick as Bendy, a clever demon who likes to mess around.
  • Mark Fischbach as Boris the Wolf, Bendy's friend who's sometimes lazy.
  • Jaiden Dittfach as Alice Angel, a talented and cheerful angel who has a crush on Bendy.



  • Seán McLoughlin as Charley, TBA
  • Brock Baker as Barley, TBA
  • James Rallison as Edgar, a spider who's the member of the Butcher Gang.


  1. Little Devil Darlin' -
  2. The Dancing Demon - 
  3. Sheep Songs! - 
  4. Train Trouble -
  5. Sent from Above - 
  6. Cloned Madness -  
  7. Overprotective Angel - 
  8. Go to Hell in a Hand Basket -
  9. The Butcher Gang -
  10. Little Angels Room - 
  11. Appetite for an Angel -
  12. Siren Serenade -
  13. Hell's Kitchen- 
  14. Hell Firefighter-
  15. Showbiz Bendy-
  16. The Devil's Treasure-
  17. Demonic Tonic -
  18. Alice Angel's Bathroom Education -
  19. The Wedding of Bendy and Alice Angel - 


  • The episodes have the same name from the posters in the game. Despite that, some episodes are made up.
  • Appetite for an Angel is named by the YouTuber, SquigglyDigg.
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